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Comment Pity there isn't a -1 ; Conspiracy Theory mod (Score 5, Insightful) 246

Slashdot needs ones. Seriously, for a community that claims to hate FUD, the OSS types sure like spreading it when it is about the "right" groups. If you actually care about what kinds of things the telemetry communicates back at various settings, the information is all out there for you. No, SSH data isn't one of them. However I am going to imagine you don't, and this is just crap you want to fling at "the bad guys" because you can.

Also a thought for you: Your OS, by definition, has access to anything any program on the system is doing. What would stop it from looking in at any 3rd party SSH server you ran, if you think it does that?

Comment Not going anywhere in data centers (Score 1) 406

I have bought some Dell R430 and R730 servers, which are latest generation (Haswell based Xeons, DDR4 RAM) and guess what their one and only video output format is? That's right, a VGA port. No DVI, no DP, just VGA. No surprise either: Go have a look at high end network'd KVMs. They are all VGA. It works, so it is staying around in that space (same deal as serial for that matter).

It is certainly a standard on the decline, digital transmission makes more sense particularly since our displays are digital these days, but dead? Not hardly. I'm sure it'll be around many years from now, just in more niche areas.

Comment It does when they buy it for work (Score 2, Insightful) 80

The reason I'm very anti-Apple is particularly our younger professors decide that they need to have apple computers, phones, and tablets to be hip. So they get them, against recommendations. Now never mind that these cost a lot more money than they'd spend on equivalent hardware but then the support issues start. Turns out that Mac don't just magically work, and they have problems with things (accessing the central storage is something Macs have been particularly problematic with) and they whine to us despite promising that they understand and will support things themselves.

Apple wants to pretend to be good for the enterprise, but their enterprise features are garbage. So people get them, want them to integrate, they don't, and then they cry about it.

Comment They also can be useful in lower end apps (Score 1) 71

If you want something that uses less power. It is as true today as ever that you can do more with less juice in an ASIC than in software. So sure, you throw a big CPU at something it can often do the trick. But maybe you don't want a big CPU and associated support hardware, maybe you have a reason to want something lower power. In that case, dedicated hardware comes in.

Also I think many people who dis hardware firewalls have never seen really difficult networks. It isn't so much the traffic that causes trouble, but the number and randomness of connections. I work on a university campus and we were getting firewalls back in the early days of them as dedicated appliances. On paper, our network as easy, we only had like an OC-3 (155mbps) to the Internet and you could get 1gbps firewalls no problem... ya those fell over the moment they were turned on. They could not handle the nature of our traffic. We ended up getting some of Cisco's very first hardware firewalls, and they worked well.

Comment Well, that's why they are worth researching (Score 1) 935

Law enforcement would actually love such technology, if it was reliable. Police have been killed when their weapon has been taken and used on them, they'd be very happy with something that stopped it. But, it does need to be reliable.

So I see no problem with the federal government investigating it. They should look in to new technologies that could make things safer. If they decide that ya, this is good, and start implementing it, then perhaps the rest of us should too, and probably would.

Comment Give it time (Score 1) 121

You have to have technology before you'll start to see more than a token amount of content. Few people are going to produce for 4k TVs when they are rare, which they still are these days. The technology has to get in place first, then you'll see more content.

It's been the same with anything: HDTV, color TV, DirectX 11, etc, etc. When a new tech comes out, there will be a few things to take advantage of it. Demos and the like. However it won't get widely supported until enough consumers have it to make it worth while. Right now, there aren't a lot of 4k TVs out there, and lower rez TVs are still widely sold. Even in houses that have 4k TVs, they often don't have a source that'll do 4k. So content is scarce. Check back in 5 years, I bet there's a good deal more.

Comment I've never been sure why people hate it (Score 2) 428

It makes sense to me, and it isn't like the US would be the first or only free country with a national ID. Right now there's a strange situation where the government steadfastly insists that a passport is not for general ID, it is a travel document only, yet it is one of the best forms of ID since it is hard to forge and can identify you as a citizen or national.

To me, it would make sense to have a national ID that is a standard form, and available to all for no cost. This eliminates a lot of trouble with various other IDs. For that matter, it could be the kind of thing that is extensible too. Like instead of carrying a separate driver license, simply make that status an endorsement on the national ID.

Maybe there's something I'm missing as to why it is such a bad idea, but to me it seems like something worth doing.

Comment Already abused (Score 1) 94

They are working full time here on my phone lines. One calls regularly and asks if Barbara is home. When answered no, it lets me know it will call back at a better time and hangs up. It is not smart enough to understand she died.

It is not smart enough to know what that better time is.

I get other calls trying to interest me in college. I started asking them if they will answer a capita for me. The fun ones try to find a class for me on capita and want to know how soon I would like to take a class.

Comment Re:The regulations have destryed Dishwashers (Score 1) 481

At one time having done apartment complex maintenance, I found the planned obsolescence is in the hardware, not the software. After doing some failure analysis on some dishwashers, it broke down to 3 primary failure items.

1 the water pump. The pump contains a plastic impeller on a steel shaft. The water seal was on the metal steal shaft. The plastic impeller on the steel shaft would fail when the steel shaft inside the impeller rusted and split the impeller. This resulted in non repairable failure of the entire pump as both the motor and impeller failed.

2 the drain valve. The drain valve, a solenoid operated valve diverted water between the wash cycle and the drain. Much like the rubber toilet flush valve in the commode, this rubber part broke down with the use of chlorinated city water just the same as the flapper valve in the toilet. Unlike a toilet, this valve, often integrated into the pump volute assy was not consumer replaceable. The failure was not obvious to the consumer as the wash water was lost during the wash cycle leaving dirt deposits on the dishes at the end of the cycle. Dishwashers were replaced thinking a newer model would work better than an older model. In reality the performance declined over the life of the valve.

3 The fill valve. The fill valve has a strainer that clogs and is relatively easily replaced, but the valve itself often fails when the plastic permeates with water and the magnetic core rusts. This results in the valve failing to open or limiting the motion resulting in only a trickle of water in the fill cycle. This too is seen by the consumer as a failure to properly clean dishes as the timed fill cycle results in too little water for the wash and rinse cycles and is often compounded by the failing drain valve. The consumer knows the dishwasher is running, but doing a poor job driving the desire for a replacement that works better.

These problems are seen on both electronic and mechanical timer models.

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