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Comment: Re:Similar to "Runaround" in I, Robot... (Score 1) 113

by radtea (#47920583) Attached to: Developing the First Law of Robotics

Yup, and the solution available to any rational being is the same: since by hypothesis the two choices are indistinguishable, flip a coin to create a new situation in which one of them has a trivial weight on its side.

Starving to death (or letting everyone die) is obviously inferior to this to any rational being (which the donkey and the robot are both presumed to be) and adding randomness is a perfectly general solution to the problem.

Buridan's donkey is not in fact an example of a rational being, but rather a passive, uncreative being, who must for some unspecified reason decide without acting on the situation, as if it was living in some bizarrely unrealistic world like Plato's Cave, where it could only know the world via shadows on the wall which it cannot act on in any way.

Why anyone thinks thought-experiments about such limited beings, which are completely unlike humans in their inability to act on the world to change their situation, is beyond me.

Comment: Re:Perspective (Score 0) 264

by geekoid (#47918471) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

Apple thinks it can give someone a gift, and trust that person setting to accurate reflect the user.

" I want my library to be composed of material I choose, not apple."
The turn off that damn feature., IT's not Apples fault you don't know how to use your phone.

I bet you are so outrage, you'll get rid of all your Apple stuff, right? what's that? you won't? Then you don't care that much. do you?

Comment: Re:Car Dealers should ask why they're being bypass (Score 1) 142

by geekoid (#47918091) Attached to: Court: Car Dealers Can't Stop Tesla From Selling In Massachusetts

"Dont[sic] be a fucking feminist"
so... she should just be in the kitchen all day? WTF

Women get treated far worse them men in dealerships. You were ignored, but where you treated like you where stupid? Talked down to? If you asked about an engine would they change the subject to talk about color? Where you hit on? Did someone imply you would get a better deal if you went to the back room for a bit?

You're post comes off making you look like a misogynistic idiot.

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