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Comment: Automate it. (Score 1) 275

by 1s44c (#46778193) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: System Administrator Vs Change Advisory Board

So you told them it won't work and they didn't listen. Now show them it won't work. Script something to send them a request for each update for each server. When they get flooded with 100+ perfectly valid requests each day they will beg for mercy. Then file one request for 'ongoing ad-hoc security updates for systems' and watch how fast they approve that one.

Comment: Re:Something which I do not understand (Score 1) 639

by 1s44c (#46712159) Attached to: Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

If you assume the universe is infinite every point is a center, but the universe isn't infinite. The big bang theory states that the universe started from a point and expanded outwards. It's still expanding now so no matter where you are in it you will see almost everything moving away from you.

Comment: Re:So Arrest Them (Score 1) 207

by 1s44c (#46639799) Attached to: Senate Report Says CIA Misled Government About Interrogation Methods

Of course extra-judicial killings are still occurring today under Obama with the executors being the remote pilot of the drones.

Obama is the only President to have admitted to ordering the assassination of American citizens.

They all did it. It became more obvious over time due to technology. Party politics plays no part in any of this.

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by 1s44c (#46619285) Attached to: Mt. Gox Questioned By Employees For At Least 2 Years Before Crisis

I really don't think MK is a sociopath. A sociopath would not damage their own company to the point of having to declare bankruptcy. Not when their own income depended on that company, not when that company had such high potential. Sociopaths are still pragmatic.

I think he was just utterly inept and far out of his depth. He literally didn't have a clue what he was doing. His stupidity and carelessness is no defense, he should face jailtime.

Comment: Re:pierce the corporate veil (Score 1) 134

by 1s44c (#46619265) Attached to: Mt. Gox Questioned By Employees For At Least 2 Years Before Crisis

Hookers, blow, and honda civics. Who the hell buys a Honda civic when they could buy anything? Who the hell gets one imported from the other side of the world?

If he was just a little bit competent he could have run a business that would have covered all his expenses legally and still run at a strong profit. The guy was well out of his depth. He needs to get jail time as a warning to others.

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by 1s44c (#46603337) Attached to: JavaScript Inventor Brendan Eich Named New CEO of Mozilla

That's the pro-gay rights crowd for you, no alternative opinion is valid. They remind me of the anti-Nazi league, they have little knowledge of what they are actually against but they have fanatical dedication to their cause.

Gay rights discussions are an overblown distraction from more serious news. Gay people can live together if they choose, end of issue.

What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite. -- Bertrand Russell, "Skeptical Essays", 1928