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Comment Re:What should happen but won't (Score 1) 438

No. The point of the court is to interpret the constitution without being bound by political dynamics, not to rule in favor of party lines. Of course, this has been a moot point for decades but at least they try(ied). If the court fails to rule in ways agreeable to people, then the constitution needs amending (or people need their heads checked). So far, the state has taken the easier route of ignoring the document whenever it's inconvenient. The reason it's easier is due to apathy on the part of the population.

Comment Re:Summary not accurate (Score 4, Informative) 96

There's a reason these people demand special treatment under the guise of equality.

1. Rebecca watson was not raped or abused in an elevator. Someone 'might' ( and I say might as there is no evidence) have asked her out, which she declined, and that was the end of it.
2. Brianna wu was not abused by colbert.
3. anita sarkeesian was not stereotyped by video games any more than men are.
4. adria richards was not oppressed by two guys sharing jokes.
5. zoe quinn was criticized for her sexual behavior tied with buying favor for coverage of her game and 'cause.' She was never criticized for being a woman gamer, developer or anything else. Her game was criticized for sucking and she was criticized for lying.. It was justified. 'Depression quest' is a shitty game and she is a liar.

There are no vagarities here. None of these are examples of systemic oppression. They are lying opportunists cashing in on the 'social justice' bandwagon for attention and cash.

I said that the organizers are not responsible for the behavior of attendees. That has nothing to do with understanding whether there was or was not any foul play between attendees.

Comment Re:Hey, whiplash, can we not have diversity storie (Score 1) 96

The entire concept of delivering the ideology of Diversity and Feminism to a bunch of geeks on a long-standing technology news website has had the net effect of killing the readership while radicalizing and dividing the group.

This is the intended result. Radicalized, divided groups are too busy squabbling to notice being robbed.

Comment Re:Summary not accurate (Score 2) 96

No it's not clear. In fact most of this is made up rubbish by attention whores (eg anita sarkeesian, brianna wu, adria richards, rebecca watson) looking to leech momentum and resources from organizations. Organizers should not be held accountable for behavior between other adult attendees. The key is not always to strike a 'reasonable balance' (whatever that means), but to arrive at the truth.

Comment Re:I'm sure they mean well (Score 0) 96

Simple. The way to ensure that irrelevant things like race and sex are not considered is to focus on merit. This conduct code ensures that race and sex are at the forefront of everyone's mind at the event instead of program code and technology. A typical example of parasitical left wing political takeovers of organizations.

Comment Re:oh ffs already (Score 1) 291

No. There is no systemic 'gender discrimination'. The hoopla is mostly noise generated by political activism. They like to assume that fewer women must mean discrimination by men. That's quite a leap. I think they don't fork because they don't have the need. Like men, women also like merit and understand the value of earned respect (instead of having it handed to them by socjus).

Comment Re:oh ffs already (Score 1) 291

I'm talking about society, not just slashdot.

So they post a paper with some stats generated from rather large assumptions and now they're experts? Kofink is clearly an activist and activists are typically emotionally invested in their positions, many times to the point of radicalism (truth doesn't matter if it conflicts). These people should not be trusted to do objective studies in their areas of activism. If there was truly an oppressed yet technically superior minority in oss, they would fork the projects and outpace their oppressive inferiors.

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