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Comment A message to the hackers (Score 0) 19

Personally, I think the hackers are bored. Misdirected. And if you were to watch the Borg from Star Trek, it's hard not to draw an analogy to the Borg's relentless pursuit consuming biology and technology - but for no real reason - which begs the question "What is the purpose?".

Oh I know, I know. You hackers love seeing 'pwned by so-and-so'

It's like a leaderboard on a video game, right? The more you see your name in highlights, the more points you score?

To what end? i mean. Did you really win any games?

We all know you have the ability to infiltrate pretty much any system and circumvent anything, anywhere. You've proven that much already.

But me. Being a pseudo hacker, not a real one, I just like pretending to be but in all honesty I am a novice...

I can't help but ask.

Once you've caused anarchy. Brought it all down. What next?

You're top of the poo pile now, CEO of dog poo, and with all the money in the world - you are now in charge of rebuilding the poo infrastructure because life, quite frankly, was better and you enjoyed not having to watch your back which was there with the lifestyle that was in place before you started tearing it all down.

But can you see past your own poo to know there's something your crazy mad skills as hackers and security experts can offer this world?

Can you see past your own poo to realize there's more you can do with your skills than defense and offense?

Can you see past your own poo to realize you - as a collective community - can actually make people feel good with your skills? That you can help someone who's had a bad day? That you can right wrongs?

Or are you that insecure and does your ego need stroking constantly and are you incapable of doing these things without recognition, and as a result, you choose to rip apart the society you hold in such contempt?

I see great things being possible for all hackers.

But not as long as you're unwilling to make the conscious choice to help rather than harm with those skills.

And if you're legitimate with your skills working in security, intelligence, or something of the like.

As long as you're ascribing to the mental story that you are defending those in need, you're only going to be playing a never ending giant game of whack a mole.

You deserve better than that.

I as a homeless man know you do.

Comment You always have the right... (Score 0) 345

This is weird.

Look, speaking on behalf of any corporation. Sometimes, YES, there's absolutely planned obsolescence in products. But truth be told, with so many consumer choices out there, this doesn't happen to the frequency it used to.

In the case of this man's $12 fix.

What I crack up at nowadays is how lazy people are at research lately.

"Why didn't Samsung tell me about the $12 fix" that's their job and responsibility

Is it possible that they didn't know?

Like Kim Davis not granting marriage certificates in Kentucky, some assert that if she wasn't going to hand out certificates - then it was "her responsibility to tell those seeking marriage certificates where to go to get them if she wasn't going to do it herself"

Samsung not having immediate information on how to resolve a problem they created by their presence. Kim Davis not being able to resolve other's problems problem she created by her choice.

I'm proud of this man for learning how to research his own answer.

Even if he's angry he had to do it.

Submission Petition for the White House: Divert science funds to create a real life TARDIS?->

MakersDirector writes: NASA and Modern commercial organizations are having a difficult time overcoming the physical laws governing space and time as it relates to physics in order to explore our world and others.

While propulsion systems grow marginally faster, the resources these propulsion methods consume — not just financially — but physically — are extreme.

The net benefit to us the taxpayer for military and black budget programs with propulsion technologies is nonexistent, and average intercontinental commute speeds haven't increased in 50 years.

Signing this petition is agreeing that the US should allocate funding specifically slated for development of warp technology as depicted in the fictional television shows Star Trek and Doctor Who — technology based on real physics and the Einstein-Rosen Bridge

Link to Original Source

Comment A note to the executives and critics (Score 0) 307

As a viewer. Up until about 8 years ago, I had very little to choose from in variation of tv and movie entertainment options.

In a general sense, the 'major players' had become extremely predictable.

Every summer, movies 'blockbuster' movies would come out with either robots, superheroes, or aliens - or a variation of the theme.

And television shows - generally featured the equivalent of 'Friends' spun any which way.

Sure, there's been gems here and there. Futurama and the Simpsons which last quite a while. Then there's wonderful exceptions such as Angel, Firefly, Doctor Who and Star Trek. But more often than not, it seems like these shows are cancelled as fast as the executives can get their grubby mitts into it by introducing gun battles and cowboys versus indians and "scary monster crap" to eventually kill the show.

It's almost as if this is a calculated counter measure the producers and writers take on these shows to kill them. .

Now though. and for a few years, there's more intelligent and diverse entertainment options arriving and too much for any one critic or mindless executive to control and kill. Whether it's original entries like Dexter or Mr Robot, or it's a derivation of a theme, it's refreshing to have so many entertainment options that have not been dissected by these people who just can't keep up with the options.

To the creative types introducing the wonderful variety of entertainment starting to be offered.

I say increase the supply.

And I want to see more superhero, alien, and villain, space explorer and time traveler comedies and love stories.

There's more to life than head shots and reusing the same recipes over and over again without introducing new spices to the mix.

Comment Wikipedia's long been corrupt (Score 0) 146

The internet is becoming a wonderful resource for fiction and stories, but as a credible source of information it is quickly unbecoming.

Personally, I have avoided wikipedia for about a year now because of revisionist history - it seems as though there are those from outside the United States who would prefer manipulating the public consciousness and this wikipedia is one tool they leverage to that end.

On numerous occasions, I have attempted to make edits - and quickly get someone from India who's banning my edits.

There's no real recourse against this, and these 'power users' - so rather than even mess with it or worry about it anymore, I view it as but one perspective of many, and in this case, a limited and wholly inaccurate view of the world.

Wikipedia is in a tough position. It's confronted with alternate realities directly, and manipulation accordingly - and some of us are simply not wanting to contribute or 'play this game' any longer because there's so many people convinced multiple realities is a theory to pick and choose from.

What would be cool is if there was an alternate version of wikipedia for every reality.

Boy i cannot wait for the flames from the misfiring neurons who don't understand this and call me crazy for the way I see the world!!

Comment Seriously? (Score 0) 842

There's absolutely no reason he can't have two lifestyles. One living as a regular joe in a suburban house driving a regular car. This lifestyle can be used for dating and others where it's more important to maintain a low profile. Maybe new potential endeavors or getting to know new people.

And the other in his mansion. with the yacht.

Sometimes it's easier pretending to be two or more different people than being one and being torn in a hundred different directions because you ultimately know people will want to use you for what you have, and finding substance in our relationships becomes the most important thing in life.

Comment Simple Einstein Relativity (Score 0) 139

Speaking personally, I perceive the universe as only being in existence 45 years in total.

Now sure, I understand there's historical and scientific 'evidence' to suggest that it's been around longer. But for me, through provable and personally verifiable science, I cannot reliably prove through repeatable tests that gravity moved at a constant speed nor the speed of light moved at a constant speed prior to my coming into existence. Since I do not have the capability to time travel, I am incapable of proving anything prior to my birth.

That's simple rational logic.

So to me - The Big Bang I do NOT doubt happened 13.8 billions years ago for someone else in an alternate reality (which alternate realities I personally have proof of that works for me), but to me in this reality, the big bang is merely one historical story of this planet's inception - of which there are, in my mind, literally infinite potential stories to be told.

So of course some perceive the big bang length of time being less.

I mean, this is a no-brainer application of Einstein's Relativity, and the observer bias, is it not?

Comment Former IT worker here (Score 0) 417

With two degrees, and 30 years of IT experience, I am now homeless and out of work for three years thanks to H1B workers.

Now they can statistically attempt to 'spin' this any which way they like. But the simple fact of the matter is. Most of the Americans I know in IT are unemployed or underemployed, their jobs going to lower cost H1B workers who have replaced us.

Which is fine by me. I always wanted to learn to hack better, and I have been inspired by video games called "Thief" - that maybe, it's these people who have no concern for those they are replacing, that we'll simply go to their houses, and take their belongings.

I mean. What are they going to do - put a homeless person in jail and feed me, clothe me, and give me a bed?

Lol. not gonna happen. I'll be back on the street the next day doing the same thing.

Sorry, I call bullshit. Those 'unskilled' positions are killing opportunties for the educated and experienced for who knows what reason.

Comment Viruses (Score 1) 163

Back in 2011, I had a virus which persisted on my Blackberry after a full factory reset and clear. Nasty little bugger, also infected my Kindle, my wireless smart monitor and xbox, and a SecureRom bios secured machine. Sliced through it all like butter, and reinstalled itself even after full wipes.

I now carry only a laptop. No cell phones. No nothing. That kind of trouble's just too much for me.

Comment Simple relatvitiy (Score 0) 154

I don't think these 'observers' are quite understanding the simple implications of observer bias and relativity.

Just because you observe an exploding star does not mean it's time is scaled relative to your own.

I thought Einstein's Theories - which provide the cornerstone of modern physics - made this clear?

What is an hour to you may be five minutes to someone OR SOMETHING else!

wow. are ya'all really this brain dead?

Logic doesn't apply to the real world. -- Marvin Minsky