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by TeknoHog (#47791623) Attached to: Dell's New Alienware Case Goes to Extremes To Prevent Overheating

There are already things hindering the customers to place their PC directly with their back to the walls. One is called cables, the other one is called convenience.

But then you also have people who just like to shove things against the wall. I mean who cares about a broken cable now and then, you can always buy more >.<

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by TeknoHog (#47791571) Attached to: Dell's New Alienware Case Goes to Extremes To Prevent Overheating

imagine the users setting drinks on top of it! At least with a box, if you knock your drink over, it's on the floor. HERE.... it can drain your entire soda into the mobo ports (back) or fan intake. (front)

Moreover, I imagine this feature will increase dust buildup. Of course you get plenty of dust along the airstream, no matter what direction, but in this case (pun intended) there's a constant buildup from above, even when the machine is off. Then when you turn the machine on again, you get this nice layer of dust sucked in at once.

To avoid these types of problem, I'd rather have an indentation on the back, leaving room for air even when the top is pushed against the wall. It will be somewhat worse for natural convection, though. Then again it might help when lifting the machine up.

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by TeknoHog (#47790243) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

I've used laptops as my main/only machine for a long while, but I now use a dock with external display and keyboard, as it's more ergonomic in a standing desk. However, the general point is that I still like to use a full computer in this age of tablets. There are many cases where a tablet would be more suitable, but I hate owning too many different appliances for each job, when a single laptop can do almost everything. Of course, there's also the usual agenda of freedom to program your machine as you see fit.

Curse all you stupid laptop users!

It's not stupidity. I'm just too weak to carry a full desktop setup around to places where I need to work.

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by TeknoHog (#47790177) Attached to: Intel's Haswell-E Desktop CPU Debuts With Eight Cores, DDR4 Memory

Usually people who need more than 16 gigs are requiring this for work-related reasons, where the $700 takes a different perspective.

$700 may not be much compared to labour, but it's still real money someone in the economy is going to pay.

The "room" is where you have other computer hardware and electronics, and that keeps getting cheaper and faster all the time. That's why the price fixing of RAM is so obvious. I remember paying less per GB in the DDR2 days.

Also, memory is supposed to be this relatively dumb part of machinery. As I'm speccing out a new home machine, I notice that the mobo will cost less than 8 GB of DDR3, which is the minimum I'm going to get (and maximum at these prices).

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by TeknoHog (#47790145) Attached to: Intel's Haswell-E Desktop CPU Debuts With Eight Cores, DDR4 Memory

DDR4 is also extremely new. Expect it to get faster/better timing specs as time progresses.


DDR4 is like $350 for 4x4GB. Too expensive still. This time next year we should see prices closer to what we are paying for DDR3 today.

DDR4 is "extremely new" as in 2011. For me, the only real improvement seems to be in power consumption.

Since regular SDRAM, each DDR generation has doubled throughput, but latencies have only improved very slowly. So in many cases the doubled data rate is just a marketing gimmick. This might explain why each DDR generation has been relatively slow to enter mass market. For example, in late 2008 I was speccing a work laptop, and it had this new and shiny DDR3 memory, with all the issues such as price and availability of big-ass 4 GB SODIMMs. Later in 2010 I bought a new motherboard for home, with DDR2, so apparently DDR3 was still not for everyone.

Of course, increased throughput does help in many cases, but I especially like the reduced power consumption. So I for one welcome our new DDR4 overlords -- once they are widely available and affordable. Even DDR3 seems hideously expensive compared to other hardware -- I can get a new motherboard for less than the price of an 8 GB DIMM.

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by superwiz (#47785923) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

Ukrainian armed forces just indiscriminately shells the city while the separatists are nowhere near.

Even if the Russian terrorist forces were nowhere near (something that is hard to establish in the first place because terrorists operate in secret), all that would mean is that Ukrainian artillery is acting on bad intelligence. Intelligence, which for you know is fed to them by the terrorists. The terrorists' aim is always to create maximum casualties on both sides to create instability.

showing how full of manure you are

Could be worse. I could be you -- defending a regime of thieves who are trying to take by force what couldn't take through bribes. I've seen the Russian terrorist training videos on YouTube (no link because they get removed pretty fast). But they do glorify maximum gore and casualty count. I am aware of the Ice Cream joke that circles Russia in reference to Alaska. Don't bull shit me. I know exactly what Russia is today.

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by superwiz (#47785771) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

Besides, you keep using the word "terrorists".

I know exactly what it means. The Russian forces operating on Ukrainian territory without declaration of war, without identifying themselves as acting on behalf of the Russian state, acting with the sole goal of destabilizing the legitimate government through terror do qualify every standard definition of the word "terrorists". They most definitely are (and therefore so is the Russian state) guilty of all the bloodshed in Ukraine. Even the blood of the civilian causalities in the terrorist-occupied parts of Ukraine is the blood that is on Russian hands. Russia organized this. Russia sent the people who started this. Russia continues to support this military operation without admitting to it (in fact while claiming that the president of Russia no longer has a Duma authorization to use armed forces on Ukrainian territory). By acting contrary to even its own laws, Russia is acting as a terorrist state and the civilian whom it puts in the harms way are harmed by Russian actions. There is no ethnic cleansing of Russians. There is no Ukrainian army going around rounding up ethnic Russian and sending them to camps. The artillery fire that harms the civilians in Eastern Ukraine is only a defensive fire meant to thwart the clandestine Russian aggression and campaign of terror.

Ukrainian armed forces just indiscriminately shells the city

What an outrageous lie! It is not indiscriminate. Russian terrorist forces are embedding themselves in civilian population. And when shooting at the Russian terrorist forces, Ukrainian sometimes miss. Missing the intended targets is not (ever!) called "indiscriminate" bombing. The civilian casualties are only due to the fact that Russian terrorists are cowards hiding behind civilians.

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yeah, she complains that ms pac man is a just a male character prettied up with cultural female crap to look female. and she is saying this wearing earrings, lipstick and other cultural female items. except for the plad shirt

You should really clean up the mustard stains on your shirt, btw.

It shows how isolated from humanity you are.

And how very sad.

Comment: Not to worry, Wil Wheaton there (Score 1) 1190

Those of us who started the worldwide gaming industry are fighting back against the 8 yo boys issuing death threats.

Steve Jackson, Wil Wheaton, people like myself who created this are having panels at DragonCon, PAX, and other cons worldwide.

No, it is not ok to be a misogynist. Ever.

No, it is not ok to issue death threats online. Ever.

Flame on, baby trolls who stew in hatred, we know how inadequate your sad pitiful lives are.

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Politicians ain't allowed to run countries anymore,

They are in Russia. Well, it's either the political class or the military that's running things right now. It's certainly not the corporations (as you, no doubt, will try to suggest). Russia has fundamentally transformed itself since adopting its National Socialist agenda. It is now ethnic-centered para-military dictatorship.

Comment: Re:Send in the drones! (Score 1) 804

by superwiz (#47784117) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine
Of course, there is. Russia is the villain. It is the aggressor trying to invade and extort its innocent neighbor. While trying to defend itself from the unprovoked Russian aggression, Ukraine is forced to fire on enemy Russian units which often embed themselves in civilian centers (a well-known terrorist tactic which goes by the name "human shields"). Ukraine doesn't censor media. The links you posted simply showed that Russian channels would no longer be carried on Ukrainian cable subscriptions. I would imagine that any country A that is being invaded by country B would not allow country B to use its infrastructure. That's not censorship. That's war. Russia doesn't just stop channels from broadcasting. Russia has passed draconian laws which give the government free reign over ALL sources of information.

+ - Why women have no time for Wikipedia 2

Submitted by Andreas Kolbe
Andreas Kolbe (2591067) writes "Wikipedia is well known to have a very large gender imbalance, with survey-based estimates of women contributors ranging from 8.5% to around 16%. This is a more extreme gender imbalance than even that of Reddit, the most male-dominated major social media platform, and it has a palpable effect on Wikipedia content. Moreover, Wikipedia editor survey data indicate that only 1 in 50 respondents is a mother – a good proportion of female contributors are in fact minors, with women in their twenties less likely to contribute to Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation efforts to address this "gender gap" have so far remained fruitless. Wikipedia’s demographic pattern stands in marked contrast to female-dominated social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, where women aged 18 to 34 are particularly strongly represented. It indicates that it isn’t lack of time or family commitments that keep women from contributing to Wikipedia – women simply find other sites more attractive. Wikipedia’s user interface and its culture of anonymity may be among the factors leading women to spend their online time elsewhere."

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