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Comment: Re:Creationist / Evolutionists telling same story (Score 2) 1007

OK. Except you left out a bunch and kinda reworded to fit your model.

In the real story, God created light, then 4 days later created the stars and our sun. Oops.
Plants were made on the third day, before there was sunlight to support them.
And yep, animals were created before plants in the bible. Exactly the opposite of what happened. What did all those herbivores eat? Remember, according to creationists all life were herbivores till after the flood. Oops.

The list of mistakes is a mile long.

Comment: The problem is the asshole editors (Score 1) 200

by MikeDataLink (#47102605) Attached to: Wikipedia Medical Articles Found To Have High Error Rate

I refuse to post on wikipedia. I have had almost every edit I have ever made reversed by an asshole editor. IN AREAS THAT I AM AN EXPERT IN, AND THE EDITOR IS NOT. It's like I am Galileo having my posts on Heliocentrism edited by the flat earth believing church. Unless we can out these arrogant editors and replace them with true experts, it will never be resolved.

Comment: Re:A firearm that depends on a battery? (Score 2) 1374

by MikeDataLink (#46890525) Attached to: "Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention

I'd venture to say people are just as unlikely to clean and oil their gun and install fresh ammunition. Ammunition has a finite shelf life, and much shorter than you might think if left in humid locations.

If you're using your gun regularly (as you should be) to stay well versed with it. You should have zero problem keeping an eye on the battery.

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