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Comment: Re:MS is still hostile to open formats (Score 2) 178

by KiloByte (#49394845) Attached to: UK Forces Microsoft To Adopt Open Document Standards

ZFS has a terrible license that was intentionally designed to be incompatible with GPL. So don't expect integration nor even good support, especially out of the box. People at zfsonlinux are trying hard, but without much success. And all of that could be avoided if the sole copyright holder (Oracle) decided to relicense.

+ - Atari copyright trolls gaming legend Jeff Minter over TxK->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Atari — now a copyright troll?? "Llamasoft founder Jeff Minter has publicly accused Atari of acting as a "copyright troll" and threatening him with legal action in an effort to stop him from selling his Tempest-esque PlayStation Vita game TxK, porting it to new platforms or ever making another Tempest-esque game again."
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+ - The first stars in the Universe were invisible

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang writes: You'd think it would be enough to form some stars, and "let there be light" would be a reality. But these stars don't become visible for literally hundreds of millions of years until after they form. It's not that they don't emit light — they do — but rather that the Universe is opaque to that light for up to half a billion years after those stars form. While modern telescopes like Hubble are inherently limited by this fact, the James Webb Space Telescope, which will observe in wavelengths that these dusty particles ought to be transparent to, might be able to finally probe the true light from the very first stars.

+ - United flight costs less due to IT glitch, customer charged more after the fact->

Submitted by ugen
ugen writes: This is a discussion on Flyertalk. Evidently, a United passenger accepted an attractive offer of upgrade when booking a flight on After flight was complete, United decided that the fare offered was an IT glitch, and charged the customer's credit card additional $1200 without prior notice.
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