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Comment umm (Score 1) 85

French court wants to have jurisdiction over what resides on a server physically located in California? Cookie? What if China asked for the same prerogative? This is precisely why the controlling bodies of the Internet must continue to be under US jurisdiction. Imagine someone like North Korea having a say in what can be on the Internet.

Comment Re:Tell that to Bejing (Score 1) 38

I think you mean India.

Car sales are up 4000 percent in India, and as a result, you can't see a thing.

Time to end all fossil fuel subsidies and exemptions, including depreciation and fleet discounts.

That said, hybrids don't help if you drive further distances, or burn up fuel while not moving.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 44

I guess us Europeans have no need to whine, as we don't have such caps. Don't recall ever having one (I live in Finland). The terms of service generally include a right to throttle the connection in extreme situations, though it's hard to tell if this has ever happened to me. There are so many variables once the traffic is outside your ISP's network. We also understand the ISP may not have a total capacity equal to the sum of customer speeds. But this has little to do with monthly caps, unless you only think of data rates in monthly averages.

Comment Re:Key advantages of R (Score 4, Interesting) 150

In your view, what are the key advantages of R over other scientific computing languages, most notably Matlab (which has to be considered with its plethora of toolboxes of course)?

Or Python with scipy/numpy, or Julia, given their open source nature in addition to the plethora of libraries.

Comment look on the bright side (Score 1) 554

If the science is solid, then if a new set of scientists look at the same inquiry in the future, they'll come up with the same results. I mean, Galois theory is valid despite Galois getting killed in a political duel. If the theory can be rediscovered by people not mentored (and thus biased) by the original discovers, it will have that much more scientific footing.

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