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Comment: Re:It was Terrorists! (Score -1) 200

by sillybilly (#49162211) Attached to: 20-Year-Old Military Weather Satellite Explodes In Orbit

But how can you ascertain that? Have laser detectors? What if they used focused microwave heating? You'd have to get the full EM spectrum, with a sensor different than temperature, as you already know the temperature went high.

Often though, such "mysterious practice attacks" are staged, and used as a pretext to start a war. That's what the Germans did when blitzkrieging Poland, and that's what the Japanese did in Korea before attacking China. I think it was train sabotages staged in both cases, which triggered a retaliation along the lines of 911, though it would be a hard sell to say 911 was a staged thing to give the US an excuse to enter war and improve or jump start its economy by giving people a job, if you have no market demand for anything, start a war, and have people make weapons, then these people who earned that money in turn will take it to a barber, then the barber takes it to a restaurant, then the waitress takes it to a grocery store, etc, etc. Still, 911 was not staged quite to the level that the WW2 igniting fake train sabotages were.

So you never know the true actual cause, and you have to take all "news" with a grain of salt. This is my ultraparanoid side speaking. Hello.

But when tensions get high around the world, and everyone worries about the other guy and wants to stay one step ahead in the military game, sometimes they irk to test out their gadgedts, with micro-skirmishes, so it's like you have a fuzzy conflict with 0.004% engagement as opposed to all or nothing 1.0000 we are at war, or 0.0000 we are at peace, and in such conflict and tension even fake news are that, a micro-skirmish in psychological warfare.

So who knows? Even if someone knows, when something is released as news, it may still be fake. And lots of stuff go down in the world that are important and never make it to be public news, so the question is sometimes how or why who decided to make this a news and why?

Comment: Re: Highlander III did it already... (Score -1) 421

by sillybilly (#49114307) Attached to: What If We Lost the Sky?

ceriosli, y da fuk wud dey kip piss in around kreatin al bedo deilie, wen u ken jus poot up sum flippo bowl sheydz via a re mote by da Lagrange pt bit ween da Earth & da Sun? Laik sowler penolz & luminumum me rerz, maid phrom looner metierielz? i bin a staut ad voket of sutch a teng, & I tink sum body hoo got da meenz shewd dew it, cuz I b brawk, e.g. I kent aphord no rokitz 2 go 2 da moon 2 DIY ma celph. Lewk, I ken teevn spel, c?

Comment: Re:Pesticides for humans (Score 0) 224

by sillybilly (#49113735) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons

I used to make a living working with organophosphates (basically octyl phosphoric like acids) to run chemical process lines, and I had a hunch of the whole thing being an experiment for getting gassed with less than lethal weapons, of possibly phosphate nature, different from the above mostly benign chemicals, me being the lab rat getting gassed, and should I show at a hospital, detected organophosphates can be ascribed to exposure on the job to the benign stuff, possibly allergy to it. That was the only place I ever worked at by buying COBRA health insurance from my previous job, it was obvious during the interview tour that it would be needed. Second time around I wasn't as chicken, went without insurance. Third time around they talked me into it when I said I did not want to waste their money. Still, I got sick three times and they let me quit three times, they emphasized, they emphasized that I came there out of my own good will and nobody was forcing me to come there. I did not even have to do the two week notice. It's kinda like making a living through stealing the cheese from the mousetraps, if you're a mouse. The rewards are high. Yeah. Whatever. At least the rewards were high, unlike at the very next job, getting near minimum wage where I got a whole lot sicker from mandatory hand sanitizer use, and some kind of floating fuzz airborne infection, plus being left all alone sitting in a chair working with nobody for yards around me, for 12 hrs, and just got insanely sick sitting there, even without hand sanitizer, felt kinda like a deep sunburn, my best guess was xrays. So it's like, what's the difference, it's mousetraps everywhere anyway, except some traps have cheese, and some have some bitter green grass. Which one do you prefer choosing? So they say fourth time is a charm.

Comment: Re:anti-bacterial (soap) != antibiotics (Score -1) 132

by sillybilly (#49095255) Attached to: Resistant Bacterial Infection Outbreak At California Hospital

I just got hit with some grey goo, war is evolving, throat yeast infection, I wonder why, I guess posting on slashdot the way I do has consequences. Whatever, is this all you got? Bring it on motherfuckers, keep'm coming. I'm on it. Ha ha ha.

After a lot of ways have failed, including shocking the tooth gums with 3V electric - ouch, it's like nothing, nothing, nothing, then an avalanche pierces through and burns like hell, and it doesn't work - so what seems to work and the way I'm fighting it right now is:

1. Soak in saliva 10 mg solid salt salty tasting sodium bromide from Walmart pool chemical.
2. Once nicely soaked, inhale some bleach chlorine gas that should generate elemental bromine by driving the redox potential oxidizing inside the cells, even from outside the cell walls with all channels shut, and bromide, is there to accept it in a Trojan horse behind the cell wall kinda way.
3. Hit it with a UV blue light LED that should activate elemental bromine into free radicals, kinda like methane reaction with bromine is initiated. Once you brominate the crap out of the yeast's internal enzymes, iodine based hormones and DNA, it's done, it's better and faster than trying to drink a lot of mountain dew with brominated vegetable oil that only releases bromine related stuff on digestion by the fungus.
4. Into the cleared, sterile spot lick and then swish with saliva around some green lemon fungus, that produces penicillin-like stuff. I think the true penicillin mold is white, and this green one produces some antibiotic that tastes sweet, somewhat like penicillin but it's not penicillin. When I was a kid every time I got really sick my snot turned green, that's how I knew I was sick, or maybe that's the right color when I'm sick. So you have to pack something friendly into the sterile fungus conduits, else if you leave it empty, the remnants on the disease yeast in other parts of your body will flow back into the dead conduits and repopulate and you're back to square one. Once the green fungus from citrus that knows how to make penicillin takes a foothold, then enjoy the fight between it and the disease. If not successful, and the disease wins, then try again.

The green fungus from citrus is friendly. Citrus fungus was discovered by A. Fleming. Fleming did not discover penicillin. Fungi did billions of years ago. What Fleming discovered is how to infect yourself with penicillin making fungus, and have a controlled substance regulated by law in your body for free, without breaking the law, plus as an active live culture that makes other antibodies besides penicillin and really knows how to fight in the highly acidic sour conditions of the grey goo, war is evolving scenario. Biowarfare. Happening as I'm typing above my right wisdom tooth, and the grey goo is losing, until I fall asleep from anesthetics, or eat something tainted, then start over.

PS. A selenium sulfide shampoo soak, that any fungus grabs onto and can't say no to, even in overdose, is best prior to the bromide/chlorine/UV treatment. I think even selenium sulfide is UV reactive and activated, not sure. With light, no matter how much crystal clear glass like goo the fungus ejects, it's not like a chemical that gets purged, though you do deplete the internal bromine stores, so you might have to repeat the above for a while until it tires out.

Comment: Re:Wow (Score -1) 66

by sillybilly (#49094593) Attached to: Microsoft's First Azure Hosted Service Is Powered By Linux

Microsoft is fucking up. I thought Linux or the GPL was their antichrist. Their job is to maintain and sustain their own genetic variability in the computing genepool, without going extinct or exterminating others completely. Microsoft is fucking up on both fronts. All they have to do to compete with Linux (that used to run or BSD (that used to run is to drop that fucking stupid ass client access license from Windows Server. People hate and despise getting screwed like that. Client access license? Are you kidding me? Sell me a server that takes up to 10 connections, up to 100, up to 1000, or up to 10,000, or up to 100,000, or up to 1,000,000 concurrently, and don't fucking make me hoard a pile or these certificates per seat with the woven thread and funky official holier than thou humbug about them. All people wanna do with those CAL certificates is wipe their shitty asses. That's Microsoft's only problem on the server front. Their job is not to accept Linux, because now they can no longer attack it like they used to, once they give it their blessing, but to push their own shit, and push it in balance and harmony with the rest of the ecosystem.
Your job is
1. to survive, or go down fighting for something that you care about to survive
2. to not exterminate other varieties in your vehement competition against them
Microsoft has and still is fucking up royally on both fronts. We don't want them running Linux. We don't want them to give their blessing to Linux. And especially we don't want no fucking cloud with blackmailed monthly access fees to our data held hostage. What we want is something better than a "Vista sucks" on the desktop, a better and improved Win2K or XP, leaner and meaner, with less garbage and snooping piled on into it.

Intellectual property rights were erected during the founding father's days out of nothing, to create a better world, to create and enhance creativity, but intellectual property, unlike, say, land or chattel property, was always meant to be temporary, and ultimately enter the public domain, where all human knowledge and information ultimately belongs, including all GPL stuff after copyright expiration should enter public domain. Initially the terms were 14 years renewable to 28. These days we have temporary intellectual property, but it just got extended to 90 years from 70 around 1999. Why stop there? Why not have a 547 year and 6 month term? What's fair? Just how much more extra incentive did Walt Disney have to create Mickey Mouse if he knew that in 1999 the terms on his property were gonna be 90 years not 70?

Intellectual property was not erected to create a world of extorting or hogging property then blackmailing everybody for access to it. Such as music artists that get paid 3 cents out of a dollar for a song, the rest goes to the labels or publishers that extorted a signature to sign the property rights over. Yes, marketing, distribution, being a merchant is hard work that does deserve a fair cut. But fair is all a matter of price. Yes, sometimes people throw stuff away for peanuts because that's their perceived value, and then whoever buys it and resells it, to someone who values that item much more, yes, there is this winning, or lottery effect, or money for free effect in the world, because perceived values are allowed to fluctuate widely. But there are situations like music artists, who would like a bigger cut of the price, but they are strongarmed into deals, and there are consumers who want a lower price on the music, and both these tendencies tend to cut into the profit of the middle man, the publisher, or intellectual property right hogger. Just cuz the rules on intellectual property have artifacts that can be technically abused, you should not forget about the good will or good intentions of why they were erected in the first place: to spur creation of new material. How is the richest guy on the planet fit in with this picture? Obviously he carries a lot of bad will, just like Carnegie and Rockefeller did, but not because people are petty and jealous, but they have this sense of fairness or fair cut. Like, instead of making 50 billion for yourself with something that started out as MS DOS (copying CP/M almost the same exact way as ReactOS copies Windows, or as Windows copied the look and feel of Apple), why isn't 500 million enough for a family? Instead of paying 80K for top programmers fresh out of college and run them like a slave til they burn out, because by that time it's time to hire the latest experts, and in computing a 22 year old is a greater expert than a 55 year old, or at least used to be, in the 90's, why not create a stable world, with a career for a lifetime, and pay these kids 300K instead of 80K, and make them compete for the jobs internally, whether old or young, like HP had various units during the HP way days, often duplicating each other's work, but those that did a better job made it, and those that did not, got disbanded, and always fresh seed, fresh teams started.

What's with this fucking cloud and even more power mongering, then wondering why games like Kill Bill are made, whack-a-mole style? They create a lot of bad will with their power mongering to where people who have half a brain of an intellect and some sense of fairness and justice will do anything not to have to work for Microsoft, or even deal with it. You can make all that money but you can't take it to the grave. Yes, you can give it to your tribe, and that's important too, but somehow, some, at least 50/50 deals between workers and owners sound more fair than 97% owners and 3% creators, or even 3% owners and 97% creators is much better, and spurs creativity, spurs a better world, the reason why intellectual property was erected and created out of nothing, not for setting up a world where people blackmail each other for basic access to knowledge, where even all public domain is endangered, and where terms are temporary, but practically infinite. Otherwise it may be necessary to go back to the no intellectual property whatsoever world. It all comes down to overly arrogant, aggressive, exterminating others behaviro or overly lame, overly pussy, overly self exterminating behavior, neither of which strike a good balance.

Microsoft's job is to create good products, not the "bless the GPL." If they wanna go about it the way Novell Suse went, that the Linux manager, Yast, is copyrighted, while the rest of the stuff is GPL, and the system won't run right without the manager, or won't run at all, I think even Stallman would accept that, as long as improvements to the GPL sourcecode are also released.

When selling a server or operating system, the true price is not the embodied intellectual property, but the guarantee, or the insurance policy, that it will function. So the same product, like Windows Server, could be sold to a small business of 50 people, for $200, for a company of 500 for $5000, and to a company of 20,000 or a bank, military or hospital, for $1 million, and in that, the idea is that should the product fail, that purchase price is actually an insurance policy, if the 200 dollar version fails, there is a 50,000 compensation, but if the $1 million fails catastrophically, there is an insurance policy with the upper limit near $1 billion, such as stock losses, etc. This way companies that pay 1 million for a server every 10 years or 20 years know that the people who sold it to them have a strong incentive to make sure it does not fail, or will go to the end of the world and move mountains to fix a problem instead of having to shell out a billion. It's not really Linux or Windows that matters when you sell Server versions at high cost, but the insurance policy that tags along with it. And a small business of 50 should not be stuck paying exorbitant licenses, including per seat client access licenses, or even a large business should be able to choose the risks they assume, so even a 30 billion dollar business full of cheap asses who want to buy Windows Server for $50, they can, and they get a good product, but when they have an issue and call tech support, they get put on hold for 30 minutes before someone talks to them, and be told to please wait while tech supports finishes masturbating, before they can explain their problem, all based on the kind of insurance policy they carry, and the amount at stake from tech supports perspective. Even the military does not want communist linux with nobody to chase or be responsible for it. Who wrote that piece of code in linux? Who knows? Somebody! When Microsoft sells Linux Novell Suse Yast style, if they so choose to, to the military, what they mean is that they reinspected the code and they are underwriting it, to a certain amount of insurance policy coverage limit. That's what military leaders want to see. I want somebody responsible for the software I'm running, I don't want it for free and I have to be the expert myself, I'd rather pay somebody, but I don't wanna get raped in the ass on price constantly, nor have to put up with the Vista sucks bullshit, or put all my military data on some private cloud.

But for the sake of computing genetic variability, we'd much prefer a leaner and meaner and improved version of Microsoft Windows from Microsoft, not some Microsoft Linux, maybe a Microsoft BSD like OS-XYZ, that they own as private property, pay their programmers right and give a good price to their customers. And all that stuff should run on x86, arm, mips, etc, etc, all for the sake of genetic variability. Last time NT ran on anything but x86 was NT4 on DEC alpha. Just cuz Microsoft and Intel become winners of some competitive race, and they are good at exterminating others and undercutting price and giving a higher quality product, that still does not mean there is no need for genetic variability in computing. And everybody jumping on the Linux bandwagon, sell stuff where other people do the work for free, is not really the answer, even if you reinspect their work and underwrite it with a high coverage limit insurance policy.

Comment: Re:Hopefully, but probably not (Score -1) 439

by sillybilly (#49060413) Attached to: Will Submarines Soon Become As Obsolete As the Battleship?

You could add batteries to either kind of sub, moreover coolant pumps can be converted to inefficient but very quiet Tesla pumps used to pump pieces of chicken or live fish, because they work by friction.

The only giveaway for a sub is the sound echo pinging, but even that could mimic a whale or similar, recorded sounds, or it can be at a level low enough where the signal to noise ratio of the echo is near the detection limit, so it does not spread very far and gets absorbed. When anchored such a sub could stop pinging, and nothing penetrates large bodies of water, such as electromagnetic waves or xrays or gamma rays, with the exception of neutrinos, which are on the other hand very hard to detect.

With full recycling of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, and even extraction of it from seawater, a submarine could exist indefinitely self sufficient, closed circle (i.e. if all the seawater is polluted with radiation, it can recycle everything internally, using its reactor as an artificial sun to live off, in an abstract sense) and undetected, except when it runs out of fuel. And then the key strategic thing becomes mining the fuel on the sea floor, or extraction from seawater. But yeah, hiding of humans from even artificial intelligence that got out of hand on Earth would be possible better deep within the ocean, than anywhere in nearby outer space, even 70,000 years trip away, where it's easy to see, unless the spaceship there too finds a body of liquid water at tolerable pressures and enough dilute concentration of fuel to hide in.

I keep talking about how exodus to space stations is a simple solution from global biotech warfare getting out of hand or even a nuclear holocaust getting out of hand, with the exception of artificial intelligence getting out of hand, however now I realize that there is a chance to hide even from that. However, robots that could replicate, could all be submarines themselves, and produce enough units of themselves to do a one time clean sweep of all ocean waters, including mapping out the crevices surveyor style, so I guess, against 200 trillion robots patrol sweeping the oceans it would be difficult to hide, so one would have to hide behind a block of mountain, even deep within the sea, assuming robots are not interested in patrolling through solid rock and magma, but then you'd be stuck there, inside an totally isolated world or solid rock beneath the earth, maybe with a tap to a volcano magma from which to extract the fuel to live off of, and you could never come out of there or risk getting detected, so you could sit there indefinitely, at least until the Sun turns into a red giant and gobbles up earth, a few billions years from now, but on outer rocky planets like the Moons of Jupiter or Pluto or the Rock-ring of Saturn you might be able to hide out for a long long time, because the Sun will not swallow those, as far as we can tell, and then your time limit becomes the natural decay of the fuel which disappears little by little as the billions of years tick by, and eventually you'd starve, unless you come up with better physics and technology.

Comment: Re:Lasers are easy to stop (Score -1) 517

by sillybilly (#49009293) Attached to: The US Navy Wants More Railguns and Lasers, Less Gunpowder

So the way the Navy, with the best nuclear engineers on the planet, and their ships running on reactors that are fueled once and last for 15-20 years before refueling or scrapping the whole ship, they could use ice bullets as the low cost do it all ammunition, and, during say a beach assault or even carrier planes and helicopters or drones running on lithium batteries recharged from the reactor, they could also load them with electric powered railguns and shoot ice bullets at things. True they are not as bad as grenade launchers that detonate on impact, but at least you could reserve the explosives for on impact things, as opposed to propulsion duties which you could do with a railgun, and some kind of camera flash charging setup charging a flywheel or supercapacitor for the instant high drain shooting part. So during a beach assault, if you run out of the metal bullets, you don't need a resupply and you can keep pounding the enemy, including with cannonball weight objects (and ice is 8x less dense than bronze or steel, so you need 8x the volume of cubic root of 8=twice the diameter of ice crystal ball to create the same weight of impact as a cannon ball. During a beach assault they could have a generator running on either gasoline, or ammonia from aboard a ship, or just a mobile lithium or whatever battery they can easily keep making out of seawater, including sodium air battery, or sodium sulfur, or sodium chlorine, and have one mobile car provide electricity to the troops in the trenches via powerchords. That would put a severe strain on operations and fighting abilities, being tethered to a power source with a cable, or even soldiers microwaved and fried from the accidents and errors of tracking via a cable-less wireless delivery of power (unless they look like R2D2 and C3PO and wear reflective clothing), but on the upside, on economics, you have a fully autonomous Navy unit able to function even if all of it's resupply lines have been cut, other than having to obtain its food from the sea also, like nothing to eat but fish and crabs and seaweed all year long. That way the tax payers would not even have to support them, but they'd be self sufficient, including making their own bullets, and all you gotta do is give them a new reactor loaded every 20 years.

But this idea of ice bullets is not novel, I think it was invented in the 70's in practical form during the height of espionage between the USSR and USA, where spy guns would shoot poisoned ice bullets, that leave a very tiny mark at the point of entry, and then they melt and dissolve in the body, leaving no trail for the autopsy. They contain frozen heart attack poison and the whole thing looks like a natural death from a heart attack, or pneumonia, anyeurism, etc. I think George Carlin died that way, after pissin off Da Man too much when he got really bold toward his old age no longer scared of dying, and said shit like there is a gang or club that own our country, they own you and me, there is a club oppressing everybody, and you and I are not in it. Which sounds very much along the lines of anticapitalist communist instigators propaganda messages about the factory owning burgeoisie exploiting the wage earning proletariat through property hogging of power without contributing much, and of course neither extreme view is correct, but whoever shot him, did it over no, we're tired of listening to this, this kind of talk is why we went into Vietnam, to stop the spread of communism, that, like Obamacare, takes all your private property from you and gives it to another guy, taking away your incentive to go to work and bring home the money because it's not yours anyway. It's like why should I go to work under Obamacare, all these billing agencies want a piece of me like I'm a James Brown sample, and then I can stay home, not have any money, and tell anyone sorry, we're closed today, out of samples, you gotta find another sucker to bum your next dollar out of because i don't have any. Why should I not just sit home and rest and sleep, why should I bust my ass bringing home a dollar filling my fingertips full or metal splinters and my clothes drenched in machine oil when they take it all from me. That's what Obamacare communism is, and I might be willing to pay a tax like that, but I'm not willing to pay some private organizations profit over things that hose my entire budget with cost, and I have to throw my hand up in the air and say I give up, I resign, I can't win this battle against all these bills, where housing used to be the dominant in the pareto analysis, but here comes Obamacare like a new Godzilla or King Kong in town and lays waste to my entire keeping it together budget efforts. That's communism for you, take all your private property, just like in Jamestown where the first settlers died off in bulk, until everyone got 3 acres of their own private property, and suddenly the colonies flourished, because all of a sudden people started to give a fuck, they felt like they reaped the benefits of their own labor, instead of handing it all over to somebody else, even the collective, let alone another private entity within the collective, like private insurance companies. No, I take a fucking chance in life, and my orders are that I want to live, but should I get in an accident and am bleeding, do not fucking call the ambulance but let me bleed to death on the scene, just because I want to take that chance and have a chance at living, instead of wasting the remainder of my years on trying to scrape together the 900/mo health insurance that these companies will want long term, out of which 500 is profit, and you still have to hire lawyers you can't trust and fight the insurance companies every time they reject a claim you file. Bullshit. Yeah I talk like this, and where is my ice crystal frozen poison bullet that puts me to sleep? Oh, I don't get that luxury, instead I will have to beg to die, and suffer a bit first, cuz all this stuff must really be pissin off some people.

Comment: Re:Lasers are easy to stop (Score -1) 517

by sillybilly (#49003655) Attached to: The US Navy Wants More Railguns and Lasers, Less Gunpowder

I think the lasers idea came about the Reagan star wars, as armed GPS or similar satellites can gather a lot of solar power energy and shoot it off as a laser beam anywhere on the planet, but they don't have a supply of matter, or mass, to shoot, and even if they did, there is the shooting stars issue of combusting up in the atmosphere. True there are lots of easy ways to defend against lasers, like the posts above mentioned, but their advantage in space, where matter is scarce, is cost of the bullet rounds. In the Navy, energy is more expensive than matter, and if necessary they can shoot ice bullets if they have plenty of energy such as a reactor powering the ship. In such cases shooting ice bullets does bigger damage than laser beams for the same energy consumed, still cheaper on the budget overall.

On the issue of rail guns, yeah, they are a viable technology as long as you have a reactor attached to them and powering them, the problem with them is portability, like an assault rifle is never gonna be a railgun, because of energy density and reaction rate considerations. Chemical energy density is by far the most energy dense among those used in everyday weaponry, and energy storage like a flywheel, which can deliver energy fast, is low in density and has to constantly be charged, better on energy densities are supercapacitors, slower delivery but higher storage density, then you got batteries like lead acid cranking cars delivering 800 Amps instantaneous, which still falls short of the rate of power delivered by supercapacitors or flywheels, but much higher energy density, and the lithium batteries, which are the best rechargeable portable chemical energy storage things, suffer from low discharge rates, charging rate issues and self combustion, as the boeing and airbus planes found out when switching from nicads to lithium batteries. So who's gonna lug around a superheavy lead acid, nicad, nizn, mn/mn, or li-ion battery with an assault rifle? The bullets with gunpowder in them are robust, compact, and ergonomically portable, the problem is explosives storage as the Battle of Jutland proved for the Navy. So for portable guns, such as needed for a beach assault performed by the navy, there are no present battery technologies with fast enough drain rates required for sudden bursts of energy, but a battery + supercapacitor or flywheel combo might fix that, but the overall energy density of the best Li-ion might be 1MJ/kg, for bullets with explosives maybe 4-7 MJ/kg, and then you have Li-air batteries with slow drain rates but possible at 10+ MJ/kg in the future, and possibly even gasoline/diesel/polyethylene powered generators that spin a flywheel or charge a supercapacitor required for the next burst, kind of like camera flashers do, that might outdo the number of rounds a soldier is able to carry, even if you have to wait say 5 seconds between rounds to charge the flasher, compared to a machine gun assault rifle where the gunpowder bullets are ready and charged. This is only when portability issue is at hand, while back on a battle ship with a reactor and a freezer/cnc unit you can never run out of ice bullet rounds you can cnc-sculpt out of frozen seawater and shoot in an electric coil gun.

But in an all out war, other than chasing down pirates in Somalia where you need conventional guns, or hillbillies in Afganistan, in a world war 3 of all out war scenario only nukes prevail, as the Castle Bravo and other tests have proved. You do not want to have a WW3 and must do everything possible to avoid one, by any means necessary, but if you have to be ready for one, there is almost no point for gunpowder to actually win a battle and only nukes can do it, if anyone loses their cool, and when they do, nobody wins, which is called the doctrine of mutually assured destruction. Things are not so gloomy though, there is hope for life by running away from the problems, which in case of biotech terrorist disease inventions computer virus style or a nuclear holocaust WW3 between say East Asia+India vs the EU and US style over disagreement on economics, prices and food supply issues, also population growth out of control, life can escape by living on self sustainable farming rotating cylinder space stations. Only machine intellect, should it turn violent against organic life, after it becomes smarter than organic life, along the lines of the silly movie Screamers, 1996, is the only problem from which you cannot run away from, unless you embark on an interstellar trip Star Trek or Sid Meier's Civilization style, but unlike in those movies or computer games where you hop from star to star in 2 minutes or 10 years, in reality it would probably take like 70,000 years, and, assuming machine intellect cannot come up with something better and faster, it would buy you time before they catch up with you, or maybe buy you a place off their radar not interested in chasing you down, in case they have to take 70,000 years to get to you. So that would be one way to run away from that problem, but simply running to a geostationary orbit is not running away far enough from AI dangers, but it is far enough from biotech and nuclear issues. As far as mutually assured destruction having any teeth is concerned, it's not mutually assured if one or both of the opponents escape, and the possibility escaping does increase the chances of such a war, gambling on MAD no longer being a prohibiting principle with as much teeth, but living under the mindset of mutually assured destruction is not very reassuring either, so overall a guaranteed escape and diversified portfolio is better than betting for all your eggs in one basket. It's like splitting up the eggs into many baskets increases their chances of going to war with the knowledge that their kin in the other basket is not going to be mutually assuredly destructed, however if all opponents are present in all baskets and they communicate and learn about some spat in another basket and all baskets then jump at each other's throats simultaneously, you still have issues. The only thing about war is misery and pain, and the gains obtainable from an all out war in the nuclear age are very small. Gotta find another way to settle disputes. For instance in Japan there have been instances of people promoting a best warrior from themselves, David vs. Goliath style and everyone else as a bystander, to settle a battle by playing a game of Go, and these days you could do that via computer games which sound childish and naive, or via treaties where no civilians are harmed Geneva convention style, but two opponent powers battle it out between their remote control drone swarms, and whoever wins such a war could then use their stock of drones to kill civilians with too, so it's best to just act as if there were a real war that went down with soldiers on the battle front dying, instead not one single person died or got harmed, nor a single nuke got blasted, but everyone adhered to some principles of "kosher war" and in this way sustaining and maintaining military skills against an intergalactic invasion, or, if necessary, against other humans if necessary. With nukes there should be a doctrine or no first strike, and also a doctrine of no response to a first strike, but only to a 2nd one, in a forgiving tit for tat way. Which may be the reason why 911 was two towers and two airplanes, only one hitting might have been written off as a mistake, or an accident, which it might actually have been, just like a first nuclear strike might be. It's like if North Korea shoots a nuke at the US, we should go, bro, why you had to do that, what's wrong with you? Do you really want me to do unto you as thou had done unto me? Can't we find another way to work things out, like talk it out, and if talks break down then fight things out in a kosher way where no civilians are harmed, or even military personnel, such as via computer game like drone swarm physical reality battles? And of course against such a defense all they have to do is shoot nukes off in pairs, 911 style, saying they mean business, so it's a very weak principle in trying to avert a catastrophe.

When I write about stuff like this I really like having a terrible karma posting at a default of -1 and few people reading it.

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All politicians ever talk about is the economy economy economy. Why is the economy so fucking important? In my mind everyone should be able to live in absence of an economy, yeoman farmer style, and only participate in one if they find it is a good deal for them, because it's worth it economically, and otherwise they can abstain from participating in an economy DIY everything themselves. That means no mandatory bills of any kind other than voluntary ones such as cell phones or internet access, but no rent, no sewer/gas/electric bill, no food cost. And in this city dwellers who are gotten by the balls or by the stomach on the food supply and food cost issue, unable to DIY because of not enough area per person, are most vulnerable, and almost cannot be trusted on voting, just like the founding fathers said it, but then also, no great civilization or technology existed without cities. It's like mayan stargazing priests that invented zero and with that a positional numbering system equivalent to the hindus we call arabic as opposed to having to do math with roman numerals, so the priests of the mayans were like city dwellers we have today, without whom great technology and great weapons are impossible, and you need cities, even if city dwellers like the mayan priests are held by the balls on the food supply issue by the farmers. But you get what I'm trying to say. Fuck the economy, and I don't have to work or buy anything unless it's a good deal, and that's the only way to ensure fair prices. Mandatory sewer bills, mandatory electric bills, mandatory grocery prices are open to abuse in cities, and might require government regulation of monopolies just like in the old days. I used to get like $17 gas bills 7 years ago, when the local gas company was regulated, and now that they have been deregulated, and got all the city dwellers by the balls, they started charging a 25/mo minimum charge. 25/mo for nothing? You're out of your mind, that's an insane amount of money, not in the $25/hr for a GED union wage economy of the 90's, or even to the $30/hr nurses blackmailing people out of their livesavings they gathered for 40 years within 10 minutes, which they are willing to turn over to get a heart surgery and live for 2 more minutes, so that has a good and a bad side to it, but with the level of unemployment, and businesses going empty all around me, 25/hr is insane, in the present general circumstances, and all I can do is give the the finger if they are unwilling to be flexible on charges to me, such as when I don't have money, I could still spend $5/mo for hot water and not heat the home much, instead of all or nothing 25/mo, in which case they get nothing, or a crash like Detroit is coming their and the whole US economy's way. Life adapts to new circumstances, and if it cannot, it goes extinct. Businesses and economies adapt and if not they do not, they go extinct too. And in this adaptation game my way of fighting Da Man on top constantly seeking to put a collar around my neck and a chain to yank on, threatening me with this, threatening me with that, is to give Da Man the finger and tell him to give me liberty or give me death, and when the circumstances around me are artificially modulated to create an incentive to make me do something I hate doing, like becoming an intellectual property slave to some intellectual property generation company slave owner, I go head against the wall and make sure that the opposite effect is achieved, as far as my behavior is concerned. I'm like a cat that you try to put a yoke on, I throw it off and hiss at you, but if you set me free and I feel free, I might come rub up against you and purr to you. Above anything else I don't breed in captivity, and willingly go extinct in circumstances of captivity, such as a 1.002 income to expense ratio. Give me liberty or give me death, and in that I don't need you to give me a high income, but I'd love to divide by zero to create infinite luxury on peanuts of an income. My goal is not a high salary, but a zero cost, in the long run. And nothing can change that.

Comment: Re:So who's going to buy them? (Score -1) 294

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I'm sick, income to expense ratio is too low in America for businesses to be profitable, and when I try to fix my expense to create a division by zero infinite luxury condition for myself on minimum wage, I get attacked by the people who have a lot of wealth and their life savings or even decades long education and experience presently invested into those cost of living things - i.e. utility companies and utility stocks, real estate investments, intellectual property investments, insurance businesses, legal services and healthcare services, or even food - and are extremely vehement when you talk about DIY in everything above, including legal, health, housing, utility, food, you DIY everything and have zero bills except property tax which you cannot escape, other than living in the most worthless and piece of crap place nobody else wants to live in, yet there is plenty of green and plenty of rain and life you can eat. Food is my top daily necessity, besides air and water that I get for near free, they fall out of the sky, but no biblical manna falls out of the sky and I cannot live without food, and everything else is optional, or not a daily cost - like you build a shelter once, it takes you a couple days or maybe months then it's good for 30 years. I don't understand how the shelter cost is so friggin high? It's only so because of corrupt bldg code sustaining the artificially high prices attacks low cost shelters to cater to the favors of those on top, who tend to hold most property possessions, and it's in their interest to distort laws in their own favor. All I know stubbornness like that only leads to a Detroitish appearance world. Unless they are willing to erect skyhigh tariffs on international trade to where artificially high labor prices can be maintained within the US, and from that artificially high cost of living prices, we have to compete for our own dollar with Chinese engineers earning 3K a year, when minimum wage of approx 8/hr comes to 8 x 2080hrs/yr approx 16K salaries. And people in America think that we're better than the rest of the world, that Chinese people are stupid because they don't know the American Way and can't speak English correctly - why don't you try learning Chinese and see how far you get or how stupid you are too - and all I can say is that they are not stupid, and the American Way is shopping at Walmart for stuff Made in China, and everyone works at companies in the US making products nobody can afford to buy. Unlike in the days of Ford T-model assembly lines, where the workers got paid enough to buy the products they were making, or even in the 90's when 25/hr GED union jobs could let people not really care because money was plenty, these days, when I work on a Toyota part at a job, the company owner has a meeting and orders or strongly suggests everyone to buy a Corolla and credit. Let's use our credit to buy Corollas. Yeah right, nobody has $20K for a new Corolla and they buy used cars. If you want a global economy without tariffs which has lots of benefits, you have to be willing to compete, and in that, on the cost of labor, and in that, on the cost of living. If you are unwilling to adapt your cost of living, such as housing cost to the economic realities, you create an all or nothing crash situation, like Detroit buildings going empty. The only thing those buildings failed to do properly is adjust their free market prices. Such as if nobody wants to pay 1500/mo for an office space you drop it to 500, and if nobody pays that, I'm sure people would be interested at 50, and in turn the building property has to adjust their cost of living expenses too. It's like I can't find a way to exist in the US making 7.85/hr if the cost of living takes 7.83/hr and I'm left with 0.02 wiggle room, or the income to expense ratio is 7.85/7.83=1.0026, with a 0.2% excess I can use to save up money from, and compete like that with China where people make $1/day, not 14 hr workdays x 7.85/hr. It's like if I can cut all my expenses to zero, or close to it, so say $0.10/hr while making $7.85/hr, I'd be in ecstasy, living like no king ever lived before, with an income to expense ratio of 7.85/0.10=78.5, or 7750% excess which I can save up from, meaning each month I can save near 77 months worth of basic costs, and in 2 months that's 154 mos ahead into the future that are covered, and I can start undertaking some longterm vision goals, such as starting a family and raising children without government aid, which I cannot do when in the pinch of 1.002 income to expense ratio barely able to take care of one person, let alone a stay at home wife and 2.1 kids, which comes to 4.1 people. If the wife works too and get free health care from grandparents, then each has to do 2.05 excess above themselves. But in this sense, if I could get my cost of living to $0.10/day, you could pay me $0.50/day and I'd be working with a 5x income to expense ratio, each month able to create a 4x surplus, which is able to take care of the 1 wife plus 2.1 kids=3.1 people easily, leaving 0.9 people's worth as excess luxury for vacations and shit. So in this seeking luxury, or even seeking to propagate life and have a family, it's difficult to attack it at the 5x minimum wage front, trying to earn 5 x 7.85 = 39.25/hr instead of minimum wage of 7.85/hr to be able to take care of a family other than just all by myself, and it's a lot easier to attack it on the front of the seeking to become a self reliant independent yeoman farmer, who was supposed to be the backbone of democracy, and in that build your own house with your two hands instead of hiring contractors who want 100K to build one, whatever you can put together, and that means giving the finger to contractors and banks, grow your own food, giving the finger to grocery stores, make your own electric via solar and windmill or grow your own fuel, and collect your own rainwater or dig your own well and outhouse and sewer system, giving the finger to all utility companies like the electric company, gas company or the city sewer system sending you random arbitrary bills, also doing your own self representation in court, giving the finger to lawyers, so in all this global competition I could give the finger to the Chinese working for $1/day and screw them out of their job by me working for 50 cents a day, while still having a 5x income to expense ratio where I do everything else myself, instead of being abused by these bill composing agencies living in a dream world, of, let me see if I can come up with a bill with numbers I pick out of thin air, and see if you can pay it, and send it to you, threatening you with a bad credit if you don't, and loss of the roof over your head when your credit goes to shit and the bank increases the mortgage interest rate into the starry sky and you're fucked, homeless out on the street because you can no longer pay your slavery tribute fees to them. So instead of a healthy vibrant competitive US economy, we have an Uncle Sam pays everyone's bills by starting up the money printing presses and sending everyone a government welfare or unemployment check, and usually such a behavior without value backing that printed paper leads to an instant collapse and hyperinflation, like the Zimbabwe Z$ did collapse recently after going through valuations with so many zeros that ATM machines choked on it, like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 initial Z$ dollars you had to have saved up to be worth 1 Z$ 10 years later to buy a loaf of bread. So the US is lucky that the US$ is still the global currency, and we can abuse our privilege that even if we just print the money and send it to everyone, so we can sustain our artificially high lawyer prices, real estate prices, and utility prices, and the consequence is this remote abstract slavery where the Chinese toil away in their factories, underwriting a lot of value for our money, while we print that money and buy the Chinese goods on it, but it creates a lot of abrasion, ill will and anger, including all the cat-hissing messages coming from Pyongyang. In my mine Pyongyang is Chinas dummy puppet China can use to throat talk because they'd look silly talking like that from Beijing, wielding nukes at us. But the consequence of international abstract remote slavery based on the US$ being the global currency and abused in the printing money way, is that there is either a fight and a war over it, or it stops being the global currency, like the British pound stopped being the global currency after the monarchy sort of collapsed away from being a dominant world power. Even if we out competed China in the labor market by working for 50 cents a day for our own dollar to them doing it at $1/day, and them suffering from it, and possibly attacking, it would be a more acceptable and fair way to do it then simply printing our money and receiving it as a welfare check sitting home not working. If anything, I'd be willing to work for the same average wage of $1/day as they do, and then compete like that on other things, so there is no anger generated over that, so that inequality, either above or under, is not used as an excuse to create a war, or even just mountain lion stuck in a game trapper's rig hissing messages. Money schmoney, I don't really care what the prices and hourly wages are, all I know is I'm not interested in working for $40/hr if my cost of living expenses total to $41/hr, but I'd be very interested in making 50 cents a day if my cost of living expenses totaled 10 cents a day, giving me a 4x wiggle room to work with. And Obamacare or other mandatory bills like a mandatory gas bill do nothing to help with this picture, and I'm sorry, but I simply refuse to buy it, and they can take the penalty for it, which I will wear proudly on my tax records.

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So my mother with a failed marriage, with both her mother and father dead by her 30's, I was pretty much her only hobby besides work, and some church. At the local library they told her there are no more children's books, she has borrowed them all and read them to me. She might have hated my father over her being starved as a child by people who believed in what he believed in, and was ambivalent love-hate about me especially after I stopped looking like nobody's kid and became a near exact copy of my father, and he started paying child support after me, but then my mother's attitude changed too, no longer her top hobby but busy trying to run a larger household like running a mini farm trying to make ends meet, and she'd often leave and be gone with the bus far away me all by myself for many hours, with a blue crayon and a notebook and told me to draw and amuse myself, and I was bored out of my mind with a stupid blue crayon for hours, but then a cat we had befriended me, and took care of me. Cats are masters of body language of their prey with phd's in psychology and interpersonal respect, and if you treat them right, they treat you right, if they sense you are down and depressed they rub up against you purring and boost your ego back up, then they abandon you and go about their own business like you mean nothing to them.

So anyway when and where I grew up it never even occurred to kids to show up to school with a gun, and parents provided a fairly decent education in church, religion and just plain basic humanity that gave teachers something to work with, unlike around here, where to teach, or sometimes even to go to work, like a recycling business, school, airport or government office, you have to go through a metal detector. It's like freedom and freedom of mind is important to me, and I'm not interested in working where they force me to sign intellectual property agreements or have to go through metal detectors, and that includes not interested in teaching.

Comment: Re:As a parent, which requires no testing or licen (Score 0) 700

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Where I grew up I had insanely good teachers with great reputation among the parents - including my all time favorite teacher, the high school math professor, who retired like three times and the parents begged him back into teaching, - and general education you did not have to pay for, but even if you did, it would have had to have been extremely expensive before I, if I had to walk a mile in my parents shoes, would have decided not to purchase the awesome quality education they were providing. It's like a free market, if the price is too high you DIY or buy elsewhere, and even if it's cheap but you're getting a crappy education, you can also DIY, like on Ebay price determines whether something is a good deal or not, and you can often have an amazing education pretty much for free (such as state supported), or you can overpay for private school for the quality and value you get there. DIY homeschooling is always an option, and individual citizens have to decide for themselves what's best for them and their children. For instance, in 2nd grade, when I took my homework home and asked my mother to help me solve a system of 2 simultaneous linear equations of two variables, my mother was unable to help, and my 2nd grade teacher when I was 8 years old could not believe how stupid all the parents were, because almost none could solve two simultaneous equations of two independent variables, which to her was piece of cake, and she found it easier to teach it to us, the kids, than to the stuck in an old muddy rut brained parents who were like you can't teach an old fox new tricks. That was the time my mother gave up teaching me, having taught me all the numbers, letter, how to read write way before 1st grade, and my teacher telling her to quit teaching me stuff in advance because I'm extremely bored out of my mind and naughty in class and disturbing. So for homeschooling, parents have to decide whether they can teach their kids simple stuff like a system of simultaneous linear equations of two independent variables, as a taste for what's required to begin with to home school, and otherwise they are at the mercy of professionals to provide the basics to their children.

Some people in the US are like I'm supposed to teach their kids. And my answer to that is that if you knock my house down, cut my grass, bust up the trunk and smash the windows of my car in where I bought a junk house and tried to make a go of it and parked an old car there, then teach your own fucking kids and I don't have to do it.

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These days I am forced to do whatever it takes not to show up at a hospital, even when they infect the fuck out of me and xray the fuck out of me, because I oppose forced insurance purchases, such as Obamacare is trying to introduce, which would devastate the financial life of any responsible family, and pretty much amounts to nothing but mass extermination of the responsible middle class by draining their financial resources they could use to have another child and live on in the next generation, it takes the breast milk money out of middle class tits and starves those babies and gives them to the upper and lower classes. They are trying to make an example case out of me for Obamacare and have me show up at a hospital sick and uninsured, and my answer to that is that I'm willing to make an example case out of Obamacare out of me and die over this shit so other people, who are responsible, and I care about, can live.

Comment: Re:Parched by the Sun scorched by the Moon (Score -1) 25

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No, but with the right technology (like greenhouses, solar power, air conditioners, and atmospheric moisture extractors) it could be turned into one. Unfortunately that, like the loss of snow caps on mountaintops like Kilimanjaro, would reduce solar reflectivity and increase global warming, because jungle green reflects less visible light penetrating the atmosphere into outer space and coverts it to infrared that bounces back to the planet from the atmosphere, compared to bright desert yellow sand. One must wait until there is tangible evidence of the mofos on top running the show putting up umbrella like solar panels (that beam the power via microwave down to Earth or maybe to the ISS or the Moon) at the Lagrange point in sufficient amount (say 1% of total Earth surface area) to compensate for loss of reflectivity and cool the planet the fuck back down until the snow on top of Kilimanjaro reappears in same quantity as it was in 1950. Until then areas like Death Valley or Death Saudi Arabia or Death Sahara Desert must wait. And we're talking a lot of real estate:
Then go look up the land area of the Sahara Desert to realize how much opportunity to expand jungles is wasted presently as wind blown desert sand dunes with death and nothing in them. From that picture it looks like the Sahara Desert is bigger than the entire continental US not including Alaska, and Alaska might be by far the biggest state by land area, but it's pretty empty from people (except shotgun wielding hot as fuck air heads like Sarah Palin that everyone, including all the women have a crush on and want to see naked) because it does not get enough sunlight, or enough temperate temperature days to allow for farming to proliferate, unlike the jungles of India, Congo, Brazil, or Vietnam that are bursting with life and genetic variability. Alaska does get forests and safe habitat for rare or near extinct animals like grizzlies, polar bears and wolves. For comparison in land areas, Russia tops the list, for instance look at this picture:

Btw I came across another good picture worth soaking up. We all know about China being the most populous, and people in Japan being perverts who fuck like rabbits, but besides them two check out India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, VietNam, Mexico and compare to US, Russia, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia, or even Yemen to Saudi Arabia, or even Ukraine to Russia, to find out where the most coitus is going down on the planet and where people are most strictly religious in the non-kama-sutra way and keep a leash on their dick.
Based on this picture a Pearl Harbor attack by a tiny country like Japan on a humongous country like the US is not really that insane, and should a war happen between Japan and Australia alone, or even Vietnam and Australia, and it's obvious who the immediate winner would be, right? When you could human soldiers which are cheaper, more expandable and more robust than robots.

It would be nice to see a similar breakdown for the US along racial lines. For instance in the 1990's there were 17% African Americans in the US, supposedly, in the days of $25/hr union wages with a high school diploma. These days all I see is white women with black kids and everyone on welfare and white guys not having children over not having a job, or not having a job that pays well, and I'm starting to think that the racial makeup is more like 30% Black, 20%Hispanic and 10% Asian, and out of these Hispanics are the fastest breeding. As long as there is guaranteed welfare checks that leave no child left behind and starving, there is no reason not to pop as many as you possibly can, right? How you gonna tell somebody not to hit that booty, not to fuck, and not to have children, when that is pretty much the only entertainment and only activity people like to do? The alternative, of enforcing consequences of breeding without being able to feed the kids, such as child starvation, are something we don't even want to ponder, and the solution is to bitch at people, and hope their humanity and decency comes to surface in their behavior, and bitch at all the billing agencies in society to quit sending bills at everybody, which pretty much enhances this picture of one guy trying to be responsible and live within his means and not have kids in the bills take all the money he could use for food to feed the mother who can turn that into breast milk, while the other guy not giving a fuck because the government will pay all his bills and pick up the tab on the food required for the breast milk coming out of all of his numerous too many baby mommas tits. It's hard to not find booty irresistible, it is the most addicting thing in the world, just like it should be. You mind and your body are better than ice cream, better than chocolate, better than coffee and nicotine, better than cocaine and heroin to somebody else.

Comment: Re:So.... (Score -1) 265

Or releasing genetically modified mind blowingly hot humans into areas with human overpopulation issues, so that all the offsprings or grandkids are infertile. Come on, y'all know where this genetics technology is heading to why do I have to be the first one to say it?.. first mosquitoes, then your human declared enemies.. then your human competitors in business.. especially if you are tribal, gang-like or clan like in your mindset.. Thank you Monsanto Laboratories and Agilent Bioscience for these miraculous tools to fix "problems" in biology.

If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, they can sure make something out of you. -- Muhammad Ali