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Comment Re:I'm going to sound like a Judas (Score 1) 217

Then again, there's a lot of folks who scoff at the NSA doing it, but hey, if Apple, Google, or FB had done it it'd be some sort of market miracle or some bullshit.

Bullshit yes, 'tis what you spout. If any of those had found a way to break encryption as the NSA had, I would expect a paper on it much like this and a push to deprecate whatever was broken. Particularly given their businesses are built upon secure communications. Instead, the NSA breaks it and uses it to spy on everyone.

Comment Re:Things will sort themselves out (Score 2) 397

In 2-3 decades, hardly anyone will travel on Earth.

I've heard claims that no one needs to travel today, that sound and video today provide all the experience you need. I suspect that your claim, like theirs, will fall on its face and people will be traveling just as much.

Why waste time transporting your body hundreds of miles when you can just rent a drone body at your destination?

Because the real world is very, very different from a pair of screens right up in your eyes and speakers on your ears. Assuming you can hear anything, with the buzzing. And you're even allowed to go somewhere, given how many places outright ban drones.

This is why the whole 'self-driving car' thing is attacking the wrong problem. It's like someone in 1900 trying to figure out how to clean up all the horse crap that will be clogging up our cities by the year 2000, when everyone will be able to afford a horse.

Transportation will change, but I don't foresee it going away in favor of sealing ourselves in our homes and plugging ourselves into VR headsets and acting as if we're "there" via noisy, buzzing drones.

Comment Re:Garrett (Score 1) 688

That's pettiness

What, because he refuses to work on Intel hardware for reasons explicitly stated?

If you can't get your changes past other people, to the point that you have to fork and maintain an entirely separate branch on your own, that's usually the sign of messy code or absolute loss.

No it isn't. It could be pure politics or someone simply being an ass. Ulrich Drepper kept a lot of code out of glibc that was perfectly good, to the point that Debian created eglibc. Eventually he was removed from his position and eglibc was merged with glibc. Why was the code kept out? Because Drepper was an asshole and treated everyone who contributed to the ARM portion like shit.

Ah! All the bits that I *don't* want in the kernel.

So you don't want Linux to be able to boot on modern PCs running UEFI with Secure Boot (damn near everything that ships today?!) Talk about a shortsighted, emotional response to a technical problem!

Comment Re:Who? (Score 4, Insightful) 688

Indeed, people should just take vicious verbal abuse.

but the abuse won't come unless you decide to be a dumbass or get all arrogant about it.

Which is nonsense, and completely non-arrogant, technical arguments have been met with vicious personal attacks and verbal abuse. There's a shockingly large number of emotionally immature and insecure people in the Kernel community, and a great many people meet the wrath of those people for no good reason.

And they abuse because they know they can get away with it and others like you will apologize and defend it.

Comment Re:The lack of concern about systemd is concerning (Score 2, Insightful) 246

I was interview maybe 1 or 2 years before the general public went ape shit crazy about systemd by a huge firm in the hotels/hostels business, and they were quite adamant they had Linux, but needed fresh blood to go full FreeBSD.

I often see claims like this, but they don't make any sense at all. Why would a corporation basically shit themselves and attempt to rip out infrastructure because of systemd? I have yet to hear anything that doesn't sound like reactionary whining, and most companies don't operate in a reactionary "OMG FUCK YOU POTTERING I KEEL YUO" manner.

Comment Re:Spectrum and interference (Score 1) 345

That's the downside to the software defined radio approach

None of these routers are doing SDR. The concern comes from power levels the routers use, and that only in the 5GHz band.

You can always get a router that takes a FCC-approved wireless card and route to your heart's content.

Many wireless cards control power emissions in the same way the cheap wifi routers do, via a simple register. Should we lock down every PC to ensure no one ever drives power levels above the rated maximum?

Comment Re:Because we are distracted by "global warming" (Score 2, Insightful) 149

Sounds like a mindless anti-government screed.

Because we are distracted by "global warming"

Which is a real issue, despite your denial.

plastics and pollution of our bodies of water

Which are also real issues, mostly perpetrated by corporate slop and a refusal to pay for the externalities of their production.

hazardous chemical releases by our own government's negligence, and corruption of potable water supplies

Which was an accident by a contractor that further polluted a river already polluted by mining operations done haphazardly decades ago - mining that polluted heavily but the costs for which were pushed off on society at large.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 747

Su is not a broken concept; it's a long well-established fundamental of BSD Unix/Linux.

You're pretty much making an argument to tradition here. The correct thing to do would be to counter his claims:

what "su" is supposed to do is very unclear. On one hand it's supposed to open a new session and change a number of execution context parameters (`uid`, `gid`, `env`, ...), and on the other it's supposed to inherit a lot concepts from the originating session (`tty`, `cgroup`, `audit`, ...). Since this is so weakly defined it's a really weird mix&match of old and new paramters.

I would like more detail from him on why and how it's broken, and how his replacement is truly different from "su -" but since it doesn't appear to be mutually exclusive with the use of "su" or "su -", other than typical reactionary hate I don't see what the problem is.

Comment Wonderful DRM misfeatures (Score 4, Interesting) 134

When I can buy ebooks without respect to region, I'll hop on board. But as it stands, I can't buy books published outside my home country, and as we've seen in the past, if you take your ebooks outside the country and your reader goes on line (particularly the Kindle) it'll lock you out of your books.

On top of that, the ebooks cost more than the paperback.

Get back to me when obvious negatives aren't being piled on to ebooks.

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