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Comment: Re: You should title this "Patriot act to be repea (Score -1) 185

by sillybilly (#49364615) Attached to: New Bill Would Repeal Patriot Act

It changes my behavior. I speed on cameras while carrying a cellphone, so they know it's not a fluke, just because I know they can monitor it and want to send a message, like, look, you wanna see me go crazy? Trying all day desperately to piss me off at work. Here, I can do it, it's not that hard, I can act like a total idiot, do not assume you can keep pushing somebody to extreme limits because they are pussies and never stick up for themselves. If that subliminal monitoring were not in place though, there'd be no useful purpose to going nuts under camera and cellphone monitoring, while endangering anyone who running a red light right into your face when you're speeding through a green. I also sometimes leave my cellphone home while going shopping, or to work, sometimes on purpose, sometimes I simply forget. I have been sent home from work before simply over forgetting the phone at home, at least that's what my best guess was why I was sent home. Nowadays I even pull the battery from the cellphone sometimes, cuz I know them bitches eavesdrop even when powered off. I know some people who still don't have a cellphone, and there are pluses and minuses to that too.

Comment: Re:Tent Cities (Score -1) 65

by sillybilly (#49363119) Attached to: Ikea Refugee Shelter Entering Production

I would never buy a house without a fully underground basement, because of xrays.
Other than that, I might be interested in one of these IKEA refugee things, and when asked what am I a refugee from, I'd be like, duh, I'm performing what's called "white flight" from inner cities to the suburbs, and my personal excuse would be constant personal attack with infections and having to recover all the time, as they trying to undermine me financially, to make me go on government aid too, and breed out of control on it too, like a bunch of inner city folk do. Hell no. Fuck all you.

Comment: Re:Duh (Score -1) 23

by sillybilly (#49353351) Attached to: 'Bar Mitzvah Attack' Plagues SSL/TLS Encryption

Also there is no such thing as absolute security, only obstacles of varying difficulty. Like putting a lock on a door is not a guarantee. Like RC4, it's better than nothing, against casual entry, but it's not a castle surrounded by a pond with pull up bridges, which in turn is not as secure as a fort, like Masada, built on solid rock mountain top with vertical precipice surrounding, because a tunnel can be dug under the pond, and given enough dedication and effort, even Masada was taken by the Romans. I still lock my car and house, which is a defense equivalent to RC4, in hat it's or tamper proof, but an obstacle, that requires effort, and I live like that, without spending on armed security guards, because of cost.

Comment: Re:You should title this "Patriot act to be repeal (Score -1) 185

by sillybilly (#49335455) Attached to: New Bill Would Repeal Patriot Act

Or more like, come on people, it's okay to misbehave and not worry about getting caught, the lack of recent terrorist events makes it unwarranted to oppress the people so much by surveying every last detail (well, except the Tsarnaev's, but they did it with the very deliberate purpose to sustain this surveillance, and keep other people down with it, because we lacked recent terrorist events.) So we repealed the Patriot Act, and we will no longer do surveillance of cell phones, so you should not keep them at home while you go shopping to not be tracked, nor should you watch your speed limit near traffic cameras, we stopped watching those too. Go ahead. Now it's okay to speed on traffic cameras, (those are gonna come down we just haven't got to it yet due to budget constraints, but we stopped watching those), or it's okay cheat on your wife with another woman, we will no longer snoop and tell who is with who by two cell phone's geolocation being at the same point at the same time inside some motel, hotel, or apartment.

Comment: Re: OMFG (Score -1) 291

by sillybilly (#49329327) Attached to: Steve Wozniak Now Afraid of AI Too, Just Like Elon Musk

If we all lived like yeoman farmers, self sufficient, making our own food, electric, sewer treatment, etc, and only engage in jobs and economic activity as far as necessary or we feel like, not being slaves to bills, then these above arguments would be irrelevant. Justice and liberty for all does not require jobs, nor automated machines that displace humans from jobs, because they will be irrelevant, because your ultimate existence is not dependent on having a job, or finding a way to peel another dollar out of a sucker (and there is a sucker born every minute), but you can always fall back to and exist just find self sufficient, without a job, or any bills. That should be like a human right. The right to exist DIY and without any bills whatsoever, or any job whatsoever. The way some Amish live comes to mind as closest to that ideal, except they too have to put up with property tax harassment, I think, but they don't have to pay social security, because they take care of their elderly and don't take out a pension when they retire, the community supports the elderly. They pull their own weight. It gets complicated though, and if you really want to fuck with somebody, it's easy to fuck anybody up given sufficient dedication and effort.

Comment: Re:Be fair (Score 0) 179

by sillybilly (#49317793) Attached to: WHO Report Links Weed Killer Ingredient To Cancer Risk

Hahaha. Monsanto is in the business of making money. I take any opportunity to bitch at them and their principle of no food shall be grown on this planet that we do not own and control, either via intellectual pushing the limits of what constitutes property, or via pimping infertile seeds and animals, genetically modified. As part of this quest we promote urban sprawl and relentless extermination of flowers, as every natural wild fruit and vegetable, which cannot be claimed as intellectual property, is based on pollinators and flowers, and their existence as a food source option endangers our quest to later blackmail the world by jacking up infertile seed prices that already drive failed farmers to suicide in poor countries like India. Also bioweapon creation, that's one mutation away from the antidote not working. To all this I say Fuck Monsanto, however I would not want them to go out business, such as from lawsuits, because they can and do create or have the potential to create good things too in the world, such as cheap insulin making lifeforms, or even, later, cotton that makes spider silk, or biodegradable plastic for shopping bags, like spider silk IS biodegradable, it's only how they go about their business what matters, the devil is in the details, and because of the threats they are dealing with, like nuclear or even more dangerous technology, their guiding principle as a business should be not maximum profit to th shareholders, but minimal interference and minimal genetic modification in the world, only as much as necessary, where the good in the world created by performing a genetic modification far outweighs the costs and simple risks of having such technology and tools and abilities at hand in the first place. The situation is analogous to the field of nuclear technology, if not even starker, where the most pressing topics on the minds of world leaders are a nuclear Iran, or North Korea, and even the Fukushima reactor accidents are almost a blessing, and nuclear power that's green and environmentally friendly but otherwise a great danger if a war erupts in a resource tense world, is only relied on as much as necessary, and if it could be replaced by renewables of solar and wind, by each household, and decentralized, we would not be having nuclear power plants for electricity generation in the first place and Iran would lose their arguments for wanting nuclear power plants for energy production purposes, because we could show the way that it's possible to live without it. For instance Monsanto does not need to create an infertile seed tomato that grows 10% larger or even 200% larger than preexisting tomatoes that are not genetically modified, unless making such a tomato non-infertile is acceptable and has no foreseen risks. They should only engage in genetic modification of the world around us at as minimum as possible, and only where such a change, or even having skills and technology in place to enact such a change, where the risks of such an alteration are compensated by a good created in the world above a certain imaginary thresh hold, greater than the free market is simply willing to buy it. It's like just because a hospital were willing to purchase a mini nuke station, and there is market demand, the risks involved suggests it may not be such a good idea, and any such activity should be supervised fully by the military, providing protection, and overruling and managing things only as far as necessities go, far and above any kind of free market and profitability considerations. Insulin, fertile spider silk biodegradable plastics creating cotton would be such things in my mind, while roundup resistant tomatoes and corn, ehh, and all this massive push for roundup as a weed killer for lawns, for mere purposes of beauty, and not for food production, not a matter of survival, exterminating wild flora and fauna, Fuck Monsanto for all that lawn mowing and brain washing people into what's pretty. Where are all the flowers? Where are all the butterflies? Kids growing up never catching a butterfly or watching one suckle nectar from a flower? Fuck Monsanto for that kind of "market and drive for increased profitability" activity. Like nuclear, biotech is a tool, and it can be used to create good, and bad, as far as necessities go, but its dangers are even higher than nuclear, and running rampant these days. In the businesses dealing with nuclear power, maximum market and maximum profitability is not the prime directive. Minimum market inasmuch as necessities go is. Whatever you can make with wind and solar don't make with nuclear. Whatever tomatoes you can grow without genetic modifications and feed okay with it, don't do it with infertile seed genetic modifications. Whatever you can achieve without insecticides, do it without them, and in that, it's okay to use insecticides to protect crops, but for mere lawn creations that seems like such a waste to me. If the city does not like the appearance of a lawn, they should, instead of coming out to cut the grass, and sending bills over, replace the lawn with flowers that never have to be cut, that are pleasing enough to the pedestrians or car traffic, and sustain native bugs, preferably the flowers selected from native plants local to the area, or from nearby states, to maintain genetic diversity around the world. That means no roundup for lawns, and no lawns as we have them today. You can use roundup for crops, or insecticides for crops, but even there alternatives, such as spiders to keep populations down without extermination, are preferable, compared to what goes down these days, a farmer sprays insecticides on his flowering crops, then hires a pollinating service with bees, and all the bees die from the insecticides. That is despicable.

Comment: Re:If you aren't with us (Score -1) 130

by sillybilly (#49311787) Attached to: ISPs Worry About FCC's 'Future Conduct' Policing

And btw I've seen a purely yeoman farmer type world before, but it lacked abundance of good cars, technology, computers, phones, but you had TV's and radios, still, it's like you don't get the good thins in life without sustaining a parasite layer, like even the Aztec's with a booming irrigation culture sustained priests that invented zero and had the most accurate timekeeping and astronomical record in the world at the time they flourished, not to be surpassed until later in Europe post Renaissance, so it's like without trying to support priests or artists or car manufacturers similar other-than-yeoman-farmer people, you don't get the good life either. But it's a never ending battle between those on top, or their slave drivers saying look at these lazy union workers, they don't like to work, and the workers are like look at these bean counters up at corporate, they never have to work, and neither understands the other because they haven't walked a mile in each other's shoes. I bitch on here assuming I know what other people are sometimes thinking, but they are scared to show it, or speak up, because they worry about their own and kids safety, but without being told in the open the ones on top don't realize what's going on in people's minds, and they think they are smarter and they are getting away with some sneaky shit and other people are just dumb and stupid. No they are not. Millions of them all know, but are not crazy enough to say it or rebel as a group in unison, until the push or squeeze becomes stronger. And Da Man on top constantly thinks he's watching all traffic on camera, recording phone conversations and texts and locations, he knows who's cheating with whose wife, and he can push it to the limit of maximum profitability for himself when it comes to squeezing others, and controlling them, without any effects, and that's a very dangerous game to play. But they are like yeah, we know it, and we like dangerous. But when the shit hits the fan and the crying begins - I told you. What's so unexpected about it?

Comment: Re:If you aren't with us (Score -1) 130

by sillybilly (#49311731) Attached to: ISPs Worry About FCC's 'Future Conduct' Policing

Monsanto does good things too, once in a while. Such as producing insulin by gene insertion into something else, whose supply previously was exclusively butcher shop guts - beef, pork, difficult to extract small quanties. That's a welcome addition to the world, and whatever sacrifice it demands it's more than worth it. However their attack on almost all life as a whole, especially the food sources first, and to intellectually own and provide only infertile seeds or farm animals, in the name of profit, together with pimping excessive lawn mowing as appropriate style of what's beautiful, is despicable. You can mow, just don't overdo it. Live and let live, is a first principle of Life, respecting the variety of the jungle. Cut only half of your lawn, leave the back of the lot for nature, if it's not a crowded city: wildflowers, butterflies, grasshoppers, birds, etc. Live and let live. Coexist with other life without constantly worrying about only harm can come from other life. Keep your distance. That's all.

Comment: Re:If you aren't with us (Score -1) 130

by sillybilly (#49306223) Attached to: ISPs Worry About FCC's 'Future Conduct' Policing

How about some conduct, saying: Do something strange for a little piece of change and hop up on that dick for me. As long as movies and other people get away talking crap constantly, and freely viewable everywhere online, like pretty much all hip hop videos with big female ass shaking, constantly saying nigga this, nigga that, it's like literally quoting other people has become a crime, but I don't really see how they are gonna regulate speech other than based on color, and in that, if you're a colored person you get a free ticket to say anything, but everybody else watch your language.
How about the conduct of healthcare professionals and Obamacare about making a dollar by infecting people on purpose, or threaten them with it. On TV. Talking about how they are soft tissue experts, with a grin on their face how they are gonna make you sick. The Hippocratic Oath doctors take is "do no harm." Sick fucks, it's like they are hopeless of ever becoming a decent human being.

Comment: Re:Are Brown Dwarfs Stars? (Score -1) 98

by sillybilly (#49254087) Attached to: Proxima Centauri Might Not Be the Closest Star To Earth

But it's like you gotta make it worthwhile to go to a nearby star, and the reason you'd go is to find matter in orbit, like lots of planets and asteroids, matter that you can make babies out of. No point going to a brown dwarf if it has nothing orbiting around it, might as well just stay in empty space and be limited by the total matter you already hoarded up and whatever star-light energy you're getting. Unless the brown dwarf emits usable amounts of energy, or you can even land on it and mine it for stuff like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, to make more babies out of. (Or cats, farm animals like Elephants, or plants like trees.) Or nuclear fuel to make artificial heat and lighting out of.

Comment: Re:Yeah, really? (Score -1) 228

Well, it's like this. Mars is too small to hold a decent atmospher, but it's got a whole lot more rock than our Moon does, and we can rip that bitch to pieces and make comfy rotating space stations out of it and make it disappear, while we don't want to have our Moon disappear, because a lot of natural things are tied to it, like tides, or women pmsing go based on lunar cycles, and it's got to be controlled by whatever minor gravitational or light effect the moon has, at least in its origin, even if there might be a biological clock inside that does the actual counting. So you can take some material from the Moon - such as dig to the cold lava free nonmolten core and hope to find some gold, nickel and platinum you could dump to earth, or just use rocks from the surface to build a megagiga flippable solar panel shade system against global warming near the Earth-Sun Lagrange point, controllable via a remote down here, so that we can dump all the carbon back into the atmosphere from underground where it went during the carboniferous, jurassic and palezoic and the like, and give it back to lifeforms to use, via an increase of CO2 from 0.03% to say 0.1% in the air, which is like a limiting nutrient to all green plants growing, that filter their own carbon content - carbohydrate, fat and protein - directly from the 0.03% in the atmosphere and it takes a long time to filter huge volumes of air for a little bit of carbon, so global warming this global warming that we should dump all fossil fuels into the atmosphere as long as we can guarantee a shading over say the sahara or diffuse over some less reflective than sahara Ocean regions - and this means they'd have to flip open and close on the clock - so if we can drop temperatures back, you might even get things like the Levant becoming fertile grounds like it was 2000 years ago and it's pretty much desert these days, but of course the climate behavior of the Earth is complicated and all that, so it would be nice to have shades up there, as solar panels, as long as you can guarantee that if things go haywire and it naturally falls away from lack of yearly fuel delivery that keeps it up there, because some apocalypse took over down here, or the retards took over and they can't make a delivery, so you have to consider the ramifications of putting the carbon back into the atmosphere, so even before then the prime concern is self sufficient sustainable rotating cylinder space stations via full recycling from Moon materials, and a whole lot of people living in space sustainably, such as China is running out of room, but there is a lot of room in space, and they make great astronauts because of smaller body size and they are not heavy to lift up, so you can put a lot of people up there first, before you install shades, and you can do it from lunar materials - but you should keep most of the Moon intact and instead go for Mars (which is faaaaaaaaaar, but not too far), and you are welcome to rip Mars to pieces to make homes and space stations out of it and almost everyone could live down here on Earth if they get to keep the Moon intact, yet have not 7 billion, but 100 trillion humans living happily in outer space on space stations made from Mars, and 5 billion kept down here as a museum and natural reservation, while Venus is getting terraformed by a shade system, or by banging comets into it on their trip back from the Sun, over millions of years, to lift Venus higher into orbit away from the Sun, to make it naturally colder in case the shade system fails, but hopefully not interfering much gravitationally with the orbit of Earth by coming too close. If anything the shade system, which is required to be superhuge for Venus compared to modifying merely 1% or so of Earth's total solar dose, with Venus you're probably talking covering 30-50% or even more of the total surface area with shades before the sulfuric falls onto the ground as a big ocean, and Venus starts filtering and gabbing oxygen at 32, and oxygen reacted hydrogen as water at 18 on its surface, ultimately the sulfates ending up in rock as drywall, and water oceans covering Venus surface. It would take tiiiiime. But you'd get a 2nd livable planet as Venus with oceans on the surface that can house whales, something that may not be worthwhile on space stations, lest they be huge to give enough roaming room for whales to long distance communicate across half an ocean via low frequency sounds. Venus has good potential, moreover a thick atmosphere too that makes it uneconomical to lift objects from it into orbit compared to Mars with an atmosphere at a 0.6 to 1.1% of Earth's pressure, where wind resistance might be so little that you could shoot a fast enough cannon ball towards outer space, and it would actually go all the way into outer space orbit, because the atmosphere does not burn it up at its fairly low escape velocity, because Mars is so small. If you could hoard a lot of mini-debris and make it bigger, then it could be terraformed and contain an iceage planet, and hold water, but Earth's average temperature is already close to water's freezing point, so to both hold water gravitaionally and have it liquid too at the same time it would have to be close to Earth in both size and temperature, which means a huge Fresnel lens capturing and focusing extra sunlight unto its surface, and if you can come up with all that debris - such as stealing Jupiter's moons from its orbit, and stealing Saturn's ring (which has a lot of easy to get to debris) if you add all that up, go fish for Pluto and send that down plummeting into Mars too, combine a lot of rocks from the asteroid belt, then you could terraform Mars possibly easier than waiting for Venus to capture water and make the sulfuric disappear. Btw Venus sulfuric might disappear into rocks instantly, within a year or two if covered with a huge shade, and the planet have a rocky surface like Mars with good gravity, and a very low pressure of say 0.5 atmosphere of pure oxygen from on the ground electrolyzers in no time, or pure oxygen/CO2 mix, which is not breathable, but its better than nothing while you wait for the nitrogen and water to gather, so Venus might be easier to terraform than Mars, if all you want is a barren rocky planet to walk on, and even if you built up Mars to proper size that Venus already has, Mars would have to wait longer to gather all the nitrogen from the solar wind, because it's less dense that far away (any kind of flux from a sphere drops as 1/r-squared, magnetic, electric, gravitational, energy, or mass flow, because of conservation laws). But even on Mars you could have a temporary O2/CO2 atmosphere while people on it carry helium packs made from nuclear physics reaction helium, and recycled. You cannot have an O2/He atmosphere, it can only be O2/N2 to be breathable, because if helium is held by gravity/low temperature, at 4, that's too close to H2 hydrogen at 2, and you can only end up with an ever increasing in size gas giant like Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune, and unlivable, even if you start with a seed the size of Earth or a bit bigger at a distance of Mars' orbit. So you will always have to provide a gravity/temperature that holds H2O at 18, N2 at 28 and O2 at 32 while at the same time boiling off H2 at 2 and He at 4, to keep it livable. Presently Mars' atmosphere is almost all CO2 at 44, with a bit of N2 at 28, meaning it's reducing, just like Earth was at the beginning before the appearance of photosynthetic lifeforms, and it probably has a lot of carbon and sulfur and metals like meteoritic iron (or even nickel) unoxidized that hog any oxygen that appears in its atmosphere. Conversely Venus is mostly H2SO4 at 96, with some CO2, but it's really really hot, boiling off even O2 and N2, even if its surface clouds have a lot of solar reflectivity. Venus needs a humongous shade system, probably put up by robots and very thin black shades, or silicon solar panel shades, and it's better to fuck with it first before you fuck with Earth, because even if you fuck up the shading of Venus, the planet itself is presently fucked and it cannot be fucked up any worse, so it's like you're not fucking up anything. But as I said, Venus would need a huuuuge area covered, counting that it's almost the same size as Earth at a much shorter distance, and say, it's half the distance to the Sun as Earth then it receives 2 squared equals 4 times the amount of solar energy per area, and to make it 1 again, 3 out of the 4 would have to be covered up, or 75% of total area shaded, or more like 75% of the solar input would have to be diffusely reflected or filtered away by silicon panels at red in orbit at its Lagrange point. Maybe heat engines that work between say 2000C focused solar concentrators in orbit and 600C red heat heat emitters (emitting away from Venus via a mirror block) into outer space cooling would be better than silicon solar panels as shade, that close to the Sun. Aluminum mirrors, aluminum being abundant, might work, except that aluminum melts at 660C or so, and even then it's not a good heat radiator because it's not black, and if molten it would want to coalesce into spherical droplets of molten aluminum floating at Venus' Lagrange point, so silicon with a much higher melting point and a darker color and high abundance in the Universe may be after all the best shade material, even if not very useful to make electric at that high temperature over there, while still being a shade. Near Earth the solar dose per surface are is much smaller, and the top temperature attained by solar panels must not be too hot else they would not be used on satellites. I should look up how much closer to the Sun Venus is than Earth and revise this post, but ehh, it's going under -1 karma so I'll be lazy won't bother. Yeah. Stuff like that. And while we're at it, fuck Obamacare (not Obama, just Obamacare, or more like just the penalty part of that whole bullshit, the rest, like helping people pay if they apply is fine), fuck Monsanto, etc, which will guarantee it stays at -1. :)

Comment: Re:Considerable resources? (Score -1) 214

by sillybilly (#49238927) Attached to: Billionaire Teams Up With NASA To Mine the Moon

Dude, all I got to say is finafuckingly!
Now if they just put up some shades at the Lagrange point that'd be groovy, cuz down here I really don't like getting stuck with another stupid government mandated carbon tax bill, I'm fed up enough with the Obamacare tax penalty bullshit. As in how is this fella in the white house helpin me out? I could have bought insurance previously if I wanted to, what's this tax penalty crap? Ahh, he wants me to go on welfare so he can control my spending habits, he sends his King Kong into my budget to take over control of my budget. Bullshit! Like Timothy McVeigh Invictus, I'm the captain of my soul, not the fucking government. I'm giving the muthafucka the finger over it. All I know I will do whatever it takes including dying not to step foot inside a hospital as long as they got this stupid law on the books, and then I can claim that if I refuse service, you can't charge me, motherfucker. Bitch.

Comment: Re:Global Warming Wiped Out Mars? (Score -1) 58

I think they are confusing wind erosion with water erosion. Moisture gets absorbed in rocks even in vacuum - probably the Moon might have some crystal water in some silicates too - , but Mars probably never had a temperature/gravity pressure to sustain liquid water on the surface, unless solar output was much different. The atmosphere is extremely thin, but because of low gravity, 1/3 of Earth's dust flies up easier too. Otherwise the temperature/pressure is probably at the solid/gas transition. Here, the pressure ranges from 0.0044 psi(0.003 atm) on Olympus Mons's peak to over 0.1675 psi (0.011 atm) in the depths of Hellas Planitia, so it's between 0.3% and 1.1% of the atmospheric pressure we have on Earth. The triple point of water is 0 degrees C (more like 0.01) and 0.006 atm, or 0.6% of that on Earth. So in theory, there might have been liquid water extremely close to the triple point, but the temperature would have to be above 0 (which is probably rare) and under 20C or so (under room temperature.) Just cuz you could have a puddle of liquid water physically existing in the open atmosphere of Mars, it does not mean that it would not evaporate away super fast, as even iced over frozen clothes hung out to dry in the winter eventually dry even under the freezing point in the sun (and you have to be careful not to break your jeans or underwear when frozen and brittle, they are very fragile), so a puddle of liquid water would evaporate very fast unless the atmosphere is at 100% humidity or close to it, under such pressure, and then once in the atmosphere, the gravity of Mars is so weak that it would easily reach terminal velocity and escape. And you can tell that it would, from the atmospheric composition of Mars which is 96% CO2 at molecular weight 44, 1.9% Argon, 1.9% Nitrogen, and traces of oxygen, carbon monoxide, methane, water, etc. Molecular weight of water is 18, and much lighter than 28 for nitrogen and 32 for oxygen or 44 for CO2. Planets with cold enough surface and high enough gravity capture hydrogen too from the solar wind, including all the gas giants like Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus, with a molecular weight of 2, but Mars is too weak gravitationally to go as low as 18, and Venus is too hot to go as low as 18, and they boil off hydrogen at 2, water at 18, nitrogen at 28, oxygen at 32, and only have CO2 and H2SO4 and the like remaining in the leftover distillate, while Jupiter boils off nothing, but earth boils off hydrogen at 2, helium at weight 4, but does not boil off methane at 16, water at 18, nor nitrogen 28, oxygen at 32, etc. So liquid water does not exist on Mars under present circumstances because it boils off fast from the surface pond and then boils off fast from the atmosphere into outer space. If in the past the temperature were colder, by ether lower solar output (like ice age on earth), or by Mars being in a farther away orbit, and then getting knocked closer by something else, but farther away it was just the proper amount of cold to hold water on its surface atmosphere, at least you could have had a saturated water vapor atmosphere on Mars, but it might have been under zero celsius, to where yes, you have water, but it's all ice, like at the poles, and never liquid, simply because Mars lacks the gravity to hold it in the atmosphere under enough pressure where it can stay there over 0 degrees required by liquid water, otherwise the only water on Mars is in the solid/gas transition range in the graph below:
I think they are confusing wind erosion with water erosion, or maybe ice/glacier erosion remotely possible if you fly off on a tangent of coincidences and luck, but never liquid water. Mars is too small for water. Venus is a whole lot of different story, about the same size as Earth, and all it would need to get life on it pronto is that at its Lagrange point it needs to wear some huge ass shades to be cool.

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