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Comment: Re:School me on well water (Score 1) 314

The people I know in the hills have water in the wells, just not enough to keep their crops wet. They can afford water trucks, unless the price of 'medicine' crashes.

N Cal central valley wells are still mostly wet. S Cal on the other hand is dry as hell. Which is the unspoken part of the CA water crisis. S Cal expects N Cal to suffer with them (and give them all our water). The only reason my water is even metered is LA threw a tantrum.

Nobody actually cares about the delta smelt, they are minnows. But it's the only way to prevent S Cal from voting themselves all our water.

Comment: Re:A good point (Score 1) 257

by HornWumpus (#49624491) Attached to: Is It Worth Learning a Little-Known Programming Language?

Just be aware that all companies that sell products identical to their competitors (e.g. insurance) are run by the marketing departments.

On the upside if you know shit from shinola you will be a star among their staff. On the downside, you will still report to a marketer that was promoted to director of IT.

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