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Comment Re:Better transistors? (Score 1) 302

That's only because most people are too unaware to realize they perform much worse with a mobile device than they would with proper keyboard, monitor, and software. Then they export their subpar output to others. Who wants to sit there and read badly 'corrected' txt gibberish in an email concerning a critical issue?

The day all the 'workstation' work requires paying up the ass in 'service' fees for access to remote clusters is the day computing for the masses truly dies.

Comment Re:planned obsolescence or inflation? (Score 2) 220

and why is there all this flimsy plastic crap, poor assembly, tolerances, and quality control? Cost cutting to keep a price point. Living with junk that's always breaking is its own cost, especially if most people can't afford to throw it away (say a home appliance or a car) and buy a new one whenever it breaks.

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