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Comment: Re:Completely useless for me. (Score 1) 176

by HornWumpus (#47443601) Attached to: Rocket Scientist Designs "Flare" Pot That Cooks Food 40% Faster

Buy a couple of immersion heaters before you hurt yourself. 1800/heater wattage is the number you want.

Also learn to cook a hot dog/brautwurst etc on a cutoff extension cord. That's classic 'dorm food'. Just get any junk 120 appliance and cut-off the cord, strip 3/4'' off the ends and plug the bare wires into the ends of the sausage. Hot dogs will cook in 30 seconds. Don't electrocute yourself.

Comment: Re:China (Score 1) 110

by HornWumpus (#47443423) Attached to: Fighting Climate Change With Trade

The words you are looking for are 'electrostatic precipitators'.

They're not perfect but 99% better than nothing. Last I heard there were still many old coal plants in the USA grandfathered so they don't need them. They should finally be getting retired or retrofitted real soon now.

Always thought an emission allowance certificate would be a good gift for a greeny. They could frame it and act even smugger, knowing that, for example, 100 tons of SO2 would not be emitted and dirty old plants retired sooner.

I'd be selling them on Ebay today, but couldn't find an original to copy.

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