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Comment Re:Steam Link (Score 1, Informative) 96 96

"A PC that drives 4k is going to be hot"

Are you that ignorant of current processor and GPU technology? I've been driving 2048x1536 (that would be 3K to you) on my desktop well over 15 years with Matrox. Qualcomm has Snapdragon, meant for MOBILE PHONES, driving 4K. For gaming, it ain't getting hot unless you do something STUPID like pick some power-hungry GPU. For video, even without acceleration from the GPU, a shit-tier i3 can handle 4K video. I was doing 1080p video on a Geforce 2 and Pentium 4 back when..... Naruto Shippuuden first came out and DB started doing 1080p encodes.

Comment Re:WRONG (Score 1) 96 96

"I don't know what kind of crack you're on but the lasers I used would put out between 2 and 4 watts with over 20 lines across the entire visible spectrum."

http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/w... - Uhhh, what? I'm certainly not counting 20+ lines there.

Also, a measly 4 watts? I've got nearly double that in my pocket laser.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 612 612

That's not been true for a very long time. Current MacBook Pro trackpads (i.e. the ones that TFA is about) use one finger tap for left click, two finger tap for right click, two finger drag for scroll, and four-finger drag for some system-wide gestures. The 'Mac mice only have one button' thing is a decade old (and even before that, Macs supported multi-button mice, they just required that UIs be designed to work well with one-button input devices).

Comment Re:The Microsoft key!!!! I've never used it...ever (Score 1) 612 612

Rather, I consider it pretty easy. :-) Just hold down the ALT key, type in the four-digit code for the character you want, then release the ALT key and your character will show up

Is this really what Windows users consider easy? On a Mac, it depends on the keyboard layout, but for me it's alt-2. A cent symbol is alt-4 (dollar is shift-4). Entering a character with an accent is alt-something for the accent and then the letter that it goes on top of. For example, i-umlaut is option-u then i.

If memorising unicode character numbers is your idea of good HCI, then I really hope I never use a program that you've designed.

Comment Re:Some mods worth paying for (Score 2) 37 37

The biggest problem of paying for mods is copyright. Modders often borrow from copyrighted content to bring life to other games, often making the game much better with borrowed content than it was without the addition. So the big legal battle would be guaranteed to ensue about what is fair use and what is not fair use. All done for free tends to skirt that issue.

Comment Re:Caps Lock used to power a huge lever. (Score 1) 612 612

The secretaries were also the reason for QWERTY. I've worked with a bunch of businesses and it was always suprising how many decisions the bosses secrety made, often the pretty the secretary the more power she had. Still why has QWERTY lingered on and for fuck sake why are we teaching to children whilst teaching them alphabetical order at the same time.

Comment Re:spying: good when we do it, bad when they do it (Score 1) 117 117

Well then, let's hope those hackers do not use the information to fly drones around the place firing off missiles seemingly at random. That or spends billions of dollars to take over countries only to generate civil wars. Then there is the whole idea of blackmailing all the worlds political leaders to ensure they obey the dictates of US corporations, no matter how many of those countries citizens are harmed by those dictates.

Bucket loads of people do DIE as a result of those things, you mean it could be worse than that or do you mean those other things might happen less as a result. So which generates the greater number of casualties a few dead American spies or the hundreds of thousands who die as a result of the actions of those American spies. Especially when those spies were not serving justice or freedom but to serving corporate greed and slavery. I think you view about American spies is wildly exorbitantly biased, yeah those honourable people who believed in freedom and justice from decades are long, long, gone. Now they are amongst the worst criminals of the lot, some worse then third world dictator varieties, well, toss up there, after all America propped up a lot of those third world dictators.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 243 243

Now would that be Chrome on Android vs FireFox on Android or Chrome on Windows vs FireFox on Windows or Chrome on Linux vs FireFox on Linux or just all jammed together. A lot of Chrome numbers come from Android and FireFox not being the default loses out in a big way on the mobile phone platform, especially when a lot of the default actions on a mobile phone reach out to the internet to do local use stuff.

Comment Re:Cycle of life (Score 4, Insightful) 102 102

For companies is it not quite the same. Reliable older company treats it's staff and customers well. Along comes the psychopath vulture capitalist who works out they can buy the company for more than it is worth and the dress it up for sale by trading on trust while delivering cheap crap, getting rid of expensive stuff, wiping out after sales service and support and voila big profits for a few quarters until it all goes boom but then it has been sold by then.

Reality is companies pretty much keep going until the slick psychopaths take over all full of charm and bullshit and try to fill their own pockets for as long as possible until the company goes belly up as a result of their total incompetence beyond their skill and getting employed. They of course focus all their efforts on blaming everyone else for the problems created by the psychopaths.

Want to keep companies going longer, really easy answer, start testing for psychopathy before letting new executives in the door.

Comment Software Priesthood (Score 1) 342 342

The whole thrust of ESR's Cathedral and the Bazaar essay...

You're about 30 years late WRT your reference. When I said "back in the day"...

I first saw the term "software priesthood" in print in Byte magazine -- it was 1976, I think. It was already in play among those of us who had already been programming for a while, and even more so among certain sectors of management.

Comment Re:Summary is inaccurate (Score 2) 96 96

Not necessarily. While these emitters are tunable, I doubt the red is getting down to 700nm, or the blue going into the 400-410nm violet range. Most RGB emitters, even tunable are peak 630nm red and 450-460nm blue. So this wouldn't cover the entire visible colorspace very accurately when it came to deeper reds and violets.

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