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Revisionist Anatomical History. You gotta love it.  Tuesday November 18, 2014 @07:46PM  0
   attached to Major Brain Pathway Rediscovered After Century-old Confusion, Controversy
An explanation  Tuesday November 18, 2014 @07:50PM  0
   attached to Uber Threatens To Do 'Opposition Research' On Journalists
bravo!  Tuesday November 18, 2014 @08:01PM  0
   attached to Court Rules Google's Search Results Qualify As Free Speech
Initiative  *Thursday November 13, 2014 @07:57PM  0
   attached to Black IT Pros On (Lack Of) Racial Diversity In Tech
I am sure  *Monday November 10, 2014 @02:48PM  0
   attached to President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility
LOL  *Monday November 10, 2014 @02:54PM  0
   attached to Scientists Discover a Virus That Changes the Brain To "Make Humans More Stupid"
Paid for by the US Military and ID Games  *Monday November 10, 2014 @02:50PM  0
   attached to Long-term Study Finds No Link Between Video Game Violence and Real Violence
the wheels  *Friday November 07, 2014 @06:08PM  0
   attached to NASA Pondering $1.5 Million Stratospheric Airship Competition
wow  *Friday November 07, 2014 @06:10PM 1 0
   attached to Blizzard Announces Overwatch, a First-Person Shooter
bravo  *Friday November 07, 2014 @04:52PM  0
   attached to Why Scientists Think Completely Unclassifiable and Undiscovered Life Forms Exist
hmmm  *Friday November 07, 2014 @06:20PM  0
   attached to Website Peeps Into 73,000 Unsecured Security Cameras Via Default Passwords
Wires Crossing  *Friday November 07, 2014 @06:24PM  0
   attached to Mathematical Proof That the Universe Could Come From Nothing
WOW  *Friday November 07, 2014 @06:38PM  0
   attached to French Health Watchdog: 3D Viewing May Damage Eyesight In Children
and..  *Friday November 07, 2014 @06:40PM  0
   attached to We Are Running Out of Sand
Facebook's evolution  *Friday November 07, 2014 @06:58PM  0
   attached to Users Can't Distinguish Scams From Facebook's Features
"caught"  *Friday November 07, 2014 @07:03PM  0
   attached to CNN Anchors Caught On Camera Using Microsoft Surface As an iPad Stand
Re:NEXT Thing you know.   *Friday November 07, 2014 @04:47PM  0
NEXT Thing you know.   *Wednesday November 05, 2014 @07:51PM 1 -1
   attached to New Particle Collider Is One Foot Long
Re: wow  *Wednesday November 05, 2014 @08:03PM  0
wow  *Wednesday November 05, 2014 @07:11PM 1 0
   attached to Why the Time Is Always Set To 9:41 In Apple Ads
hmm  *Wednesday November 05, 2014 @08:01PM  0
   attached to The Effect of Programming Language On Software Quality
In General, I agree, But look at Facebook.  *Saturday November 01, 2014 @07:33PM  0
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd?
Wake Up Call  *Thursday October 30, 2014 @08:02PM  0
   attached to New Crash Test Dummies Reflect Rising American Bodyweight
Q the First TImelord here  *Thursday October 30, 2014 @08:14PM  0
   attached to Hackers Breach White House Network

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