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Comment: Re:The irony of these comments (Score 1) 327

1. Feminists attack, generalize, and stereotype mens character all the time. Apparently this is ok, so why do feminists complain when a specific woman is criticized?
2. Some women are whiners. So are some men.
3. Having people around whose workflow jars with established process creates inefficiency. Ask men who work in nursing how they're treated. Men and women think differently and that's ok. It could very well be that in certain tasks, mixing the sexes is not a good idea.
4. A sex pay gap doesn't exist. That 77% stat is the one they were throwing around in the 70s. It doesn't account for experience, area of the country, and industry type. The bottom line is that women choose to work fewer hours per year.
5. If anything aggressive women are given the benefit of the doubt because they are assumed to be oppressed. Try lodging a complaint against an aggressive woman and you'll lose your job (if you're male).
6. Actually, it's feminists who think men 'act crazy'. They're always calling them rapists.
7. Irrational shaming proves nothing. Irrational shaming with government backing is a threat to liberty.

Comment: Re:If News Corp can do it.... (Score 1) 79

by epyT-R (#49348159) Attached to: NY Times: "All the News That Mark Zuckerberg Sees Fit To Print"? and academia are just several ideological think tanks on the left. murdoch's empire, PNAC, and heritage are on the right. They're all willing to misrepresent the truth for their ideological and financial goals. None of them want the individual to have much say in anything.

Comment: My preferences (Score 1) 196

by epyT-R (#49347685) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

1. low latency and high, unsmoothed dpi. It's not just useful for gaming. Some will claim otherwise, but it helps with other software too, esp on high res displays for those of us who don't need our desktops set to fisher price mode in order to see. Per pixel is a requirement simply because it makes using the gui less frustrating during those times when 1 pixel accuracy is needed.
2. good,simple ergonomics. I am sick of these crazy designs that force me to hold the mouse in odd ways.
3. NO ACCELERATION. the 'laser' mice are known for this and I avoid them for that reason. Optical all the way.
4. Construction. A lot of them (including razer products) are built like shit. Stop using so many cheap switches. Have three good ones instead. Stop using cheap plastics that degrade just from holding them. The scroll wheel is another area of brokenness. If you're going to charge $80 for a mouse, why not switch to some other material?
5. no gimmicky software that requires an internet connection to adjust settings.
6. Wired. Wireless mice/keyboards are almost useless from lag. Plus I don't like replacing batteries or having them die during use.

Comment: Re:Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 1) 860

by epyT-R (#49341729) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

Then it works both ways. If you associate with gay people, those who don't like gay people might choose not to associate with you. Conversely, if you make it clear you don't want to associate with gay people, they will not want to associate with you. The problem here is that the left wants to dictate who has the right of free association and who doesn't.

Comment: Re:Normal women... (Score 2) 762

by epyT-R (#49316657) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

No one minds the calendar of hunks the women hang up. People who hang posters of things don't usually do it because they hate what's on the poster. Therefore, the argument about 'misogyny' is bullshit. We're so busy teaching everyone to 'check their privilege' all the time that people are starting to see 'misogyny' everywhere. If it was named 'CCUNTS' it would be laughed at by men, secure ones anyway. If women are equals then they should be equally secure not to take offense to 'DICCS' or some poster of a female model.

We've turned the workplace into an oppressive hellhole over this shit.

Comment: Re:I'll take what I can get (Score 1) 1089

by epyT-R (#49297185) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US

Guess it depends what actually benefits the middle class at this point. Increasing the debt and then tax to cover the increased inflation hurts the dollar saved from both ends. This harms the middle and lower class more than the few bones they're thrown by the left. Which party is always clamoring to increase spending? Which party carves out exemptions and exceptions for those increases for the wealthy/ruling class? Hint: Voting for either just enables this for another round.

Comment: Re:freedom (Score 5, Insightful) 1089

by epyT-R (#49295683) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US

You defend one side or the other as the lesser of two evils when they are both part of the problem. Voting democrat or republican is voting for status quo. Obama and the democrats had 8 years to undo some of the damage. What did he do? He signed the patriot renewal. He could've vetoed it. He could've issued the same kind of 'executive orders' that bush abused to undo a lot of that damage too. He didn't. Instead he enabled it for another round, or even enhanced it. You can hate on bush and co all you want, but obama and hillary are just as much to blame.

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