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Comment Re:Just block the cookies.. (Score 0) 176

All of these but NoScript operate on a blacklist basis, which means you block only the top of the iceberg. Ad and tracking servers multiply like cockroaches they are, and thus keep getting through any blacklist. You have no real chance without something opt-in rather than opt-out, such as Request Policy.

Comment Re:Why just Gmail? How far do you want to go today (Score 1) 284

Up to recently, SMTP traffic had only opportunistic encryption, ie, was trivially readable by any attacker. But fortunately, most server software gained support for DNSSEC/DANE, which, while not perfect, is _massively_ more secure. Unlike breaching CA-cartel certificates, breaching DANE pretty much requires suborning the TLD the target uses. Thus, as competent admins configure their MXes for DANE, bulk monitoring of email traffic shuts down.

On the other hand, any government with some clout has warrantless access to big email providers. So for now, we need to use small or individual mail servers.

Comment Re:AMD still around? (Score 2) 98

AMD is vital. All recent and semi-recent Intel CPUs include AMT which is a backdoor that can control any aspect of the running system without being detectable in any way by the operating system. It includes a completely separate sub-processor that has full control of the machine while being invisible to the main CPU.

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