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Comment Web Languages of the World, Unite! (Score 1) 74

I don't know why we have 3 different client-side languages: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Why not unite them? HTML (or XML) can define styles, and even be a scripting language, similar to ColdFusion (but with better use of attributes). We could then use some programming to get better factoring or control of styles etc.

Some suggest Lisp, but I have to agree Lisp is just too hard to read if the author is not really careful. (Some seem to be born with "Lisp eyes". I'm not one of them.) XML can be verbose, but is generally easier to read than Lisp for most. The block end marker having the same name as the block starter seems to help readability and make it easier to fix textual mistakes.

Comment Meaningless Bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 49

Devops is one of those meaningless bullshit terms that seeks to create something complicated out of something simple. Basically, if you want shit to work, which is the goal here I'm guessing, you put your developers and sys admins working the same room and get them to run something that will work in production. Simple.

Devops has also been used to give them impression that system administration can be abstracted away as some kind of quasi-cloud-development thingy. That is not the case nor will it ever be so.

Comment Re:This is going to cost them (Score 5, Informative) 98

It's actually possible to self host a corporate app store. The apps expire once per year, but it's a lot less restrictive. I've worked on a self-updating iOS app for a client that they self host for their internal workers. Even though the app self updates, they still have to uninstall version-N and install version-N+1 each new calendar year.

Comment Gray versus grey (Score 2) 74

In 1988, X11R2 arrived with the addition of three colors, including the identical shades "gray" and "grey." According to Austin-based developer Alex Sexton, discussing the colors at a JavaScript Conference last year, programmers at Hewlett-Packard couldn't remember the proper spelling (which was originally with an 'a'). Including two names, it was thought, would prevent errors.

I looked into this once, and found that one is a UK convention and the the other a US convention (gray).

Comment It *is* a science, but a hard one (Score 1) 355

Economics is a science, or at least would be if done right.

Science is about predicting, modeling, and understanding the real world. Economics is the real world.

The "problem" is that it's a messy science with lot of variables, including human behavior. It's also difficult to get something close to controlled studies, as each situation is a different combo of factors. But this is also true of cosmology where we can't reboot the universe to try different things: we have to observe just the one we got.

Just because it's a difficult science does NOT make it a non-science. Nobody said science has to be easy to be science.

Comment Re:Article also misses a major point (Score 2) 263

...based on a deterministic view of the universe - one without quantum mechanics. This viewpoint is false.

A deterministic model may be a sufficient emulation even if not a perfect emulation.

After all, a lot of people take drugs, caffeine, alcohol, get smashed in the head in football or a swimming accident, get diabetes, and still are usually more or less themselves. The brain is designed to handle a degree of "noise" and damage, and this could very well include the "noise" of an imperfect model of itself. How much is "good enough", we don't yet know.

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