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by Cenan (#47620823) Attached to: My degree of colorblindness:

I see deeper shades of green with my left eye. I have not noticed it with any other colors, only that it is very noticeable in the summer with all the green around. The difference is kind of like the difference between a cheap LED monitor and a plasma TV. I asked my optician about it last time I was in, and she said it was quite common.

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by Cenan (#47221273) Attached to: Synaptics Buys Key Apple Supplier

Hmm, I might have to look into that. The old laptop got scrapped by the repair shop (motherboard was fried, new parts unobtainable) and they sent me a new one. That touch pad sucks donkey balls (also Synaptic), but I never read the manual, just figured they did their usual thing and fucked up a good system in the name of $whatever.

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by Cenan (#47220457) Attached to: Synaptics Buys Key Apple Supplier

My old HP laptop had the best touch pad I've ever come across, made by Synaptic. The beauty of it was that it had a designated area for scrolling and could be turned off completely with a button at the top. The software "driver/spyware" that came with the laptop though was shit, I agree, the touch pad worked just fine with standard drivers installed.

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by Cenan (#47006943) Attached to: Orca Identified As 103 Years Old

This is the one field where I would expect serious scientists to shut down everything if they have proof they're doing more harm than good.

Not likely. Even if they were serious scientists, they're still working within the confines of an amusement park. They have bean counters to answer to, and to them the "science" derived from keeping the animals is a slight PR bonus, not their reason to exist.

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That was the point though. But software engineering is not treated with respect because 90% of the product is invisible. With regard to the reply you've made below about aerospace engineering, you're right, that is a new field too - but the product is visible, you can see what your money is buying. And even though it's flight, it still builds upon engineering principles accrued over a much longer time span than software engineering does. There no MBAs heading up engineering teams designing and building planes. There are very, very few amateur plane builders selling their rickety winged contraptions (at least not ones made for passenger flights).

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