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by HideyoshiJP (#46173995) Attached to: Sony Selling Off VAIO Computer Business
I remember listening to a discussion on Leo Laporte's Windows Weekly podcast with Paul Thurott and Mary Jo Foley regarding this.They seem to be under the impression that the PC manufacturers, in their mid-to-late 2000s price wars not only hurt the image of the PC with a race to the bottom, but also set an unsustainable price point. Admittedly, this is just one factor in the decline of the PC, but that certainly helped set the stage.

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by HideyoshiJP (#46113431) Attached to: IE Drops To Single-Digit Market Share
IT guy here. I'm with you. I hate old IE. I wish it would die a horrible death. Having said that, I think new IE is quite nice, to the point that the only thing preventing me from switching is a few Firefox behaviors that are technically deprecated.
However, I must pipe up regarding old IE usage on corporate networks. In my experience, the thing preventing upgrading IE is legacy enterprise software, as you accurately pointed out. Sadly, these programs often were only purchased because they were the cheapest of the bunch. When you get products so cheap, you can imagine that someone isn't getting paid well, and you can surely bet it's not coming from the pockets of management. Thus, the development staff consists of people who are willing to work for $40K a year, and you can rest assured that they are not experienced developers. Sadly, they often aren't even the fresh-faced college kids with something to prove. To illustrate how bad this software is, I have seen an application that only works in IE9.. like IE9 specifically, not *up to IE9. It makes me cringe.

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That's odd, because the first frame in the US Volkswagen link you provided shows in small print underneath that it will achieve 42mpg Highway/30mpg City with the TDI diesel engine. Converted to UK gallons, I believe that's 50.4 mpg highway and 36.0 mpg city. Aside from that, while I can agree with you on the lack of fuel efficient European city cars, I can tell you it's very difficult for a company like Volkswagen to import such a vehicle and remain profitable. In order to meet US safety standards (which aren't necessarily better, just different for some stupid political reason), there's often a need to re-engineer different 5mph bumpers, headlights, lighting, etc., which is often not profitable for a car that may sell around 500 in a month.

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I've noticed that this is an issue on Windows Server 2003 (I believe R2 included). I have noticed that this is less of an issue once IE8 is installed (this should have already been done by this point), but this is still definitely an issue. I will be glad when I am rid of this OS (soon!).

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A. The enthusiast is purchasing the vehicle. As long as he or she is following the rules of the road, and his or her vehicle meets the safety standards for the year of manufacture, there should be no problem. B. It is up to each driver to decide what risk is necessary. It is a system you accept the risks of when you buy into it. Should you wish to reduce these risks, you should contact your elected officials. Once again, the lack of stability control should be a moot point when someone is driving legally. If there is a circumstance where someone has lost control, it is likely that broken equipment or broken laws were involved. C. The enthusiast should not be driving at unsafe speeds on public roadways. Period. If they have done so, they will have to take responsibility for their actions. This is one reason vehicular manslaughter statues exist in many states. It allows vehicles to be classified as deadly weapons, thus making it easier to convict. Sadly, the people who can afford these vehicles can often afford a good lawyer and somehow get off with probation.

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