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Comment Re:I want quality, not politics (Score 1) 164

Corporate Charter which is to be approved by the State Government

False. Registering a corporation is not a privilege — it is a right. I don't need your approval to create one. My registration merely informs you, that I intend to do business as a corporation.

everybody having their damn about what a corporation does and how from its very inception

False. The only legal mechanism, through which our nosy government pretending to serve the busybody you can justify its interest in the corporation's internal practices, is through non-discrimination and workplace safety regulations.

but others may expect corporations also to support their local societies and to promote their local values

And my point is, such expectations are stupid, misplaced, and counterproductive.

When choosing a new TV-set, are you going to say: sure, Foo's TVs suck and are more expensive than Bar's, but I'm going to buy one anyway, because Foo, Inc. is hiring more women than Bar, Inc.? Seriously?

Comment Re:Wait, they shipped the private key? (Score 1) 62

It's not *your* private key.

I know, it is not mine, darn it. It is Dell's.

It's a private key that the browser is configured to trust.

Yes, but the browser does not need to have access to the private key to establish that trust — that's the whole point of public/private key cryptography.

The question was — and remains — why does this private key need to be present on the user's computer, if the sole goal is to show the user ads as "trusted"?

Comment Re:Stop spying on everyone (Score 1) 482

Perhaps if it were made a clear and easily-changable option to the user. Example:

1. 30 day trial, no snooping
2. Snooping version, free after 30 days
3. Purchase non-snooping version

And it should let you know when your 30 days are up rather than automatically go into snoop mode without confirmation.

Clear and friendly choices can bring in more customers and more dollars.

Comment Re:Standardized settings management (Score 1) 482

You are thinking of OS or bundled "system" apps, aren't you? An independent app would invent an independent way of managing features.

And even though those devices might have a standard GUI for finding and editing them, each vendor either has a different way of importing/exporting them, or provide no easy way, period.

Plus, if they were standardized in an open way, you could install a different "settings browser" with fancier search, find, compare, query, report, alarm, etc. features.

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 162

Offshoring and automation have essentially cheapened the value of much of human labor. However, all this automation and outsourcing has also made stuff cheaper. Ideally their slide rate would both match more or less, or even provide a net benefit for regular folks.

However, salaries overall seem to be slipping backward*. So, why are they not balancing out? Because the owners of capital and corporations rigged the rewards of cheaper labor/automation to go them THEM instead of us, and lobby heavy to keep it that way.

* Wages for existing jobs are stagnant, but if you lose your job, often you end up going back to work at another org for less. Thus, on average salaries are sliding backward when inflation is factored in.

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 234

"The corporations that operate in this country have an obligation to the society that makes it possible for them to successfully conduct business."

I see this bogus argument a lot. It always ignores the benefits society has for the people.

The roads don't just exist so corporations can make money -- they bring food in so that people can eat.
Laws and enforcement agencies don't just exist to protect corporations money -- they protect the people trying to work and live.

How long would society last if the food is cut off? Or water? Or random bands of raiders attacking and stealing resources? People in general and not corporations see far more of a benefit from these things.

A corporation has absolutely no obligation to any society other than to follow it's laws. And when those laws become harmful to corporations, what do they do? They move away or go out of business. And then where does that leave the (former) employees? Repeat that enough and you'll have ghost towns falling apart as people move to towns that aren't scary to businesses.

Comment Is there network traffic? (Score 1) 1

Mielke reached that conclusion after analyzing Nest Cam's power consumption.

Would've been much easier — and, actually, conclusive, to analyze the network packets leaving the camera.

when Nest Cam is turned off, it completely stops transmitting video to the cloud, meaning it no longer observes its surroundings

This is so easy to verify, they wouldn't lie about it. Why didn't the "security researcher" check that?

Comment Re:Wait, they shipped the private key? (Score 1) 62

So either an engineer acted in breech of professional ethics, or managers rode roughshod over the engineers' objections.

This suspicion would've made sense, if there was some profit opportunity there. But I can not see one...

Making their own CA recognizable as valid by users of their computers would've been understandable — and even acceptable. But what possible use is publishing your private key?

Perhaps, it is to be able to deny responsibility for bad software later, but that's a little too far-fetched...

Comment Re:I want quality, not politics (Score 1) 164

FreeBSD's support of her cause in many discussion list entries is what caused my business to stop our annual donations and migrate >5k hosts over to Linux.

That seems so drastic, it is unbelievable...

Wow, didn't know about her. Well, I think, you can go back now — randi@ has not committed anything (to src/) since 2010... Which brings us back to my point — your concern with a software project ought to be first and foremost on the quality of the product.

But, maybe, she works for Microsoft now?

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