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Comment I've seen this (Score 5, Insightful) 69

I think I've seen this one first hand. It was emailed to the victim posing as a Firstname Lastname, inside was Firstname Lastname resume.js. Inside the .js was what looked like base64 being encoded to something, probably downloading and running the actual exe.

The biggest shock in all this is that Windows will execute a .js file when you double-click it. How fucking retarded is that? I'm looking at changing the default program for .js files to be notepad instead of the Windows Scripting Host.

Comment Streaming is overrated (Score 2) 280

Streaming is overrated. I live with 3mps down by choice, mostly because I'm cheap. I download videos from streaming sites and watch them all at once. It's great! No ads, no buffering, no proprietary plugins, I can freely skip around without said buffering, and I can save the video if I like it DRM-free. It doesn't go away when I stop paying for a service. I'm also a heavy gamer, but I get good pings, so 3mbps is good enough. I do my bulk downloads and uploads while I sleep and make sure the internet isn't being hogged while I game. Honestly, I don't have a lot of complaints. My friends and coworkers all think I'm weird. They're right, but I think they're weird for putting up with all this other shit that I don't.

Comment Re:Internet without evangelicals = Win (Score 1) 293

Wait wait wait! I had never heard of the Cult of Reason, so I clicked the link you provided. So the Cult of Reason went around and took down crosses (some from graveyards) and converted christian churches into something else. Sure, it's in bad taste to mess with someone's gravestone, but as soon as the Christians got back in power they killed by guillotine the leaders of the Cult of Reason.

Who is persecuting who here?

Comment Re:"Clean Energy Candidate" (Score 1) 308

The crazy thing is that slavery didn't actually end after the Civil War. When the Civil War ended, all slaves were to be freed except those that owed a debt for a crime. Guess who then became labeled criminals? If you answered shitloads of blacks in the South, you'd be right. They also passed laws making it a crime to:
Be black and Not be able to prove employment
Be black and raise your voice in front of a white woman
Be black and and be seen past curfew.

I say be black because the laws specifically targeted black people in its language.

Comment Re:Can finally make that multi-million$ game on Li (Score 1) 57

Not only that, but what happens if Microsoft actually makes their platform more expensive? Gamers would have the choice of buying the more expensive version or the cheaper Linux version. This assumes that the support is there, which I keep reading more and more about. I run Windows for games, but I absolutely love KDE and Linux and would switch in a heartbeat (on my desktop, I run Linux everywhere else) if the majority of my games ran in my favorite environment.

Comment Re:bye (Score 1) 531

"Firefox is open source and free, but they introduced a tiny bit of advertising that can be turned off. Time to jump to a proprietary browser made by an ad company that's already tracking everything I do!"

I don't like this development either, but ditching Firefox for something less free with more advertising is retarded, just like you are.

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