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I've had this very same idea of extracting another gas from the atmosphere, not water, but the 0.03% CO2, for a long time now. Ethanolamine and the like are not ideal because they probably have too high a vapor pressure and loss from it, so it has to be some liquid either high pH or just very CO2 hogging, but also low viscosity and non-evaporating at the same time. Trees have leaves spread over a large volume to capture CO2, but sometimes I wonder if they really capture all the CO2 they could, or they get lazy, and pass up a bunch of potential biofuel and energy that they could store. So if you artificially capture CO2 with an absorbent material, then make hydrocarbons out of it to store windmill energy, you might beat other lifeforms, including most efficient crops like corn, jatropha, or even algae at rate of energy conversion and biofuel-like hydrocarbon(non-ammonia) fuel generation, especially in winter when the wind blows but the sun don't shine strong, and all lifeforms only convert sunlight but no wind, so solar + wind + CO2 capture might beat corn or algae at bio fuel generated per acre per year.
Also in deserts, there was this old Wikipedia entry on solar towers, as, to get a draft, all you need it to put up a massive chimney going really high (as the sun's rays pass through the air and heat the ground directly which heats the air next to it, which then rises randomly up into the colder regions, so if you have a chimney where inertia can set in, maybe even enticed by a removable massive fan to start, but then self-sustaning based on the air density difference, so you could have massive nuclear power plant looking towers, except much taller, that do the same thing as nuclear power plant towers, but instead of evaporating water to get cooling, they drizzle some moisture sucking nonevaporating liquid in small droplets (but big enough to where their terminal velocity is still faster than the updraft, so they don't get carried up and blown out the top of the stack - careful control of droplet particle size based on prevailing chimney wind tunnel velocity is a high tech science, especially to maintain say 1% faster speed, instead of 200% faster speed, for increased residence times through the chimney and better phase transfer contact.) The liquid would have to be pumped and atomized from windmills or solar panel pumps, and of course having just a huge pond of, say, Dead Sea water like liquid, or say calcium or magnesium chloride, and just letting it sit in open air day and night, with no moving parts, always having a reserve available to tap into, is a lot cheaper than trying to build a huge chimney tower in the desert. But that too might go to complete dryness of salt only, so an expensive organic or some other liquid (say even gallium metal with sodium dissolved in it to hog some of the hydrogen as hydroxide, would be a non-organic water sucking liquid, even if expensive to recover the hydrogen from it, so there may be nonorganic liquids, but chances are the economical ones would be some high boiling but low viscosity (maybe hindered) organic compounds) kept as a huge pond might be cost prohibitive on the capital needed to create such a huge pond of material just sitting there, to where a chimney and pumps with moving parts and dynamic try not to blow and scatter the expensive droplets out the top of the stack into the environment, so a dynamic busy setup like that might still be more economical, simple because the working liquid is expensive like gold, but the production rate of water is a lot faster.
By the way such a setup would never provide water for irrigation, but it might be able to provide a cup of water every 2 hrs to people dying from thirst in places like Sanaa, that are so high up in the mountain sky that it's cost prohibitive to pump seawater for desalination that high, so atmospheric moisture extraction might make sense, as that moisture is transported up high for free. The problem with people in Sanaa is that they are all drug addicts, spend half they day laying around in congregations where they are high from chewing khat, and they waste all their irrigation water on growing that shit around Sanna, instead of food, and they moan at how they don't have enough food and money, or education, when all they do is substance abuse, chew khat, waste all your time on it and grow khat, blow all your precious water on it. And you're supposed to help retards like that. My ass! It does not matter if Egypt and Saudi Arabia rank top on lowest alcohol consumption countries, because the Holy Quran forbids it, but then you have these same people constantly high from khat.

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Dude, this is the land of big money, big money can do anything they want, including rape your daughter and leave her dead, and be completely immune. It's not much different from the old nobility/serfdom world, where similar things constantly went down, except such rights are now understood and not codified into law. You don't have rights unless you're in with the gang who runs the show, and then you have all kinds of rights. History of humanity is based on hierarchy, and it remembers the conquerors not the people who lived in peace with each other in harmony, and with a boring life until the day they died.

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It's like the biggest obstacle to general safe adoption of clean nuclear power is the prevalence of mental retardation around the world, in places like Iraq where people blow each other up, so all you gotta do is IQ test the whole world population, and gas-chamber all the retards to clean up the gene pool, then you don't have to worry about nuclear technology proliferation. It's an easy and simple solution, I don't understand what's so complicated about this?

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Non-moderated, aka breeder or fast neutron reactors that burn 99% of the fuel rods as opposed to only 1% presently in all moderated, aka slowed down neutron reactors. All the depleted uranium the military has stockpiled declaring it radiation free and with no useful uses other than awesome bullets, because of the huge density of near gold for metallic uranium, so all this depleted uranium, or U235 depleted U238 leftovers the army shoots around is actually awesome nuclear fuel in a breeder reactor.
However, because a breeder reactor is not as reactive as a moderated one based on very fissile U235, the critical mass is huge comparatively, so you have to build the thing huge compared to conventional moderated reactors. But it's worth to build it huge, as it can burn thorium, which is like 3 to 5 times as abundant as uranium, and does not cause as much a proliferation risk - a statement that has to be taken with a grain of salt, because once anyone is expert at nuclear technology, there are clever ways to make things blow up, even from thorium fuel. So it's like, if you wanna fight nuclear technology proliferation, it comes down to how dumb and illiterate, and scientifically retarded you can keep people. So far it works great in places full of retards up to the highest levels in command like Iraq, for buying stupid nonscientific things such as dowsers (a link I found at the Slashdot topic Drought Inspires a Boom In Pseudoscience, From Rain Machines To 'Water Witches')

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Capital costs cost almost nothing if the expected lifetime is infinite and the interest rate is zero.
The running costs are usually dominant, such as fuel costs when gas price is over $3/gal, but nuclear fuel is so cheap per calorie or kWh or MJ or ft-lb, that pretty much the only cost with nuclear is the capital cost indeed, for exotic construction materials, for replacement losses of those materials, and safety management issues.

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You can't go 20% other like hydro. All hydro that's useful and dammable is already dammed. Hydro is great, but it's near max capacity. You'd have to start ruining pristine nature as mountain creeks would all have hillbilly jerry rigged mini water power generators, but it's like not worth the effort and the damage it would create on all the creeks out there. All major rivers than are not creeks are damned already.

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The problem in the cost of the Edison battery is the high cost of nickel metal as it's a relatively scarce metal, but most stainless steel is full of it (iron + 13% or more chrome + nickel varies + funky stuff, like niobium, molybdenum, etc..) Also while it stores more energy per "mass" than lead acid, per "volume" it's not that much better, and it also has lower peak current density than lead acid can sustain. The downside of lead acid is that it's not retarded hillbilly friendly, you can't just leave it scattered around on your front lawn and expect carpenter ants not to dig through the lead and scatter it all over the place, polluting the whole environment, but nickel iron, even with the nickel scattered, is environmentally safe, as nickel is not that environmentally unsafe, and forms mostly insoluble compounds near neutral pH or slightly higher than neutral. The worst thing from an Edison battery is the temporary effect of a caustic KOH potassium hydroxide spill, but that's like dumping quicklime into nature, it's temporary damage that's easy to recover from, and potassium is actually a valued fertilizer.

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No. The awesome part about the nickel iron battery is that the patent expired, and nobody can come harass you over paying them license fees over it. As long as you practice is the way it was described in the past. Of course they will try to come up with all kinds of improvement patents to it patented in the present era, and try to entice you to bite onto them, with such and such minor benefits, but not becoming a bitch to Da Man by paying him patent royalty fees is worth everything in the world, even if you have to waste 99% of your power and only get 1% back from your old school intellectual property free battery, when their improvement patent can give you 99.9% back and only 1% waste. Fuck Da Man and his fucking patents constantly seeking to suck the living blood out of you.

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The only issue is the global supply of antimony, as the PVC wire and cable segment knows about it, as there is only one or a few mines that supply it globally, and every time they go on strike the prices go up tenfold. It's like saying calomel electrode industrial storage batteries are the future - not gonna happen, because there ain't enough mercury around in the world. If all you needed the antimony for was a handful of super high energy density nuclear power plants - where the global supply of bismuth and mercury and antimony all walk in the same shoes - that's a different story, because you don't need that much if the energy density you're dealing with is high. But all, I repeat, all batteries have low energy density, compared to, say, gasoline. If they could recoup the magnesium out of such a thing as metal, and stack it in a pile, that would have high energy density, but they'd still have to have something else equivalent on the cathode side get emitted, and the usual preferred material is oxygen, as in metal air batteries going reverse, charged, but even things like bulk quantities of oxidized copper in going reverse might work, and going forward you'd get magnesium oxide salt + metallic copper, as copper is a whole lot more abundant than antimony. And by the way lithium is more abundant than either antimony, or copper, and it's the best battery material, highest voltage and energy density, lowest leakage, and it works at room temperature unlike these molten salt batteries, the prime example being the cheap sodium sulfur, that have to be constantly maintained at high temp and if they freeze they stop working.

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Now you want to call praying mantis people too? wow, what an abandonment of specieism that would be.. So when are mosquitoes gonna be protected as having individual rights under the Constitution? Not anytime soon, I reckon..

So anyway, to the seemingly well thriving radioactive wild boars, my answer is what about them seafood (tuna fish) that created dementia and mental retardation in a California child, because her mother fed her a can of tuna fish every morning, and it turned out he got mercury poisoning, and they narrowed it to the tuna, which is a top predator, and methyl-mercury is lypophilic (fat loving) and it bioaccumulates.. By far the greatest amount of yearly mercury emissions comes from coal, which is the main alternative to nuclear when it comes to electricity generation. And all other fossils create global warming, ask the people who live near what used to be Lake Chad, where they get their water when they are thirsty, and compare that to the seemingly happy radioactive wild boars. Unlike with coal, where almost no matter how precisely you do your job, the pollution is there, with nuclear it all comes down to getting it done right. I know that's easier said than done, because to err is human. Then you have to design assuming errors will happen, and deal with them at the design phase, and then again, to err is human, because the Japs fucked up assuming the highest tsunami wave would be such and such hitting Fukushima, and designed wave breakers for it, that ended up not tall enough for when the incident happened. For their excuse, they never had a tsunami wave that high since written history, so to err is human, but to forgive them for their mistake in the design is divine.

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Like what the fuck do realtors contribute to the economy to justify the 6 digit incomes a lot of them have? Or stock brokers? Or intellectual property hoggers - the actual creators all get fucked on the strongarm contracts. Like the richest people in the world what did they create, other than feeding off of other's creativity without properly sharing the wealth with them - as in 50/50, or 90 creators/10 manager overheads - and when they run out of people to feed off of, they run away, and get angry. Fuck em. I have no feeling for them at all.

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And btw, if you look at the abundance of nuclear power plants in the world, you'll see that much of Western Europe and eastern USA is loaded with them, and they provide a huge amount of clean environmentally friendly power. (France has had 80% of its electric from nuclear.) The major issue is such power plants proliferating to where the retards blow each other up in hatred, like Iraq. But if you account for all the CO2 emissions and carbon tax, the overall environmental cost accrued by fossils such as coal (which also emits massive amounts of mercury, and other pollutants) is a whole lot more, per Watt generated so far, than with nuclear, all nuclear issues being related to human stupidity, corruption and behavioral issue, not to a core technology issue. Now that I wrote this shit expect France and the like to get subtly sabotaged, just to prove me wrong. I piss off a lot of people deeply to where they hate so much they are willing to sacrifice a lot to get back. Oh well, hater's gonna hate:

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And the most important of the battles is anti grass cutting. I'm all out against forced grass cutting, and I will go down over it. I'm surrounded by idiots that senselessly mow their lawns as far as the eye can see, and they think I should do it too. I wholeheartedly disagree, and I will go down over it.

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I might fare a lot better living in the low radiation areas of Chernobyl than in my present place where I get x-rayed, gassed and infected, over people feeling that I don't pay enough housing cost, whose livelihood depends on maintaining sky high housing cost. Between 2001 and 2005 I rented a single room for $100/mo at an old lady's house, and everyone is still pissed about that kind of "crime." I'm looking for such a deal constantly ever since. They knocked a cheap house I purchased, saying it was not up to code and a public nuisance, with a huge excavator, and left the excavator sitting on the lot for show for weeks of momths. Then I tried to buy a wooded lot out in the country side, fairly big so I'd be far from any neighbors, and wooded/bushy to cover up and not be public nuisance in appearance of any kind, and I even slept there happily sometimes in a tent in below 20F winter - fresh air and no x-rays, nor infections - , but every time I'd commit such a crime as sleep there and go to work directly from there I'd instantly lose my job. I don't have much to live under the present conditions, as I'm very stubborn in my ways - I was raised by a cat - and I fight too many wars and battles, including becoming a conscientious objector to any sort of forced insurance purchase by government, intellectual property issues of if it has DRM I will simply try to live without it - as in I never watched a full DVD movie yet, for the very reason that it has DRM, etc, etc. The voices in my head told me today that it's not possible to save my life. Oh well.

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