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Comment How about a manual at least? (Score 3, Interesting) 345

Could we start with requiring documentation? We just got a new FTTH Hub from our ISP. No manual. No instructions. Vendor has nothing online and refers to ISP insists who there is no known documentation for the Hub. Sagemcom f@st 5250 for those wondering. So not only is it non repairable it's non-troubleshootable and no way to tell anything about the device.

Comment Re:BULL (Score 2) 417

Well, of course. Every foreign worker hired is a job that doesn't go to an American worker.

Claiming that hiring foreign workers doesn't take jobs away from American workers is bizzaro logic at its best. Its the same bizzaro logic that said shutting down factories and sending millions of jobs to Mexico and China creates job for American workers.


More importantly, the claim that these are "highly skilled workers" is a lie that insults our intelligence.

Why is it that all of these "highly skilled workers" come from the same place - a country where a huge percentage of the population is illiterate and lives in poverty far beyond anything that exists in the U.S. A country where 350 million people, more than the entire population of the U.S., shit in public because they don't have access to a toilet. How is it possible that such a country is producing such huge numbers of "highly skilled workers"?

Besides the rural population you already mentioned, there are another 350M middle class there, and yet another 350M there that are quite well off, have access to excellent schools thus becoming as "highly skilled" as a westerner.

That's right, it isn't possible. The only "skill" they possess is a willingness to work for low wages. And since the H1-B program is nothing more than legalized indentured servitude, companies can do anything they want without feat of being reported by the workers.

It is certainly possible, it's a fact. It's happening. There are over 4000 engineering colleges in India. There are way, way more comp-sci/engineering grads coming out of India than the USA. There are also over 100,000 Indian students (15,000 undergrad, 85 000 post grad) studying at US Schools - many of those will wind up using an H1B to stay in USA. And the few I have hired have been brilliant, talented, hard working people....

Comment Re:Uber = Public subsidized (Score 1) 204

Uber rates are of course cheaper because the drivers don't pay outrageous fees for a special 'medallion' from a non-driving monopoly/corporate entity .Now, if the argument is that public subsidized taxi services can reduce drunk driving rates, then by all means, create public subsidies for taxis operating in areas and times that people often would otherwise drive drunk. Don't just use this hidden, across-the-board, everywhere-at-all-times subsidy-by-insurance-miscategorization.


Comment Re:The number one crime in the governments' eyes (Score 1) 231

Largely bullshit. In most jurisdictions the safety (and smog if applicable) inspections for all cars is the same, taxi or personal. There is no magic standard for cabs. You want to drive a 72 pinto as a cab, go right ahead. As long as it passes safety/smog or other checks you are good to go. Some large cities (ie NYC, London) have different standards, but pretty much every where else is whatever car you want. I've been to hundreds of cities all over the world, and 99% of the time the cabs look like every other car on the road in that area.

These rules solve a problem for the taxi industry, not the taxi industry customers. There is a difference.

Comment Re:Taking gas money (Score 4, Interesting) 231

blatantly illegal activities any less illegal.

Why was it made illegal again? To protect the taxi industry. That's it. Safety, insurance, etc were tacked on later, but the scarcity was created solely to protect the taxi industry - not the drivers, the plate holders

Do you see any other path to breaking the taxi industry monopoly other than disobedience? How?

The law is a living thing and constantly subject to interpretation and modification. Laws come and go, what is illegal comes and goes. Often, very often, the ONLY way to change the law is to break it first, making breaking it popular, and the lawmakers will come around.

Is it still illegal for woman to vote? Smoke a joint?

Comment Re:Can we quit pretending that it's car "sharing"? (Score 1) 231

...and then some of them would quit which would bring the market back to normal - drivers make a living and there are enough of them to provide service. I find it amusing that in the land of the 'free market' the free market for transportation is closed, largely due to excess regulation put in place at the request of an entrenched incumbent monopoly. There are many other companies running these services, Lyft being the best know Uber competitor. Why should Joe be able to collect some cash driving people around?

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 4, Insightful) 361

Your view of property rights is pretty messed up. If monsanto doesn't want their seeds being blown by the wind, carried by birds etc, they need to build fences. If their seed lands on my land I can do whatever I want with it. Period. Only massive legal spending on a scale never before seen, and that could not be matched by Schmeiser enabled them to squeak out a victory. If they don't like the way nature work s- those pesky bees spreading pollen everywhere - they are welcome to leave the seed industry.

Comment Re:"Emergency Parking Brake"Re: FP (Score 4, Informative) 262

Your outrage is misplaced. You can indeed use the emergency brake in an emergency. I have done it. Many others have. It's not great, but it works.

When hydraulic brakes were introduced there was concern that if they failed, the driver would have no way to stop the vehicle. So, regulations were added to require every car with hyrdaulic (or electric) brakes to also have an Emergency brake that was totally manual and not connected to the hydraulic system. This was to satisfy FMVSS 105 (now replaced with FMVSS 135):

" Vehicles shall be capable of stopping under partial failure of the service brake system, inoperative brake power assist unit or brake power unit, antilock failure, variable proportioning valve failure, and with the engine off"

There is a maximum distance and pedal pressure specified.

FMVSS 135 also states:

"Each vehicle shall be manufactured with a parking brake system which, when engaged, shall be capable of holding the vehicle stationary on a specified grade for a specified time. "

I have never seen a passenger vehicle with two separate systems, so the Emergency Brake is also the Parking Brake. Or handbrake if you prefer as it is manual brake.

Why would you NOT use the e-brake in an Emergency? You are barrelling down the highway at 70mph when your oil filter lets go. Your engine overheats and fails within seconds. Do you a) do nothing or b) use the ebrake to slow down and pull over? why would you not want to save your own life?

Comment Re:rip-off (Score 1) 296

Sure, I just have an hour chat with the 300+ applicants for my latest posting. No sweat. Certificates are a SIGNAL. They tell me you are serious about your career, you respect standards, you will use the same terminology as the rest of the team and you understand that not everything can be learned on the job. They are a cheap way of putting yourself ahead of other candidates. So the real question is, why would you *not* pick up a new cert every 2 years or so? What possible justification could you have for refusing to educate yourself on industry standards? Other than burning desire to stay ignorant?

Comment Re:another crap article (Score 1) 297

This debunking article, is, well, bunk. The truth is 30 odd percent of Seagate 3tb drives failed in the first year. Pod version, pod type, pod size, usage, and internal vs shucked were all irrelevant. In fact, the external drives shucked failed less often than the internals even though they were exactly the same model. No other drive, bought at the same time and used in exactly the same way(s) had a failure rate like that. For example, the Seagate 4TB drives have one of the lowest failure rates, in exactly the same conditions as the 3TB model.

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