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Comment Re:Subpoenas and the right against self-incriminat (Score 1) 133

government does have the right to make you identify "who you are" not only to law enforcement but to the courts as well

A court does, law enforcement does not. If you are stopped by a cop or fed or other LEO and they ask you for your identity, you are under no obligation to tell them.

And apparently they are under no obligation not to shoot you.

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 1) 580

Think about that for a second. Just one.

If you are paying someone for every thousand impressions (called CPM) of an ad for your company, aren't you going to want to be sure that the website's traffic numbers were accurate?

So you have a bit of code that fires off a ping each time an ad is displayed and a bit to add something on the url so you know where traffic has come from if it's clicked on rather than a bunch of code to try and track me everywhere and get as much information out of my browser as possible.

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 5, Insightful) 580

after years of abusing ads for profit, sites are now trying to act like innocent victims just trying to keep the lights on.

I see this type of comment fairly frequently, and I understand the sentiment, but what exactly do you propose that they do instead? Just go bankrupt? Can they somehow regain your trust by running non-abusive ads? (Whatever that means. How do you know which ads aren't abusive? Do you check every site or just run your ad blocker everywhere?) What if non-abusive ads aren't enough to break even? Micropayments?

Wired produces good content, so I'd hate for them to go under. I see other comments saying that you'll just get your content elsewhere, but that's just kicking the can down the road instead of solving the problem. The same problems apply to your new news source, which is probably going to ban ad blockers sooner or later too unless a long-term solution is found.

(Moreover, what exactly does "abusing ads for profit" mean? Are you faulting them for trying to make a profit using advertising? Is the complaint not the ads per se, but the ads that track your every move? If so, that's not at all clear from your writing.)

They could start by taking ownership of what they display. Host the ads first party, do some basic checking that the ads you're serving to your customers are at least legit on the surface. If there isn't enough revenue to keep them going how about a merger or something with any of the other shitload of tech/news/light entertainment sites and combine their pools of readership. There are plenty of ways for failing business' to get back on their feet, or so I'm told anyway.

Comment Re: A machine... (Score 1) 504

OK so when you said "If it has not reached sexual maturity do not have sex with it, or fantasize about sex with it," you were wrong? Could you be more accurate about what types of "its" that have not reached sexual maturity is OK to depict in sexually explicit drawings, and what type isn't? Why are slugs OK, but non-human aliens are not OK? Say, if there was a story about humans that were genetically engineered for deep space exploration and reached full brain development by the age of 5 along with an accelerated education regime, but otherwise physically developed like normal humans, would it be OK to depict sexual acts between those people? Or how about if someone was having sex with a sexually immature slug, but then it turned out to be a human child disguised with a cloak that made them look like a slug later on? Or what if it was actually a sexually immature slug, but was disguised with a cloak that made it look like a child?

It's real simple. The kind of it I was talking about was kids. Human kids. Don't fuck 'em, don't think about fucking 'em, don't fantasize about fucking 'em because if you do that you're a pedo plain and simple. You can blur the lines all you want with drawings, similes that look like kids but aren't, slugs in disguise or whatever but if you are attracted to the idea of sex with children then you are a pedo and you need help. If you want to pretend you're not because they're drawings and no real kids are getting hurt then you're a pedo in denial.

Comment Re:Ah, Microsoft (Score 1) 504

You did. I wouldn't buy it because "it still doesn't take any of [my] shit". There is literally nothing you can say to a machine (assuming there are no people around) that's the slightest bit inappropriate, and I don't appreciate being subjected to amateur social engineering from the vendor of a product I paid for.

Why do you want to give it shit? It can't take it anyway, all it can do is recognise little bits of your shit and give a pre canned response. Do you just pull your phone out and go "hey siri, fuck off"

Comment Re:Sexual Assault (Why discussion necessary) (Score 2) 504

Similar to the arguments concerning video game violence, the matter is not settled and so merits both discussion and research.

That issue is about as settled as is films make you a violent, books make you a killer and rock 'n' roll makes you evil. Your first paragraph is even more bullshit.

Comment Re:All debts, public and private (Score 1) 158

It's Europe. You didn't elect half your politicians to begin with, so why do you think you're going to be able to unelect them. How many Italian administrations consisted of unelected technocrats? What happens when the people actually express an opinion, like when Ireland rejected the Lisbon treaty (hint: they made the people vote again until they made the "right" choice) or when Greece decided against austerity (hint: that was just plain ignored)? The EU is even worse of a sham democracy than the US, and that's a pretty high bar to set for hypocrisy.

Bring on the fucking referendum I say. That is if Scameron doesn't change his mind because it looks like it might not go his way.

Comment Re: MS Wants to Own Your Machine for Good (Score 1) 581

Obligatory car analogy: I buy a Ford F150 flatbed. Who are Ford to say I can't install an aftermarket roof over the deck of MY VEHICLE THAT I PAID FOR rather than pay over the odds for the stock one?

I guess they'd be as free to say it as MS are for their product leaving you just as free to ignore it as you are with MS.

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