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Submission + - Iceland Considers Internet Porn Ban (

Onymous Hero writes: With the printing and distribution of pornography already banned in Iceland, further measures to stop internet porn are being considered by Iceland's Interior Minister Ogmundur Jonasson. From the article: "Iceland is taking a very progressive approach that no other democratic country has tried," said Professor Gail Dines, an expert on pornography and speaker at a recent conference at Reykjavik University. "It is looking a pornography from a new position — from the perspective of the harm it does to the women who appear in it and as a violation of their civil rights."

Submission + - Chinese hackers pwn Australian PM (

An anonymous reader writes: Australia's Prime Minister, foreign minister and at least eight other cabinet ministers were pwned by Chinese hackers and their emails stolen, Australian newspapers report. It was suggested the suspected Chinese hackers were looking for competitive bid information on minerals sales, similar to an attack dubbed 'Night Dragon' by an anti-virus vendor last month. Australia is one of at least 30 countries with offensive hacking capabilities.

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