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Comment Re:The Source? (Score 1) 120

Oh, no. I blame everyone involved.

from the complacent masses to the corporate shills and everyone in between, including the actors, the writers, the media manufacturers, the game console and television makers, the people who designed HDCP, the people who make sure that I get to suffer through the threats before every film i PAID for, while the actual people who are copying the stuff quite happily remove same... the list is quite well populated.

I benefit directly from media sales, as I own a very successful business in the publishing industry, and I am 100% totally against "copy-protection" of all kinds. But like politics, the masses just won't stand up for themselves, they don't even understand why they should... and so this is what we all end up with. Shite.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 253

But can you communicate with emojis? I mean really communicate beyond "I'm happy", "that was funny", "you're a dick", etc?

The Chinese writing system was developed and advanced in order to keep the empire together, so that officials from different provinces could understand each other in writing even if they couldn't understand when speaking to each other. But emojis were never designed to do that, they were just an expansion of the smiley face concept, used to express an emotional state that may be not seen in the actual words. They're the equivalent of the hand drawn hearts put on love letters.

Comment Didn't need this elaborate set up (Score 1) 81

Set the camera to take a picture every 4 seconds.

Instead of a tech-related roller, affix the can to a non-radial disc (i.e. a disc which has a small flat spot)

When the attached arm rotates the disc and reaches the flat spot, it will remain upright long enough for the camera to take a picture. The arm then pushes the disc over to tumble the die then brings it back up for the next picture.

Think of the arms of a steam locomotive and how they are used to rotate the wheels of a train.

Comment Re:It might be good but it won't be MST3K (Score 1) 43

Who among the majority of the old tyme Slashdot posters wouldn't jump at the chance to be on MST3K. Oswalt in his way is one of us; one of the geeky crowd who came of age in the late 80s or early 90s and watched stuff like MsT3K and Kids In The Hall, and get jokes about 80s hair bands. Everything I've seen Oswalt do since he made it big with King of Queens and Young Adult (where a geek actually gets to hop in the sack with Charlize Theron) has been in two categories; 1. paycheck, and 2. 'cause I got lots of money and can do cool shit!

Comment Re:It might be good but it won't be MST3K (Score 1) 43

I think he just likes to work on interesting projects, and has enough big paycheck projects in the pipe that he can afford to work on some second tier stuff just for fun.

I'm actually pretty interested to see how he does at this. He's a major movie fanatic and a pretty good comedian and writer to boot, so I think his credentials as far as mocking bad films goes is pretty high. He's the king of cultural references, so I think, all things being equal, the reboot might have a chance.

Comment The relevant dates. (Score 1) 106

from wikipedia
Netscape Communications created HTTPS in 1994 for its Netscape Navigator web browser.[41] Originally, HTTPS was used with the SSL protocol. As SSL evolved into Transport Layer Security (TLS), the current version of HTTPS was formally specified by RFC 2818 in May 2000.

so HTTPS itself does predate the patent filing and patent. The current version of HTTPS implementation is after the patent filing and before the patent grant in 1997.

Not sure what that adds up to. But if a specific method covered in the patent is implemented in the TLS then they might have a case.

Comment Re:But intel... (Score 0) 127

But intel keeps telling us we only need 4 cores for games?!

They're right. A quad-core intel chip beats the pants off an eight-core AMD chip... for twice the money. The maximum frame rates are only maybe 5% higher, but the minimums are almost 50% higher. If it's worth the money to you to keep your minimum frame rates up, which really can make the difference between killing and being killed in an online match mind you, then you buy the Intel chip.

To me, saving a hundred bucks (and almost another hundred on the motherboard, which was also cheaper) was more important. But to each their own.

Comment Re:Patriotic assholes (Score 1) 192

Patriotism is a disease that makes a moron believe (s)he's better than someone else because (s)he's better than someone else because they were squeezed from a vagina that either already was a citizen of a country or squeezed from it in said country. Unless you're ass was the one planted in the pod which landed on the moon, you're the asshole who thinks Armstrong said "On small step for the United States". A man landed and walked on the moon and you make this about national boundaries? This is about what we can accomplish as human beings if we set our minds to it. Using something that barely counts as a computer and communications systems which worked nearly by accident, we sent humans riding on an enormous bomb into space and managed to actually slow them down enough to land on the surface of the moon.

As much as I agree that the moon landings were something for the whole world to be proud of, _especially_ the Soviet Union which initiated the space race, I think that you underestimate the effort required to put two men on the lunar surface, EVA, and return them alive with lunar samples. It was _not_ something that the Ice Commander and Buzz did while the whole world watched. It was an _American_ effort, with almost half a million people working on the project directly. And those who were not working on the project were paying taxes to pay for it, reaching a peak of almost 1% of the nation's GDP.

Those Americans have a right to feel exclusively proud of the accomplishment in 1969 just as they have the exclusive responsibility for destroying personal privacy in ~2001. By national effort and directed on a national level, they developed new technologies, new materials, new manufacturing methods, new project management techniques, new communication protocols, tested, died, learned, and funded it all.

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