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Comment Future? (Score 1) 85

The day this shit becomes compulsory for Progressive is the day I find a new insurance company and/or buy 7 more cars (junkers) so I don't have to carry auto insurance. Uhhh, well, maybe not that second option.
Regardless, this sounds less like the future of driving and more like the future of getting boned on your insurance rates.

Comment Re:Used Nissan Leaf -- good buy? (Score 1) 111

I think it's a pretty decent deal, honestly. There are a few factors making the Nissan Leaf a good deal. Doug Demuro had a nice post on Jalopnik outlining some of the reasons why they've become so cheap. Admittedly, he exaggerates for humor in his articles, but it's pretty on-the-nose. The man used to manage a Porsche dealership, so he does understand the automotive market reasonably well.

Comment Shady Stats (Score 5, Informative) 302

I was surprised the summary didn't mention the fact that the company NBC hired used audio recordings from people's smartphones to guess statistics.

Mr. Wurtzel provided data from a firm named Symphony Advanced Media, which uses audio content recognition installed on phones to recognize what is being watched and when.

I'm willing to bet most of these users didn't even realize that fun game asking for microphone permissions was doing this.

Comment Why does it matter? (Score 4, Insightful) 702

I'm curious why the face value being worth less than the face value is an issue. Doesn't the US Mint still own the metals? Doesn't it get used more than once? Can't they melt it down and make more pennies? Japan still makes a 1 yen coin, and doesn't have these issues. Maybe it's time to switch out copper for a less valuable metal.

Comment They were hot back then (Score 1) 99

In all fairness, almost everything modern would wipe the floor with the Netburst CPUs in terms of power efficiency, even back then. They were basically slow hotplates, and the Tualatin Pentium IIIs ran circles around the early Pentium 4s. I find it funny that Intel's Core architecture renaissance came from bringing back P6.

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