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Comment Re:What the...? (Score 1) 543

God told him it was the right thing to do after his father got into the country. Besides, his father was Cuban which means he was feeing from bad guys (Castro) unlike Mexicans, who are fleeing from bad guys who are not Castro, and Syrians, who are fleeing from Satan and must be kept out. Also, Cruz was born in Canada, which is not Mexico or Syria. He only recently gave up his Canadian citizenship.

Comment Re:replaced by digital (Score 1) 63

The official Red Cunt Hair (RCH) is widely believed to have belonged originally to Elizabeth I. Both Robert Dudley and Francis Drake are reported to have provided it to the officials Elizabeth put in charge of regularizing the system of weights and measures. However, all involved were motivated by the dictum, "Loose lips lose heads", and so the provenance is uncertain.

Comment Re:Computers have some solution right? (Score 1) 291

>We need to change how we keep track of time, in a way that isn't linear.

The problem with this is that time is linear. That's why time machines don't work. Yes, there are spooky quantum effects, and maybe when the servers and desktops are all quantum computers new solutions will present themselves.

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