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Comment: Re:Please correct the headline... (Score -1) 176

by sillybilly (#49771507) Attached to: <em>A Beautiful Mind</em> Mathematician John F. Nash Jr. Dies

Let's go off on a paranoid tangent...

As you know all cellphones are tracked and

all cars with chips in them probably have remote control features in them - I can attest to personal experiences on that, as in, what are the chances that almost every single day that one specific light is yellow, whether you go slow or fast, then one time the engine and power steering suddenly die right when you have to make a sharp left turn coming off the highway and struggle with the steering column or smash into a highway overhead bridge, or, passing emissions testing, it's fine for half an hour from the repair shop as you drive to it, on the highway, then as soon as you leave, then get back on the highway, bam, check engine light comes back on, like, come oooon, or, another one, with smooth steering, like an old stereo knob (probably some fluid coupling steering), suddenly stops going the way you tell it and goes a different direction and starts spinning your car at highway speeds, smashing into the side berm bouncing off, your head smashing the driver side window and both air bags deployed, but otherwise unscathed (must have had angels interfere there), it all starts adding up to where I totally distrust chips in a car, and my dream car is probably like a 1971 Porsche that is before the era of chips, simply over remote control safety issues -

so they probably kill his ass because in these days of Obamacare and mandatory treatment, they have a hard time to justify mandatory treatment, especially when they declare people mentally ill who show up at a hospital sick, saying they are hallucinating about symptoms, and then they force medication unto them, because "they need it", being mentally ill, and, well, patients right to refuse treatment and all that, the case of the movie "A beautiful mind" is a clear example that even mentally ill people have the right to refuse medication, and live with their symptoms, and live a decent humane life like that. That's why he died.

Punishment from a lot of angry insurance scam artist people.... ... ok, now back from that tangent, well, it's a possibility.. there are many possibilities in the world, whether it's likely or not is up for debate, but people do die in accidents, and often strange things happen, and in fact, if strange things never ever happen that in itself is unusual and strange. So we can chalk that one up to one of those "you never know" what happened or why things.

Comment: Re:Tolls? (Score -1) 826

by sillybilly (#49739767) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

Yeah the existing laws are unfair to gas powered bicycle riders because they don't weigh anything compared to a car and wear or damage road surfaces comparatively less!

They should adjust their fee on a mile-ton basis, not just miles. Of course damage vs. tonnage is not a linear relationship, but it also depends on wheelbase distance and how many wheels are down, contact surface area the weight is distributed over, so each vehicle might be unique, and, as you guys say, its behavior depends on tire pressure, the higher the pressure the greater the localization of force, but too little tire pressure wears off tires too fast, so there's gotta be an economic optimum. Like truck weight stations weighing trucks, they could have special high tech weigh stations, that like a touchpad on a laptop, sense localized weight and pressure. During testing you could inflate tires to some maximum, then some minimum, and watch the pressure localization on the road surface, and give the driver a table of fees vs. his tire pressures. And then he can opt for different tire pressures, the higher pressure giving him longer tire life but more road tax, within reason, and lower pressure lower road damaging tax but also faster wear of his tires and sooner replacement needed. That's the economic nittgy gritty of getting down into the details. And then watch people cheating on their taxes claiming to be driving at a given tire pressure when they are really driving at one that saves their tires more, including getting more mpg's, but hey, that's the goal here, people cheating, which is a good end result because this way people would be forced to "naughtily" pay attention tire pressures vs. mpgs vs road tax vs. tire longevity. But life's too short, who got time for that. Well, not yet, but when it starts to matter, like saving $100 a year on $1500 gasoline cost from improved mpg's simply because you ran at a different tire pressure. Or just computing it into whether one buys a high efficiency silica based tire with low rolling loss, as it's been in vogue in Europe where the price of gas has been astronomically higher than in the US, but also commuting distances shorter.

Comment: Re:Ugh (Score -1) 57

by sillybilly (#49727383) Attached to: Forecasting the Next Pandemic

50 years into the pandemic of liberals bankrupting us all? that's about right. It all got set into motion when the backing of the US dollar by equivalent reserves of gold or silver by the fed was stopped, and it set to float freely. Of course they had to wait until alternative forms of government such as the USSR failed, so that people fed up with the bullshit can't run to it. It was done to create more arbitrage in its value, or more like, create the ultimate arbitrage, meaning being swept up in the streets like this:
Ref: http://www.infowars.com/we-wil...
That happens to be the the Hungarian pengo right after WW2, but I've seen similar pictures of German Reichsmark, or, I'm guessing there are similar happenings with Zimbabwean Z$'s in the past decade in the very recent past, before that currency was canceled too and Zimbabwe switched to using US dollars internally. So the US dollar has been the major reliable reserve currency of the world, but when its backing by tangible value is stopped, that can send the entire world economy into a spiral. Of course those savvy can benefit and stuff their pockets on such happenings, such as those living off of purely arbitrage, of buy low sell high, or short sell high then rebuy low to cover the short, such as investment bankers, stock brokers, etc. Arbitrage means you do not contribute anything creative, but you make a living off of price fluctuations. Of course that has two sides to the story too, because available capital, free flow of capital is essential to prosperity, and nobody is interested in lending you their capital unless they can benefit from in in an arbitrage way, that is, the profit you create is shared with them, they get a cut of it. Investments and all that, stocks, bonds, etc, when it comes to currency I prefer an absolutely stable one, kinda like Alan Greenspan is talking about these days, abolishing paper currency, and switching to one with embedded value, such as metal, even if the coins end up small in size. Such as platinum, gold, neodynium clad into something not toxic, tungsten carbide, maybe artificial diamond money that could be used for drill bits, something of tangible value even when there is a currency fail, of greater value than mere toilet paper that paper money would be good for. Unfortunately an absolutely stable currency such as one made of silver or gold coins has issues too, lack of arbitrage, lack of interest rates, and lack of free flow of available capital that would spur the economy. Yes, if the currency is stable, and not inflating at 2-3% APR historic for the US dollar (or double digit 10-20% for Italy and Turkey much of the period after WW2), then I don't have an incentive of not keeping it dug away in a treasure chest somewhere, especially, when the rate of return on investments (such as when playing Railroad Tycoon 2 Platium or Gold) is not high enough, say 5-10%, and loaning it to someone, such as a railroad startup, could make me lose it all. Interest rates are held very low these days, mostly because most of the outstanding US debt is to China, as in China is full of factory workers ready to work 14 hr days 6 days a week, for $1/day, all they need is food and electric, and they looove to work, but the only way they can keep the factory floors moving is by lending money to the US to buy the stuff Made in China at Walmart and Sears at 2x-10x markups. So no, the Fed ain't gonna raise the prime rate because that means "free money" falling into the pockets of Chinese, which is why China is seeking a different global currency from the US dollar.

And no we in the US cannot compete with China, because us hunkies, dagos, polacks, spiks and niggas aint allowed to work for peanuts like we used to be in the 1890's of WV and PA coal mines, and meet the Chinese dollar of dollar, or more like, penny per penny, on their labor cost and outcompete them, because now our housing cost and car insurance cost and obamacare cost does not allow us to exist on $1/day, all there in an effort, or more like a daydreaming desire by Da Man who's always tryna keep a brotha down, he think he deserves to extract and collect at least as much from everyone else's productivity by simply "owning", or "hogging" of property, such as real estate (whether rental or banks "winning" the home when they fire someone after 20 years into paying a mortgage from their job, and banks get a windfall value from sheriff sales that not enough people show up to to bid), intellectual property (by forcing everyone to sign over all intellectual property at any kind of job for near minimum wage they work for, and it's an either take it or leave it and also leave the premises because there is another hungry fella waiting to take your job who has no issues with signing over any and all intellectual property they ever come up with - you know what, fuck all this intellectual property bullshit, especially physical wage labor agreements that have it)

So anyway, I, and the rest of the world, much prefers an ultrastable currency, such as the US dollar has been, and even if 0% inflation is not possible, as low as possible is welcome so I can keep money in the bank safely and reliably, but, judging from the sizle of yogurt packages at Walmart, the world has gone into a miniaturize and cut cost by all means to preserve selling at the same price, inflation is starting to go hyper as we speak, even if prices have not doubled or quadrupled in not time. I would be a great fan of a metal coin based currency, that was very small size but still inspoectable under a magnifier glass, and it was made of pure gold, platinum, tungsten, neodynium, iridium, palladium, or other precious metals like that, easy to store in a small place to carry a lot of value (such as a suitcase of dollars can only carry on the order of $200,000 or so, imagine a suitcase of mini-gold, mini-iridium dollars, I bet you could carry a whole lot more, if needed, like if you had to lug your life savings around in a zombie apocalypse, a suitcase is a lot of bulk, and it can only carry so much value in paper money, moreover that paper money might suddenly lose its "silver certificate" or "gold certificate" value if the Fed is not willing to give you that silver or gold certificate for it. Wait, we discussed this already, they stopped backing it with equivalent silver or gold long time ago, probably on purpose too. So anyway, a value embedded into it coinage precious metal currency would be resilient against sudden hyperinflation, and it would never ever be swept up in the streets, because you could take it to a jeweler or scrap yard at least. You would still need arbitrage, and because of that, the face value would always have to be higher than the intrinsic value, such as a $100 iridium-alloy coin would have a $50 or $10 intrinsic value, which should still give enough arbitrage wiggle room for the arbitrage economic bloodsuckers to live off of, who are essential for economic prosperity, such as brokers and bankers, while protecting the public and much of the rest of the world against a sudden currency crash. Of course with a smooth inflation the intrinsic value would get closer and closer to the face value until it surpassed it, such as the pre-1965 silver containing quarters have it, and the currency would be periodically replaced, long before that happened, while the public would turn the preexisting coinage into collectible items and wealth store reserves, kind of like it's done with US quarters and half dollars or any metal coinage with embedded, carried within, intrinsic value, but that kind of thing of course does not happen with paper money, nobody's as interested in collecting paper dollars from pre-1965, because, unlike a quarter with a face value of 25 cents legal tender you can buy ice cream for it if you're stupid enough because the melt down value is like $2 or $10 depending on where the price of silver stands, but paper money cannot be molten down and if it says $1 pre-1965, that's still the most it can be worth today, including maybe toilet paper value in case it ends up being swept up in the streets. I personally lived through like 4 years of hyperinflation in the early 90's, and all I can say it's no big deal, well it is, but life goes on and adapts.

As far as the main topic is concerned, pandemix and whatnot, I just figured out that the grey goo "war is evolving" crap is coming through my tapwater. Whether it's intentionally put in there (and I'm thinking that's the case, because of Obamacare and because it's been getting thicker lately) or whether it just naturally occurs, as in lake water filtered through plain green sand, unfluoridate and unchlorinated - which, there is two sides to everything, it may be best not to sterilize it or treat it with chlorine and fluoride, because, while in high doses those things are sterilizing, where they dilute down and provide a continuous less than lethal, sublethal dose environment, they strongly drive natural selection toward adapting to them, by lifeforms that survive it difficultly, and then the ones find easier ways to survive it will proliferate. This applies to all kinds of biocides, antibiotics, as life adapts, life adapted to oxygen atmospheres (for example, you an i are oxygen breathing) and in theory it could adapt to elemental fluorine gas atmospheres or surfaces where it had to walk around in molten, liquid alkali metals (kinda like the NaK coolant accidents from reactors, where someone gets sprayed by a hose that pops and dies very fast, that's only a matter of time, given sufficient time life could adapt to getting sprayed by liquid sodium-potassium alloys. (This sentence was left intentionally incomplete, hanging, grammatically incorrect, like you see it in books where they have "this page is left intentionaly blank" pages. Just for kix.)

So anyway, how to deal with grey goo coming through tapwater. I still gotta use it, what else am I gonna do?

One, in a different time, before I was born, at a different place, different world, at a TB hospital where they had to reuse glass/stainless syringes by sterilizing them in autoclaves (boiling in water in a pressure cooker that raises boiling points) a rule of thumb was cooking for 30 minutes (35-40) under an exuberantly bubbling condition. Of course that does not guarantee it, as life can adapt to anything, but it's a good rule of thumb to follow, such as when cooking soup with tap water. If you can't bring it to a vehement boil you might have to do it for 2 hrs, which is expensive on the fuel, and if you can only get it really hot without actually boiling, maybe 2 days? Of course this treatment would not clear toxins such as lead or arsenic you might be intentionally poisoned with, but it would probably kill most, or at least a whole lot of pathogens that cause pandemics.

There is always distillation, but drop for drop you're talking a huge input of energy, as the latent heat of evaporation for water is huge. Unless you have a distiller based on free solar energy, or free wind energy this one is likely going to break the bank, but it has the best potential in getting you the cleanest water from nastiest sources, including most inorganic toxins that are not volatile, such as lead, staying behind, not going over into the distillate.

I just though of a 3rd way, semi-distillation, that could save a lot of energy compared to autoclave boiling. It's based on volatile sterilizers, and because they have to be volatile, the choices are few. Chlorine gas and ammonia come to mind. You basically overdose your water laced with pathogens with megadoses of chlorine gas or ammonia gas (chlorine water or ammonia water), let it sit for a while, then distill (or vacuum distill) off the gaseous, unreacted sterilizer, for later reuse. The latent heat of evaporation of say, 3% or 5% ammonia in water is not that much, even less for 3% or 5% chlorine gas, and you might have to get ice cubes and store the liquids in a fridge, but it should be by far the most economical way to process water. And your distillation equipment can be used for either full distillation and paying the dollars for the fuel heat input, electric, gas, etc, or used with the gaseous sterilizers, by recovering most of them. Ammonia might be possible to obtain from urine by drying, then heating (creating ammonia and cyanuric acid, biuret, triuret, etc from urea, and the leftover still a good fertilizer, if anything, being leftover, biuret and triuret it washes off slower into the groundwater), but chlorine gas, and chlorine water should be a lot more economical these days, being easily generated from regular table salt via electrolysis with a suitable anode, and having a whole lot of punch per gram, compared to ammonia. Bleach in stores is relatively cheap and works well as a disinfectant, but when you need boatloads of it, DIY should be cheaper, after some initial investment. Plus you're not sending plastic jugs to landfills. If they had ways to refill bleach jugs, ehh? Life is too good yet for that, these days, but those days are coming, eventually.

Comment: in other news... (Score 0) 865

by sillybilly (#49680545) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

And porn consumption is on the rise, Kristen Schaal worries that women are gonna date guys without faces (i.e. they will fall in love with the appearance of their penis, not their face), and the last catholic nun devoting her life to the service of others and self denial took up nun hood sometimes in the mid 90's in the US. Your kids are not gonna comprehend what mother Theresa was about, nor will they know what it's like to get whooped with a stick by nuns in a catholic school, because there will be no nuns around, all convents are gonna shut down, like churches later, and your great grandkids are not gonna know what it's like to get married in church, or more like what it's like to get married at all, it's all gonna be booty booty booty rockin everywhere party time and a bunch of baby mommas supported by the welfare machine fueled by ever increasing taxes until the whole system collapses under the burden and starvation begins. And then those kids will make it without starving to death whose parents stick together, i.e.marriage will come back into vogue, and good ethical behavior too codified as religion, because thats what will make the difference whether a tribe or clan starves and disintegrates, or makes it to the next decade, it's all gonna come down to internal proper behaviourvand lack of corruption, usually codified as religion. In about 200 years. Lots of downhill until then, and easy life, for a while.

Comment: Re:How... (Score -1) 131

You know what's sagging US productivity? Bills. Bills like forced car insurance and forced Obamacare purchases. People don't give a fuck when you take too much from them, and even if they do, they don't have anything left over to spend it spurring the economy, because they already exist in a financial box of a hamster wheel of paycheck to paycheck over housing cost, insurance, taxes, utilities minimum charges, high transportation costs, all pitted against draining the incentive or excitement to make that dollar. Like a dude I heard making $14/hr at a hospital quit, saying on welfare he could live better - housing paid, food paid, had a ton of free time, etc. Meaning he had a hard time making ends meet, so why should he strive? It's like this page says it I been citing forever, http://www.cato.org/publicatio... people starve and die off if they are forced to work for the collective, but if you let them work for themselves, they become productive overnight, creative, happy. Handing your earnings over to some other private party is even worse than working for the collective. That's right, I'd rather pay taxes if I had to choose between universal healthcare based on a fairly levied tax, than what this Obama bullshit is trying to pull on my budget, pay profits into some private force gambling policy scam artist insurance lowest lifeform that ever crawled on the surface of this planet agent is forcing onto me at arbitrary prices and profits, at costs that will ultimately tend to trump my single biggest budget item, which is also bullshit, called the housing cost pyramid scheme everybody is guilty in participating in these prices disconnected for reality the only thing mattering is the next guy willing to give double, like, buy a house for 30K, live in it for 5 years, sell it for 80K, live in it for 5 years, sell it for 120K, live in it for 5 years,sell it for 160K, all spiraling out of control which was the norm in the 90's and 2000's, and even today it's still insanity on how much housing should truly cost. The land value yeah, but the house on it? Come on. Contractors buy a lot for 30K, put a house on it and sell it for 240K. What the fuck? I personally built a small dwelling building with mud and straw bricks in my teens with 3 other guys in about 2 weeks. Don't fucking tell me a house is so frigging 30 years worth of effort worth of a value. What's happening is the housing code corruption bullshit. You ever go to a city department housing permit office, they rape you in the ass with fees, and pretty much contractors and the officials who know each other over 30 years and play golf together they got their little gang or thing going, just like defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges got their own little legal mumbo jumbo we carved out this piece of the world for ourselves and we control and abuse it and punish dearly those that try to cut us out of our money and "self represent" in court when they can't find a lawyer they can trust, nor one that's inexpensive enough, and court proceedings should be plain english not this concocted up legal double meaning subject to misinterpretation twisting and distorting games of language, these fuckers all feed off of ambiguities and they got their toolbox of perversions of language to fight, not against each other, but against the customers that pay the judge, defense and prosecutor, so they can keep making their money. Ultimately that's what it's all about for lawyers, justice shmustice, where my money at. Same with doctors, that are great friends of Obamacare, telling you shit like I'm an expert, I can make people sick and you gonna beg to die. Because of fucking with my money. Corruption running rampant everywhere, local government departments, courtrooms, federal politics, and they are like what's more natural, duh, you pat us on the back we pat you on the back, campaign contributions can get you some pork barrel or some corrupt motherfucking laws like Obamacare passed that drain the rest of the population, taking their incentive away to give a fuck, in a worse way than working for a collective, handing over your earnings where it all comes back to you shared, instead they do it by handing it over to some other guy at assraping profit, insurance, lawyer, doctor, housing contractor, real estate agents, you know, the easy money makers who don't have to work like everybody else dollar for dollar, and it's all encoded in the corrupt legal system, housing code, Obamacare, real estate, insurance, courtroom legal fees, that's what's fucking up productivity, like that cato.org private property article shows. You know why they have lawyer jokes, like about dead lawyers? Same should go soon for insurance agents and doctors too. Fuck Obamacare. I pray every day they suffer the same exact pain and fate they unleash unto others who don't sign up and buy their stupid force gabmling bullshit fine print policy full of exceptions I'm in a coma but I gotta fight with an insurance guy while I'm down because he gave me the illusion he'll pay when the time comes, and he just notified me I must have not read the fine print, this kind of procedure and this hospital is covered, but it specifically excludes this doctor, see? On the 900 page fine print agreement document that needs to be read with a fucking microscope and I still miss all the gotchas in it. And Obama forces me to buy this shit, and if not, then he or agents in his camp unleash all kinds of hell of diseases on me trying to summon me to a fucking hospital full of corrupt doctors or nurses that exclaim "Hallelujah" when I finally showed up in goodwill, as in, you finally came, we've been waiting for you, it took us long enough to get you sick enough to show up here. Healthcare professionals getting people sick on purpose, then when they finally show exclaiming in happiness about it? They deserve to be gas chambered with cyanide, they also belong among the lowest scum of lifeforms that ever crawled on the surface of this planet. Fuck Obamacare, I got my hands full enough trying to come up with housing cost, and here comes this idiot of a president trying to trump that with something that is bound to outdo housing cost in the long run, because the only check on prices is not self restraint from insurance agents and companies, but buyers willingness to buy at a given price, and when the law compells them, eventually they still stop buying when the prices get too high, but this time they will be doing something illegal, so their no longer worth it to buy quitting price will be higher. Yeah Obamacare works. It works great for cocksucking corrupt insurance agents because now they can rake in the dough, with the same bullshit policies that shake people off constantly, and it all still ends up with a bunch of people uninsured because they ultimately will find the prices too high. It's like on ebay, when customers keep buying if you keep increasing the price, what vendor will say no, I'm not gonna sell this for $100, because I buy it at $8 and I can still make ends meet at $10 price? The only check on price is customers walking away, and when the law does not allow them to do that, then the equilibrium price at which they are willing to break the law and suffer the Obamacare about making sure everyone signs up or they get the worst imaginable diseases unleashed unto them, in a yo, bitch, where my money at says Obama to all the people, and his law works great for him and his campaign contributing insurance buddies who are the ones he truly cares about, not you. Fuck Obamacare. Fuck corrupt money focused doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, real estate agents, insurance agents, utility companies with minimum charges. After Jamestown the founding fathers dreamed of a country of yeoman farmers. Middle class, DIY everyone is mostly equal world, and they were woried about city dwellers who are subject to economic manipulation and exploitation and cannot be trusted as backbones of a voting system, because their existence like food supply is subject to someone throwing them a bone of a job, or even if they start their own business, finding suckers willing to buy. Only independent self reliant yeomanry can be a backbone of a democracy, who are able to DIY everything like grow food or make their utilities like sewer (outhouse, talk about sewer bills in a city, seesh), water, electric, etc, and the only mandatory bills they have are voluntarily assumed ones, because it's worth it for them to participate in a deal or a trade or an exchange, compared to DIY, and they don't have to swallow side ways the big fat black cock that doesn't fit in their mouth and makes them joke like Obamacare tries to be, bills like doctors send them, lawyers send them, insurance agents and real estate agents send them. Fuck all mandatory bills, and among those fuck housing cost the most presently, but here comes Obamacare that is bound to trump that, so preemptively, anticipating that future, I say fuck Obamacare first, then fuck housing cost.

Comment: Re:"Open" Standard (Score -1) 265

by sillybilly (#49644559) Attached to: Microsoft Releases PowerShell DSC For Linux

Fuck Microsoft embracing Linux. They are supposed to pimp their own genetic variability in computing, which is Windows. Back in 98, around the pinnacle of creativity of the company, they had Win32 C API, Office 97, VBA, VB Classic, and pretty much owned the desktop. Ever since they turned 180 degrees trying to subdue Netscape and Java, they kind of suceeded, but neither is a monoculture of IE a secure environment, nor is the java killer dotnet such a great idea, when, after all, the almost sole purpose of java was platform independence bytecodes, so I don't know what the heck is dotnet doing on Windows for platform independence when Microsoft's only goal is to run it on windows, or, even if it runs on other platforms, to kill those platforms.

Only 2 things can come of Microsoft messing with Linux. One, they embrace extend extinguish it like so many other things, in a Suse/Novell tag on some proprietary crap onto it that becomes a de facto standard, then mess up the miracle of Linux that way, once they control it as a standard, and beat everyone into obedience to them, kind of like trying to beat every customer into dotnet, which is not flying very well. Dotnet is a bloatload of crap massive stuck in honey like quicksand waste of efficiency and performance and verbosity. Yeah, verbose is specific, but come on maaaan. Who got that much time in their lives to scan through so many letters and characters, or how can you come up with a trick to skip the unimportant details and focus on the relevant stuff. Even oldschool VB and VBA had a With/End With construct, so what's with all this dotnet and python and java verbosity these days.
2. Microsoft gives in to Linux and hands over the olympic torch or relay race stick to Linux and they disappear. Their job is to maintain their own variability and survive in the computing field, without either driving other varieties to extinction, nor going themselves extinct. Every time Microsoft messes with Linux both of those things are at the forefront. If anything, they should mess with "Unix" as a standard, whereby whatever they create or mess with works equally on commercial Unix like AIX or Solaris or Irix or HP-UX or SCO Unix, or OSX, FreeBSD and other BSD's, ...and.. Linux. In fact some kind of commercial Microsoft Unix might be welcome, at a low price competing with AIX or SCO, without messing with the GPL and trying to subdue the Linux side of Unix. In fact I'd love to see a realtime souped up MS DOS with full hardware access (they are paranoid about giving hardware access anymore) for offline applications, MS Unix, MS Desktop/Workstation/Server Windows, and MS Mobile Windows, where you could blend the mobile and desktop aspects on a laptop or netbook, or the Workstation/Server aspects on a desktop, or do any of those varieties on any of the devices, of course the mobile version flying leaving everything in the dust on a workstation hardware, but very low on features, kinda like mobile versions of twitter and facebook, they are fast like google and simple, and sometimes that's all you want, but if you got the cpu muscle and electricity to spare, go for the eyecandy full of details glittering versions, but those versions bring netbooks to their knees because of hardware requirements. Give the customer options to pick from, instead of trying to bludgeon them into abiding to your worldview, because, ultimately the customer is king, and does not have to make a purchase. Unless Obama passes an Obamacare for Microsoft where he forces everyone to buy a yearly Windows 10 rental subscription, no matter what the price, or no matter what crappy product or service a customer gets in return. How about Obama forces everyone to buy gas utility service no matter what the price, where it's available, and if the you cannot afford it, he'll pay for it himself in your name as private profit into his buddies pockets working at utility companies that made their campaign contributions when he was elected, and he'll use all those surplus dollars sitting in the government treasury doing nothing, put that money to work, infuse the economy with it, why have it sit piled up in a stash. Oh wait, the government coffers are empty? Sorry, I forgot. Hey, these days when everyone goes reckless with credit, all that does is it dilutes the value of the dollar and sends inflation into a spiral, first starting with yogurt cups at Walmart dropping to super micro sizes to maintain the same price, but sooner or later the floodgates are gonna open and once people get used to spiraling prices, it's best to maintain debt because tomorrow you'll have to pay back a whole lot less, especially when interest rates are crazy low. But when it comes to forced purchases, hey, even with health insurance a whole lot depends on price. If it's 50 cents/mo, hey, I might buy it, but if it's 50,000/mo then of course no. How can you pass a law to make people buy stuff at arbitrary prices? Yeah, the upside is that people don't show up uninsured and doctors don't have to work for free, but the downside is price abuse from arbitrary prices, which is an even graver problem, because it applies to all 300 million citizens, as opposed to the case of say, 50 million that are uninsured out of which 1 million might show up uninsured. If anything, all these mandatory purchases from private parties need some kind of fair rules on prices, where one is able to look up their own price based on age, sex, medical history points, and people can vote on it. Yeah, price regulation sucks ass, but I don't see how else you can force people to make a purchase from private for profit companies. Same goes for car insurance. How can you guarantee everyone gets a fair price, and there is no discrimination? A great solution would be a gas tax coupled with points on the driver's license yearly renewal fee to compensate for individual behavior, a point system maybe more fine grained than the 10-12 points, maybe down to 100 points, a lot of it based on driving patterns from cell phone tracking, traffic cameras. You know it's all tracked, right?

So anyway, when it comes to Microsoft messing with Linux or GPL, just don't fuck with it. Fuck with Unix where the stuff is not specifically targeting Linux, but works on BSD, OSX, commercial Unices, like so many Unix programs work on many Unixes, not just Linux or BSD.

Live and let live.
Survive and only kill as much as you have to, without exterminating.

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I haven't been praying much these days because as far as I'm concerned, I have was forced to pray 7 lifetimes worth of rosaries when I was 5-10 years old, 3 hrs each evening, til I rebelled, but I started praying again, every waking moment I pray that Obama and Biden and Clinton and all their family suffer the exact same pain and suffering their corrupt healthcare law they enacted causes to those people who don't buy, including forced infections and forced cancers, at least as long as this corrupt law stands and is not abolished. I don't own a fucking fee to anybody for being alive, especially not to some for profit private party, and if that means I have to die instead of go to a hospital, so be it. While this law stands I do no step foot inside a hospital, and if I am taken there by force, I will do whatever is in my power to lay wreck to expensive equipment or create as much damage in return as I possibly can, til they shoot me like a circus elephant gone rampant. If I can take out a ct-scan machine before being shot and killed, I have not lived in vain. Goddamn, God please damn health care people like doctors that say things like you're gonna beg to die once we infect you with our soft tissue expertise, and let them suffer that fate themselves instead, including all people involved in this quest to make another dollar by willful infections, including insurance agents and politicians, let them and their families all suffer from forced infections and death like they cause it to other people, as long as this corrupt law called Obamacare stands. Amen. Forced gambling policy purchases at arbitrary prices from for profit entitites? What the fuck ever.

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bla bla bla

the issue with carbon recycling the form of CO2 is twofold - it's a gas that must be stored under high pressure, like propane or butane, and two, it's not so great on energy density once you have to capture and haul along the heavy CO2 from like an automobile... harvesting CO2 from the atmosphere via ethanol amine ponds could be pondered, but otherwise all green life forms compete for the 0.03% CO2 in air, which is rising though and creates global warming and desertification or junglification and bad weather, but by far the fastest growing tomatoes are grown in the Dead Sea Valley which is the lowest dry point on Earth, and the sole reason is partial pressure of CO2 and carbon availablity is the highest anywhere in the world... such is the issue with scarcity of CO2 scrubbed from the atmosphere, but that is not to say, that when you have energy to blow, like solar in a desert, and nothing good to store it into, harvesting even humidity and CO2 from the atmosphere wasting a ton of energy because energy is cheap is not economically feasible

but otherwise, if a full recycling circle is done, a liquid or solid end product carried back to a recycling gas station is preferable, and in this lithium borohydride to lithium borate fuel cell for cars sounds like an expensive but leaves the CO2 recycling in the dust, or, even just lithium metal, beryllium metal (toxid), boron, or aluminum, and their hydrides beat carbon in energy storing efficiency by weight, but for stationary home based uses environmentally fairly friendly alkaline zinc air or iron air battery type setups might be more economical on a storage density by volume and cost basis even if by weight they both suck, and the zinc or electrolytic iron cathodes can be removed and stacked in a pile..

carbon's main ergonomic and energy efficiency efficiency lies in the fact that it's a gas that can be freely emitted through an exhaust, and capturing it back from that dilute form is very expensive energy wise.. not emitting it, and capturing it, like a car that has no exhaust pipe and instead embarks on compressing and heat echange cooling the CO2 into a compressed liquid cylinder has all kinds of issues, similar to the loco loco's page i'll cite below in the references

ref 1: chart I made a while back that relates to rocket fuels and this CO2 recycling question:
it also explains why the space shuttle running on liquid hydrogen was such a bad idea, compared to solid rocket boosters based on aluminum - just compare carbon, hydrogen and aluminum (or boron or beryllium or lithium) in the above chart. Yes hydrogen has the highest energy storage density by weight even if it really really sucks by volume (cryogenic hydrogen that must be vented to stay cold is only 1/8th the density of water) and plain gasoline has more hydrogen in a gallon than cryogenic liquid hydrogen does, true it weighs a whole lot more.. still.. if you have to carry along the oxidizer too, such as liquid oxygen required for rockets, hydrogen sucks compared to aluminum powder powered solid rocket boosters even that mammoth dinosaur contraption of a Shuttle had to resort to just to get up there into space

ref.2 here is a chart I made a while back that somebody revised into svg with python
here is the original I made with an Excel screenshot
note that iron and zinc, with easy aqueous battery chemistries leave liquid hydrogen in the dust when it comes to energy density by volume, but they do suck by weight indeed.. boron, aluminum, silicon, lithium have no easy aqueous recycling chemistries, though some semi-aqueous processes might be found that are economical for both the abundant aluminum and magnesium. I'm a big fan of liquid ammonia, as it can be made from water and nitrogen with energy input, if they could only find suitable processes.. that is one of the most elusive problems in inorganic chemistry (or organic) is efficient nitrogen fixation, because even the Haber Bosch process wastes a ton of energy in compression, which could be recouperated though similar to reverse osmosis membrane desalination processes, but both RO and Haber are large scale processes, and for small scale, like hillbilly yeoman farmer DIY home based processes, distillation or lithium nitride energy wasting but easy to small scale electrolyze processes may be more feasible

ref 3. a lovely discussion related to efficiency and ergonomics and maintenance complication nightmares involving steam locomotives, such as compound engines or lugging around huge condensers, and when push comes to shove the savings if fuel are often hard to justify if fuel is relatively cheap, and the simple steam engine with the superheater only complication for fuel savings, developed by Wilhelm Schmidt in the 1880's, after James Watt in the 1700's created the gobbly clunky vacuum steam engine which was huge compared to the power output, but safe, for stationary mining applications such as pumping sump water, and still beat beast of burden muscle power economically when coal was plenty, but the real and only true breakthrough in steam engine design was the high pressure (but unsafe) compacting of steam power, done by many but Stephenson's Rocket of 1829 gave the first heat transfer rate for any kind of decent horsepower, through increasing the surface area for heat exchange contact via a boiler with multiple tiny flue tubes going through it... boiler and heat exchanger design hasn't advanced much from that shape, tube and shell boiler or heat exchanger, ever since, I wonder if it's even possible to advance, but inadvertently all tube and boiler heat exchangers, even stainless ones, suffer from a single issue: corrosion or fatigue failure, especially at the weld or joining points, and tube leaks


there is a yummi adventure of pages upon pages of technology through simplicity design enthusiasts.. i especially like the nonround wheel invention for better traction from increased contact surface areas when in good contact with the ground, how about them wind cutter shapes that slice through the wind and send it sideways, as opposed to fish shapes or raindrop shapes that tell that in hydrodynamics and aerodynamics you can have a blunt tip but it is the boundary layer separation and vacuum cavitation in the back thats the real issue, and there is a maximum slope you can have to avoid boundary layer separations, while in a perfect fluid, like liquid helium below the lamda point approximates as superfluidity, and craws up along the walls of vessels and out of them, hydrodynamic drag becomes very low for almost any shape, because the pressure from the back is equal the pressure from the front, and viscous forces and cavitation from them is near nil

btw let me take this opportunity to say fuck Obamacare not about you but his filthy rich scam artist insurance buddies that need to all find an honest way to make a living, and fuck willful infecting of people over it, also fuck Monsanto that designs the infections, and lays waste to the wilderness of nature by promoting lawn mowing carried to an excess, and killing of flowers that they brainwash everyone into thinking it's "weed", something that must be eradicated by spraying it with their roundup, so they can make another dollar from this senseless destruction of wilderness and genetic variability and the whole world follows like lemmings, and there is green flowerless deserts everywhere as far as the eye can see.. what about the butterflies and the bees? i mean weed killer and insecticides to protect food crops, yeah.. but just for a mere admiring of otherwise useless piece of land and claiming that flowerless lawns are appropriate, and promoting it to the whole world where it used to not be done, i say fuck Monsanto to that.. thank you for letting me get that out of my system and I will keep doing it til the minute I die or things change

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how about another corrupt obamacare law passed where obamacare not about you but his buddies at high places at microsoft or google and passes a law where everyone must buy windows 10, or sign up for google+ else they get to pay a fucking tax penalty.. fuck that retard including his vice president biden and the rest of his gang

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the only problem with google+ for me is that it absolutely craaaaawls on an HP Mini 210 netbook.. javascript feces pouring down drenching this little wonder.. even facebook and twitter i only use the mobile site versions, as the main sites also drench this little thing with their elephant poop mixed with glue javascript feces that bogs everything down.. why oh why does one need a quad core supercomputer guzzling gazillions of watts to read fucking text, or view images and video on a stupid webpage? I'm glad they are failing.. they should learn their lesson.. to everything there are consequences, such as malicious coding, because ultimately the customer is always king, even if you like to believe it differently temporarily.. people can walk away even from computers whatsoever, after they feel too much shit taste from arrogant bitches like microsoft fucking with them constantly

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Yeah, like good luck trying to win a case against Microsoft or IBM or similar patent trolls (I think IBM clocks the most patents, but I don't see any products labeled IBM I'm using, so it's like they are not really innovating, more like trolling, unlike Arm chips for instance, or even Intel and AMD), as there is no judge or lawyers alive who will go against the big dogs and risk their own livelihood and own children's welfare pissing them up while upholding justice. So that's all that intellectual property laws ensure, more ways and means to abuse power, and the lil guy, the individual inventor has all the more reason to hate intellectual property rules they concocted out of nothing, cuz all they get out of that is abuse from people that got good at not creating anything, but abusing the artifacts and subjugating everyone else into intellectual property slavery. And Microsoft and gang is pretty high up on that list when it comes to abuses, and they, but also Disney, are the main reason why intellectual property in general is viewed as something horrible, besides some publishing or label houses that pay like 50/50 or much less to the actual creators.

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I been to Niagara Falls, behind the waterfall. It's not really all that.

Apple makes portable drives called time capsules. Maybe they could enhance the selection in their product lines and add one of these balls to their list of offerings, called a zombie apocalypse or nuclear apocalypse capsule. In a nuclear apocalypse you only have to make it for 1 year or 10 years, which is the amount of time they keep nuclear waste in a pond near the reactor, for the half lives to decay away, then there is a window in halflives for all possible decay elements, and the next ones have halflives on the order of hundreds or maybe thousands of years, which makes them faily safe and livable, or more like at least compared to the initial year or decade.
Make sure the include iodine and strontium nonradiating isotope doses, which people will have to use to replenish their bodies (iodine is in HGH, most important, while strontium not so much, other than for strong bone crystals you need crack propagation stopping defect sites, my guess is that, and then you have to eat pure strontium purified calcium only material, such as processed eggshells or even mined limestone but not seasalt or seawater extracted calcium, or seafood, where the calcium would be polluted with bone marrow destroying contamination.
The way the world is headed, increasingly stressed on rising costs, lack of resources and ever increasing population, there is a good chance that eventually somebody somewhere would go nuts and initiate a nuclear war. For instance when Henry Kissinger tried bludgeoning Mao Ze Dong into submission by threatening him with nukes, he replied: you threateing us? We welcome a nuclear war, in fact we could send 150 million women to the US and get instant voting majority over there and not even feel the loss in population from the 3/4 billion we have here (now it's 1.3 billion only increasing at a rate of 150 million per decade or so, or it used to in the 90's, which is still half the population of the US amount of growth per decade, but at least they have a one child policy, unlike India which just reached 1 billion in like 2007 and now they are about to overtake China with their 1.2 billion these days, and they have no one child policy, instead they have rolling blackouts of their electric grid crumbling from the load, they pull off a Mars mission costing not only less than what NASA spends on it, but costing less than Hollywood spends making a movie about going to Mars. They are also sitting on a shitload of Thorium, biggest reserve in the world, which can, in theory, with effort, be converted into you threaten us with your guns? Well our Buddha smiles back right back at you which a flash followed by a mushroom cloud. Check out this picture, http://i.imgur.com/I81xSNt.png Can you find Australia and Canada, dominion of the United Kingdom on it? What these mofos lack the most is good free porn and looser morals. Plus one is mostly ice, the other mostly desert, while India, Vietnam and Indonesia are mostly monsoon jungle. In Freedoom doom2 in later levels there are kama sutra or indian looking wall decorations everywhere, I have no clue if that's any kind of Omen. For now lots of Indians are vegetarian, but they have been bruised and abused through history with muslim invader pasha's shooting cannon balls at the Iron Pillar in Delhi, shedding a whole lot of their territory to muslim majority countries of Bangladesh and Pakistan (yeah now look at that chart again and include Pakistan and Bangladesh into your image of beach assault soldiers and count how much ammo you need to defend in case you have to), then they were the crown jewel of the British crown (i'm betting a good 50-80% of income of the british royalty that supported their world dominant navy such as at the Battle of Jutland was extracted from India, while the people there starved, just like people starved in Ireland during the potato famine while grain was being exported to England from Ireland, what else is new) with bloody putting down of uprisings by blowing from the gun (cannons) elderly hindus as punishment, then Ghandi liberated them through a hunger strike and partitioned India into the muslim and hindu majority regions, and recently they started asserting their power with giving the finger to patent trolls about pharmaceuticals with world IP coming at them from Switzerland and the US, and we are helpless unless we're willing to attack, they are also pissed at Monsanto for giving them seeds that fail to germinate when resown after harvest, they are all sterile plants and their failed farmers are committing suicides over it like lemmings, so there are all kinds of excuses to feel angry about if it is excuses you're looking for, and gone are the times of world stability when the two superpowers of CCCP and USA with cousins telephoning each other via a Washington-Moscow hotline dominated the world top down and ensured a stable world, and these new powers of China, India, Brasil, etc, are starting to assert more and more their power. We in the USA are fucking ourselves playing pyramid schemes with the housing market, then pyramid schemes with forced insurance like car insurance and Obamacare, and we got ethnic tensions here like I'm feeling it on my own skin and in my own body and in my budget, personally harmed over simply issues of ethnicity, so a socialist economy of high taxes and everyone benefits does not work here unlike in France, Germany or Sweden with superhigh taxes but a unified bulk single ethnicity, or even in China or India the ethnic tensions are lower. But if anything, I have seen no threats from India yet, if anything North Korea is the only one on the open discussion table about nukes, and I consider them simply the puppet of China that they wag at us every time they get pissed off, such as China holding the most US government debt, and all we can do is keep raising the debt ceiling over high housing cost, because high housing cost, that pyramid scheme scheme is the sole reason why the US is not competitive in the global marketplace, being by far the major cost in everyone's budget, except now here comes Obamacare fucking everything up even worse, bound to outdo housing cost, and what a fucking retard plummeting the country like that. Hey if they work for $5/day in Mexico right across the border, or $1/day in china for 14 hr days 6 days a week, me over here in the USA ain't got no problem working for 50 cents a day and leaving them all in the dust in creativity and productivity, but you gotta let me work out a way where I can make it on 50 cents a day. Duh. That means zero bills pretty much, and the government instead goes about the the other way, increasing taxes and piling on even more mandatory basic costs, instead of cutting taxes and working on cutting housing cost and other basic costs and dropping the minimum wage to make US small businesses competitive in the global marketplace, and people have jobs. I'd much rather work for 50 cents a day where my mandatory costs are 10 cents a day, then live in New York where you can make $40/hr but your cost of living adds up to like $41/hr. What fucktard wants to live in New York, or California?

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What I'm looking for in a computer is the ability to run Windows 2000 which was the last version that would function in a zombie apocalypse without needing online activation on a computer the hacked together from broken parts from other similar computers that failed. XP would run on HP and Dell if it finds the right hardware, and it's complicated. Also if it can run Win2K, it can almost certainly run BSD 4.4 Lite even in an intellectual property abusing world where police enter your home like the commies used to and take your food to collect taxes, or your computers that they deem illegal, and technically BSD 4.4 lite has legal precedent officially blessed by AT&T and a court case for public domain release, and it is what OS X was ultimately crafted from or you can craft your own, but anything later, like SATA based crap or more recent innovations all bring along recent patents and harassment over those.. but all the patents from the BSD 4.4. lite era should be expired now and you can have you own x86 computer INCLUDING an operating system with a source code even if they ban anything "communist" based on GPL like Microsoft has been lobbying the government to ban, GPL being antiamerican because it doesn't fit their embrace extend extinguish policy, instead it's a poison pill for that, but even Microsoft blesses BSD licenses that they can freely copy, in fact, for starters, that's where they got the source code to implement basic internet access things in Win95 and later, when their own NetBEUI or Novell IPX/SPX has fallen out of favor over the much more robustly designed Unix tcp/ip. Unix used to have so many things so right back in the day, but it's getting worse, with systemd, and nonmodular noncomplicated systems, which are the best ways of asking for headaches and trouble. Even Linux has issues such as starting with the 2.4 kernel they intentionally paid their programmers to contribute code to the linux kernel, then went into this puppet lawsuit with SCO asking IBM a couple billion dollars worth of pocket change from them over their programmer's brains being "tainted" by having read the official Unix source codes, and it all caused misappropriation of code and intellectual property, and what a fucking joke that gives me a headache from these cocksuckers in power up at the top tossing around billions and yanking the whole publics dogchain over intellectual property issues and I just feel like giving the finger to them, but yeah, even if you pay attention, Linux 2.2 kernels are pre IBM sabotage, not very good compared to 2.4 that comes with things like ipchains, but still usable. And they should also run on Win2K capable computers, Pentium 3/Pentium 4 era ones, without sata, just pain IDE. Ebay has some deals where such computers are getting dumped as garbage because they can no longer go on the internet nor can people play the latest games on them. And I don't have money, but considering all of the above I feel obligated to buy anyway, especially when the news of Windows 10 as rental only hits the market, and like with apartments, when the rent is up you move out to a different one, but when the rent goes up on Windows 10, what alternative are you gonna move to? When every hardware comes with windows only drivers? Yeah, get ready to live your life computing free, like in the good old days, and there goes the digital millenium and all the powermongering bullshit that comes with it down the drain with it, and you can be finally unobstructed and free again! Unless Obama or whoever is president then passes a law forcing people to buy Windows computers and pay the rental fee for it, no matter what the price, no matter even if they don't feel like buying because they don't find it to be a good deal for themselves. Fuck Obamacare.

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Well it's like this. 1984. No matter what the lawbooks say, people are gonna get spied on regardless, whether officially and unofficially. When it's done unofficially, people get caught with greater missteps because they don't excpect to be spied on as much. When it's done officially minor infractions can be abused more, but people behave a bit better, and hide their true intentions and thoughts better, to protect themselves, which in turn leads those in charge thinking there is no unrest, no unhappiness over putting the pedal to the metal and squeezing the public a little harder, for more taxes, more power taken from them into the hands of politicians, until the whole thing goes through a cascading ripple, like an Earthquake that the longer it waited the bigger the damage, and I be doing everybody a service bitchin here putting my own personal safety and well being at risk, just to let the powers know, that oh no, the people are not happy, and you cannot push harder and infringe on liberties more without actual thoughts and consequences, so please watch your step because nobody is stupid, they are only careful because they have children to raise and protect, but without exception, for instance, when I bought employee offered health insurances, you can see it through the crack just how unhappy they are over the insurance scam artists scheming them outta their money, and I personally would never get the full spectrum of the lowdown then they have to go through, so I'm like a seismograph, always swinging way out on the other side of the teeter totter trying to balance with my minuscule weight the imbalances that happen, and I could spend my life and time worrying about myself instead, like everybody else does, but it's like I'm the one who can most afford to risk my personal well being over this, and I got it as my job to do the bitchin, and I try to do a damn good job at it and make those who have to read it sweat a bit, and think more careful about what they are about to do, such as increasing penalties for not buying Obamacare, which is coming, increasing taxes on the working class, and giving tax breaks to the super rich, ya know, the simple stuff, like, what is new in history? Exploiters vs. exploitees, that pretty much sums up human activities through the ages, however Marx had it wrong with Communism in the Communist Manifesto, and Washington and Jefferson had it right with liberties and private property, but in that, private property for everybody, not for a select few 0.1% cream of the crop. Just like the article at http://www.cato.org/publicatio... says it that shows clearly that people die under communism from lack of giving a fuck, and only if they can work for themselves do they care. That is, even when they work for the collective where everything comes back to them they loiter around and ultimately die off, let alone when they have to work for another guy and hand over everything, like a nobleman of feudal lord. Washington and Jefferson and the rest of the founding father's ideal was the yeoman farmer, the small property holder, as the backbone of the democracy, where everyone equally owns private property and there is a dominant middle class, to ensure that equality, but here come the ex nobilis old world order gang that have succeeded encroaching themselves in every aspect of the power structure, government, intellectual property holding firms, extending limits of what constitutes property - like I bought some bird seed sunflower seed at walmart, and i'm thunkin bout i should plant some and grow some, but here come the Monsanto suits, and according to their genetic analysis they own the concept intellectual property in that seed, and I must cease activities and destroy all the sunflower stalks, unless I can pony up X amount they pull out of their ass to compensate them for their intellectual property in it. And to that all I got to say is how the fuck would i know what genes it has, for all i know you're lying, and anyway, the plant says otherwise that it wants to live and does not believe in your intellectual property mumbo jumbo bullshit. Fuck you. Fuck your attempts to extend ownership over everything unscarce in my life, like the air i breathe, the thoughts i think and the food i eat and the lifeforms around me, you want to own them all in an abstract, intellectual concept way, and turn me into your slave through such extensions of what constitutes property into domains where there is no scarcity factor much. Fuck you trying to exterminate me by dominating my life and activities so much with your control freak powermongering, go fuck yourself and find an honest way to make a living working hard like everybody else, instead of being an "investor" taking "risk" with intellectual property things that have no product liability lawsuits or risks much involved, then harassing everybody over bumming another dollar out of them. There should be balance in everything in life, but these folks involved with intellectual property they are like horses with blinds, only see one way, and that way is always the way they can extort more money out of the general public, irregardless what kind of world of abuse they create with it. Yeah, private property is essential to liberty, and in that liberty to everybody, and neither communists, nor feudal lord nobility respected such rights, unlike the kind of world Washington and Jefferson tried to create. We live in a country where 2/3 of all people rent, serf-style, and much of the rest pays a mortgage, again, semi-slave style. And in this rent-seeking behavior abuse of everybody, everybody does whatever is in their power to escape the abuse of being forced to pay rent and live under some feudal lord's rules and roof, so they will pay almost anything for a mortgage, and in turn drive up prices which increases rent which increases the abuse factor and need to escape it, which increases prices, and welcome housing bubble pyramid scheme bound to collapse and pop sooner or later, and all the people shorting against it all they need to find is a poor sucker forced onto minimum wage scape goat who gets xrayed in his rental place, then gives up trying to escape that when he cannot afford the cheapest available in the shittiest neighborhoods with the shittiest neighbors, so they drop the price for him, and when he buys, because he has to, then they collapse the housing market in a chicken little the sky is falling and cha-ching, all the Wall Street derivative bet shorters rake in the dough, but everyone is pissed at someone who bought a house at auction cheap. Dude, a public auction means that if you think something is bought too cheap, you're welcome to show up at the auction and bid higher, but otherwise stay the fuck out of other people's business, because you don't know what all is involved and the work and sweat lying ahead after such a purchase. But otherwise the best way to boost the US economy and make people care is to limit the incursions on everyone's finances from property hogging abusers, that, through necessity, everyone is forced to participate in and hog themselves, and curtail back mandatory expenses like increased taxes, or Obamacare, or increased housing costs. Those are the bulk expenses of everybody, and everybody is weighted down by them and there is lack of innovation and entrepreneurship over people suck dry and loitering about not caring much because they don't have private property, on the small scale, like that 3 acres for everybody solved all the problems of Jamestown after near extinction starvation having to work for a collective interest prior. But here come the ex nobilis Biden and his puppet Obama, fucking up the middle class even further. Like, http://www.frugal-cafe.com/pub... Biden the middle class has been buried over the past 4 years, http://imgace.com/wp-content/u... Yeah by far the biggest problem in the vitality of this nation is the rising gap between the haves and have nots, in a strong get stronger and weak get weaker way, and in that, extensions on the limits of property, ability to hog it and derive abusive profit from hogging it, together with bubble after bubble in prices of necessities, such as housing or mandatory insurance costs, that suck the middle class and lower class weaker while the upper class can self insure and not give a fuck, all in all rules put in place to "make money" by finding a sucker to pump the next dollar out of, and there is a sucker born every minute, without much creativity and tangible new wealth, instead of hogging existing things in the forms of property harder and harder, then driving prices through the roof, where nobody has another dollar left to participate in the actual economy to purchase things as an end result of creativity, when their resources are drained into payments of preexisting things of property already, intellectual royalties, insurances, taxes, housing, healthcare, all the while forced to pay rent on homes mortgaged, cars financed, to land under their feet as lot rent, the furniture in their homes being a rental, computers being rentals, soon underwear being rental, then the food you swallow is gonna be rental, where you're allowed to swallow it, and enjoy the good taste, but then you have to regurgitate it in a new painlessly invented way, then swallow some tasteless plastic nutrients that do supply the needs of your body, yay, what a wonderful new world is coming up onto us with rental food that's been through somebody elses stomach but recovered through the esophagus and washed and now you can rent it too. How about renting your thoughts, those thoughts are in your head, but someone else owns intellectual property on them and you must pay a rent fee over it. How about the air you breathe? That is my air you're breathing, pay up muthafucka! I own it! Fuck all ya man and your seed intellectual property rights on GMO sunflowers. What the fuck ever. They should ban GMO shit so that everyday people don't have to worry about it, and if there is anything GMO, like an insulin creating silkworm, they should keep it in their own factories and I never wanna see anything unfertile seed GMO on the store shelves, no vegetables or bird seed, cuz I don't wanna live my life under the constant terror of oh, geez, I wonder whose intellectual property I'm violating here by planting this seed I found on the sidewalk. Finders keepers! Fuck all you!
A dominant middle class, a yeoman farmer like majority of people, the kind that Washington and Jefferson tried to create is key to a happy and thriving society, is what made America great in the first place and most prosperous nation on the surface of this planet, like this picture, https://fbcdn-photos-f-a.akama... men in denim built our country, men in suits destroyed it, and in that cocksucking lawyers, politicians, insurance agents, stock brokers, bankers, that whole fucking bunch up on top there constantly scheming the average joe out of yet another dollar of theirs, like this picture shows https://www.atr.org/sites/defa... Can we have Obama or any fucking politician bring back the prosperity of the 1913 good ol days, that Archie Bunker sings about, guys like us we had it made? Fuck the government and all these rotten politicians. If the nobles want to establish their old world order they should go to Canada or UK the land of King George and his brood, and stay the fuck out and stop destroying the Land of Washington where all men are created equal, and if they are not, we should make them equal by brute force, instead of what's going on these days, in increasing the gap between upper and lower classes, by establishing rules that give more and more hogging power to those on top, who in turn turn it into even more hogging power. A good start would be rolling back the Mickey Mouse protection act of 1993 extending copyright from 70 to 90 years, and they could even roll it back to the original copyright law of 14 years, renewable to 28. How about that idea? Where I could listen to Elvis you aint nothin but a hound dog cra hin all the time without worrying who inherited his estate now so that i can make a payment. Elvis is dead, and he aint gonna create more songs even with such an extended incentive of 90 years instead of 70. He aint gonna go like, hold on, i'm only gonna get 70 year intellectual property rights in my creation, not 90, so that's not worth it for me, so I'm not gonna make this song. Disney and their lobbyists can go fuck themselves or their gay ass Mickey Mouse. In fact, I've said this before, they should have a specific law for Disney for Mickey Mouse protection, as an exception to the copyright law, while everyone else falls under different rules.

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