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Comment Re:Why x86? (Score 4, Insightful) 87

It's not about age in years, it's about the amount of accumulated cruft. x86 is designed for 16-bit real mode, then leftover opcodes were taken by useless 286 protected mode, then you had 32 bit protected mode crammed in, and then an unclean move to 64 bit. ARM in comparison started with clean 32 bits, and its 64-bit variant has no opcode compatibility.

Comment Re:Why the 4th amendment no longer works (Score 2) 90

This is why it's vital to run your own email server. It's not hard -- "apt-get install exim4 sa-exim" will give you a decent state that's working out of the box (you can adjust it further if you know how), requires hardly any maintenance, and can be shared with friends/family who don't know what a "server" is.

If you run your own mail, any secret warrants (or warrantless expeditions!) are out, except for man-in-the-middle attacks (ordinary SSL being no-good because it's trivial to silently disable). And those can be stopped once DNSSEC+DANE support becomes mainstream. In Debian, this means postfix or exim from unstable/testing. If you configure your mail server for DANE, everyone with a DANE-capable MTA will send mail to your box securely.

Comment Re:Additionally... (Score 1) 317

In civilized countries you can't call "butter" anything with plant oils in it, "chocolate" something with no or trace amounts of cocoa, or "mayo" something not made with eggs.

The US lacks proper consumer protection laws, and attempts to fix that meet with attacks from peddlers of fake stuff...

Comment Re:Can Go still not load shared libraries? (Score 5, Insightful) 221

Static linking might be semi-adequate for stuff that you compile at home, but for any code that's distributed using static is a sabotage. For example, when there's a bug (security or not) in a library, you can't avoid recompiling the world. That's why distributions go for 100% dynamic linking, and why they dislike current Go.

Comment Re:links broken? (Score 1) 56

As if any browser was capable of using more than one core to render a page. With Chromium or Electrolysis you can have different tabs use more than one core, but there's never any parallelism within a tab. All because of brain-dead design of Javascript.

Intel CPUs are not defective, they just act that way. -- Henry Spencer