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Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1, Informative) 294

by Maxwell (#48105287) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: An Accurate Broadband Speed Test?

Maybe you should follow the instructions on their Tools page:

Speed Test
We have the following speed tests

Flash (Adobe) download/upload speed test
Accurate for tests of residential DSL and cable connections

Java download/upload speed test
Capable of higher speed testing, for example, fiber

Mobile browser Speed and Latency Test (
Javascript Speedtest, for mobile full featured browsers (iPhone, Android and so on)

Comment: Re:Here's another perspective (Score 3, Insightful) 389

by Maxwell (#48072527) Attached to: Is It Time To Throw Out the College Application System?

Do a masters at a better school - you can do one in a year and it will hide your weak undergrad. I have an associates, a horrific undergrad upgrade to bachelors and a big buck masters, and it definitely opened doors for me. Just having access to a careers center at a top graduate school - they know so many people, who know people, etc. When I get hired, it's the skills learned at the Associate level that people find most valuable....

Comment: Creative types don't need college... (Score 2) 389

by Maxwell (#48072471) Attached to: Is It Time To Throw Out the College Application System?

Those with less than perfect grades might go on to dream up blockbuster films like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg or become entrepreneurs like Steve Job"

If the C students are that creative, they'll find a way w/o college anyway, so why admit them?

The college application process is not meant to find a needle in haystack. Statistically speaking, your C student is more likely to be delivering pizza than founding Pixar.

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by Maxwell (#48022201) Attached to: Building Apps In Swift With Storyboards

Building complex apps without coding doesn't seem like a useful goal. At some point you have to express the program logic and coding has always proven to be the best way.

The dividing line between graphical tool and actual code seems to have been a shifting one over the years. So when you go to a new environment or language where there's a substantial GUI component to building an app, the desire to see it all in code is strong. What actually happens when you add that button? I expect to be able to do it either through code of GUI and if they can't tell me what the GUI did in code, then I'm left clueless as to the underpinnings and so it becomes hard to think through the implications of design decisions.

I tried Swift recently. Swift was easy enough. But Swift+Xcode was impenetrable.

My micro processor prof insisted that C was an abomination and that code was easier to follow in native assembly. (Mostly Motorola, some TI)

There is a big chunk of people who have no desire to see the assembler, or the massively abstract C++ code that created it. Anyone who uses Access for example. I had a tool Palm Toolbox that made simple apps for PalmOS way back when. It was limiting, because I know better, but you could do a lot without ever looking at the real code.

Be prepared for multiple variations of the Fart Machine!

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by Maxwell (#48018617) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Multimedia-Based Wiki For Learning and Business Procedures?

Absolute nonsense. Moodle is for managing content and it happens to have an optional plug in to monitor viewers ('students') progress.

But as others have noted, it is not the platform that is the problem, it is getting and keeping fresh content that matters. Any platform with good content would work.

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by Maxwell (#47944809) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?

Similar experience here. You are now a service provider for your family. Reliability, ease of use are more important than bragging rights. I am down to a single xeon server, serviio, 24g, 8tb. PS3 as media player and servio handles the transcoding for phones and tablets. Kids can watch their movies, we can listen to music, watch movies.

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by Maxwell (#47806741) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux-Friendly Desktop x86 Motherboard Manufacturers?

If updating your BIOS is the *most* important feature of a motherboard, sorry.

I've never had a problem with MSI, Gigabyte or Asus . And the one time in a blue moon I had to update a bios, I simply booted off a USB HDD with windows on it.

Your deciding which car to buy based on how hard it is to adjust the cam shaft timing.

HELP!!!! I'm being held prisoner in /usr/games/lib!