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Comment Re:Hype (Score 1) 207

I think it's interesting how documentaries always take time to explain how time and space are inextricably connected and then go on to explain one or the other independently. It's common to speak of gravity as if it's a force but you never hear ( in the documentaries ) anyone say graviton.

Comment Re:Pao = Sexist (Score 1) 892

No, it's all bullshit. There's a lot of talking and propaganda around these ideas but when you start peeling it apart it's just layers and layers of circular citations and dubious studies by (professional) social "scientists" ( yes, I do think we should go back to calling it social "studies" ). It wouldn't even be a thing except it's repeated often and loudly by entrenched, tenured activists in universities.

Yes, telling people to negotiate is absolutely enough to break this HABIT(yeah, this conditioning idea is a flat out lie). People who have never bartered for anything, and moreover have never even witnessed bartering take place make the adjustment on their first day in a new country. Go ahead explain how this is "different" and somehow not "conditioning".

The real problem is the people with a disproportionately loud voice telling us that we're all brainwashed and incapable of owning our lives and our minds --who then propose to fix it with their own brand of brainwashing that suits their own selfish agenda.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 892

Rigged studies are rigged. I am, and I expect most intelligent people are, perfectly capable of differentiating between pushy and assertive behaviors.
Really really really fucking tired of this top-down social engineering that's going on everywhere these days. The lies and propaganda supporting this cultural enforcement is constantly being debunked and yet the SJW's just keep going with it. And the really frustrating part is seeing that the academics and politicians propagating these myths aren't even altruistic themselves --they are just cynically furthering their own careers. This has become the age of the professional SJW.

Comment Re:That clinches it. (Score 1) 393

wtf did you just characterize this as user error? And then go on to proclaim that you shouldn't install Linux with a USB drive plugged in? As if this broken stupid idiotic default install is somehow a standard that everyone should know about? W.T.F.

Seriously I haven't used sles or opensuse for a few years so I'm only going by these comments, but if this is in fact the default behavior opensuse is cracked.

Comment Re:Jesus, we're fucked. (Score 1) 351

The fundamentals were there. The problem was that she had difficulty applying it to a car, and more specifically, the brakes. Some basic ideas like the relationship between weight and inertia had to explained in detail and not just referenced. In the end I never felt satisfied that she really understood everything because she refused to discuss it anymore.

Comment Re:Jesus, we're fucked. (Score 1) 351

I was on a long trip, going through the Rockies with a very loaded sedan, towing a trailer. It was her turn to drive and for some time I had been repeatedly admonishing her to increase her following distance, slow down, etc., because of the excess weight. As she continued to ignore me my explanations grew longer and more detailed, until finally she interrupted me with "What's inertia?"

Comment Re:From the outside... (Score 1) 667

Currently, accepting GMO means becoming a vassal of Monsanto Corporation. Why would any sane populace _choose_ to be dependent on an ethically challenged mega-corp for their food supply? This isn't about fear, *no one* in a decision making position is *afraid* of GMO. They're just smart enough to keep it the fuck out of their country.
Next time you decide to throw in a bonus (inseparable from Monsanto) GMO plug while posting, please refrain from the standard "fear" debate Monsanto shills always use --and kindly explain why any farmer would choose to depend on Monsanto for his livelihood *forever*. In the U.S. there is no "choice", they'll get you eventually.
Thing is, YOU are well aware of all of this, and yet here you are advocating for GMO. You're a bad person.

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