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+ - Artificial Intelligence Basics and Hacking Intro->

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MakersDirector (2767101) writes "Before I joined the NSA (National Security Agency), I romanticized the job of being a ‘spy’, and thought it would be like it was in the TV Shows and Movies. The truth is, it’s much more Normal and boring than that. Especially in Information Analysis and Information Technology. But there’s some perks...."
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MakersDirector writes "Think you're ready for the truth? Then let's ask the Whitehouse to come clean with it's informational resources from the NSA and CIA to discuss the technology that's available — clones, robotics, alternate realities, time travel, and space travel, now is the time the public deserves to know 'the truth' about why this technology is being suppressed, and trust the public is at a mature enough stage in it's development to handle this. Follow this link and add your 'vote' to the list of those ready for 'the truth'"
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Comment: yawn (Score 0) 82

by MakersDirector (#42195719) Attached to: Scientists Race To Establish the First Links of a 'Quantum Internet'

Does anyone else but me realize we're building a massive neural net computer that functions much like a human brain does from the inside out?

The scale is enormous, obviously, a brain the size of a planet.

Thank you, for rebuilding my brain. I didnt ask for this, but I appreciate it.

Comment: imagine.. (Score 0) 325

Imagine a hack that circumvents all security, imagine a hack that 'wraps all' in a bubble of space/time/possibilities'..

Imagine a hack who's 'code' is written in a way that lets it travel on the ENERGY of electrons, freely...

Now you're getting the picture of what it took to become who I am... That's just a start....

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