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Comment: No 'one size fits all' (Score 0) 498

by MakersDirector (#48041911) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

If this is a question those not from this planet are positing:

I hope you understand alternate realities and how they function.

If so, this man is ready for them. If not, then my advice is educate yourselves a little bit before trying.

And look, specifically, at what the Vulcans tried simulating with the mirror realities and the events surrounding 'First Contact' depicted in Bozeman Montana in 2063.

In this reality, there's ONE first point of contact for this planet. It's not necessarily the president, and that's not necessarily true for all realities.

Comment: Hmm (Score 0) 136

by MakersDirector (#48041829) Attached to: Tetris To Be Made Into a Live Action Film

Being completely honest. I thoroughly enjoyed the Mortal Kombat movies.

And Tetris, while it's a really shallow game - if you look at a movie like Cuba, Cuba, the premise is amazingly simple but the movie pulls of a really great story despite it's simplicity.

I actually think - it could really make for an interesting story to hear 'what' caused the game's development and 'fictionalization' of the real life scenario...

I anxiously await...

Comment: Saves Intel 9 million? (Score 0) 45

by MakersDirector (#48041677) Attached to: Factory IoT Saves Intel $9 Million

When will the madness stop?

I go to Ralph's - and spend $40.

Yet they proudly circle 'saved $12' as if they'd given me a gift.

The next time I went shopping, I went to the 99 cent store, and spent about $12 on roughly the same items.

now did Ralph's save me anything? No. I SPENT $28 dollars more than I should have, but in a world where marketing is driving us right off a cliff, where 'preowned' means the same thing as used and 'saved' is a way of creating a smoke and mirrors diversion of how much you really spent.

Marketers beware: MOST SHOPPERS do NOT buy based on savings.

They buy off VALUE of what's offered (including savings). And products should be priced accordingly.

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MakersDirector (2767101) writes "Before I joined the NSA (National Security Agency), I romanticized the job of being a ‘spy’, and thought it would be like it was in the TV Shows and Movies. The truth is, it’s much more Normal and boring than that. Especially in Information Analysis and Information Technology. But there’s some perks...."
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by kubernet3s (#42451589) Attached to: Colleges Help Students Fix Their Online Indiscretions
Except that's not the issue. There are plenty of sites that are "just work" equivalents of Facebook, or else have potential to be, like LinkedIn, or more focused ones like ResearchGate or CiteULike. But employers DEMAND access to the personal stuff. Otherwise there would be no problem: If an employer found a picture of you drinking or partying, then they would know to simply not take that into consideration. However, the issue is not that they do so, but it still subliminally affects them, but that they actively take it into account as part of their hiring strategy, which is why they aren't content with your LinkedIn, but demand your Facebook login info

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MakersDirector writes "Think you're ready for the truth? Then let's ask the Whitehouse to come clean with it's informational resources from the NSA and CIA to discuss the technology that's available — clones, robotics, alternate realities, time travel, and space travel, now is the time the public deserves to know 'the truth' about why this technology is being suppressed, and trust the public is at a mature enough stage in it's development to handle this. Follow this link and add your 'vote' to the list of those ready for 'the truth'"
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