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Comment Re:Competition vs cooperation? (Score 1) 156

In a perfect world, sure we'd all cooperate to achieve our Utopian goals. But in every group project I've seen, some people excel, or work hard, and some people expect to just let other lead, or do all the work. Competition, as long as it's not at the expense of others, as in your Monopoly example, doesn't have to be a negative, and in fact drives progress with incentives. But, you do have to control monopolistic behavior, which is something the U.S. has gotten away from since breaking up AT&T, and going after MS.

Comment Correlation vs. Causation (Score 1) 156

How about a link? There's no indication of the methodology, conclusions, etc. If the title is the conclusion, how did they determine that these individuals were not already cheaters? Is it because people who are more competitive tend to cheat more?

Thanks for the click bait /.

Comment Well (Score 1) 167

Technically they shouldn't read ANYONE'S secrets. Having a secret is not a crime. You're supposed to catch criminals who break the law, not mine people's data and extrapolate to see if they have done anything wrong. Because after all, everyone (including FBI agents) is guilty of something.

Comment Re:Gratis but not free (Score 1) 56

A ToS change would almost certainly only apply to future versions/updates to the engine.

Oh? How about "We've decided we no longer wish to continue the service due to reorganization". Boom, there goes your app. What are you going to do - sue? Read the TOS. Once you get past the arbitration instead of law-suit clauses you'll see that they hold all the cards and you hold none. Yeah ok, you might save yourself a few weeks' of coding. In return for which you become their little bitch.

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