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Comment Bjorn Also Said (Score 4, Interesting) 440

This was an *extremely* annoying aspect of visiting the ABBA museum in Stockholm: they refuse to accept cash at all. Neither for admission nor for the gift shop. At least in 2013 when I was there, signs were posted with an explanation by Bjorn who mentioned his son's apartment being robbed and how the burglars made away with some cash. So... "ban all cash" because my kid left some in his apartment and it got burgled. For an otherwise smart and talented guy, this has to be one of the most fatuous rationales ever.

Comment 6 Miles? (Score 1) 52

I get that NASA is a US-based and funded organization, so they must put U.S. customary measurements like miles on images for public consumption. But why not at least put *both* measurement scales on these images? Everyone knows they actually do all their science, and operate internally, exclusively in metric.

Comment Software Development Processes (Score 1) 479

Michael Horn is woefully ignorant or lying. A big company like VW, especially a German company creating products with people's lives at stake, must have a software development process. I'd bet its more sophisticated than say your average game house. Probably very waterfall oriented with sign-offs along the way. The software engineers must have been implementing and testing against requirements. And those requirements must have been signed off by management. If that weren't true then VW should shutter its doors forever, because it would simply not be competent to produce people-movers with embedded software inside.

Comment Re:Very much so! (Score 1) 641

I for one much prefer good-ole printf and friends to std::iostream with its overloaded operators and finicky formatting manipulators. But in order to make such choices, you do have to learn the newfangled stuff to a certain level, in order to properly assess it.

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