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Comment Simple Einstein Relativity (Score 0) 138

Speaking personally, I perceive the universe as only being in existence 45 years in total.

Now sure, I understand there's historical and scientific 'evidence' to suggest that it's been around longer. But for me, through provable and personally verifiable science, I cannot reliably prove through repeatable tests that gravity moved at a constant speed nor the speed of light moved at a constant speed prior to my coming into existence. Since I do not have the capability to time travel, I am incapable of proving anything prior to my birth.

That's simple rational logic.

So to me - The Big Bang I do NOT doubt happened 13.8 billions years ago for someone else in an alternate reality (which alternate realities I personally have proof of that works for me), but to me in this reality, the big bang is merely one historical story of this planet's inception - of which there are, in my mind, literally infinite potential stories to be told.

So of course some perceive the big bang length of time being less.

I mean, this is a no-brainer application of Einstein's Relativity, and the observer bias, is it not?

Comment Former IT worker here (Score 0) 414

With two degrees, and 30 years of IT experience, I am now homeless and out of work for three years thanks to H1B workers.

Now they can statistically attempt to 'spin' this any which way they like. But the simple fact of the matter is. Most of the Americans I know in IT are unemployed or underemployed, their jobs going to lower cost H1B workers who have replaced us.

Which is fine by me. I always wanted to learn to hack better, and I have been inspired by video games called "Thief" - that maybe, it's these people who have no concern for those they are replacing, that we'll simply go to their houses, and take their belongings.

I mean. What are they going to do - put a homeless person in jail and feed me, clothe me, and give me a bed?

Lol. not gonna happen. I'll be back on the street the next day doing the same thing.

Sorry, I call bullshit. Those 'unskilled' positions are killing opportunties for the educated and experienced for who knows what reason.

Comment Viruses (Score 1) 163

Back in 2011, I had a virus which persisted on my Blackberry after a full factory reset and clear. Nasty little bugger, also infected my Kindle, my wireless smart monitor and xbox, and a SecureRom bios secured machine. Sliced through it all like butter, and reinstalled itself even after full wipes.

I now carry only a laptop. No cell phones. No nothing. That kind of trouble's just too much for me.

Comment Simple relatvitiy (Score 0) 154

I don't think these 'observers' are quite understanding the simple implications of observer bias and relativity.

Just because you observe an exploding star does not mean it's time is scaled relative to your own.

I thought Einstein's Theories - which provide the cornerstone of modern physics - made this clear?

What is an hour to you may be five minutes to someone OR SOMETHING else!

wow. are ya'all really this brain dead?

Comment Re:LOL! (Score 0) 116

Anthem needs to learn the rules?

Well at least you drew a pretty awesome analogy to it being a playground as you lashed out like a child.

Look, let's be clear.

To me, this isn't a playground.

It's a place where grownups play.

And unfortunately, in the corporate world, new 'state' and 'federal' agencies with self proclaimed oversight crop up daily.

Now as a company doing any kind of business, a company would go absolutely insane and quite literally never get any business done trying to appease every single one of these so called agencies.

So there comes a point where these companies - DO THEIR best to appeal to their population. CSR helps establish a valuable modus operandi for supporting the general public....

And learn to say no such as Anthem has demonstrated.

Watch the tv show Supernatural. When you say you are representing 'The Feds', nowadays - most people in the corporate world recognize it's a witch hunt.

The FEDS need to clean up THEIR act and those they govern and THEN (and only then) the corporate world will start respecting those who represent them as credible.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 0) 734

I haven't filed taxes since 2003 and have lived in the United States my entire life.

Taxes are a choice. Those who receive the revenues from taxation would prefer you do not understand or comprehend that, as they leverage fear tactics to bully you into paying.

But the real truth is, it's not that hard to live outside the system.

Now I ask you - did you have any choice as to where you were born? If you did. I didn't. And accordingly, I did NOT sign up for nor accept any oath obligating me to pay taxes. Not once. Not ever.

This is NOT to say I do not agree nor disagree with taxation. IT serves it's definite purpose. It creates community. It shapes and molds culture and mindset. But in a nation corrupted through cronie capitalism, you, like I, have a choice, and I can assure you it will not land you in prison.

It becomes an education. Don't get me wrong.

My advice is. Quit regurgitating what you found on the internet onto others. Think for your own damned self for a change and enjoy life - without fear. You don't owe anyone anything.

There will ABSOLUTELY be a day I return to paying taxes.

And that day will be when I actually come to support my country's and leaders decisions, and they support me for mine.

That day is not yet here. And may never come.

Comment Hmmm (Score 0) 734

You immediately list the cons without a single pro. Isn't that telling enough?

There was a time I started pursuing legalization in China - I registered as a 'resident' of Hong Kong, as I loved it there, and I could also continue working there if I found opportunities without the worry of the Chinese Government which can be quite abusive at times.

Now clearly the situation is different, but first you don't mention your children's age. My advice is - if they can talk - try to find a way to explain to them what you are considering and LET THEM DECIDE. IF POSSIBLE wait until they reach an age where they are ready for it. This shouldn't be just your decision alone, as this effects their adult life pretty tremendously, doesn't it?

Now if you have a pressing demand that makes this time a make it or break it. Then ask yourself the simple question: Do the pros outweigh the cons? Personally, I am of the opinion that dual citizenship can be both a burden as well as a benefit, but like you said - taxation is a pain.

Keep in mind they are only responsible for filing for taxes if the income's in the United States and their residency is 50% or more in the United States. AND YES they DO keep tabs on that kinda stuff.

My advice is. Let your kids make the choices, individually. you have a couple children. What works for one may not work for the other. You might actually see them making different choices. But don't list only the cons to them

Comment Kudos. (Score 0) 44

I'm homeless, working on a non combat oriented version of Star Trek Online here in Starbuck's, and find it's often difficult to explain to people the concept of what an MMORPG is, let alone the factually based alternate realities and multiple universes we reside in which I have long taken for granted but they without their computer experience simply don't understand.

More people like you need to step forward! Kudos on your book. Wish I could afford it. But you know. Homeless sleeping in a tent dont help much!

Comment Understood (Score 0) 347

Precise estimates in my opinion are a farce. I found myself ritually padding my estimates by 20% just to add in a bit of time should things not functions. In some cases, this bought me time I could use on my own projects are just checking out the scenery at the companies I worked with (I love women). Other times, it bought the time I needed to complete what I did and fix unexpected problems which arose.

In any case. For personal projects and 'the engine'' type projects - things like Operating System work - having no estimates works out perfectly, right? With no deliverable other than increase performance and make the thing 'more fun' for you and others to drive and/or work with, it works out well.

If I were running Microsoft, for instance, I would throw some developers and pay community members to support prior versions of the OS - by tweaking and playing with what they want to - the goal of 'having fun' and working with community members - and convert incremental updates into a monetized subscription based revenue stream based on 'best of' releases' and services that can be offered for it. And ANYTIME I saw a new area to shift into with a truly revolutionary OS model - Virtual Reality offers precisely this game changing model , that's when I would throw my development staff into developing a new OS, and work with the community to plan out an upgrade path. This evolution would most definitely require deliverable dates and estimations, for the simple reason the community may be committed to the change.

Outside of Operating Systems though - for a real tangible deliverable. Estimates don't have to be evil. But they do make it easier for others inside and outside the organization to 'play nice with developers' - particularly in team based environments where there's clear dependencies.. Not only that, when dealing with customers, it's especially nice to have a solid timeline established for alpha/beta and release versions so the PR people talking to the community don't find themselves backtracking because of poor time management decisions..

It's a clever balance, right? But in my opinion, as a homeless guy I can easily function without dates and times because - let's face it - no one depends on me nor does anyone seem to really care. Now I burned out of IT because of mismanagement - I blame mostly myself. I am actually working on my own development project - and have created my 'realistic' personal development estimate to 7 years for development completion.

Now if I was dependent on money, which I am not and don't care about it anymore, or if I had any external pressures - that time for production might actually shorten. but now that i have 'all the time in the world' and NO financial responsibilities nor desires to enter the madness of the corporate world again, I can develop this project on MY timeline.

But to be sure. I STILL have dates and times for my own deliverable. To function without personal dates and times is an exercise in insanity in my opinion.

Maybe Computer Science should be in the College of Theology. -- R. S. Barton