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As far as multiplicity and genetic variability goes, it is a good thing not only in software and bees, but also in forms of government. In particular, I grew up under communism, and witnessed first hand its deficiencies, but I'm proud to say my people faired better under it than the brits eating their pregnant wives when forced to be communists, see So when communism fell, my priest started chiming about the virtues of monarchy, how that's a very good system of government, to be taken seriously. During communism he was constantly in trouble with the politicians for his abuses of free speech, for constantly talking politics, criticizing everyone and everything during his preachings. By the way I barely missed like 10 Sundays from church in 18 years while growing up, unless I was away in summer camp, I'd always go to the evening mass, always 5 minutes late, sneaking in upstairs to the choir, holding my head low when reaching the top steps, so the priest wouldn't see me - the organist and few people up there would see me, but I didn't fear them as much because they were not as outspoken and criticizing like the priest, who might stop sermon and criticise someone who just walked in late, by name, in front of everyone, for being late, so I'd sneak up with my head low, and sit in the back on a bench level with the back of the organ, my head only becoming visible when the first standing up is required during a catholic sermon. The masses were always very educational, and even if you did not fully agree with what was said, a lot of it was way off, as in "woow, you can't say that! not in church!," you always got a fresh point of view on issues of importance, that you may not have been aware that they were of importance before, and he was probably aware what he said was not the truth, but he was doing it to make people think about it. There are often many sides to a topic, and opposing views might each be correct in their own ways, and sometimes highlighting the most ridiculous answer brings attention to the more mediocre other answers. As shown on, Bohr said "Two sorts of truth: profound truths recognized by the fact that the opposite is also a profound truth, in contrast to trivialities where opposites are obviously absurd." Also "Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question." So when you discuss complex issues, like the priest did, sometimes saying absurd things is acceptable. So he started chiming about the virtues of a monarchy, Sunday after Sunday, and that was competely against what you learned in school, what the communist propaganda machine sort of forcefed you, about progress, prosperity, zero unemployment, and building a better future and creating more happiness than the proletariat exploiting capitalists can come up with, which you knew was bullshit, all you had to do was compare a West German(capital Bonn) luxurious Mercedes, with an East German(capital Berlin) frugal 2-cycle cardboard body Trabant. So even though you were taught about the shortcomings and abuses of having and allowing private property, all of which sounded true, you knew there had to be another side to the story they were not telling, that there was overall more happiness in allowing for private property than not allowing for it, that instead of private owners who "care" having the "state" or more exactly its politicians "care" for the welfare of such things as a factory seems not to be working out for the better. Even though you knew that much of the propaganda was bullshit, it was obvious that something led to it, and the people who were talking it were all probably well meaning, and if what they were preaching as a solution to the problems didn't work out in practice, it must have been because they didn't understand or were unable to predict properly, not because they intended to create suffering and harm. Monarchy has its virtues and deficiencies. Monarchy, when the monarch speaks as "We, the King of England", not as "I, or Me, the King of England", the "We" being me as a representative of my people, someone dedicated in my life to serving my people, promoting the best interest of my people through ruling them, is a form of communism at its core, moderated by allowing some degree of private property. Also the democracy that we have in the US, where, "We, The People" hold sovereign rights in everything in our territories, is communist at its core, on the macroeconomic scale, while allowing some degree of private property, and the freedoms associated with it, on the microeconomic scale, and when push comes to shove, we can moderate the abuses arising from private property, such as appearances of monopolies (which btw is the only way to make money, in face of desperate suicidal freemarket competition where those on the way out will take others out with them while desperately competing.) Monarchy has its deficiencies, some of them are outlined in the Declaration of Independence, where Thomas Jefferson says sometimes people have to take matters into their own hands, and the chaos and suffering that ensues from it should not be taken lightly, but here are the reasons why such a thing is necessary, etc. To it I'd like to add the problems of succession to the throne and the 100 year war and 30 year war that ensued from it, also complete neglect of the duties of a monarch in having to defend its people or its territories, such as in the Habsburg dynasty's motto, "Leave the waging of wars to others! But you, happy Austria, marry; for the realms which Mars awards to others, Venus transfers to you", failing to provide defense atár (where Zrinsky did a final charge with 600 men against 150,000), and signing idiotic treaties likeár, even when they had a brilliant general, Montecuccoli, who said you need 3 things to wage a war: money, money and money. By the way the Turks were not that bad as rulers, as they left without much lasting effect, unlike the muslims of India, which got chopped into hindu India, and muslim Bangladesh and muslim Pakistan as an end result. The turks also tolerated Reformation better than the pro-Catholic Habsburgs. Also, when a monarch says "We, the King" he may in actually mean Me and my gang, using our territories in our own self interest, not serving our territories for everyone's best interest, which would be natural from the previous discussion of ego, the self comes before the family, and the family comes before the country, etc. But on the virtue side, monarchy is less plagued by corruption, as power and status is decided by hereditary rights, not by lobbying and advertising as presently done in the US democracy. In the US every single politician is slave to money, they have to be slave to money and accept donations, else they cannot win campaigns, else they do not exist as politicians. Also as their stay is short, they hold no long term view and responsibility as a King with a dynasty who would care about the welfare of his "house" hundreds of years from now. A king is above the corrupting influences of money if the overall effect is an decrese in the welfare of his country, and he can quickly make decisions about the behavior and regulation of monopolies. Free market competition can lead to deadly, suicidal competition, so some degree of monopolism, as through patents, can help. There are benefits and deficiencies in both ways of government. I would say that parliamentary Monarchy in Great Britain, Spain, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, democracy in US, France, Sweden and Germany, and moderated Communism in China(which seems to be working out decently for them, where the state retains a lot of factory ownership) should be allowed to coexist, each sort of pushing and asserting itself, promoting itself around the world, but not exterminating each other. In particular pushing democracy in the North African Arab states may not be as efficient as monarchies there, and in a lot of places in Africa also(where anarchy or despotism also exsit), and also in Southeast Asia. A King is not always a bad thing, especially if he's forced to behave and show his virtues by the existence of other forms of government around the world. The misbehaviour of monarchies lead to things like the 1848 rebellion, where, even if suppressed, things such as serfdom were abolished. Serfdom is a form of slavery that existed for almost a millenium in Europe, where people do not own land, but are tied to the land and are not allowed to move about freely without permit, and they work for "themselves" but the landlord can enter their homes and take a 10% tax from all their belongings - wheat, cattle, clothes, furniture, etc., as a fee for providing defense, for supplying a standing army for defense purposes. This form of slavery/military security system was the economic powerhouse of Europe, and it created stability and welfare necessary for innovation and progress. But people despise being serfs. On the plus side, compared to American race-based slavery, serfdom did not separate families, which was by far the biggest crime in America, because nobody cares about a child like his own mother and grandmother. But because of lack of freedom to move about it also created some inbreeding problems. Having different forms of government, means having some less efficient forms, causing suffering to those who have to live under it. It is great to live in a Democracy with constitutional liberties, and I would hate living as a serf, or under despotism. By the way I came accross Mary Wollstonecraft today, who wrote lots of things along the lines of Jefferson. I was able to save the wikipedia article about her onto local disk, which, if kept on the cloud, as the story about Microsoft building a 1 billion dollar server farm in Iowa goes, would be edited or erased or it would disappear, and I fear sometimes that these new computers, because of wifi, they are under constant surveillance on a subliminal wifi network, where the wifi led is off, and the modem lights don't blink, but data transmission and remote access to my computer still goes on anyway. So you always have to have offline backups, because there might be a zero day where everything on the shitlist of the powers that be will get mass deleted, including Mary Wollstonecraft and Thomas Jefferson. The other day I had great trouble finding sources regarding Jefferson yeoman farmer on, instead I was directed to serial killer novels, like the Borgias. It seems there is a resurgence of royalism, nobility around the world, and the whole experiment of East vs. West Germany, of allowing democracies around the world temporarily was provided to show that nobility and private property and slavery are correct things to have, else we'll all starve. In particular, topics relating to the yeoman farmer who is the only independent voter according to Jefferson, because, unlike city dwellers, who depend on someone giving them a job, and nobody can be forced to give a job to anyone, the yeoman farmer, the kulak, is the only independent voter, who is self sufficient. The "kulak" is a russian term meaning "tight fist," representing the fact that after landreform in the early 1900's, it was fairly difficult to screw the kulak's out of their tiny farm possessions, and instead we had two World Wars with mass butchering of common folk (incited by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria, by the remnants, descendents of the 1848 revolutions,) the October revolution (instituting total communism, which previous experience has shown it makes people eat their pregnant wives), and confiscating back through communist cooperatives. The term kulak is obfuscated by the term gulag, meaning forced laborer taken to Siberia, so people say aha, it's gulag, not kulak! The yeoman farmer and kulak issue is at core around the politics of the world today, and around internet searches, as the smart people who used to be nobles and want to bring back nobility titles, to make easy money and guarantee competition free advantage to their heirs through hereditary rights, fear the yeoman kulaks the most. Depressed food prices and enormous land tax values should be the norm for long time to come, so that you cannot pay the property tax from the food that you grow on your farm, and your farm gets sold at sheriff sale over backtaxes, should be the norm for a long time to come. By the way it is the smart ones who are always on top, as the smart ones figure out why should they work when they can have other people do the work for them. It's kind of like in India or East Asia, people pulling carts themselves, but the smart ones, or the ones who can affort to, will use a donkey to pull the cart instead, and take a ride on the cart. That's all that's a nobility title is about. The smart ones are always on top, but they suffer from inbreeding, as you must maintain cohesion of property, you cannot divide your land 10 ways if you have 10 kids, but should seek to have few kids who marry other significant land holders, and stay with dominant property sizes, as the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker, so you have to keep it together and inbreed, and inbreeding has consequences, such as the Habsburg Charles II of Spain, producing no heirs, or his sister, who produced many children so there was no fecundity or succession issue, but she died by the age of 21. In a nobility world, the smart ones end up at the top, but they are forced to inbreed, and sometimes it's not a good idea to be at the top. There is also a deliberate breeding effort to create really ugly and dumb people, and unleash them unto the yeoman kulak's as a proof that not all men are created equal, and nobility titles do have a place in the world. But it's really hard to create dumb and ugly people, because dumb and ugly people don't exist, and if they do temporarily, they don't reproduce that well, I mean they would always be horny, but they will naturally self select back to the best looking ones and smartest ones amongst themselves. If anything, the degree of inbreeding will determine how dumb and ugly one is. People will always inbreed within their "identity", wiccans with wiccans, gays with gays, heavy metal fans with heavy metal fans, jews with jews, indians with indians, but they will sufficiently mix at the fringes. The genetic variability within the identity is important, and when it comes to nobility, especially the royal class, the availability of candidates is very few, as there are very few countries around the world, and even if each had a monarch, the genepool is very limited. So then you get cases like princess Diana, brought in to improve bloodlines. To sum it up, having multiplicity, including multiplicity in forms of government, is a good thing. Luckily for us the intergalactic Borg believe in multiplicity of life, including multiplicity of species, and they value human individuals more than say a strand a grass, which are two forms of terrestrial life the only difference being difference in DNA instructions, but as outsiders, they would not look kindly at total extermination of other species to save the human species. A question which should never arise by the way, there should always be a way to coexist. However some other intergalactic invaders may not believe in and even meddle in the affairs of the world to sustain the multiplicity of life as the Borg do, and instead they would assert their own ego, even to the point of exterminating lifeforms in the Milky Way Galaxy. And then we'd have to fight, and some poolplayers I know are going to be Jedi's then. Invading intellect should be kind, intellect is kind, but sometimes intellect is slave to other people, and has to abide by their agenda, as the Szilard's letter to Truman never was able to create a demo of the bomb, and demo + 1 atomic bomb would have definitely ended the war, as opposed to having to use 2 before it was not considered a natural disaster or miracle, but a fact. In fact 9/11 was 2 airplanes, as a single one could have been considered an accident. By the way ammonia is not naturally combustible, but it as a lot of energy density, so liquid ammonia fuel cell based airplanes should be safe from 9/11 type issues. I'm sooner of later gonna get shot for writing stuff like this. Oh well.

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The solution to Detroit's problems is what the voices in my head tell me "no Texas in Michigan", and what they really mean by that is "no taxes in Michigan." All you got to do is set the corporate tax rate to something like 0.00005%, or even -0.00000003%, i.e. a rebate) and personal income tax to something like half or quarter of what it is now, and watch the entrepreneurs like chip companies and their employees from around the world flock to Michigan, and fix the state budget through their 7 or 8% sales tax. Unfortunately this is not completely good news to the present population becoming displaced by the "more skilled" and educated attracted by the scent of honey, because they will be displaced, like native americans were displaced, and only later did they reap the benefits of simple things like having a horse, or a gun - there were two sides to being displaced, the positive, and the negative. Unfortunately the chip companies cannot rely on present Michigan workers, because they cannot follow simple instructions to the letter, because in making a chip not a single mistake is allowed in a sequence of thousands of steps, or each mistake is very costly, and the discipline required in a micron filtered dust free environment is tremendous. Only the best military boot camp trained people can function in such an environment, or people from Korea, Japan, or Taiwan, who take their job and follow orders just as seriously without any formal military training. In fact that's one of my biggest deficiencies, not having been through such a bootcamp, and I cannot follow simple instructions either, make mistakes left and right. One possible way for people(about to be displaced if taxes are lowered) to crawl out of the being on welfare desperation without any prospect of a job, is to sign up for private prisons, without commiting a crime, and work as prison laborers, for $1/day, having communal housing and communal dining and bathroom facilities, just like it's done in China with pretty much all labor, which there is nonprison. Such prison situations avoid the minimum wage issues that hinder American competitiveness in the global marketplace, a minimum wage which is by the way unfairly low when you consider the cost of educating 3 kids and paying for gas and mortgage. We're trying to pretend that $900/mo is a fair rent or mortgage in face of $8/hr minimum wage and $3.50/gal gas commute, and food prices dependent on that 4/gal diesel trucking cost. So people could sign up for prison, but be allowed to leave any time they wish if they haven't commited a crime, and in fact it could be used as consideration, crime equity, against some future petty crime, such as shoplifting, but not capital crimes, such as violence. You also cannot raise your kids under such circumstances, so you have to find someone like grandparents, or one of the two parents doing the childraising, while the other works, just like it's done in China, where parents see their kids raised by the grandparents once per year on their yearly 1 week vacation when they can visit their hometown or village hundreds of miles away from their jobs. So the people not doing any child raising or at least one of two such people could get off welfare and pay for their own cheap housing and food this way, keep busy with something like making a broom, and enjoy each other's company. In prison solitary confinement is considered a harsh sentence, and out in the real world a lot of people on welfare are stuck with a very small circle of people in their lives out of necessity, solitary confinement by necessity, but there are some people who prefer solitude even if not necessary. So these people could keep looking for a job while in such a prison, and of course this means they'd be stuck for 30-50 years in this "looking for a job" situation while working as prison slaves, but I had personally much rather be a prison slave than be sitting on welfare, and be chastised by people who don't really understand my situation that I'm lazy and the only reason why I don't have a job is because I'm lazy and I'm not looking hard enough to find one. Shawshank Redemption is a good movie about institutionalized life, and how getting out on parole leads to suicide. People would rather work for a dollar a day, or even nothing, as long as they have a clean place to sleep, good food to eat, and each other's company, and they are not piling on credit card and mortgage debt. Being out in the real world with 8/hr minimum wage, but making $12-15/hr and paying a 45 year mortgage on a $299,999 house, paying gas, childcare and education for kids, when you add up all of it you still make at least like $-4 to $-1/hr, and the way to compensate for that, at least till the housing crash, was to refinance your home every 5 years that is revalued to 349,999 by then, and take out the 50 grand equity you just obtained by this pie in the sky revaluation. I used to work briefly in a place, as a coop student, that had a uniform across the board union pay of $17.85/hr, which comes to like 36000/yr, and there was so much overtime abuse that even the janitor, who by the way was also qualified as a reactor operator and took all kinds of overtime functions, made like $100,000/yr, with a high school diploma. The who gets what, the dividing up of the cake on 20mill yearly profit was 10 mill to the owners, 10 mill to the workers, which came to like 100,000/worker for 100 people when you added up all the benefits. These workers were lazy as hell, they sat around all day like in a clubhouse, discussing politics and elections, and anything that needed to be worked on was an excuse for overtime. Many of them pulled 5 of 7 days of 16 hrs straight, which means they pretty much lived there, and they slept some on the job too. But one thing they made sure of was that the pounds of product was made every day, and it was top quality. Work smart, not hard. Because of the union abuses the place got shut down, every building got erased to the ground, it's plant grass now, and the company moved to Mexico, where people worked for $5/day doing the same thing.

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By the way when it comes to both competition and sustaining genetic variability, the understood rules are that life is ego based, there are different levels of ego, everyone is responsible to look out for themselves first, then for their families next (in this order, as there are plenty of divorces, and the self comes before the family in them all), then for their "kind", be it their race, color, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or even things such as being "gay", "wiccan", "Harley Davidson", or "heavy metal fan," etc, all falling under the term "identity." You have the right to your identity. To illustrate it with a relatively uncharged and infrequent issue, it's not in harmony with the tao to force indian immigrants to marry chinese ones, when they each wish to marry their own kind, or stay within their "identity." Indian people will care about everyone, but will feel extra responsibility in caring about indians, compared to caring about, say, chinese folks. It's only natural to expect that. Same goes for jews, blacks, hispanics, etc., but whites as a group have affirmative action for now, where by law, they are required to go extra length and extra care based on race, to compensate for past wrongs. So much for competition and ego. When it comes to sustaining genetic variability, your ultimate argument is that one must survive, not at any cost of course. So the question is what is too much cost? If it came down to humans surviving vs. all other species going extinct, we would pick humans surviving, in a speciest way. But when it came to a single human vs. a whole ecosystem of species, such as the Amazon rain forest, well, we can always make more humans, and you don't live forever, so there may be a lot of humans willing to drink the hemlock, Socrates style.

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There is some weird javascript now on Slashdot that keeps jumping the cursor to random places in your text in middle of typing a word, and sometimes overwrites a word remotely, kind of like typing into google search instantly gets autocomplete results, only possible if every single letter is submitted as you type. Back in the old days you could fill out the google search box, then click search, before any network traffic, same with these slashdot submissiion boxes. It might be the browser though, not slashdot, but I'm ashamed of all the grammatical errors in my postings. Btw there is no psychotherapy that relaxes your mind better than coming on Slashdot and bitching. For mental health purposes.

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Basically the new trend in computer business is to remove your ability to locally store files, and keep everything in the cloud, for free now, later blackmailed. This is done by forcing everyone onto smartphones, away from traditional PC's with local file storage. When they hold all your data, all your data is in the cloud, how much is access to your own resume worth to you? $59.99 per access instance? That's cheap! When you need to get a job they will all require electronic submission of your resume, and the only way to create that is on the cloud, because locally stored files are a threat to national security, terrorists might compile an AI (artificial intelligence) that hunts all humans down and eats them alive (by being smarter than any human, hacking into any factory and composing satellite and cellular controlled robots to download itself into, ending up with millions of mobile robots smarter than humans). So when you can only "safely" create any computer related bits and bytes only in the cloud, and there is a team of 12 people paid to watch what you create, then once you create such an electronic resume, and gets approval from all 12 to be safe, it will cost you $59.99 per per job submission instance, to cover the cost of security, inspection of what you created. How many jobs can you afford to apply to then per day? And they will only accept electronically submitted resumes, like medical records are mandatory to be electronic anymore. The jobs are the future are increasingly guilt based, such as prison labor, because noncommuting, local workers, with communal lunches, communal bathroom facilities are the only "slaves" able to compete in the global jobmarket and being able to save 55 cents from the $1 per day that they get paid, because 45 cents is what their housing/food/utilities costs add up to. The other job is "telecommuting" without gasoline cost, where you sit at home and get paid to watch traffic cameras and report suspicious activity, or, as mentioned above, be an observer in the cloud and be one of the 12 inspectors who vote and "agree" to release a resume somebody typed into the "wild," to a job submission database. It's all just a matter of security. Old school "secure", nonchipped mechanical typewriters are gonna be really highly prized in the future, as long as you can figure out a way to type on toilet paper, because all other information storage paper will be banned, to save trees. In fact, the french have bidets, where you don't get to use any paper whatsoever, instead a water jet rinses your privates - I never done it, but from my college french who used to live in France, heard it's strange at first, but you can get use it and like it. Must be kinda like anal sex, strange at first, but people can get to like it. And it might become a necessity, because the Obamacare contraceptive requirement is nonsense, Mr. Obama is not aware that in the US we're not able to follow 5 simple instructions to the letter - in fact where I work there is a job that requires writing numbers in sequence on sheets of paper to label parts, and I don't think there was a single time we hit 10000 on the mark, it's always off by 3, or 14, etc. - so we can't even follow one simple instruction, let alone the 1500 steps necessary in organic synthesis to make a contraceptive drug, there is always something messed up, and then you end up with a "mystery" drug that you sell as a contraceptive, but you don't actually know what it is. Unless it's made by Koreans, Japanese, or Taiwanese, because they are the only ones (except maybe some Swiss, Brits, Germans, and UAE folks) who can letter to 10000 on the mark, but not ones born in the US(they are like the rest of us) but raised in those countries. In US drug factories one way to fix problems is to import a critical mass of people from the proper places, say 80% of the workforce that is actually executing the organic synthesis steps. You need insane people who will lose 20 lbs during graduation from high school, like in Korea, where they get so stressed from studying trying to pass the exams, and don't even have a prom. I got some "Canadian Pharmacy" antibiotics from guess what, India, and out of ampicyllin, doxycycline and erythromicyn only erythromicyn functioned, because it's made by a soil fungus, whose enzymes can follow genetic instructions to the letter, as opposed to the other stuff made by people, who cannot follow simple instructions. People relying on contraceptive drugs to not get pregnant when suing will be told they forgot to read the fine print. Which is a great way to increase our population in the US to better compete with population densities of Japan, Korea, China, India and Indonesia. But if you're serious about contraceptives, anal sex is a really simple and cheap one, and women can get used to it. The ancient rules about the sins of Sodom, Gonorrah and Onan no longer apply in face of global human excesses, and massive extinction rate in other species, as back in ancient times there were relatively few humans, and out of 20 children 2.1 were expected to survive, barely maintaining population levels. Today, if everyone has 20 kids, all 20 might survive, and we have a problem. In face China has a 1 child policy, they already claim they have a population problem. But the US is fairly empty in a lot of places.

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Apropo "vast layers of layers of wrappers for layers of abstractions for wrappers for 3rd party libraries", I bought MS DOS on Ebay the other day, but it was only sold as a 5 1/4" floppy for full 4.01 retail version (retail until I read the fine print, comes with GW Basic) so I got a 5 1/4 floppy drive too to build my own system. What joy it is to watch a computer boot off a 5 1/4 floppy. You can't get more bare to the metal with direct hardware access than DOS. In fact, the intergalactic Borg(I'm saying this to help my ex-doctor keep her job) run DOS(disk operating system, disk being key, meaning if you have more than 250 KB of precious data floating in volatile RAM, you're not doing something right. I power off DOS by cutting power to it, and it loves it.) on their peripherals, 16 bit, and genetically varied high bit Unix on their mainframes. Like queen bees carry genetic variety but there is no need for the worker bees to not be identical copies of each other (btw, losing key worker bees can collapse a hive, so for hives that get trucked a good policy is to never have all the key workers out at the same time. Btw bee drones serve no function other than creating genetic variability by showing up at drone congregation areas to gang bang a queen that shows up and fall to a glorious death. Unlike humans, she can later manually manage which eggs get which sperm.) The biggest issue in computer security or computer science in general these days is lack of genetic variability. Life is all about competition, but also maintaining genetic variability. Every time I played Age of Empires and saw the "You Are Victorious", that reminded me of "You are left alone." In FreeCiv you can win without being alone, in fact you can play to see how few RIP's you can get before your ship reaches Alpha Centauri. When you hit yourself with antibiotics and all that's left is Clostridium Difficile in your guts, it gets so pissed from being lonely, it sends you into anaphylactic shock. The wonderfully efficient potato won the competition of foodstuff grown on 7 acres in Ireland in the 1840's (because 7 acres was not enough to sustain a family of 5, (because 2 kids are not enough to sustain population levels)), and being a monoculture, it was vulnerable, and caused starvation. The bananas biggest problem is no sex life, lack of genetic variability. The biggest problem of Software today is lack of genetic variability - we used to have DEC VAX, SGI Irix, IBM AIX, HP-UX, SCO, BSD, Linux, BeOS, DR DOS, PC DOS, MS DOS, WinNT, Win9x, Novell Netware, OS/2, Mac, Next, and now all we have left are WinNT, Mac, Linux, all friggin bloated beyond belief. I'm talking things where you store files on local disk, not smart phones or cloud bullshit devices. Of these, Linux is the most genetically varied, and it's sad to see Gnome for lack of funds, but there are plenty of other window managers. In fact Lighthouse Puppy 4.1.2rc1 with Mariner (i.e. KDE), completely lacks Gnome, the default, IceWM is surprisingly usable, and only rarely do you need to boot into the bloat of KDE. Unfortunately Web standards are moving so fast, and everything is getting DRM'd, that genetic variability in browsers, or even in such simple things as pdf readers, will be a thing of the past, as Adobe Acrobat is the only one able to handle the standard DRM. We have these fake companies pretending to be competing - Adobe, Microsoft, Corel, Apple etc. when in fact they are one and the same gang.In fact Microsoft sent a cash infusion into Apple right after the antitrust trials, else we'd be left with WinNT and Linux only. By the way apple was never serious competition to Windows, as a Rolls Royce or Lexus is not a serious competition to a Cavalier or Corolla. Luckily the days we get ARM and GoogleOS, but we used to have x86, MIPS, RISC, Alpha, etc, and even in x86 Cyrix, Via, AMD, Intel, to not even talk about the variety of graphics cards back in the 90's. Now it's all system on chip, cheap, no more graphics cards, bye bye.

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With patents existing everybody in the world learns to bend over backwards to tie their shoe laces, just to circumvent patents of doing it the "normal" way, bending forward. So you have a lot of crazy things going on in society, all because you have a patent system. There is no monkey see, monkey do, it's no! Bad monkey! Stop imitating! That goes against the very fiber of human nature, humans being the apex, the greatest of great apes.

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Just read up on gravitons at wikipedia.

"the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle... postulated because of the great success of quantum field theory (in particular, the Standard Model) at modeling the behavior of all other known forces of nature...

However, attempts to extend the Standard Model with gravitons have run into serious theoretical difficulties at high energies (processes with energies close to or above the Planck scale) because of infinities arising due to quantum effects (in technical terms, gravitation is nonrenormalizable). On the other hand, the theories of general relativity and quantum mechanics are incompatible at such energies, so from a theoretical point of view the present situation is not tenable. Some proposed models of quantum gravity attempt to address these issues, but these are speculative theories."

There you have it.

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The term c appears in electromagnetic space. All the Universe we know is mainly electromagnetic, you and I are chemistry, interactions of atoms through electrons, electromagnetic. So is the light that we see, and all electromagnetic ways to measure time and distance, including atomic clocks up in outer space orbit. However, nonelectromagnetic things may not obey the constant c. One major thing up in the air still is gravity waves, if they exist at all, and what speed they propagate with. The hard nuclear interactions of neutrons/protons, as far as I know have been successfully integrated with quantum-electrodynamics, but gravity interactions are still a dangling sore outside of a grand unified theory of everything we can experimentally observe, as far as I know it's still perplexing and ununderstood, except via some string theory requiring 46 dimensions, 42 of those folded up onto themselves. We don't really like theories of 46 dimensions. "Give me 10 parameters, and I can come up with an equation that fits most of an elephant. Give me 11, and I can fit the tail too" used to say one of my professors.

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Einstein's lab was a remote lab across the Atlantic from Switzerland, at Case Western Reserve University, more specifically the Michelson-Morley experiment on a pool of liquid mercury, coming up with the interferometry experimental measurement/conclusion that the Earth is not moving through the aether. Therefore the concept of aether was a superfluous one as far as science and Occam's razor was concerned and was abandoned. Theoretical researchers still ultimately rely on experiment. Michelson Morley did not come up with the theory of relativity, but they did a wonderful job as objective experimental scientists, trying to measure our planet's speed through aether, and "failing" so wonderfully at it. What a waste of money on setting up the whole rig? All that liquid mercury? Not really. Sometimes a failure to obtain a measurement result is the greatest success, and they published their "failure" objectively, without fear. Most of the great scientific advances are in the perplexing details of unexpected, "erroneous" results.

However their result was not totally unexpected, as the Maxwell equations themselves already predicted such a thing, paradoxically, by containing a velocity term c. In the Newton/Galileo worldview, x and dx/dt, position and speed are undetectable, relative (even though Newton did talk about moving through "absolute space" when spinning a bucket of water, but Galileo did not, when telling about the flies not gathering aft in a ship, or his measurements of dropping feathers in a vacuum, or from the leaning tower of Pisa, countering Aristotle's claim that motion, dx/dt is consumed, and correctly ascribing that to friction, to external forces.) Only d2x/dt2, acceleration is revealed by the Universe, as a (inertial) force. Newtons mechanics, his laws, is all about forces, about d2x/dt2. All Einstein did was incorporate the Maxwell equations with this previous idea of Galileo about the relativity of inertial reference frames, that still did check out through the Michelson experiment, force a system where even with c present there is still inertial relativity and only acceleration manifests itself, and show that the classical Newton/Galileo system was a special limiting case of the old one. It's all really simple if you're willing to give up your prior convictions based on new experimental facts, even if those convictions were related to the most basic of basic things in your image of the world around you, to x and t.

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Problem is there are too many investors who are dying to make it big on your piggy back. I personally would like to grow algae, for biofuels, since I read somewhere that they are the fastest growing organism on the planet. Some forms are responsible for most of the nitrogen cycle binding of atmospheric nitrogen, for fertilizers. Some are grown for food, not very tasty. But the word is they are the fastest growing organism, fastest carbon absorption from the atmosphere. That means I haven't personally seen it, or the issues with associated with it, I only read about it. And since the Clinton administration gave up on the whole thing, I might go through the same steps they went through, and realize, aha, that that and that is the reason why it's really not worth it, some ergonomics, or killer efficiency issue. I'm also not a biologist, and don't even want to be, but as a hobby, watching things grow, I might slowly learn some details. Because maybe there is a way to have a really efficient biofuel industry. If not algae, something else? I don't know. I simply don't know.

I'd do it as a play, as a hobby, any of these things, because I'm curious, because I know if if does work it's very important, but sure as hell not gonna jump into debt over it, promising quick wealth left and right, trying to convince some investors that this is the next big thing, and then have them screaming down my back looking for some quarterly profits. And me having to tell them hold on, patience, I'm not even sure it works in the first place, or I don't have an answer yet, may not have one for a decade. If you have money to throw away, you can give it to me, but I can't promise anything, until I'm convinced of anything, or I find anything. You simply can't talk like this as a professional, as an entrepreneur, you're almost obligated to stretch the truth. And then lies turn into greater lies, and you start to believe your own lies, and get totally stressed. The fun is gone. Blind profit mongering, wishful thinking that there were anything there in the first place when there really isn't, when you really really want something, that clouds your vision and objective judgment. Above all one has to be realistic.

Sometimes, if there is a will, there still isn't a way, and recognizing that is important, for the big picture, or each individual steps, and know when to give up, and when to pursue, efficiently. That's efficient home research, based on play, curiosity, that you can't find inside a corporation, where every project has to be funded with a clear expectation of profit $=%margin expected x %chance of success > some threshold, has to be "sold" to upper management in terms of statistical profit probability, with MS Powerpoint presentations that stretch the truth, and leave out important details, (by assuming you know all the relevant details at the outset which is obviously not the case, otherwise it would not be called research,) setting a plan to follow, a project timeline, things to check, a plan that puts blindfolds on you along the way to not notice something, or chase something based on simply your curiosity to understand, because that subbrach has no funds allocated to it, and petitioning for it is too much bother, all the funds are allocated based on the master plan approved by corporate signature, and do you want to restart the whole approval process, possibly screwing yourself out of the funds you already have by putting doubt on what you initially claimed to be so certain of, do you want to shed a light of incompetence on yourself, instead of shutting the hell up and being happy you got funded, that you have a secure job til the project funds run out, and simply stick to the plan and do your job as you're supposed to, instead of wondering off track left and right, and not meeting any deadlines. Are you crazy? Inside corporations we're serious about making money, and we don't just show up to play around, for our mere personal entertainment, or to satisfy our own curiosity, and waste years with playing without ever coming up with anything.

That kind of stuff you have to do at home. Especially when you're not the top expert in a field, and have to walk the same steps that others before you walked, to see for yourself. Repeat basic science, basic things that are technology of the 1750's, or even 1950's. No corporation or reasonable investor is gonna spend money on your personal entertainment to learn such things, and in fact you may be held liable for fraud. But you can spend your own money, and time, for your own personal entertainment. Things like EEG. You have to do it at home, because at work, time is money. At home, you can watch tv, or play in your man-cave/woodshop/garage/lab. At home time is not money, and nothing is urgent, therefore you can relax and enjoy yourself.

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The balance between individualism and collective equality, in an economic sense, is encoded in the overall tax rate. At 80% tax rate, or even church donation rate, the community/committees decide the course of actions, and there is very little left for individual decision making. If the community sufficiently returns back this money to make its individuals prosper, then they may prosper, but they might easily ignore individuals and their wishes, and instead push their own personal agendas of grandiose egotistical greatness projects. At 2% tax rate on the other hand, individual people vote with their money on the course of economics, but very few grandiose things get ever built, such as a bridge, space station, or an effective military warplane carrier. With too many taxing entities, the intent might be to let people be free, and only ask for 1-2% each, such as local/state/federal/insurance1/insurance2/monthly fee1/monthly fee2/etc, but the overall effect is that we have many committees making many decisions, none of them well funded or powerful enough to make a real difference in building a grandiose thing, and the individual is completely stripped of economic power to vote on what's good or bad in economic production, and has to constantly opt for the cheapest, though economically costly and wasteful choices, wasteful because of improper balance of quality and cost. We're heading toward a point in the USA, where, lacking sufficient credit/bankruptcy statute of limitations expiring every 7 years, where people keep spending virtual money that doesn't really exist, or it's other people's money, so lacking such a source of money, people are forced into making bad economic decisions on having to purchase the lowest possibly quality in everything, including homes, cars, services, just to make ends meet.

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