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Comment Re:Not surprising and can you blame them? (Score 1) 260

Is this true for all tests or only those put forward by political parties you disagree with?

Are the EIT, PE and medical boards also worthless?

There is nothing wrong with teaching to a well written test. Better than teaching to the whim of the HS teachers. Who I must remind you are the dregs of college students.

Comment Re:Easy to do when backed by the PRC (Score 1) 198

I do have the 'bad feeling' about the outcome. Then again, foreign markets will buffer their crash.

I'd be even more worried if I believed the average Chinese citizen had much money in their markets or banks. I know enough Chinese people to bet they've got as much of their net as hidden as possible, in tangible assets, preferably farmland. Maybe it's a stereotype...They bought up all the rental houses in Sacto 2-3 years ago. (Farming fat kids?)

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