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Comment: Re:Wouldnt want it (Score 5, Insightful) 191

by MSTCrow5429 (#46394667) Attached to: PETA Abandons $1 Million Prize For Artificial Chicken
Artificial meat isn't meat for vegetarians, you aren't the target market. It's meant for omnivores. And experience has shown that some will pay extra for perceived ethical improvements, e.g. cage-free eggs vs. battery eggs. People would also be willing to pay some amount more for artificial meat.

Comment: Cable companies don't compete (Score 1) 424

by MSTCrow5429 (#46260687) Attached to: Time Warner Deal Is How Comcast Will Fight Cord Cutters
"The idea is that switching away from cable TV will simple make consumers more beholden to their internet connections, and removing (i.e. acquiring) the competition will let Comcast raise rates without losing customers."

Cable companies don't compete with each other, they have their own territories. There's nothing stopping them from raising rates without hypothetically losing customers now.

Comment: Re:The Principle of Disparate Impact (Score 1) 452

by MSTCrow5429 (#44785713) Attached to: Could Technology Create Modern-Day 'Leper Colonies'?
You cannot take the legal doctrine of disparate impact and apply it carte blanche to every other aspect of human relations. It is not a general principle, and should not be misused as such. To claim otherwise is entirely novel and requires far more than a bare assertion of its new definition.

Comment: Re:"Slowdown" = Stop (Score 1) 510

by MSTCrow5429 (#44702379) Attached to: International Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty On Warming
You might have noticed that the press release was dealing with predictions, not the past record. If I was a serious opponent, I could try pointing out that it states "we will continue to see temperatures like those which resulted in 2000-2009 being the warmest decade in the instrumental record dating back to 1850," but that isn't inconsistent with global warming ending in 1998. does argue that global warming stopped, although in 2000, not 1998.

Comment: Re:"Slowdown" = Stop (Score 1) 510

by MSTCrow5429 (#44676687) Attached to: International Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty On Warming

Comment: Conclusion dubious, needs more data (Score 1) 391

by MSTCrow5429 (#43379451) Attached to: Apple Devices To Outsell Windows For First Time Ever In 2013
It's possible Windows 3.0--which Wikipedia claims was the first pre-installed Windows--outsold Macintoshes running System 6 in 1990, but historical data is needed to validate the claim that assuming Gartner's sale estimates Apple devices would be outselling Windows devices "for the first time ever."

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