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You are confused. If the government owns everything you can't call it capitalist. _All_ the worst governments of the 20th century remain 'authoritarian socialist'.

Judging by your post you are deep into 'no true Scotsman'.

Face history, stop denying it. Socialism has a key flaw. Unhealthy concentration of power. It cannot be fixed or worked around.

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Progressive has lost all meaning. In the USA it means 'those who want to go back to the 20th centuries least desirable government system'. AKA leftist reactionaries.

A new term is needed. Which will, in turn be co-opted by leftists. They are the MTD mower company of political thought.

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by HornWumpus (#48135891) Attached to: Secretive X-37B Military Space Plane Could Land On Tuesday

Remove 'and not a hobo by choice,' and the last sentence becomes more true. Why exclude a group of completely daft people?

Have you ever lived/worked near a rail yard? 'Hobos' are violent criminal scumbags. The only thing good about them is what they do to college hipsters who red 'on the road' one time too many.

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by HornWumpus (#48135775) Attached to: Symantec To Separate Into Two Companies

I was willing to accept your assertion that it's good now. But 'it's been good for ten years'. Bullshit on you!

How long does it take to 'forgive' a company that distributes almost ransomeware software that requires an OS pave-over to get rid of? Impossible to set in years. 100% management turnover is a prerequisite. Vendors can ether be trusted or they can't, those can't.

Remember the dual with the third party uninstallers? Norton and McAfee both kept finding new places to hide, kind of like a virus.

Especially when there are better free alternatives that have a decades long record of trustworthiness. No benchmark will make up the 'track record of trust' difference.

Face facts, (Norton/Whatever they renamed McAfee to) make their money from people too stupid to remove the crapware that comes preinstalled on their discount PC. When software companies have to pay vendors to put their crap on new PCs, that's a sure mark of quality.

Not trusting and paying known bastards is rational. Not going to put any Sony factory made disks into any PC anytime soon. Even with the best antivirus and autorun disabled. Once someone is known to 'go there' you can never trust them again. A tiger cannot change it's stripes. Never give scorpions rides.

Do you work for them?

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by HornWumpus (#48133095) Attached to: Symantec To Separate Into Two Companies

Why would it be 'rational' to go back to a company that has already demonstrated complete disregard for the user? Especially when there are superior free alternatives that have been good and trustworthy for decades? Their business model remains; include their crap on new machines, get suckers to pay for it. If it's slightly less crappy, who cares?

Seriously. Do you work for them? I can think of no other reason for your position.

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