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Comment Re:Look. Listen. Pirate = Shoplifter (Score 1) 244

Pirates OOOooo

Look. Listen. If a pirate wanted to pay for it he wouldn't steal it in the first place. Don't fall for this mouthy group's agenda. It's like try to say I should let shoplifters get away with it since they are my best customers. Yeah, right. It keeps me buying ammo is what it does.

Get it through your fucking skull that copying is not the same as stealing. If it was then telling you you're an idiot is the same as shooting you in the face. Especially as that seems to be your preferred method.

Comment Re:Lets not forget other group behind this.... (Score 1) 244

But Apple offers their own free, ad-supported music streaming service, iTunes Radio. According to a quick Google search, it's more popular than Spotify -- which I find hard to believe, but several sites make the claim.

It's probably de facto installed with iTunes and they count every installation rather than use. Probably bundled with safari and quicktime too.

Comment Re:Writing a custom darknet to fix this... (Score 2) 244

I have different approach. I got Spotify Premium, so I have access to all the music I listen to. When Taylor Swift pulled her songs from the service I said to myself: "I'm not going to bother, I don't have to listen to her songs anymore!". I have same approach with Netflix, if a movie or TV series is not there, I don't watch. I don't feel entitled to listen/watch content that is outside of the services I pay for.

My approach costs less and keeps my free time free from stress. On the other hand if you do enjoy making a private streaming service for your friends and family then by all means, but try justifying your effort better.

They could do with a million more like you. Hand over your cash and consume whatever they shove down your throat no questions asked.

Comment Re:I don't watch black & white movies anymore, (Score 1) 175

Because it's not a technology, but an art-form?

It's like saying that painting is old-hat and only digital-photography can be done from now on - why would anyone "paint" or "sketch" or "draw"? God, what heathens!

No one is saying that though. Some guy is moaning his pixel art isn't being heralded as the best thing ever.

Comment Re:Enterprise Turnover? (Score 1) 199

For consumers this is likely a great thing.

Yeah, I can't wait for Windows to change the print subsystem in an update that causes my excessively complex multifunction printer driver suite to put my computer into a reboot loop. As an average consumer, I'd love to have to pay someone to service the machine to fix that. The same goes for any wireless cards, or storage controllers, or USB peripherals, or ...

Is this something that has happened to you in the past or just some shit example about how it's going to be end times for windows.

Comment Re:well then it's a bad contract (Score 1) 329

They don't really need you though. They have millions of people willing to pay and don't mind if you watch the grass grow. Personally I find most television is less intellectually challenging than watching the grass grow. Sadly I allowed myself to become addicted to Game of Thrones and then I got my wife hooked on it as well.

They do and that's the point. Well ESPN anyway, that's why they're shitting themselves people might be able to get cable without them getting a cut.

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