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LTE Upgrade Will Let Phones Connect To Nearby Devices Without Towers 67

Posted by Soulskill
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An anonymous reader sends this excerpt from MIT's Technology Review: A new feature being added to the LTE protocol that smartphones use to communicate with cellular towers will make it possible to bypass those towers altogether. Phones will be able to "talk" directly to other mobile devices and to beacons located in shops and other businesses. Known as LTE Direct, the wireless technology has a range of up to 500 meters, far more than either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is included in update to the LTE standard slated for approval this year, and devices capable of LTE Direct could appear as soon as late 2015. ... Researchers are, for example, testing LTE Direct as a way to allow smartphones to automatically discover nearby people, businesses, and other information.

Comment: Re:Bingo. (Score 1) 94

TFA doesn't provide enough detail to know for sure; but the problem may also be with expectations about what the system can do.

"Training" video snippets, regurgitated by various 'learning management systems' are something to be treated very carefully. Video tends to be slow and have poor information density as reference material(for, say, the arcana of some ghastly line-of-business software mess); but are also fairly shallow, and a bit condescending, as a substitute for a little hands-on guidance for your first time through a more complex activity. Does your company really deal in tasks so simple that a few youtube snippets can get you up to speed, or such churn that your colleagues can't spare some time to get to know the new guy?

(This is not to say that documentation isn't vital, it is, no human can be reasonably expected to remember all the arcane details; but 'reference material for people familiar with the task' and 'drool-proof intro videos' are extraordinarily different things.)

Comment: Re:A content problem (Score 3) 94

A wiki is a perfectly adequate CMS, if so configured, and if this is basically a vehicle for slinging video snippets at people the details of formatting are hardly going to be your biggest problem.

The more fundamental problem is that "Content management" and "Content" are fundamentally different things, and it's not a difference of degree. There is no CMS so brilliant, even in principle, that it will produce a single line of information for you. The best you can hope for is a system that auto-magics the production of indexes, bibliographies, other organizational stuff, and doesn't munge the formatting into unreadability.

You'd be better off with 'content' that is actually worthwhile tacked together with threadbare HTML hacked out in notepad than you would be with the finest of all possible CMSes and nothing to put in it...

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Yeah. You know it's almost as if the Russians didn't get a copy of the memo that says we are only permitted to use about 1/3 of the current known reserves.
You know, the memo that notes that if we don't leave the other 2/3 in the ground, we are COMPLETELY SCREWING OURSELVES and our little dogs too, on the climate front.

You know, sooner or later, our current "leaders" are going to be held liable for this criminally insane path they are steering us down with a greed-twisted grin on their faces. I can only hope it is sooner.

Comment: Re: Why do they even have a Starbucks? (Score 3, Funny) 241

by digitig (#48015909) Attached to: At CIA Starbucks, Even the Baristas Are Covert
My defence against Americans criticising British coffee always used to be that the worst coffee I ever had was in a cafe in St. Petes, FLA. Then I had a coffee in a Starbucks at London Heathrow, and I was forced to concede to Americans that the worst coffee I ever had was indeed in Britain. :(

Comment: Re:Rent a Tesla for $1 (Score 1) 324

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#48015545) Attached to: State of Iowa Tells Tesla To Cancel Its Scheduled Test Drives
If congress felt like passing a law regulating the matter, the interstate commerce clause would allow them to roll over the various state laws quite trivially(it's a very, very, elastic clause in general, and this would actually be pretty close to its intended use...); but 'Congress shall have the power' is not the same as 'Congress must exercise the power' to regulate interstate commerce.

Should a conflict arise, the states would be toast on this one; but it hasn't, yet.

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by smitty_one_each (#48013015) Attached to: Eric Holder to Resign as Attorney General

Some day you will learn the concept of peaceful coexistence...

I mean, I live in a low crime neighborhood. Thanks for pointing out the crime of having offered up "southern conservative". Indeed, I live south of the Potomac, and embrace the traditional "conservative" values of individual liberty, equality before the law and private property that are currently under such systematic attack by godless Commie sodomites. Guilty.

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by smitty_one_each (#48013003) Attached to: You're all right
I wasn't quoting. I was paraphrasing. So, you seem to be espousing Evolution here, amIright? I'm still trying to work out the shift from inorganic to organic chemistry. In particular: why does it take less faith to subscribe to Evolution than any other of the alternatives (without bothering to espouse any one of them).

Comment: Re: Whips and manicles (Score 1) 183

by jd (#48012047) Attached to: My toy collection is ...

If it's not an abacus, it can't count. Most of the rational people have quit fet due to database failures, update disasters, an incredibly primitive unthreaded discussion format and a contingent of highly abusive individuals. Abusiveness and primitiveness has done for tech forums, too, which is why Kuro5hin has been in death throes for some time.

A community is never stronger than the people who stand behind it and, in sadly far too many cases, the people standing behind the community are crouched down and in hiding.

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by smitty_one_each (#48011901) Attached to: Eric Holder to Resign as Attorney General

And you only want to "rein in" the feds to extent that your corrupt local authorities have more power to practice their bigotry and demand conformity to your culture/religion/whatever. It is your own disregard for the truth that is on display here. I don't care how much you deny it. I know what "southern conservative" means.

Wow, I think you've reached damn_registrars levels of making stuff up out of whole cloth. Everything I say underscores disregard for truth? You've moved past strawmen to a comprehensive sort of Dyson sphere of tautology surrounding me now. Let me give you a golf clap. [clap]. Does the sound penetrate this bubble in which you've encapsulated me?
Can I ask where this bubble is going, since you're doing all the driving?

Comment: Re:Rent a Tesla for $1 (Score 1) 324

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#48011891) Attached to: State of Iowa Tells Tesla To Cancel Its Scheduled Test Drives
Do you have a theory on what grounds Tesla could use to take the matter to court? Pure vexatious litigation isn't going to work against a target of this size, and it's far from obvious that anything is legally out of order with these assorted state bans.

Were the feds to take an interest, it'd be virtually certain that anything congress put out would supersede the state laws under the usual interstate commerce argument; but they haven't, so that isn't relevant for the moment. If they want to go to court, they'll need some argument about why the laws are legally unsound.

Comment: Re:Gonna miss Snidely Whiplash (Score 1) 30

by smitty_one_each (#48011279) Attached to: Eric Holder to Resign as Attorney General
So, other than strawmanning and boorish browbeating in the face of reasoned responses, and projection, do you have anything? Anything at all?

Your "concentration of power" nonsense is exactly that. The real complaint is its proximity, or rather, the lack thereof. You want your people to impose the rules.

What I actually want is to constrain the Federal government to its original enumerated powers. But the truth doesn't seem to amount to much with you anymore.

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