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Comment: Re:I will never understand (Score -1) 93

by sillybilly (#49552359) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls

Yeah, like good luck trying to win a case against Microsoft or IBM or similar patent trolls (I think IBM clocks the most patents, but I don't see any products labeled IBM I'm using, so it's like they are not really innovating, more like trolling, unlike Arm chips for instance, or even Intel and AMD), as there is no judge or lawyers alive who will go against the big dogs and risk their own livelihood and own children's welfare pissing them up while upholding justice. So that's all that intellectual property laws ensure, more ways and means to abuse power, and the lil guy, the individual inventor has all the more reason to hate intellectual property rules they concocted out of nothing, cuz all they get out of that is abuse from people that got good at not creating anything, but abusing the artifacts and subjugating everyone else into intellectual property slavery. And Microsoft and gang is pretty high up on that list when it comes to abuses, and they, but also Disney, are the main reason why intellectual property in general is viewed as something horrible, besides some publishing or label houses that pay like 50/50 or much less to the actual creators.

Comment: Re:Next up... (Score -1, Offtopic) 120

by sillybilly (#49552329) Attached to: Giant Survival Ball Will Help Explorer Survive a Year On an Iceberg

I been to Niagara Falls, behind the waterfall. It's not really all that.

Apple makes portable drives called time capsules. Maybe they could enhance the selection in their product lines and add one of these balls to their list of offerings, called a zombie apocalypse or nuclear apocalypse capsule. In a nuclear apocalypse you only have to make it for 1 year or 10 years, which is the amount of time they keep nuclear waste in a pond near the reactor, for the half lives to decay away, then there is a window in halflives for all possible decay elements, and the next ones have halflives on the order of hundreds or maybe thousands of years, which makes them faily safe and livable, or more like at least compared to the initial year or decade.
Make sure the include iodine and strontium nonradiating isotope doses, which people will have to use to replenish their bodies (iodine is in HGH, most important, while strontium not so much, other than for strong bone crystals you need crack propagation stopping defect sites, my guess is that, and then you have to eat pure strontium purified calcium only material, such as processed eggshells or even mined limestone but not seasalt or seawater extracted calcium, or seafood, where the calcium would be polluted with bone marrow destroying contamination.
The way the world is headed, increasingly stressed on rising costs, lack of resources and ever increasing population, there is a good chance that eventually somebody somewhere would go nuts and initiate a nuclear war. For instance when Henry Kissinger tried bludgeoning Mao Ze Dong into submission by threatening him with nukes, he replied: you threateing us? We welcome a nuclear war, in fact we could send 150 million women to the US and get instant voting majority over there and not even feel the loss in population from the 3/4 billion we have here (now it's 1.3 billion only increasing at a rate of 150 million per decade or so, or it used to in the 90's, which is still half the population of the US amount of growth per decade, but at least they have a one child policy, unlike India which just reached 1 billion in like 2007 and now they are about to overtake China with their 1.2 billion these days, and they have no one child policy, instead they have rolling blackouts of their electric grid crumbling from the load, they pull off a Mars mission costing not only less than what NASA spends on it, but costing less than Hollywood spends making a movie about going to Mars. They are also sitting on a shitload of Thorium, biggest reserve in the world, which can, in theory, with effort, be converted into you threaten us with your guns? Well our Buddha smiles back right back at you which a flash followed by a mushroom cloud. Check out this picture, Can you find Australia and Canada, dominion of the United Kingdom on it? What these mofos lack the most is good free porn and looser morals. Plus one is mostly ice, the other mostly desert, while India, Vietnam and Indonesia are mostly monsoon jungle. In Freedoom doom2 in later levels there are kama sutra or indian looking wall decorations everywhere, I have no clue if that's any kind of Omen. For now lots of Indians are vegetarian, but they have been bruised and abused through history with muslim invader pasha's shooting cannon balls at the Iron Pillar in Delhi, shedding a whole lot of their territory to muslim majority countries of Bangladesh and Pakistan (yeah now look at that chart again and include Pakistan and Bangladesh into your image of beach assault soldiers and count how much ammo you need to defend in case you have to), then they were the crown jewel of the British crown (i'm betting a good 50-80% of income of the british royalty that supported their world dominant navy such as at the Battle of Jutland was extracted from India, while the people there starved, just like people starved in Ireland during the potato famine while grain was being exported to England from Ireland, what else is new) with bloody putting down of uprisings by blowing from the gun (cannons) elderly hindus as punishment, then Ghandi liberated them through a hunger strike and partitioned India into the muslim and hindu majority regions, and recently they started asserting their power with giving the finger to patent trolls about pharmaceuticals with world IP coming at them from Switzerland and the US, and we are helpless unless we're willing to attack, they are also pissed at Monsanto for giving them seeds that fail to germinate when resown after harvest, they are all sterile plants and their failed farmers are committing suicides over it like lemmings, so there are all kinds of excuses to feel angry about if it is excuses you're looking for, and gone are the times of world stability when the two superpowers of CCCP and USA with cousins telephoning each other via a Washington-Moscow hotline dominated the world top down and ensured a stable world, and these new powers of China, India, Brasil, etc, are starting to assert more and more their power. We in the USA are fucking ourselves playing pyramid schemes with the housing market, then pyramid schemes with forced insurance like car insurance and Obamacare, and we got ethnic tensions here like I'm feeling it on my own skin and in my own body and in my budget, personally harmed over simply issues of ethnicity, so a socialist economy of high taxes and everyone benefits does not work here unlike in France, Germany or Sweden with superhigh taxes but a unified bulk single ethnicity, or even in China or India the ethnic tensions are lower. But if anything, I have seen no threats from India yet, if anything North Korea is the only one on the open discussion table about nukes, and I consider them simply the puppet of China that they wag at us every time they get pissed off, such as China holding the most US government debt, and all we can do is keep raising the debt ceiling over high housing cost, because high housing cost, that pyramid scheme scheme is the sole reason why the US is not competitive in the global marketplace, being by far the major cost in everyone's budget, except now here comes Obamacare fucking everything up even worse, bound to outdo housing cost, and what a fucking retard plummeting the country like that. Hey if they work for $5/day in Mexico right across the border, or $1/day in china for 14 hr days 6 days a week, me over here in the USA ain't got no problem working for 50 cents a day and leaving them all in the dust in creativity and productivity, but you gotta let me work out a way where I can make it on 50 cents a day. Duh. That means zero bills pretty much, and the government instead goes about the the other way, increasing taxes and piling on even more mandatory basic costs, instead of cutting taxes and working on cutting housing cost and other basic costs and dropping the minimum wage to make US small businesses competitive in the global marketplace, and people have jobs. I'd much rather work for 50 cents a day where my mandatory costs are 10 cents a day, then live in New York where you can make $40/hr but your cost of living adds up to like $41/hr. What fucktard wants to live in New York, or California?

Comment: Re:Dell, HP, Panasonic (Score -1) 415

by sillybilly (#49541321) Attached to: We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says

What I'm looking for in a computer is the ability to run Windows 2000 which was the last version that would function in a zombie apocalypse without needing online activation on a computer the hacked together from broken parts from other similar computers that failed. XP would run on HP and Dell if it finds the right hardware, and it's complicated. Also if it can run Win2K, it can almost certainly run BSD 4.4 Lite even in an intellectual property abusing world where police enter your home like the commies used to and take your food to collect taxes, or your computers that they deem illegal, and technically BSD 4.4 lite has legal precedent officially blessed by AT&T and a court case for public domain release, and it is what OS X was ultimately crafted from or you can craft your own, but anything later, like SATA based crap or more recent innovations all bring along recent patents and harassment over those.. but all the patents from the BSD 4.4. lite era should be expired now and you can have you own x86 computer INCLUDING an operating system with a source code even if they ban anything "communist" based on GPL like Microsoft has been lobbying the government to ban, GPL being antiamerican because it doesn't fit their embrace extend extinguish policy, instead it's a poison pill for that, but even Microsoft blesses BSD licenses that they can freely copy, in fact, for starters, that's where they got the source code to implement basic internet access things in Win95 and later, when their own NetBEUI or Novell IPX/SPX has fallen out of favor over the much more robustly designed Unix tcp/ip. Unix used to have so many things so right back in the day, but it's getting worse, with systemd, and nonmodular noncomplicated systems, which are the best ways of asking for headaches and trouble. Even Linux has issues such as starting with the 2.4 kernel they intentionally paid their programmers to contribute code to the linux kernel, then went into this puppet lawsuit with SCO asking IBM a couple billion dollars worth of pocket change from them over their programmer's brains being "tainted" by having read the official Unix source codes, and it all caused misappropriation of code and intellectual property, and what a fucking joke that gives me a headache from these cocksuckers in power up at the top tossing around billions and yanking the whole publics dogchain over intellectual property issues and I just feel like giving the finger to them, but yeah, even if you pay attention, Linux 2.2 kernels are pre IBM sabotage, not very good compared to 2.4 that comes with things like ipchains, but still usable. And they should also run on Win2K capable computers, Pentium 3/Pentium 4 era ones, without sata, just pain IDE. Ebay has some deals where such computers are getting dumped as garbage because they can no longer go on the internet nor can people play the latest games on them. And I don't have money, but considering all of the above I feel obligated to buy anyway, especially when the news of Windows 10 as rental only hits the market, and like with apartments, when the rent is up you move out to a different one, but when the rent goes up on Windows 10, what alternative are you gonna move to? When every hardware comes with windows only drivers? Yeah, get ready to live your life computing free, like in the good old days, and there goes the digital millenium and all the powermongering bullshit that comes with it down the drain with it, and you can be finally unobstructed and free again! Unless Obama or whoever is president then passes a law forcing people to buy Windows computers and pay the rental fee for it, no matter what the price, no matter even if they don't feel like buying because they don't find it to be a good deal for themselves. Fuck Obamacare.

Comment: Re:republicrats (Score -1) 201

by sillybilly (#49532489) Attached to: McConnell Introduces Bill To Extend NSA Surveillance

Well it's like this. 1984. No matter what the lawbooks say, people are gonna get spied on regardless, whether officially and unofficially. When it's done unofficially, people get caught with greater missteps because they don't excpect to be spied on as much. When it's done officially minor infractions can be abused more, but people behave a bit better, and hide their true intentions and thoughts better, to protect themselves, which in turn leads those in charge thinking there is no unrest, no unhappiness over putting the pedal to the metal and squeezing the public a little harder, for more taxes, more power taken from them into the hands of politicians, until the whole thing goes through a cascading ripple, like an Earthquake that the longer it waited the bigger the damage, and I be doing everybody a service bitchin here putting my own personal safety and well being at risk, just to let the powers know, that oh no, the people are not happy, and you cannot push harder and infringe on liberties more without actual thoughts and consequences, so please watch your step because nobody is stupid, they are only careful because they have children to raise and protect, but without exception, for instance, when I bought employee offered health insurances, you can see it through the crack just how unhappy they are over the insurance scam artists scheming them outta their money, and I personally would never get the full spectrum of the lowdown then they have to go through, so I'm like a seismograph, always swinging way out on the other side of the teeter totter trying to balance with my minuscule weight the imbalances that happen, and I could spend my life and time worrying about myself instead, like everybody else does, but it's like I'm the one who can most afford to risk my personal well being over this, and I got it as my job to do the bitchin, and I try to do a damn good job at it and make those who have to read it sweat a bit, and think more careful about what they are about to do, such as increasing penalties for not buying Obamacare, which is coming, increasing taxes on the working class, and giving tax breaks to the super rich, ya know, the simple stuff, like, what is new in history? Exploiters vs. exploitees, that pretty much sums up human activities through the ages, however Marx had it wrong with Communism in the Communist Manifesto, and Washington and Jefferson had it right with liberties and private property, but in that, private property for everybody, not for a select few 0.1% cream of the crop. Just like the article at says it that shows clearly that people die under communism from lack of giving a fuck, and only if they can work for themselves do they care. That is, even when they work for the collective where everything comes back to them they loiter around and ultimately die off, let alone when they have to work for another guy and hand over everything, like a nobleman of feudal lord. Washington and Jefferson and the rest of the founding father's ideal was the yeoman farmer, the small property holder, as the backbone of the democracy, where everyone equally owns private property and there is a dominant middle class, to ensure that equality, but here come the ex nobilis old world order gang that have succeeded encroaching themselves in every aspect of the power structure, government, intellectual property holding firms, extending limits of what constitutes property - like I bought some bird seed sunflower seed at walmart, and i'm thunkin bout i should plant some and grow some, but here come the Monsanto suits, and according to their genetic analysis they own the concept intellectual property in that seed, and I must cease activities and destroy all the sunflower stalks, unless I can pony up X amount they pull out of their ass to compensate them for their intellectual property in it. And to that all I got to say is how the fuck would i know what genes it has, for all i know you're lying, and anyway, the plant says otherwise that it wants to live and does not believe in your intellectual property mumbo jumbo bullshit. Fuck you. Fuck your attempts to extend ownership over everything unscarce in my life, like the air i breathe, the thoughts i think and the food i eat and the lifeforms around me, you want to own them all in an abstract, intellectual concept way, and turn me into your slave through such extensions of what constitutes property into domains where there is no scarcity factor much. Fuck you trying to exterminate me by dominating my life and activities so much with your control freak powermongering, go fuck yourself and find an honest way to make a living working hard like everybody else, instead of being an "investor" taking "risk" with intellectual property things that have no product liability lawsuits or risks much involved, then harassing everybody over bumming another dollar out of them. There should be balance in everything in life, but these folks involved with intellectual property they are like horses with blinds, only see one way, and that way is always the way they can extort more money out of the general public, irregardless what kind of world of abuse they create with it. Yeah, private property is essential to liberty, and in that liberty to everybody, and neither communists, nor feudal lord nobility respected such rights, unlike the kind of world Washington and Jefferson tried to create. We live in a country where 2/3 of all people rent, serf-style, and much of the rest pays a mortgage, again, semi-slave style. And in this rent-seeking behavior abuse of everybody, everybody does whatever is in their power to escape the abuse of being forced to pay rent and live under some feudal lord's rules and roof, so they will pay almost anything for a mortgage, and in turn drive up prices which increases rent which increases the abuse factor and need to escape it, which increases prices, and welcome housing bubble pyramid scheme bound to collapse and pop sooner or later, and all the people shorting against it all they need to find is a poor sucker forced onto minimum wage scape goat who gets xrayed in his rental place, then gives up trying to escape that when he cannot afford the cheapest available in the shittiest neighborhoods with the shittiest neighbors, so they drop the price for him, and when he buys, because he has to, then they collapse the housing market in a chicken little the sky is falling and cha-ching, all the Wall Street derivative bet shorters rake in the dough, but everyone is pissed at someone who bought a house at auction cheap. Dude, a public auction means that if you think something is bought too cheap, you're welcome to show up at the auction and bid higher, but otherwise stay the fuck out of other people's business, because you don't know what all is involved and the work and sweat lying ahead after such a purchase. But otherwise the best way to boost the US economy and make people care is to limit the incursions on everyone's finances from property hogging abusers, that, through necessity, everyone is forced to participate in and hog themselves, and curtail back mandatory expenses like increased taxes, or Obamacare, or increased housing costs. Those are the bulk expenses of everybody, and everybody is weighted down by them and there is lack of innovation and entrepreneurship over people suck dry and loitering about not caring much because they don't have private property, on the small scale, like that 3 acres for everybody solved all the problems of Jamestown after near extinction starvation having to work for a collective interest prior. But here come the ex nobilis Biden and his puppet Obama, fucking up the middle class even further. Like, Biden the middle class has been buried over the past 4 years, Yeah by far the biggest problem in the vitality of this nation is the rising gap between the haves and have nots, in a strong get stronger and weak get weaker way, and in that, extensions on the limits of property, ability to hog it and derive abusive profit from hogging it, together with bubble after bubble in prices of necessities, such as housing or mandatory insurance costs, that suck the middle class and lower class weaker while the upper class can self insure and not give a fuck, all in all rules put in place to "make money" by finding a sucker to pump the next dollar out of, and there is a sucker born every minute, without much creativity and tangible new wealth, instead of hogging existing things in the forms of property harder and harder, then driving prices through the roof, where nobody has another dollar left to participate in the actual economy to purchase things as an end result of creativity, when their resources are drained into payments of preexisting things of property already, intellectual royalties, insurances, taxes, housing, healthcare, all the while forced to pay rent on homes mortgaged, cars financed, to land under their feet as lot rent, the furniture in their homes being a rental, computers being rentals, soon underwear being rental, then the food you swallow is gonna be rental, where you're allowed to swallow it, and enjoy the good taste, but then you have to regurgitate it in a new painlessly invented way, then swallow some tasteless plastic nutrients that do supply the needs of your body, yay, what a wonderful new world is coming up onto us with rental food that's been through somebody elses stomach but recovered through the esophagus and washed and now you can rent it too. How about renting your thoughts, those thoughts are in your head, but someone else owns intellectual property on them and you must pay a rent fee over it. How about the air you breathe? That is my air you're breathing, pay up muthafucka! I own it! Fuck all ya man and your seed intellectual property rights on GMO sunflowers. What the fuck ever. They should ban GMO shit so that everyday people don't have to worry about it, and if there is anything GMO, like an insulin creating silkworm, they should keep it in their own factories and I never wanna see anything unfertile seed GMO on the store shelves, no vegetables or bird seed, cuz I don't wanna live my life under the constant terror of oh, geez, I wonder whose intellectual property I'm violating here by planting this seed I found on the sidewalk. Finders keepers! Fuck all you!
A dominant middle class, a yeoman farmer like majority of people, the kind that Washington and Jefferson tried to create is key to a happy and thriving society, is what made America great in the first place and most prosperous nation on the surface of this planet, like this picture, https://fbcdn-photos-f-a.akama... men in denim built our country, men in suits destroyed it, and in that cocksucking lawyers, politicians, insurance agents, stock brokers, bankers, that whole fucking bunch up on top there constantly scheming the average joe out of yet another dollar of theirs, like this picture shows Can we have Obama or any fucking politician bring back the prosperity of the 1913 good ol days, that Archie Bunker sings about, guys like us we had it made? Fuck the government and all these rotten politicians. If the nobles want to establish their old world order they should go to Canada or UK the land of King George and his brood, and stay the fuck out and stop destroying the Land of Washington where all men are created equal, and if they are not, we should make them equal by brute force, instead of what's going on these days, in increasing the gap between upper and lower classes, by establishing rules that give more and more hogging power to those on top, who in turn turn it into even more hogging power. A good start would be rolling back the Mickey Mouse protection act of 1993 extending copyright from 70 to 90 years, and they could even roll it back to the original copyright law of 14 years, renewable to 28. How about that idea? Where I could listen to Elvis you aint nothin but a hound dog cra hin all the time without worrying who inherited his estate now so that i can make a payment. Elvis is dead, and he aint gonna create more songs even with such an extended incentive of 90 years instead of 70. He aint gonna go like, hold on, i'm only gonna get 70 year intellectual property rights in my creation, not 90, so that's not worth it for me, so I'm not gonna make this song. Disney and their lobbyists can go fuck themselves or their gay ass Mickey Mouse. In fact, I've said this before, they should have a specific law for Disney for Mickey Mouse protection, as an exception to the copyright law, while everyone else falls under different rules.

Comment: Re:I'm King Frosty The First (Score -1) 605

by sillybilly (#49531943) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

Here comes Hitler and he wants to vaccinate your kids. If they happen to be Jewish, they get one kind of cocktail, if pure bred German, the Future of the Fatherland, they get the actual vaccine. But almost everybody gets megadoses of mercury, that creates the Minamata disease, or Mad Hatter disease, can cause autism and birth defects in later off springs, etc, etc, etc. I think a patient's right to refuse medical treatment no matter what is the utmost principle in any health care. Like, if someone does not sign off on getting cut with a knife for a surgery, a doctor cannot jump and start cutting irregardless, no matter how certain he is in his mind that it's necessary. On the other hand at first it may seem fair to require kids to be educated at home, or more like at institutions that specifically accept unvaccinated children, but it gets really complicated in the real world, because you know that such institutions would be under a constant infection assault by insurance companies or medical professionals who feel like they are cutting in on their dollar. But simply being on that list and pushed into a small minority is like discrimination. Unless the medical professionals can guarantee the effects of shooting children up with mercury won't harm them, the parents of these children have the right to refuse. The best way to settle such issues is a megalawsuit by parents whose children have autism or developmental disorders, to sue the fuck out of the medical professionals and the state having forced such a thing onto them, and I'm sure there are some enterprising lawyers, especially among the minorities, would love to get a cut of the penalty rewards. There is a case actually in California where a child had learning developmental disabilities, and it was tracked down and mercury poisoning, from eating tuna fish sandwiches for each breakfast for years on, and the low level of mercury the bioaccumulates in the food chain in fat, tuna fish being pretty high up there, but humans even higher, caused mad hatter like mental disability disorders. Just to fuck competing ethnicities children over into being retarded by injecting them with mandatory vaccines loaded with toxic crap should be enough grounds to sustain the "patient's right to refuse treatment" principle. Fuck the medical professionals who have become so desensitized to disease and death that they are ultimately merely focused on bringing home a paycheck and creating unnecessary increase in free market demand for their services by getting people sick intentionally, in ambiguous ways of course, but they know, they know too damn well what they are doing is wrong, and because of that fuck Obamacare forcing everyone to pay not only these medical cocksuckers, but also the insurance fine print parasite layer that feeds on everybody and fucks them over in their weakest moments in life, when they are down sick, telling them they must have not read the fine print, when patients say I read the motherfucking fine print and did not want to buy but Obama told me to go ahead anyway else I'm violating the Law of this Land, because that service is specifically excluded from the policy coverage or has strict limitations, and when the patient says, "but I tought", then they are told "but you thought", that was your interpretation of that ambiguous sentence, and we put it in there with that very specific reason, to screw you out of your money by selling you an illusion of you thought, while retaining our interpretation of the ambiguity. That's what all lawyers feed off of, intentionally planted ambiguity bombs in the English language version of jargon they use and abuse for their own personal self interest and screw the rest of the population over and in sucker!! got you again! ha ha ha.. insurance companies, legal mumbo jumbo contracts, pyramid schemes everybody is forced to participate in, market bubbles, and the money always disappears in it.. where is the money I've been paying as premiums all these years? it's gone long time ago.. you should have know better

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by sillybilly (#49521015) Attached to: Automakers To Gearheads: Stop Repairing Cars

Which is why you need cars without chips. I'm really starting to itch for gas powered bicycles to do a 50 mile commute with, for under $500 total cost and 120 mpg running cost just to give the finger to these car companies who can't come up with a car under $30,000, because they all need radios, usb, satellite tracking and a computerized engine control unit that will shut down on you if it loses satellite tracking for too long, in the name of public safety because if they can't track a car, then terrorist might use it to do bad things. What the fuck ever. My dream car is one without chips. How about a 1972 Porsche, created before intel mass produced microprocessors. Unfortunately my car has OBD-II, including remote engine shut down ability, such as losing power breaks and power steering when coming off a highway right when you make a turn, hoping to get me into an accident. It's still better than the one I had before, that acted up every time I drove across a highway overhead bridge, like it wanted to plummet onto the lanes under, but then it finally decided to not follow my steering wheel and send me spinning in the rain at highway speeds, and I did collide with the highway berm at probably 35 mph after spinning and sliding for like 100 yards, and bounced, with both airbags deployed, my driver's side window smashed by my head, but I felt nothing except my right pinky hurting, which was really weird, because I should have felt my head hurting. I guess the powers that be who split the Red Sea to let the Jews escape from the big black Egyptian cock, can also decide accident outcomes. They used to have this thing in the middle ages called trial by ordeal. But I guess eventually too many trials by ordeals do catch up with you, because you become not worth the effort to keep saving, like prophecies are not worth to be made or fulfilled anymore starting with Mohamed as the last prophet.
But I would much appreciate a car without chips, because if it has chips it's automatically untrustworthy, because it can be remote controlled, and get you killed.

Comment: Re: Varies, I suppose (Score -1) 533

by sillybilly (#49513071) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

Manifestos my ass. More like sticking up the finger and giving it to the Man every time he's fucking with me. Or the rest of the population. Fuck Obamacare. Fuck these corrupt cunts that encroached themselves in the government. They bring a disgrace to the name Washington, District of Columbia. Or even power mongers in Seattle, Washington. They all have these ex nobilis blood concept about themselves, like this guy , or even Biden, yet they breed themselves with the likes of Hillary, Princess Di, Kate Middleton, because they realize one of the major issues of nobility is inbreeding. Noble blood? Huh? More like genetic devastation. Nobility, and Old World Order (vetus ordo seclorum) is over with, at least in the USA, the powers that be started the New World Order (novus ordo seclorum) that you can find on the backside of Washington on the $1 bill, with the eyeball floating on top of a pyramid. The powers that be got sick and tired fed up with the other major issue of royalty and dynasties, being the issue of heirs, such as the Hapsburg Spanish war or succession, or the 30 year war devastating Germany, or the 100 year war devastating France, to which they finally put an end to by possessing Joanne D'Arc, who they did not bother saving from the flames of the clergy seeking a miracle, she has fulfilled her function, and they no longer bother with things like prophecies, their last prophet being Mohamed, because it takes too much effort and it's not worth fulfilling prophecies. But as far as kings and nobility are concerned, I'm all for genetic variety even in forms of government, but they gotta get the fuck out of the Land of Washington, the Free and the Home of the Brave, and do their nobles and kings shit in places like the United Kingdom, like Britain, or even Canada or Australia, which fall into the United Kingdom dominion. But yeah the US economy is still the biggest in the world, supposedly, until these royalty cunts that encroached themselves everywhere in places of power, like Google, or DC, or Seattle, and try to control the world and run the US economy under, so they can bring their royalty shit here too. Fuck these motherfuckers, this is the land of Timothy McVeigh, a homegrown terrorist who should be called more like a homegrown partisan guerrilla freedom fighter after the FBI attacked its own people at Waco Texas with tanks and flames over gun collecting rights. Remember when Obama got elected everyone ran to the gun stores to stack up worried that he will take away their guns. Well Fuck Obama, and fuck anyone who fucks with our guns, because it is an population armed to the teeth like in Switzerland that guarantees Liberty and National Security against an invasion, and if I vote I'm voting for anyone who protects the 2nd amendment the most that guarantees the 1st amendment rights that I'm abusing here right now, be it a Tea Party, or if they can't make it, then Republican. I used to like Hillary with her Family Leave Act of 1993, but they had to preempt her against universal healthcare with fucking Obamacare that now she has to sustain if elected, and all I got to say to that is down with the bitch. In fact down with mandatory car insurance, if they want financial responsibility on the road equally shared by everyone without insurance companies walking off with billions of megaprofit from a corrupt law, put it all in the gas tax, and have insurance adjustors doing the law required liability part from the tax funds, they can still keep their jobs, but any profit stays in the government coffers, and not walking off to offshore banks in the Bermudas of Switzerland extracted from this country over corrupt laws. Fuck these lawmakers. If they say they need to micromanage the personal responsibility of some drivers being more risky, put that into the yearly renewal fee, based on driver license points. And in that, hard points are traffic violations or at fault accidents, and soft points are accidents where one is not at fault, but simply being an accident magnet without being at fault should count a bit too, even if others can attack you like that. But I shouldn't be paying my "shared responsibility" to both the state for insane vehicle registration costs, and then to some private for profit motherfucking insurance company shoving gambling policies with all kinds of fine print down my throat cooked up by a bunch of bitches sitting behind a desk painting their fingernails pretty trying to come up with schemes selling illusions of contract clauses subject to interpretation to everyone, required to be purchased by corrupt laws. they all need to go fuck themselves and find an honest way to make a living instead of raping everyone who works hard out of their dollar at humongous profit margins. Fuck these private interests encroaching themselves into government law books draining the country that's already drained out of funds into offshore bank accounts. What this country needs is more homegrown terrorists, excuse me, home grown partisan guerilla freedom fighters, like Timothy McVeigh, who takes out the bitches doing incursions on Constitutional Liberties to own a fucking gun that's the only guarantee of any kind of liberty, and the 911 and Boston Marathon terrorists can go fuck themselves because they bring a bad name and shine a bad light on the ones that preceded them, and committed these acts later for that very purpose. Yeah the whole system is crumbling full of cracks, and the root cause of it all is vetus ordo seclorum intent, who want to create a world of colored slaves and only themselves as the nobles left with pale skin, in the USA, and the proper way to deal with these motherfuckers is not a rebellion 1848 or even French Revolution style, but like the June 28, 1914 assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the Habsburg heir to the throne, by remnants of the 1848 revolution, that got quenched into blood, which sent the world into 2 world wars and murdering of white Europeans on the 100 million person scale, germans and russians and french and british shooting lookalikes of each other across battle fronts, which is where Ukraine and arming Ukraine is headed these days, some more butchering of common folk, all as some kind of revenge of taking out a heir in a Royal House Dynasty. But that's the proper answer to these nobility aspirations, the issue of heirs, which in this land we don't give a fuck about, a custom started by Washington himself giving up office after 4 years, and we have maintained that practice ever since, changing politicians like diapers very often and for the very same reason, as time goes on they both get very shitty, but in case these nobles want to come back and encroach on everyone's liberty again, why do a civil war or rebellion and massive casualty devastation to We The People of Washington, all you gotta do is take out the heirs, every time they want to take a ride in a litter instead of walking on their own two God damned feet, like everybody else. Problem solved easily. That is the Achilles heel of the Vetus Ordo Seclorum, devastation of the population with 100 year wars over issues of heir in a Royal House and dynasty, including Henry the 8th changing wives beheading them all for treason one after the other because he had a spat with the Pope in Rome, coming up with the first protestant religion called Anglican, and for that all he got was bitches that would not father him a male heir, and the one he had got killed off at a young age, so he had to leave the throne to a female heir, Elizabeth, a daughter he had that they forgot to kill, not expecting him to make that move. But yeah these royal noble cunts can do their thing over there in the United Kingdom and its dominions, but they gotta get the fuck out of the United States of the Land of Washington, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, and the easiest way to chase them away is to keep taking out their heirs as they keep popping them. Which means they can never set foot in public.

Comment: Re:Varies, I suppose (Score -1) 533

by sillybilly (#49508843) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

No, instead they tack on a minimum charge. As in, like Obamacare, where insurance companies feel like they don't have enough free market demand where people willingly purchase their product, they can lobby the corrupt cunts that infested our government of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and get a fucking law passed where people are forced to buy regardless of price, or they pay a tax penalty. Fuck Obamacare. I make my purchase decisions based on price, and if an insurance company is not giving me a fucking price I like, I don't have to fucking buy. Same goes for fucking car insurance, or any fucking forced gambling policy full of small print exclusions and raping everyone in the asshole bullshit on finances right at the lowest points in their lives, when they are sick. Fuck these insurance company agents, they all need to fucking find an honest way to make a living instead of raping a dollar out of everybody by forcing bullshit policies with all kinds of exclusions and small prints down at outrageous profit prices down everyone's throat by lobbying the government to pass a motherfucking corrupt law called Obamacare. Fuck Obamacare not about you, Obamacare only about his filthy rich insurance buddies pockets to be filled. Like how is this guy helping out the average working person? Dude if I wanted to buy insurance I could have bought it before you passed this fucking corrupt law, all you accomplished with it is that prices went up when people buy anyway, so the insurance companies make even more money, and people who used to buy, now they pay even more, partly because of this corrupt law. And by the way doctors are all fucking corrupt too. My simple policy of dealing with a doctor is that I can't pay you now, but I'll try to pay you later. Then he has a strong incentive to fix me up so he can make some money on me, including not performing a bunch of unneeded procedures, because some insurance will pay for it anyway. And if a doctor is so money focused that he's not willing to deal with me like that, that's good, then that's exactly the kind of doctor I don't want touching me or coming near me. Fuck Obamacare. Fuck doctors who come on TV and tell you "you know what's worse than bombs? words. words" here motherfucker doctor claiming to be a soft tissue expert going against his Hippocratic oath of do no harm and giving throat infections to people, so that he can make more money, here, I drop these words for you like bombs because you need to fucking die and rot in hell for willfully infecting people to create more business for yourself. Or to force people into intellectual property only creating type jobs, and my reply to that is that I'll rape a new asshole to any fucking intellectual property organization or just the whole idea in general, especially those that make the most on intellectual property, yet are the most corrupt vermin that ever crawled on the surface of this planet, including all the Microsoft gang raping everyone out of their creations via their embrace extend extinguish well tuned method, and their most recent problem is lack of competitors to copy and rape via embrace extend extinguish, yet these cunts are the ones that whine most about piracy and intellectual property violations. They forget how they got started by pretty much copying CP/M of Gary Kildall who died from a blunt force trauma to the head in a biker bar, with their MSDOS 1.0. And these people wonder why creative people don't want to work for them, or why the computing field lacks the dynamic creativity of the 90's and before. It's because of these cocksuckers making it shitty for everyone who ever stepped foot in the computing business hoping to have a career and livelihood for the rest of their lives by starting their own business, just to learn it the hard way what the microsoft and rest of the gange steamrolling machine does to you, by raping you of your intellectual property, and if anyone has talent their best strategy is to lay low, off the fucking radar, cuz these cunts at Microsoft are desperate for some talent else they have to sell the same thing over and over, called a rental starting with Windows 10. If you don't stay under their radar you just invited unto yourself their full attention, including death threates, infections, harming your near and distant relatives, with diseases and death, all in an effort to threaten you, subdue you and control you, and all you can do in the face of that is give them the fucking finger, and rape them a new asshole with words more powerful than bombs, til they leave you the fuck alone, like Tom Cruises comment in the Firm movie, when ask, "you didn't gain anything, why did you do it?" and he's like, "oh no, to the contrary, I gained every fucking thing in my life: I got my life back. You don't run me and they don't run me." And that is the most fucking important thing in life, liberty, where no fucking corrupt powers treat you like a slave, including willful infecting you with diseases just so they can make mone on you, or your talents. I learned this attitude from a cat, basics in interpersonal dealings between live beings. It does not need to to lawschool to figure this much ethics out, unlike these cocksuckers everywhere in government, or in places of power, that George Carlin called a club, that you and I are not in it, and they don't care about you, they don't care about you, they own you, they treat you like property, and they finally shot him with an ice bullet for dropping words like bombs. Well in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave give me Liberty or give me Death, and yeah, you better get your fucking escape plas to New Zealand or Ireland ready before the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air right above your heads gives proof through the night that are flag is still there, motherfucking corrupt lowest life vermin that ever crawled the surface of this planet. Yeah you, politicians, insurance company employees, doctors, lawyers, intellectual property amassing firms. You can't fucking own human knowledge. Organic chemistry is everybody's. Computer science is everybody's, but you've successfully cornered the market to require everyone to put a fucking COA sticker on the stupid computer and you get away with it because you don't have proper competition, only puppet competition. Fuck you. Fuck all you. And the worst of these lowlife vermin crawl around at Monstanto biotech labs, that pimp grass cutting and roundup and GM seeds onto the world, and sue farmers for planting their food, claiming intellectual property violations in growing food???? Fuck all these bitches of lawyers turning the fucking breathing air and your thoughts and food into their property hogging machine trying to subdue you and control you and exterminate you with their extending the rules on and limits of property. If there is any place on the planet where there is a need for a mushroom cloud to go up is any fucking Monsanto Lab or similar biotech lab location to erase them off the fucking surface of the planet, and the pollution cost and damage the environment would have to suffer from that would be well worth the price compared the the damage the biosphere and environment has to suffer over letting these motherfuckers breathe and keep up their activities for another minute.

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by sillybilly (#49501797) Attached to: Norway Will Switch Off FM Radio In 2017

My car radio been dead for my past 3 cars, for the last 4 years. If you really want a radio you can bring one along in the car. Why they even have car radios. On the other hand, I start not to trust anything digital anymore. If it has a chip, it means it cannot be trusted. You use it, but it's nowhere near as reliable as analog with simple, visible components, when it comes to reliability and trustworthiness, even if analog means sucky accuracy or fidelity or quality. This includes measuring equipments, cars that have their own minds and intentionally drive you into an accident, or radio eavesdropping and gps-locating you at all times. You still have the right to plead the fifth, but those who collect data about you have the power to use it when it fits them, including not to use it when it would provide an alibi while they are framing you with false witnesses. This is my ultraparanoid side speaking again. Hello.

Comment: Re:Why waste time on robots? (Score -1) 124

by sillybilly (#49500201) Attached to: Drought and Desertification: How Robots Might Help

sometimes I wonder if the water supplies were not drained secretly, just to tap the talent of the populace to come up with ways to live better under water shortage conditions, that can be monkeyed by others.. oh, i dunno, some oil sheiks from deserts would have enough money to peddle in politics and pull some strings here and there, putting key people into key places.. but this is my ultra-paranoid side speaking again.. hello..

Comment: Re: They're called trees. (Score 2, Insightful) 128

by sillybilly (#49495311) Attached to: Breakthrough In Artificial Photosynthesis Captures CO2 In Acetate

Yeah, but what you are forgetting is topsoil depth is pretty lacking around the world, and when trees die, decay and go back into the global carbon cycle, a portion of them is converted into usable fertile black humus rich topsoil, which is undigestable to even the top digesting lifeforms. Topsoil by far is the ultimate form of carbon sequestration, and also the source of underground coal after millions of years if it undergoes tectonic heat and molten lava silicate phase separation.

On another note, the diagram these scientists give requires two photon captures, one for generating a proton and oxygen, and a 2nd that generates acetate from proton and CO2. This may be the most efficient, hard to tell, but I expected one stage for photon capture that generates temporary chemical energy, and another stage that converts that chemical energy consuming CO2 into acetate, without requiring a 2nd photon capture. Ocean floor volcanic eruption environments have bacterial lifeforms and a whole ecosystem fueled by not the Sun, like the rest of life on planet, but the internal heat of the Earth. These creatures live in absence of sunlight completely and they are based on a sulfur based high energy low energy state chemical cycle. As a crude adaptation one might just have a concentrating solar power collector and a sample of the biosphere from such an environment with water recirculated near the "volcanic eruption hot zone" in a solar concentrator, and cooled to the other zones where these lifeforms live, and there you go, you have a solar based CO2 captturing station, but quantum efficiency would probably be low. However that sulfur cycle could be used as a starting point to create something where the solar capturing stage can be separated from the bacterial farming stage, such as bacteria living in huge underground ponds aerated with CO2 (possibly captured via ethanolaminej or something untouched by the lifeforms in a massive downdraft solar tower) and the light collection sections could take up all the real estate, moreover they could be super high temperature if needed, where reaction rates are faster possibly giving better quantum efficiencies too.

That's my 2 cents.

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It's like this: I know windows is probably the most pirated software, simply because a computer won't run without it, but it's an insult to be putting a coa sticker on the computer, or inside it, or even labeling a computer "designed for windows 7 or xp." Wtf? How about I put a COA sticker on the computer for XP, then MS Office XP 2002, one for MS Office Visio because that was not bundled with anyting, then one for Age of Empires Gold or Platinum, Age of Kings, Rise of Nations, then Microsoft Streets and Trips, etc etc, then what if other software producers started this practice too, wait, there are almost no other software producers because they are either forced to give their stuff away for free, or been outcompeted, with a few exceptions like Adobe Photoshop, etc, so stickers for all that, and soon you need to attack a stamp collection album to every computer, and drag it around with you to prove that you do in fact have the right to use the computer and all the software that's on it, at least as long as the sticker does not scratch away and the computer goes to shit needing a reinstall, and then oops, you forgot to memorize your COA activation key number next to the holographic certificate that proves your right to use it, and now it's destroyed beyond readability and must go out to purchase another copy, cha chin! COA stickers are insults, but at least it's not as bad as Autocad requiring a usb dongle or LPT port dongle to run a piece of software, so there are some that get wilder. People put up with it while they have to, but in the end the proper solution to such issues is market competition, but it's like Microsoft and gang of similar software companies that include Adobe, Corel, Novell, Oracle, Apple, etc, have been so good at eating up their competition alive, and purchase, merge, embrace, duplicate, extend, extinguish them, that these days their biggest problem is lack of competition itself, they so scared away everybody from the computing field that nobody dares to dip their toes into that shark infested water and daydream about making their own fortune as a software company, because of the lessons learned from how other software entrepreneurs fared, so it's best to stay under the radar, so their biggest issues these days is lack of competition that would come up with great and novel ideas they could copy, embrace extend and extinguish, so lacking anything novel that would make people really want to upgrade, they are forced to keep selling the same thing over and over, time after time, year after year, month after month, which by definition is called a rental, starting with Windows 10. If there were healthy competition in the computing field, and these mofos weren't so successful in hogging any controlling and all important intellectual property there is in the world and exterminating anyone who dares even hope to also own some, we could all live in a better world, including their distant family members, who, in the end also suffer in the sense of not the best possible world coming about where creativity and innovation is hindered by monopolistic abuse practices. For instance, in New York prices are so high, rent and parking, that people taking their dad to a dinner in a restaurant will stand next to a traffic meter waiting for the next minute to roll over to save 3 bucks. Yeah I understand real estate is pricey under congestion, and high demand, but really? Why do you want to live like that, suffer under such artifacts of wasting your precious time in life from driving prices to insane heights. It's like the greatest problem in the USA is property hoggers who love to make easy money by hogging property, then sitting back and relaxing, and milking it for letting others get access to it, such as rent, intellectual, etc, all property, then of course driving prices and values through the starry sky, whatever the free market will bear, because it benefits them, those who own and control it if the prices are high. Yes property has a very important place in the world, but you have to stay reasonable and in balance, and don't abuse the artifacts created by it, simply because they can be abused. Like seeds? Biopiracy? Wtf? We eat the weeds. At least we used to, while they were free in the intellectual property sense, but now these property hogging crooks want to turn every frigging thing in the world into property, so they can sit back and collect after hogging it, including all seed intellectual property, even for natural things, like cabbage or pepper, old school, non GMO. Yeah I understand the side of the story where you have a GMO seed and you feel like people owe you for all that heavy research and expertise, and you want copyright on it that one farmer cannot give it to another, and sue them in court. But it's complicated. Soon you tell me there is no food, even GMO, that you don't intellectually own, like, it used to be public domain, like electromagnetic spectrum frequencies used by radio, tv and cell stations, but now they go up for bidding, and can be owned, so here you go, you create a government which puts up for bidding all old school tomato, potato or cabbage seed types, and all you have to do is "invest" a couple hundred billion dollars into buying intellectual property in all old school non GMO potatoes, and make everyone pay whatever arbitrary prices you feel like charging over the intellectual property embedded into them, including limiting resowing rights to the seeds you reap, etc. That's a hell of a world you're creating, and you may not suffer from having rules about seeds like that, but even your kind that does not technically owns it suffers, like wasting precious time of their life waiting next to a parking meter over prices out of control, while theseed property hoggers suffer from similar abuses by other property owners, such as having to put COA stickers into computers, bending over backwards navigating the requirements and artifacts created by the new rules. Yeah well a COA is not such a big deal but it is. Same with most intellectual property. Property and prices are there to manage economics of scarce resources. With intellectual property the scarcity is not the case, but the creation scarcity of it is. Yes stronger protection might enhance creativity of those who think they'll make more, so they have their hopes high starry eyed with dollars in their eyes, but then they'll lack a healthy market of buyers or consumers who are simply not willing to deal with the protection abuse, or expressing a lot of gripe. The goal should be setting up rules and ways of playing the game to maximum happiness of everyone, not just a few people who succeed in hogging and controlling things, and then in exchange they are willing to put up with the suffering caused by their cousins doing it to them too on other things, as a trade off for themselves making a good sit back and collect doing almost nothing for that income other than succeeded in hogging it and taking over and controlling it, while bulk of the population all suffers. Rules of the game, what works best for everybody, not just you. For instance, you should do unto the Chinese in intellectual property abuse as you would have them do unto you when they own everything made in china in the world, including having the funds to take over and control intellectual property you used to control and own, and then they put you through the same abuse when you are broke that you put them through when they were broke, either deny access, or make you pay high prices, that "they" feel is an appropriate price this time.

Comment: Re:Feds (Score -1) 184

Yeah. Like a simple printable form, you can fill out by hand, then scan it. Done, electronic medical records done, scan it as a png image. Then they can run their OCR's and stuff, without having to waste hospital staff time, trying to enter information and knowing all the artifacts and gotchas and protocol routine of click click click click you get to that screen, scroll scroll scroll, 3/4 down you find a checkbox, tick that, go back, click, click, click, click, and you get to the point where you can enter the one sentence you wanted to. And every software supplier has their own custom ways. What a massive waste of time, high learning curve, and huuuuge cost managing those database interface gotchas. Simple way to solve the electronic record keeping requirement: have a folder cabinet and keep paper records, then scan them as a png that can be uploaded and backed up. If you want to transform that into a more searchable database, have medical transcribers at the backend who know all the doctors and patients "interpret" what was written, and convert it to text, google books or archive org or gutenberg project OCR style, but the original hand written scan, including patient signatures ARE the records (even though signatures can be faked too, but if two signatures exactly identical, you can see it's fake. those electronic pads you sign, like credit card stations at Walmart, I can never do a nice looking signature I can claim as my own or reject if confronted with - a piece of paper signature, and a scan so much better. As far as security is concerned, have a vault for the paper copies if you have to, or a federally mandated "safe" instead of filing cabinet (more like filing cabinet security standards where they are not so easy to haul away or break into), and when the computer is down, the internet is down, or your IT person is off sick and you're stuck, you can fall back to the paper copies anyone can do, and catch up later on the electronic record keeping, without being stuck unable to follow healthcare procedures with a patient, because the official record keeping electronic system is down, so the patient has to wait sick til they can fix it and obtain a consent signature officially recorded. What a fucking load of bullshit and artifact complication getting in the way, all for the sake of the computing professionals making a dollar, having lobbies the corrupt cunts up in the government.

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The advantage or Active Directory is that Microsoft holds a monopoly on operating system software where they can require all customers bend over and install COA stickers on computers (which they don't require in software they hold no monopoly position in), and the customer has no option but put up with it if they want to use this marvel of technology called computers at all. But unless the Swedes can make their own chips and CPU's, little do they realize that computers bought next year will be required to install in the UEFI BIOS replacement a check for Windows, required by Microsoft or their manufacturers don't get the discounts their competitors get, and then there goes the aspirations of the Swedes to break away from the chains installed onto them by the monopolies, and use an alternative to the monopoly instead, like Linux, if they wish to use computers at all. So all hail to Active Directory or whatever piece of shit software they cook out and release into the public at Microsoft these days, because that is gonna be your only option if you want to use computers at all, they make sure of that, that's what they are best at, not creating things, but embrance, extend, extinguish alternatives, which is how they got to the point where they are, sporting the richest people that ever walked on the surface of this planet.

"I have more information in one place than anybody in the world." -- Jerry Pournelle, an absurd notion, apparently about the BIX BBS