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Comment: Re:Who will remember Gladwell? (Score 2, Insightful) 679

by KH2002 (#40274241) Attached to: History Will Revere Bill Gates and Forget Steve Jobs, Says Author

I agree about Gladwell. The way he talked about Jobs not having original ideas showed that he really has no clue about how the technology industry works. The smugness that went along with this was fairly insufferable.

I didn't have a particularly positive impression of Gladwell to begin with – but it's even lower now.


+ - Microsoft forges ahead with new home-automation OS, HomeOS->

Submitted by suraj.sun
suraj.sun (1348507) writes "More than a decade ago, Microsoft execs, led by Chairman Bill Gates, were touting a future where .Net coffee pots, bulletin boards, and refrigerator magnets would be part of homes where smart devices would communicate and interoperate. Microsoft hasn't given up on that dream. In 2010, Microsoft researchers published a white paper about their work on a HomeOS and a HomeStore — early concepts around a Microsoft Research-developed home-automation system. Those concepts have morphed into prototypes since then, based on a white paper, "An Operating System for the Home," (PDF) published this month on the Microsoft Research site.

The core of HomeOS is described in the white paper as "a kernel that is agnostic to the devices to which it provides access, allowing easy incorporation of new devices and applications. The HomeOS itself "runs on a dedicated computer in the home (e.g., the gateway) and does not require any modifications to commodity devices," the paper added. Microsoft has been testing HomeOS in 12 real homes over the past four to eight months, according to the latest updates. As is true with all Microsoft Research projects, there's no guarantee when and if HomeOS will be commercialized, or even be "adopted" by a Microsoft product group."

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+ - SPAM: Most Popular Budget Friendly Smartphones: Which Phone is Best for You?

Submitted by abbey111
abbey111 (2627151) writes "In today’s economy, everyone has picked up their own way of cutting financial corners to see them through. Considering that, many of major handsets manufacturers has come out with latest smartphones at a rather lofty price. Take a look at best 10 cheap smartphones that can serve the decent features without a huge expense."
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Desktops (Apple)

+ - Latest version of Flashback uses Twitter as a backup command and control network->

Submitted by suraj.sun
suraj.sun (1348507) writes "The Russian antivirus company Dr. Web report that the latest version of Flashback, the backdoor malware targeting Macs through a Java exploit, is using Twitter as a backup command and control network. Dr. Web was the first to report on the rapidly growing Flashback botnet—the largest recorded malware attack ever focused on Macs.

In an analysis of current variants of the malware, Dr. Web’s team found that the Trojan initially configured with a list of servers through which it can receive additional commands and configuration updates. If the malware doesn’t get a correct response from one of the control servers in its own internal generated list, it will search Twitter for posts containing a string of text generated from the current date, and look for a control server address embedded in the posts. “For example, some Trojan versions generate a string of the ‘rgdgkpshxeoa’ format for the date 04.13.2012,” the Dr. Web team wrote in their blog post. “If the Trojan manages to find aTwitter message containing bumpbegin and endbump tags enclosing a control server address, it will be used as a domain name.”"

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Comment: Re:Dragon Software older than apple (Score 1) 800

by KH2002 (#37956152) Attached to: Siri Gives Apple Two Year Advantage Over Android

But voice recognition is only the less important part of Siri. You're forgetting the natural language processing (which goes beyond traditional command processing for limited domains like phone calls, audio player control, etc.).

The expression, "Dragon voice recognition > anything apple has" - is not meaningful.

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