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Comment Re:Regulation for thee, not for me (Score 1) 570

You don't see people walking around with one litter cups of coffee

Give it a year. Starbucks' large is 24oz for hot drinks. 30 something for cold. The sizes on "coffees" (how much sugar do you think is in the average beverage sold at starbucks?) is also going up. Especially with the more common use of large travel mugs to keep them hot.

Comment Re:Support of a False Narrative, and "Cyber-Violen (Score 1) 161

Would she (I'll even settle for you) ever admit there are "well reasoned and articulated" criticisms of her work in existence? Just one. I've noticed a pretty distinct trend of complete silence on any critiques and seemingly an attempt to frame it as the only opposition is in the form of harassment. Maybe I'm wrong and I'd love for you to correct me. Will you label me as anything other than a "gamergater" for simply asking the question?

Thunderfoot isn't particularly nice to her but he really doesn't have to be. He makes fun of her- so what? People make fun of all kinds of things on the Internet. You complain about his "memes" but he's trying to be entertaining and using humour.

You complain about him targeting harassment at Sarkeesian but repeat again and again how there is a "campaign" to get him "defunded". The fact that you seem completely oblivious to the connotations of this could probably make a good psychology case study.

Comment Re:Ars Technica and #Gamergate (Score 1) 101

Except simply saying everyone is a sock-puppet account doesn't make it so.

I could just as easily say you are a sock-puppet trying to create a grass roots movement to discredit anybody criticizing the involved blogs/websites/publications/whatever. But that would be an asinine statement. You are merely trying to attack the messenger to discredit the message.

Comment Re:Would Blender work? (Score 1) 143

The conversion tools aren't quite a polished/full-featured. You actually import assets into the engine using an Adobe format. It is definitely doable though and I think it is gaining traction.

But to actually answer your question: people think they need Maya because that's what they heard was the best.

Comment Re:Ars Technica and #Gamergate (Score 1) 101

Your evidence is totally shakey. Check out my irrefutable IRC text logs...

If you really don't want to take other people's evidence seriously why don't you explain why they shouldn't be taken at face value? (Other than simply claiming it is shakey that is.) Because anybody can just say the same thing to you. Doesn't really get anyone anywhere now does it? It really doesn't matter if you can find some people behaving badly (a totally asinine way to try to discredit somebody). The quality of that evidence is irrelevant. Some of those journalists have been behaving poorly and have been doing so in public.

Comment Re:Can they really not get at it off the PS4 disk? (Score 1) 146

Well, assuming you know a thing or two about what you're doing you look for "art assets" as indicated by the parent. Art assets such as 3d object models and textures tend to follow fairly standard formats.

"Ok, let's assume you've managed to get the hood open on your car. Now what?" probably has a different answer to a mechanic and some one that knows nothing about cars.

Nobody finding anything yet doesn't bode well for there being anything in there. Although it is actually possible to prove something in a game doesn't exist (mostly but still technically impossible) it is still a harder job than proving it exists.

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