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Submission + - Old School Arcade Cabinet Build->

MikeDataLink writes: I've been dreaming for a decade about building an old school arcade cabinet using MAME. I finally got around to starting the project and produced the first video How to build an Arcade Cabinet: Part 1. This build will be a fully modernized arcade cabinet with all of the old school touches including Happ controls and a real life working coin door. Thought you guys might enjoy following along. Its brought back so many childhood memories for me!
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Comment Re:Creationist / Evolutionists telling same story (Score 2) 1007

OK. Except you left out a bunch and kinda reworded to fit your model.

In the real story, God created light, then 4 days later created the stars and our sun. Oops.
Plants were made on the third day, before there was sunlight to support them.
And yep, animals were created before plants in the bible. Exactly the opposite of what happened. What did all those herbivores eat? Remember, according to creationists all life were herbivores till after the flood. Oops.

The list of mistakes is a mile long.

They are called computers simply because computation is the only significant job that has so far been given to them.