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Comment: Re:Good question (Score 1) 197

because wires don't follow political boundaries

your fiber is our fiber and visa versa. it's all bound up. a message you send from Vancouver to Halifax may/ probably crosses the border into the USA

Regardless of the physical path the 1's and 0's take the US can't arbitrarily declare things illegal and expect the rest of the world to follow suit.

Comment: Re:Good question (Score 1) 197

Because Republicans snuck a ban into a completely unrelated port security bill that they knew nobody could vote against right before an election.

How is that even a legal thing that they can do that?

Comment: Re:Okay, didn't want to go here but... (Score 1) 252

by stealth_finger (#49163257) Attached to: 20-Year-Old Military Weather Satellite Explodes In Orbit

A foreign entity wouldn't have targeted a 20 year old weather satellite. They would have hit a major new spy sat.

Except if you want to see if it works. target something no one is going to miss. What do you think would happen if a brand spanking new spy sat or something blew up? They would want to know what the fuck happened and investigate a lot more thoroughly than they will for this.

Comment: Re:No SD card = major weakness (Score 1) 230

Judging on my past usage patterns, a lack of a removable battery isn't a big deal for me; but the SD card is. Anyone have any suggestions for a good new model phone that still comes with one, since Samsung is apparently out?

Pretty much everything else that doesn't start with an i. HTC's m9 looks quite nice, SD slot present and accounted for. Sony's xperia line is nice too, but it is sony and the one I have (Z) is very quiet on it's external speakers, so much so that with any real background noise you have to hold it by your ear to hear anything anyway. HTC or possible ship jump to a nokia windows phone is looking like a winner to me.

Comment: Re:Fags and hipsters (Score 1) 230

These phones are not hard to aquire. Sure if you want to buy it flat out sim free you're looking at a steep price tag, but like 90% of people (statistic provided by my ass) you get one on contact, so unless you have less than £20/30 (dunno what price contacts run in US) and can afford the monthly payment you can get practically any phone you want. Not hard, not exclusive, certainly not for the blessed few. Even fucking tesco workers are running around with latest model phone (or n-1 if their contract still has another year to run). If you can't afford one (if you want one) then you have a real shit job that pays peanuts, or no job at all.

Comment: Re:White balance and contrast in camera. (Score 1) 410

by stealth_finger (#49162675) Attached to: Is That Dress White and Gold Or Blue and Black?
That's what me and my brother thought, dependant on a number of factors. But when it was on the news we were both seeing the different colours, regardless of viewing angle or distance or any other factors. The effect was even carried through to a photo on my phone of the paused tv screen. It's the most bizarre thing.

Comment: Re:One thing for sure (Score 1) 531

by stealth_finger (#49146385) Attached to: Machine Intelligence and Religion

The trouble with any such reliable way of communicating with the divine is that it would, ultimately, deprive us of our dignity as truly independent beings. Once the creator makes himself be known in unambiguous terms that are obvious to everyone, you are no longer a truly independent entity, now are you? Sure, you still have your free will, but how much is that worth in a world where you know, for sure, that the Devil exists? How much choice does that leave you, to decide between good and evil?

Is that why Jesus walked around performing miracles? And also why there's such heavy consequence for making the 'wrong' choice? Also I'm pretty sure most people would choose good, especially when given all the information to make an informed choice.

Comment: Re:One thing for sure (Score 1) 531

by stealth_finger (#49146205) Attached to: Machine Intelligence and Religion

"Hospitals, in western culture, are a result of religious people. Schools, colleges, and universities are the result of religious people. Religious people claim many good and wholesome actions as a result of communicating with their god.

People did that, the fact they were christian is moot. Those things predate christianity by a long stretch. In fact if prayer worked the way the bible says it does (when it says they do as opposed to when it says they don't) none of those would be needed.

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