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Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 242

And don't expect to see comments sections when you do find it.

Why's that? Does your personal definition of journalist require that he believe himself the final arbiter on truth? There's a difference between due diligence and belief. Allowing comments shows readers conviction that due diligence was done as well as a willingness to accept constructive criticism. Those who can't handle this are often those who don't like having their beliefs challenged. These people make better propagandists than journalists.

Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 242

'The point' has nothing to do with journalism at all. It has to do with the internet providing a place where people can discuss what was said by journalists. This used to be celebrated as a new form of free expression. Now, the trend is to silence criticism of narratives. This is not good.

The papers can do what they like of course but that doesn't mean their newfound intolerance of criticism is a good thing for free society. A free, objective press is critical to its health.

Comment Re:Fuck "Toxic" (Score 1) 262

The first argument out of your keyboard was ad hominem. Not a great start.

1. Trash talk is part of relating to players. You're not supposed to get offended. you're supposed to up the ante and throw some back. why? It shows the other players that you have a sense of humor and a good competitive attitude (ie can handle losing). The ones who don't, fail the test by taking the trash talk personally, so they just leave, or never join in the first place. This filters the skinned whiners who are often sore losers, and they really are toxic to a game community. The more competitive the game, the more this is true.

2. Yours is, apparently.

Then most people in your social group are too timid to handle losing, or too thin skinned to take the ire of a sore loser, so you stick to private games. That's fine, but the rest of the world should not be responsible for keeping itself sanitized to your specific standards. It sounds like you are the one with limited social and emotional skills if you're that affected by someone calling you names for owning him in a game. You could also be a bit more pragmatic and just shut the chat off while you play online.

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