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Comment: Re:It's Just a Euphemism... (Score 1) 194

by Kozar_The_Malignant (#49534063) Attached to: Yahoo Called Its Layoffs a "Remix." Don't Do That.

It's just a euphemism. I remember working for a company that started embracing offshoring, which they called "right-shoring." Layoffs were called "right-sizing." And the executives were called "cunts." Amazing how just a little "word-smithing" can make things sound better than they really are, huh?

They're not really people anyway; they're just headcount.

Comment: Re:SSDD (Score 1) 886

Homosexuality is no more a proclivity than skin color. I am as straight as they come, but I have lived a long time, been around a lot of gay people, and watched straight couples have kids grow up to be gay. It's not a choice. So, your statement boils down to more bullshit prejudice. There are gay people. There are gay seagulls and seals and penguins. It happens. Or,if you think that way, God made them and made them gay.

Comment: Re:I wonder how the Gen Con people would feel (Score 1) 886

The ACLU, which is usually excoriated as leftist, if not out-and-out commies, has frequently defended the rights of both neonazis and the KKK to be as publicly obnoxious as they choose. Over the border in Illinois, these leftists defended the rights of a bunch of Nazis to parade through a Jewish neighborhood in Skokie. Personally, I find GTA extremely objectionable, but I wouldn't keep them out of GenCon.

Comment: SSDD (Score 4, Insightful) 886

Same shit, different decade. Bob Jones University in South Carolina tried this crap in the 50s and 60s, saying their policy of discriminating against blacks and Asians was a divinely ordained part of their religion. According to Bob Jones, the Bible clearly told him that blacks were inferior to whites. This is the same bullshit argument. It will fall in the courts, and it will fail in the marketplace. In the meantime, GenCon, and everyone else should avoid spending money in Indiana.

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