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Comment: Replacement batteries. (Score 2) 101

by JWSmythe (#47734553) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

Here's my experience. Buy something from eBay or Amazon.

Well, we've bought a lot of batteries from various people I've been harvesting laptop batteries for the 18650 cells to put into phone recharging backs so we can play Ingress for effectively limitless hours, and for eCigarettes. That's given me a look inside them, and what condition the actual cells are. Leftovers, I sell to friends and friends-of-friends at cost.

The recharge packs I have take 4 18650's, so if I get 2500mAhcells, I have a 10000mAh pack. I went with carriers that have a physical on/off switch, rather than the soft switch like the Anker has, so they can sit a long time without discharging. I haven't needed to change batteries on them yet.

Generally, I buy from eBay. I'm looking for the higher cell counts, and aiming for about $1 to $1.50 per cell. So a 8 cell pack I want to spend $8 to $12 on.

When I crack them open (always more work than it sounds) they all have the standard overheat sensors, which was the concern before about exploding batteries. They have all been wired well. Out of say a couple dozen packs, I received one that had a dented cell in it. It didn't hurt the performance of the cell, but since it was dented, I refused to use it or give it to anyone. Some of them, I've damaged the wrapper, so I re-shrink wrap if I'm in urgent need of them, or I dispose of them.

Regardless if it says on the listing that it's an OEM or 3rd party pack, almost all of them have had no-name cells in them. I did get a few true Sony, Panasonic, or Sanyo cell, but they are rarer.

They've all tested out to be the listed capacity, and they all have worked at the expected life expectancy.

The only big exception was the battery for my old cell phone. It originally came with a 1400mAh battery. The only cheap seller listed 1600mAh for about $10/ea. I used them, and they were fine, but they only lasted as long as my original battery when it was new. When they finally started failing, I pealed the stickers off, and the original markings showed they were 1400mAh batteries. If I had been paying extra for the extra capacity, I may have been upset. Since I just needed batteries that worked, it didn't matter much.

I played Ingress a *lot* with my phone though that period. That draws a lot of power, so I kept a couple spare batteries in my pocket all the time so I could swap them as needed.

My new phone came with a much larger battery (part of my selection criteria), and I don't play as much. I let it charge in the car when I'm driving. If I'm walking, still carry the external pack, just in case I need it.

So.. Pick something cheap on eBay. Look for listing saying they're "new". Don't expect a higher capacity batter to be any better than the original battery. Since you're looking for cheap, you can generally afford to get a spare. :)

Comment: Re:The real crime here (Score 1) 403

by rtb61 (#47734507) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

In that case your comment would be accurately defined as a 'straw man' as it did not relate to the incident in question. The counter comment brought it back in line to what actually occurred and 'OH no what about the Wookies" means nothing. It is a civil matter and as such should have only been treated in the civil courts. The actual action only fully demonstrates the current corruption of democracies and the justice system by psychopathic corporate executives.

Comment: Re:Simulations are limited by imagination (Score 1) 138

by rtb61 (#47734467) Attached to: Google Wants To Test Driverless Cars In a Simulation

Where are simulator completely and utterly fails should be obvious to everyone, it does not test environmental analysis at all. The environment is not detected, analysed and correlated, it is simply fed into the program and so only half the system is tested, not the whole system.

The system should be tested on the road under normal conditions, from rush hour to night driving with a driver ready to take over and at lest two randomly chosen independent observer. Things that need to be tested, missing or worn line markings, road works, debris on road including plastic bags in the wind, car doors opening into traffic stream, vehicles straddling lanes, emergency vehicle response with regards to other vehicles failing to react appropriately et al.

Comment: Re:"Not eradicated" isn't needed (Score 1) 174

by TheRaven64 (#47727069) Attached to: New Research Suggests Cancer May Be an Intrinsic Property of Cells
The point that the grandparent is trying to make is that you don't need to prevent cancer, you need to prevent cancerous cells from having a serious adverse effect on the organism. There are a number of benign growths that have cancer-like properties that people can live with and that don't spread over the body. Being able to differentiate the benign versions from the malignant and kill off the malignant cells would not require eradicating the cancer mechanism, but would (from the perspective of humans outside of the medical profession) count as curing cancer.

Comment: Re:it's not the ads it's the surveillance. (Score 1) 537

by TheRaven64 (#47727059) Attached to: Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year
I wonder if this will change, given all of the reports about web advertising being a bubble. Advertisers are starting to notice that, for most of them, the ROI is tiny and that's eventually going to trickle up the supply chain. If Microsoft were smart, they'd sell off their ad business while it's still at an overinflated price and then work to kill the market.

Comment: Re:Too much good content is deleted at Wikipedia. (Score 1) 235

by Tom (#47726877) Attached to: Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection'

The thing I've never quite understood is why deleted pages aren't archived. That tells you right away that the deletionist folks are obviously up to no good. Everything else is always archived on Wikipedia,

Bingo. Deleting pages is not only evil by itself, it also fundamentally breaks the "wiki" part of "Wikipedia".

Deletion in the Wikimedia software is intended for vandalism and mistakes. But hey, you and me we are among a large crowd who have decided to not contribute to WP until the idiots in charge understand some of the basic concepts of their own system. This is just one of the most blatantly obvious.

addendum: /. -

It's been 3 minutes since you last successfully posted a comment

WTF? It used to be 1 minute. Are we now pandering to people whose mental processes and typing skills don't allow to post more than one comment every 3, 5, 30 minutes?

Comment: Re:Too much good content is deleted at Wikipedia. (Score 1) 235

by Tom (#47726845) Attached to: Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection'

I tried reading some of their justification for deleting the article, but it made absolutely no sense. It's a perfectly good topic to cover, and clearly I and others want to read about it! Yet these totalitarian shitbags feel the need to censor, censor, censor and then censor some more.

Notability never made any sense whatsoever. The exact topics that are "not notable" are the ones that people are most likely to search desparately for. If I want to read something about Michael Jackson, or the city of Paris, there are 20 million pages on the Internet. Finding them is trivial.

If I want to read about Nimrod or any other "not notable" topic, that's exactly where Wikipedia could shine. It could give me a short summary and some links to read more. It could, in other words, do exactly what an encyclopedia is supposed to do.

For some reason, the idiots managing WP have decided to gut exactly the part of their project that would make it the most useful, while having pages about individual porn stars and manga characters is somehow really important.

Comment: Re:Agile can fuck off. (Score 2) 235

by Tom (#47726807) Attached to: Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection'

To be fair, Agile can be freaking awesome. I worked at a devotedly Agile shop and it was a developerocratic utopia.

Chances are this has nothing to do with Agile and everything to do with the people, company and culture.

If your culture sucks, Agile won't save you, or magically improve it. Managers love this "magic bullet you can buy and it'll solve all your problems" which is largely why they constantly re-organize something, completely ignoring 10, 20 or sometimes 100 years of re-organization experience that prove that nothing whatsoever changed after any of them.

Tackling the culture of a company or department is a lot more difficult, less flashy and less likely to give you short-term quantifiable results, which is why so few do it.

There's no such thing as "Agile Done Right". There is such thing as a right culture in which Agile (or, frankly speaking, any other methodology) will work and make everyone happy. If you live in a wrong culture, there's nothing Agile or anything else could do right to fix it.

Comment: Re:Moisture? (Score 1) 62

by JWSmythe (#47726409) Attached to: The Data Dome: A Server Farm In a Geodesic Dome

It's good for your house too. I've seen houses where the homeowner never ran their A/C and they were proud that they saved money. They also had problems with mold, paint peeling, drywall falling apart, and various wood things in their house warping.

At one place I lived, there were ceiling fans throughout the house, which was nice. There were also some on our back porch. The ones inside stayed in almost original condition. The ones outside had rust on the metal parts, and the blades warped.

But this was a discussion about datacenters, so I talked about the corrosion problems with IT equipment.

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