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Comment: Re:Fix this like we fix education (Score 5, Insightful) 289

You're a god damn idiot, trying to tie this to sex education in schools and labor unions. Not everything wrong in the world is connected to the handful of issues that literally define your identity. An identity made for you by the likes of the Heritage Foundation, Freedomworks, and Americans For Prosperity ( and dozens more ).

I swear, for most of my life I've tried to be gentle when it comes to politics and religion, but look what that's got us. People like you who troll forums and try to find every opportunity to regurgitate the propaganda you're too stupid to see through.

Next time you feel like stretching the current topic into a place where you can insert a not-so-witty, not-so-clever comment on big-guvment or unions, just SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Comment: Re:And your point? (Score 2) 572

by visualight (#47414779) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

I think the difference between this and other professions is we are constantly stacking up abstractions and making development more accessible to less skilled people. I didn't read the whole article (it seemed pointless) , but I'm going to guess he's advocating a drag-and-drop IDE for web sites or something equally stupid.

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by visualight (#47414703) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

I flew to SF and interviewed at one of those companies. I interviewed with about 7 people. All of them were idiots, all of them were under 25, and all of them thought they were masters of the universe (well, the ruby-on-rails universe anyway). It was an eerie bizarro world experience I will never forget.

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by visualight (#47414623) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

After 15 years at this I have met exactly ONE person who is both good at developing AND is socially clueless. Every other socially clueless person I've met sucks at this. So sick of this stereotype...does anyone else look at bigbang-theory and think "wtf, WHEN are we gonna be done with this shit?"

Comment: Re:So that's the problem! (Score 1) 376

by visualight (#47338119) Attached to: Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women and Minorities

He's being sarcastic but he's NOT wrong, he's fucking dead right. Why is it so God Damned Important that the tech industry be 50/50? Shit, last time I personally saw a man in HR was like 6 years ago, why isn't anyone pissed about that? Seriously I want to know why this field -in particular- matters so fucking much with regard to gender. Already half the people I work with are half-assing it because they have no real interest in the work.

Personally I think the real problem is that jobs women actually WANT to do lack the status and pay they should have --we should fix that , not flood our cubicles with people who don't *really* want to be there.

Now, you don't know me, and more importantly you don't know the OP. You're judgement that his viewpoint ( or mine ) regarding this particular program and the mindset behind it are a reflection of a derogatory view towards women generally, is out of line. You have no reason to think he would 'drive women away' because just because he disagrees with you. So shut it.

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by visualight (#47314337) Attached to: The Higgs Boson Should Have Crushed the Universe

I think that time and space aren't relative at all, they are the same thing. I mean the expansion of space and the passage of time are the same thing. The implication is the time travel is impossible because both the future and the past do not exist.

Matter with mass slows down the expansion of space and so it also slows the passage of time. Time slows near a black hole. The vast emptiness between galaxies allows the space between to expand more and more rapidly.

Perhaps if space expands too fast it rips and the foam becomes a flood of energy->matter everywhere, all at once, and this new matter suddenly and uniformly slows down the expansion everywhere.

It's an image that works very well in my imagination, but I have no advanced math skills...It started forming because I always hear physicists in documentaries (in the same breath) say that time and space are the same thing but then go on to explain them distinctly. It's something that always bothers me.

Comment: Re:Anyone who trusted SuperMicro... (Score 1) 102

by visualight (#47287915) Attached to: Supermicro Fails At IPMI, Leaks Admin Passwords

I would agree that from most perspectives Supermicro does better than the alternatives (dell etc.), -except- when it comes to IPMI. They are notorious for sucking at this. They really put a lot of effort and attention into making their bmc web interface look awesome and then they half-ass the command line IPMI interface. Every time.

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Why does the Free Market only allow powerful and wealthy individuals to force change? I really really don't understand why organized labor, or boycotts for that matter, is --morally-- wrong for so many people.

Is there some natural law that says if you don't have a lot of money you have to take what's handed to you? Like it's some kind of sin to say to your neighbor "Hey I don't like what these guys are doing, so us good people should not patronize/work for them."

When all the business owners get together and cooperate to bust unions and socialize the idea that unions are immoral isn't that EXACTLY THE SAME THING?

Fifty years ago most wage-earning Americans were in favor of Unions. A shit ton of money and effort have been expended during the last 50 years to change YOUR view on the matter.
Just sayin...

"Religion is something left over from the infancy of our intelligence, it will fade away as we adopt reason and science as our guidelines." -- Bertrand Russell