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Comment: Re:A good point (Score 1) 204

by HornWumpus (#49624491) Attached to: Is It Worth Learning a Little-Known Programming Language?

Just be aware that all companies that sell products identical to their competitors (e.g. insurance) are run by the marketing departments.

On the upside if you know shit from shinola you will be a star among their staff. On the downside, you will still report to a marketer that was promoted to director of IT.

Comment: Re:Morse Code (Score 4, Interesting) 121

About 10 years ago they used to have speed texting contests. Kids would text as fast as they could using only the keypads of their feature-phones.

I believe it was Letterman who invited on the winner and an old guy who used to work as a telegraph operator.

The old man finished the test text 3 times before the world champion texter finished once.

Comment: Re:2-Butoxyethanol (Score 2) 259

Waste disposal wells are common, but are all far deeper than any aquifers. Oil is pretty toxic, so pumping crud down in place of former oil makes all kinds of sense. They have nothing in particular to do with fracking. Water separated from oil is almost always injected down a disposal well. Water from that deep is very acidic and useless as water from the start.

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