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Comment: Re:You need crappier doctors (Score 1) 81 81

If you drastically reduce the requirements for becoming a doctor,

The requirements are so high because of AMA lobbying: they keep them that way, limit medical schools, and make sure that patients must see physicians even for problems that could be addressed by nurses or pharmacists. Meaning, what we have is this way because government wants it to be this way.

(Europe has a complementary problem: price controls on medical care keep physician salaries down, making the job unattractive compared to jobs with comparable salaries but less risk and less stress.)

Comment: does it matter? (Score 1) 81 81

Doctors' offices and hospitals are full of people who carry infections. You already have a high chance (probably around 30%) of coming out with an additional disease to the one you went in with, both from transmission from other patients, and through medical error. One more sick person (the doctor himself) hardly makes a difference.

Comment: why not go full Stasi? (Score 3, Insightful) 93 93

Senate Intelligence Committee has unanimously approved draft legislation that would requires email providers and social media sites to report any suspected terrorist activities to the government.

Why stop there? If you're going to have various private parties report on each other, why not go full Stasi? Have teachers report on students, kids on parents, parents on kids, etc. And we clearly need a Division of Garbage Analysis and a Main Administration for Struggle Against Suspicious Persons.

Come on Dianne Feinstein, what are you waiting for? We all know it's what you really want anyway.

Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 410 410

It's perfectly clear. Germane or France or any other EU country have to pay benefits to any EU resident according to the same rules as they pay to a national resident.

Really, do you pull this b.s. out of your ass? A minute with Google will show that you are wrong:

Since you are probably too uneducated to read German, let me help you with a translation for the most relevant section:

For a stay of up to three months EU citizens need nothing more than a valid identity document. If a EU citizen wants to reside more than three months in another Member State, he must be a salaried employee or have his own business. If he does not have gainful employment he must have sufficient means to support himself and his family, so that he does not need to take advantage of welfare or other government benefits. In addition, his entire family is required to carry health insurance. These regulations are based on the 2004 EU Residency Directive intended to limit "social tourism" within the EU.

I.e. the EU has rules in place specifically prohibiting what you recommend Greeks do.

I am European you ignorant American prick.

Being from Europe myself, I can indeed attest that both your understanding of politics and your conduct are typically European.

Comment: who cares? (Score 2) 146 146

"any suggestion of leniency toward Snowden would likely run into strong political opposition in Congress as well as fierce resistance from hard-liners in the intelligence community."

Political opposition in Congress is relevant. Fierce resistance from the "intelligence community" is irrelevant; government employees may advise Congress and the president, but they have no business "resisting" political decisions.

Comment: Harrison Bergeron (Score 1) 238 238

"Any area of life where we currently use chronological age is faulty, if we knew more about biological age we could be more fair and egalitarian,"

I don't even know what "fairness" is supposed to mean in this case. Is it supposed to mean that people who are genetically better off pay extra for people with poor genes to compensate and help them? Or is it supposed to mean that people who are genetically better off pay less for healthcare because they need it less but are forced to retire later? Or what?

This attitude that government should somehow compensate for genetic differences to make society "fair and egalitarian" is offensive and dystopian. People would do well to read Harrison Bergeron again.

The only fair society is one that lets people make their own decisions about how to lead their own lives, and how to spread out savings and consumption over their lifetime.

Comment: Re:endless complaining (Score 1) 256 256

If you insist on GUIs, Thunderbird and its derivatives have remained fairly stable. Sylpheed is another one. Many of the locally installed web mail systems, and many online providers also don't change their user interfaces much over time.

However, why exclude Pine or Mutt? They are extremely stable and fast, and the elderly in my experience have no particular problems with non-GUI interfaces; in fact, since a lot of their interaction is driven by little sticky notes with instructions like "first press this, then type that", they actually often have an easier time with such interfaces.

Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 410 410

No, that doesn't work. In the EU, you claim your unemployment benefits in the country you last worked.

It isn't clear whether countries like Germany are obligated to pay welfare under EU law, so obtaining benefits is likely to be difficult for out of work EU citizens coming to Germany. If a significant number of Greeks were doing this, it would simply mean that the laws would get changed and/or that Greece would get booted out of the EU entirely. Neither France nor Germany would be willing to pay welfare for people who didn't pay into their systems.

Sorry, I hadn't realized how stupid your suggestion was and how ignorant you were of European rules.

Comment: endless complaining (Score 1) 256 256

Claiming that a UI of a service that is often free and has thousands of competitors is "ruining someone's life" is just stupid. If you don't like a UI, don't use it. In fact, there are plenty of UIs for mail and other services that have changed hardly at all in a decade; just use those.

Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 410 410

How about encouraging unemployed Greeks to move to Germany or France.

That was what European integration was supposed to enable, and labor mobility is essential for a functioning integrated market.

But labor mobility is pretty limited in Europe by vast cultural differences and differences in job requirements. Even if you manage to get a job in Germany as a Greek, you will always be treated as a second class citizen.

Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 410 410

I understand all this sounds alien to you. Why so much taxation, why no services in return, why the state isn't punctual in paying back

No, not alien at all. That's very much the direction that the US is heading, primarily courtesy of progressives and Democrats.

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