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Comment Half the story (Score 3, Insightful) 315

The article seems to only be telling half the story about previous versions of Windows and about sending data "critical" to the operation of Windows.
A. The Customer Experience Program could be opted out of.
B. Windows 10 only sends data "critical" to the operation of the system in the "basic" telemetry setting. It's funny how you can disable it in enterprise. I guess it must not be so critical, huh? I don't care what they do with home versions, but I take issue with not being able to do this in Pro. An individual cannot buy Enterprise.
C. It's not fair to compare this to Google. Google provides their products free of charge. Despite Microsoft giving out a free update, Windows is not free. You can purchase a retail copy. I'm sorry to criticize your apologist article, Verge, but these are issues that affect the company I work for. I don't care what you do with your personal computer; the government doesn't regulate that.

Comment Re:Of all the whining.... (Score 1) 275

Upvote this man times a million. Remember how at least the old Linksys stuff used to stack? I wish that was standardized, with additional considerations for cooling and signal. These days, I find myself using a three tier mesh shelf I bought at Staples. It works fairly well, with some slight modification.

Comment Re:The power button (Score 2) 698

I agree. The fools. I work in IT, and have type a lot of things in caps, like certain DNS names, acronyms, and a few other items. At home, I use a Shift-JIS layout for Japanese, and it's one method I switch back and forth between Alpha/Kana/IME input. Right-click has come in handy a few times when my wireless mouse has died and had to go on the charger - then have to re-sync my backup bluetooth mouse. To extend this discussion - I rarely use my backups. Let's get rid of those!

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