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Comment: Re:Bugs in Win 7 UI (Score 3, Informative) 502

by HideyoshiJP (#49137617) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10
Explorer always waits on lower-level file functions to gracefully complete before letting you interact with it. In your case, it's probably still in the "calculating" phase and will wait on that subtask to complete before it reverts everything. I commonly deal with servers with several million files (bad software). Its a pain in the neck when explorer waits on things. Don't get me started on loss of connectivity when explorer has a mapped drive. Sure you're just trying to go to "C:\," but explorer is too busy flopping around as if you've stabbed it in the back.

Comment: Re:Just give the option to turn it off... (Score 1) 823

by HideyoshiJP (#48877403) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret
There are still plenty of V8s that purr today, though most won't as loudly with stock exhaust. I am a fan, however, of the way the 500 Abarth does it. The former Chrysler SRT exhaust tuning wizards managed to make an exhaust that's quiet enough when you want it to be, but raucous and raspy when you get on the gas. No fake sound needed.

Comment: Re:Biased Institutions FTW (Score 1) 784

by HideyoshiJP (#48830113) Attached to: Parents Investigated For Neglect For Letting Kids Walk Home Alone
People may drive like assholes, but at least they never go fast enough to kill you (unless you fall under). Also, in my experience, it's the pedestrians and the cyclists especially that just do whatever they want. The motorists weren't that aggressive, outside the taxi drivers, who unfortunately still make up like 20-30% of vehicles on the road.

Comment: Re:CYA (Score 1) 127

In all fairness, those that may wish to put security solutions in place may need a way to justify the increased cost of additional security to the larger shareholders, who often can't see the forest for the trees. You'd think those shareholders would just invest in IT/security companies...

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