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Comment: Re:custom languages don't have functions (Score 1) 515

by presidenteloco (#49351079) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?

Yeah. A language without functions/procedures/methods/named predicates/subroutines (same thing basically) is not a programming language, unless it's assembler, in which case, if you're not using standard conventions that essentially implement organized subroutines (i.e. functions...) you're not doing it right.

Comment: One thing I don't get (Score 1) 255

by presidenteloco (#49349987) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess

Ok, if I'm writing a webapp that accepts a password, presumeably if I wanted to increase security somewhat I would put in a guessing rate limiter.
5 strikes and you're out (for a while).

So assuming (a reasonable assumption still in most cases, I hope) that the adversary does not have the file of password hashes, how exactly do they try the trillion guesses per second?

Explain please. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

Comment: Re:And now why this can not be done in the USofA (Score 2) 316

"What everyone needs to come to grips with is that there is no energy source without environmental impact."

True, but that doesn't mean we should throw our hands up and stop exercising judgement.

Impacts can be weighed, placed on a relative magnitude and severity of risk/impact scale, and acted on accordingly.

On such a scale, the impacts of for example, solar PV and wind technology are fairly obviously much less than that of continued fossil fuel energy systems.

Comment: Re:What a stupid piece. (Score 1) 316

Hydroelectric and solar photovoltaic energy, and wind power, and fossil fuels, are all non-renewable in the several billion years time scale, since they are all byproducts of the energy gradient caused by the sun's electromagnetic radiation hitting the Earth assymetrically, and that nuclear process will eventually burn out, and before that change to a level that won't sustain life here.

So the term renewable is actually a functional term which has a time span parameters i.e. renewable(cycleLengthLow, cycleLengthHigh, maxOverallDuration ) which is true for certain ranges of duration for different energy exploitation technologies. Hydro-electric then, if used to a level that reduces buffers, is renewable(1y,1y,5billion y), solar pv is renewable (1d, 1m, 5billion y), etc. where as fossil fuel use (at buffer exhaustion consumption rate) is renewable(100m y, 500my, 5billion y).


Comment: Losing the MagSafe charging connector? Arrrrrgh (Score 5, Insightful) 392

That is a severely regressive design move.
This computer should have retained magsafe for charging then had one of these USB-C things for, you know, port stuff.

My current MBP would have been knocked from table/chair to floor ten times now if not for magsafe. What the hell were they thinking?

I can only hope the next ultralight MB Pro retains magsafe and a couple of ports.

Comment: Re:The poison pin ... (Score 4, Funny) 340

The second password shouldn't brick the phone, it should take you to a second version of your phone's file system, which contains only the "happy birds" game, a collection of bad but sincere teenage poetry, and a spreadsheet listing the names of each member of Canada's federal government cabinet alongside a 6 figure dollar number.

Comment: Re:Simple methodology (Score 4, Funny) 347

by presidenteloco (#49143761) Attached to: The Programmers Who Want To Get Rid of Software Estimates

My methodology:

If someone gives me their estimate for a software project or task, I double it and add 30.

If someone asks me for an estimate for a software project or task, I rough it out, then double it and add 30.

It's really amazing how much stress that avoids (oh, and it also does a passable job of converting Celsius to Fahrenheit.)

Comment: Re: Cost savings (Score 1) 106

by presidenteloco (#49134017) Attached to: Argonne National Laboratory Shuts Down Online Ask a Scientist Program

"You want this kind of thing to continue? Make sure there's funding (and paid time) earmarked for doing it."

So let's see. A simple web-app with a database hosted on a crappy server computer somewhere.
That's going to cost the whopping sum of what $50 a year to maintain right?

I for one welcome our new fiscal watchdog overlords.

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.