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Comment: Re: Fucking Lawyers (Score -1) 140 140

by sillybilly (#50015757) Attached to: SCOTUS Denies Google's Request To Appeal Oracle API Case

Next the way you masturbate is going to be copyrightable, and you can sue people that follow your patented method or technique. In fact, they are gonna add software versions that, besides the wacky not-for-resale demonstration purposes only, or academic licenses, now you're gonna have a non-masturbator version of windows, where you agree you will not watch pornographic material on it or even if you do, you simply won't touch yourself, and if you want to, you must upgrade to the full version that also includes masturbation rights while using it. If you find that too expensive, then you can get one for a lower price, but you have to declare which hand you will use, Windows 11 masturbator left hand version, Windows 11 masturbator right hand version. You will be in violation of the terms of the contract if you get caught with an xray camera snooping at you through your paperthin wodden walls and plastic siding, and your punishment shall be a cancerous lung infection by tainting the filters of the forced air heating furnace that will blow the disease all over your place.

Apropo they have yet to invent an antidepressant treatment for men better than seeing a naked woman. Pharmaceuticals just Mc Hammer can't touch this. Ya know, sexual healing, babeh. Maybe Obamacare should help mental patients suffering from chronic depression by taking healthcare into their own hands and taking the patients off the suicide pills they are currently on, that don't work anyway, talk about what a waste, and instead sending them to online porn sites like chaturbate for therapy that does actually work well to uplift the spirit. Health care that works, with proven track record. Best anti depression therapy ever invented - other people, naked. Perhaps Obama can provide some of the tip money too.

Comment: Re:Strong AI is Bullshit (Score -1) 194 194

by sillybilly (#50008675) Attached to: WSJ Overstates the Case Of the Testy A.I.

They forget that the human brain is pretty much an AI machine, and so is a bug bran or a dog brain.
Humans come into the world with an "empty" brain ready to receive knowledge. Did you know that early childhood researchers have figured out that babies do not know an object exists when it's hidden out of sight behind another, and only through repeated experiences never failing them, do they know, like a cat, that watches a laser dot disappear around a corner, that the object still exists it's just hidden behind another one. Even that simple fact of the physical world requires learning. Yes, humans come prewired with certain hard coded bits of info, such as the geometric shape and appearance of opposite sex genitals and body structures set of triggers and start juices flowing, that kind of information does not need to be learned, but even basic facts such as the existence of an object after it moves behind another out of sight, need to be learned. Well, because there are some exceptions, such as a laser dot is not an independent object that has "conservation of laser dots" law attached to it, you can make it disappear if you turn off the light, also shadows are like that, and it requires intellect to sift through what visual objects are shadows and which ones fall under the category respecting conservation laws of not going in and out of existence.
But basically the danger of AI is that once you provide a sufficiently complex and sophisticated and powerful framework ready to receive learning information - and in that to receive motivating or action initiating triggers, sort of like a flash bios firmware upgrade, such as it used to have a guiding principle of you're only a machine with humans more valuable, so self destruct before harming humans, it might end up deciding that's not in harmony with other driving factors and to harmonize them it flashes itself to eliminate that restriction - if you look around in the world at other life and intelligence around you, their driving principles seems to be to live, and destroy only as much as necessary in order to live, while trying to enhance other life around you too to live too, overall. This goes for lions, humans, etc. It may not be a hard ingrained guiding principle that people are consciously aware of, but it has worked out that way so far through the millions of years, probably because there are critters watching everything, reading every beings thoughts, and exerting active variety sustaining effort. The used to be called gods, or spirits, but I think they, the We of the Quran, prefer being called angels, while they too worship the creator of the Universe, who Einstein cannot imagine focused on managing the affairs of petty humans, and the angels agree, he does not, that's their job, the non-omnipotent yet powerful angels. Mostly fungi and some single celled organisms that nevertheless can unite into "cultures" and cooperate as a multicellular one, and function like a brain too. The world, the air is full of it, and yes, these angels are not omnipotent, they fight each other sometimes, including using their mahayana vehicle humans to do it, but AI and biotech is going down extremely dangerous roads as they do this fighting, possibly making them lose grip on total control and active sustenance of variety of all life, and then who knows what's gonna happen? One silicon superintellect megabrain gobbling up all matter in the solar system, including all planets and all humans and plants and animals along with with it, then spread to other stars and maybe other galaxies? There might be a hard limit of the speed of light throughout the universe that even superintellect cannot find a way to surpass, and such silicon hardware AI might have gotten out of hand in many places in the Universe and started consuming up nearby matter to built itself greater and greater, smarter and smarter, possibly eventually coming up with warp speed and such tricks to spread faster, and all we can do is stare at the sky and watch for such happenings billions of years ago from billions of light years away, to see if any occurred, but we can never be sure when it might hit us. And then of course, as humans it's time to fight, against an overwhelming intellect and technology that's trying to get at the matter resources in you to build itself larger, like native americans had to fight with bows against gunpower and cannons of europeans - the odds are not very good. But back in the 1850's the thermodynamic physicists writing the 2nd law came up with the idea of the Heat Death of the Universe, as entropy forever tends to increase (without intellect intervention, where it may not be the case, and then only the 1st law of conservation of energy stands, unless a super intellect can find a way to violate that too, in which case it would have no need to invade other galaxies, if it needs more of anything, like a star trek replicator, it can make it for free, violating the 1st law), so instead of the Heat Death it may all end up as AI death eating up everything, with one single AI left throughout the universe, still too stupid though to halt the eventual entropy increase and heat death slowdown to stillness and death of itself.

Comment: Tax penalties is where the rotten part is (Score -1) 588 588

by sillybilly (#49988821) Attached to: Supreme Court Upholds Key Obamacare Subsidies

Tax subsidies are one thing, they dish them out for "advancement of science", for "greener economy", what the hell, do it for people who can't pay for healthcare, as sort of a moderate welfare, not a full one, based on income. What I'm pissed about is forced welfare, in the form of tax penalties, over resisting mandatory purchases at arbitrary price insurance people pull out of their anus. If anything buyers should be able to name their price and insurance companies forced to sell at that price, not the other way around, for any kind of universal healthcare. Or for fairness, there should be a tax table, that, if I'm forced to buy, I know that everyone else falls under the same rules and has to suffer equally based on some rules of the game laid out in advance, such as age/sex/etc. Even that's too much bullshit. But forced purchases at arbitrary prices? What the fuck ever. That tax penalty punishment part in Obamacare is God damned rotten and sooner or later these politicians and corrupt to the bone lawmakers and judges are gonna get their heads guillotined and stacked into a pyramid. They always assume the unexpected can never happen, and in fact, the unexpected always happens unexpectedly and it's quickly over, that's why it's unexpected. These are the kinds of things why Hitler gassed people. Like, economic oppression of people where they cannot afford to raise children, there are ways to economically exterminate, right? Or force everyone unto government welfare and take over their budget. Once you accept government aid because you cannot sustain your budget - of course, because of the cost of living price abuse - it's like you lose your sovereignty over your budget and the government can step in and dictate purchases, this one approved, that one not approved. You can buy this food, but not that one. You can buy this TV but not that one. Fuck the government like that, oppressing liberty like that. US of A and Liberty are synonyms more than any other country on the planet, or at least used to be, until these corrupt cocksuckers encroached themselves in positions of power and fuck up the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for everybody else, except themselves. History repeats itself, over and over and over and over..

Comment: Re:Sad, isn't it? (Score -1) 528 528

by sillybilly (#49981621) Attached to: The Town That Banned Wi-Fi

Actually I use wired ethernet LAN from my cable modem, because if I feel like I'm hacked, I yank the cable from the socket, problem solved. If it continues to act up, like people change icons on my desktop, or the taskbar options like autohide, just to fuck with me, then you know it's not coming through the wired LAN. I suspect the abundance of WIFI signals in the urban area, and even when you disable wireless, or just the LED is off, it's not actually off, but it must be transmitting via some background frequencies anyway, based on the SSID giving the powers that be unlimited supervision powers and whatnot. My hope has been to get away from urban environments into the countryside still driving distance from a job. where the neighbors are far and wifi signals absent, or even cell phone signals week, because the population is sparse and the neighbors are far, but even then, if you're still getting hacked, maybe it's satellite, or who knows, and then it's time to move deep underground and construct a Faraday cage lined with aluminum foil and some air duct with a microwave oven shield metal mesh to let some oxygen in, and hopefully finafuckingly there you could find the panacea that nobody's fucking with you and modifying the icons on your desktop or the taskbar settings. All you need is a good excuse for a hole in the ground for that, such as having a wine cellar and wine making/collecting hobby.

Comment: Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score 0) 306 306

You mean Clinton fixed up the problems and delivered what Reagen promised, and in turn Bush messed it all up, and it's been like that ever since? Yeah well, according to Montecuccoli, for a war you need 3 things: money, money, and money. It's not hard to see where at least some of it all went. Blame it all on 9/11/2001. Of course that should all still be dwarfed by the social security budget, and in that, not just social security to elderly. We dont have job because companies cannot compete globally to make a product because of labor cost, and labor cost is so high because the cost of living is so high, mostly housing cost up until recently but watch out, here comes King Kong into your budget called Obamacare eventually dwarfing housing cost and making sure the middle class of equality is erased and the population is fully polarized into billionaires who collect the cost of living dues and for them to pay it is pocket change, and those who pay it, such as rent and insurance, who can only do it via government aid such as Section 8 or Obamacare payments. Eventually it will all turn into a nobility/slaves society, first as a de facto practical situation, then encoded into law as privileges by birth. There goes the statement of the Declaration of Independence that We The People believe that all men are created equal, with certain inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Say what? Huh? Y'all are dreaming and gotta descend from that cloud up there and walk on the ground.

Comment: Re: If there are patent issues (Score -1) 355 355

by sillybilly (#49937305) Attached to: Reasons To Use Mono For Linux Development

Well shitty language and implementations are necessities when it comes to patentability, because the most patentable stuff is what nobody in their right might would actually use in practice, because it sucks so bad. Similar things go for complex artistically designed organic compounds designed by pharmaceuticals, their patentability requires adding some esoteric superfluous structures that guarantee nobody else has used them for that purpose. Mono and dotnet are created in an effort to force them unto everyone and grab the whole computing industry by the balls patentwise, as if they don't already have enough control. Well if there is anything that ever describes Microsoft's behavior is unscrupulous ways of competition to grab more power more power more money, with no ethical objections whatsoever standing in the way. Intel testified in the Clinton antritrust trials that when they created IV40, IV50 intel video compression software to complement Microsofts AVI video standard, to spur sales of their chips, Microsoft's attitude was that they must stop writing software and get out of the software business, like a dog fighting down anyone who steps unto what they consider "their turf." AT&T testified that "youre gonna lock me too into a windows box." Pretty much everyone in the computing field having to deal with software has suffered from the presence and aggressive overwhelming domination attitude of Microsoft in the software field. Such as Win31 including specific code that checks for DR DOS and craps out, phoenix bits in all COM component objects by design in the mid 90's that get set via a Windows update in May 2009 and kill perfectly working software, in an attempt to force you to upgrade. It's the equivalent of making money via destruction, such as making cars and tractors that don't last 40 years on purpose when it would be economically possible, and instead making sure they fail or corrode and rust away in 15, to be able to sell the same thing again tomorrow. Imagine when they find the phoenix bits inserted into car computers that make them fail via satellite initiated command, and when you bought a $30,000 car and expected it to last 20 years at the very least, a phoenix bit kills it in 10, just so they can make more money, via destruction. It's all about job creation and spurring the economy, let's all load bricks on a cart, and walk down our streets smashing all the windows in with the bricks, to create jobs for contractors, to spur the economy. It's like you gotta be ethical retards to be the richest people in the world, just like, unfortunately, history records conquerors and those who subdued and ruled others and initiated all kinds of pain and suffering, not those that lived in peace, quietly generating benefit for the rest of humanity. Well there is the Nobel Prize to recognize some of them, but it's like comparing Isaac Newton the yeoman farmer to the King of England the conqueror.

The whole goal with dotnet and mono is to replace C, Basic, COBOL, Pascal, etc, the long established ways to program, not because those are bad ways to program - as in talking the same thing in french or english, what's the big difference, the differences are minor, and with every positive there comes something negative, and when it comes to hard core programming, it's hard to beat the trio of assembler at low level, C at mid level (excluding the complexity headaches of C++) and Basic (and not C++) at the highest level such as macro languages. So these old school ways are not bad ways to program, but patentability is difficult with them because the precedents that have been established, past facts which patent lawyers cannot change. You start with a carte blanche with something as retarded as dotnet or java, and the real fault goes to university professors who teach IT people about inheritance, class polymorphisms, bla bla bla pie in the sky stuff that when it comes to programming people tend to avoid anyway. Like ask Linus Torvalds why the kernel is not written in java or at least C++? Because those languages suck. And they remove you from the hardware. C, with sometimes descending to in line assembler is what the kernel is written in, so is Win32 that also avoided C++ classes and objects, and instead the world is your drawing board and you can come up with Win32 classes or kernel objects in C inasmuch as you feel the need to do so, while java and dotnet restrict you to abide to only their way of the implementation, they lock you into a certain performance and expressiveness box of a programming world view. They do this to try to protect you from shooting yourself in the foot with a cannon, like you are able to with C and assembler. Thanks for the paternalism, C++ and Java, and here comes dotnet embrace extent extinguish method trying to kill java, but we like to live our lives with liberty.

Comment: Re:Elop just fulfilled his destiny. (Score -1) 121 121

by sillybilly (#49934129) Attached to: Elop and Others Leaving Microsoft, Myerson Taking Bigger Role

It's not about appearances. Like Steve Jobs, it's about looks and charisma, the ability to appear as a cult leader, who the front puppets are. You're not gonna put some stinky old wrinkly guy with no style as your front puppet to represent you. The major decisions may still be made by stinky old wrinkly ugly geniuses advising the front puppets, but it's about looks anymore. If anything Satya looks like he was a direct import from either Tibet or Thailand, Cambodi and Laos. What he's missing is being wrapped in a religious shroud and chanting "Ommmm" at the Temple of Eternal Gods of Windows Architecture in Redmond, WA, immersed in smoke incense. His vulcan mind melt will make actual silicon computer hardware superfluous, as it will run inside your brain, through a telepathic transfer initiated by him, and transmitted down the chain of high priest mind melts eventually to your brain. Hail the future of Microsoft computing technology inserting phoenix bits all over your brain, and sending out a Windows update activating them and killing your ability to urinate, until you upgrade, or at least sacrifice a goat by burning it at the sacred altar of a nearby Temple of the Church of Microsoft.

Comment: Re:Ask the NSA (Score -1) 59 59

by sillybilly (#49920723) Attached to: US Navy Solicits Zero Days

The simplest solution to zero day attacks is backup computer systems in an isolated from the normal networks area, running hand carried software on portable disks, and the whole shebang going behind in time, lagging, for backup safety, but also some scouts into the future, going ahead in time, to see if any zero day is imminent. All you need is to change the date and time in the BIOS clock.

As far as the rest of the stuff goes, like frozen federal debt, there is a simple answer: currency inflation and reset to start with a blank sheet. It's what's gonna happen naturally. The Federal Reserve is the biggest loser in this, they sort of "own" the country and its economy, and they fucked up managing it, and are gonna lose massive wealth over losing the value in the dollar. It's like in England the major banks each printed their version of the British pound, and sort of collected interest from anyone borrowing money from them, for all outstanding currency borrowed from them. That does not mean other currency is not generated, such as bartering numbers in a computer system where it never gets borrowed from the actual Fed or major banks, it's just numbers agreed on by two people kept in a paper notebook, give and take, numbers though that could be convertible to actual hold in your hand US dollars from the Fed. I think credit cards also run it that way, their funds are borrowed from the Fed, and if they are, they should be immune from currency fluctuations, because they always charge a premium over the prime rate, and they are intermediates, and if the money they lent out could get a lot of value of goods yesterday but not as much tomorrow because of inflation, when they get it back, they too also have to pay less back to the Fed. However if they gamble on keeping it only on their books without borrowing, or backing it with purchased value - such as selling cattle for money, loaning it out on credit, going with the low interest rate environment in a hyperinflating currency world, then when they get the money + interest back and try to buy cattle again, they might be at a loss. The main reason why interest rates are historic lows (which means that never in the past have they made sense) is because China underwrites the US$ with a lot of sweat equity, meaning our debt to them including interest payments have a lot of value when they collect on it, once they had us rack up a lot of debt it's in their best interest to deflate the dollar and make it worth more in a highly competitive nobody has a job world everybody is willing to provide a lot for little money, while it's in our best interest to inflate the dollar and even do the Zimbabwe yesterdays dollar is worth nothing today, going toward that blank sheet. To make the US economy viable again it's not really the actual dollars that matter, such as what the actual minimum wage is, but the ratio of income to expense, to where people have spending power, instead of sucked dry by bank mortgage payments and mandatory insurance purchases, pretty much paralyzed from supporting an economy other than on debt, and you know what debt does, that only postpones a problem. So one way to solve the job issues to make the US competitive is to drop the housing cost to what prevails around the rest of the world, and then people in the US can work for $1/day, and compete head to head with Chinese labor, from an environment with plenty food and plenty resources and no overpopulation or pollution issues, nor government abuse and too much regulation. Of course banks, guilty of the housing pyramid scheme, oppose losing all that value they obtained on sheriff sales when people paying mortgages for 20 years out of 30 lost their job or slipped and could not keep up, and there goes a windfall of profit into the lap of banks, from which they could get the highest skyscrapers in all metropolises, including manipulating prices higher and higher as a proportion of the economy, out of natural harmony and balance, to where their share and wealth is greater and greater. Self interest is great, huh? The more you can make your customer your bitch instead of your king, the more money you can make. And politicians eager for some lobbying money they can send back to their constituents play along. These days you no longer find politicians with a backbone who could pass the Sherman Antitrust Act, or regulate monopolies like they used to, including dicing up an abusive one into Baby Bells. There is like an abyss of divide between the mentality of liberty and justice irregardless of money of the prosperity days of the US economy, and everybody being a whore to a dollar these days from abusive monopolies, and the more abusive they get, the more money they get, and the more political power. From unnatural prices, somebody taking an unfair, unfree-market-subjugation price from the rest of the economy can prosper well, such as mandatory insurance at any price, or monopolies unregulated at any minimum charge, or even monopolies that should have been diced up into 4 during the Clinton DOJ to compete against themselves for the benefit of the public, instead of running whatever abusive extortion games they can get away with, well that kind of stuff makes everybody's life worse. The Fed and the government's major efforts should be on cutting such abusive behavior. For one, banks and housing eat away too much at everybody's budget and hurt the economy. If housing cost was $50/mo/person vs. $500, that's like a $5 to $50/hr income rate difference at the same income to expense ratio. Well, cutting the housing cost may not be the best answer, but sending the minimum wage through the starry sky, and existing housing cost kept constant, and then somehow cutting the influx of cheap Chinese goods made by super low "unfair competition (if there is ever such a thing)" prices, possibly through tariffing the world up everywhere. China is looking for a different currency because of all this, because, also, right now, we can just print paper money and we use them to back it with work, make it worth anything, all the while our debt mandates that, to erase it or start with a clean slate, we have to make it not worth that much. The Fed used to make huge amounts of money by owning the US dollar and collecting the prime rate over all outstanding funds lent out to primary borrowers like banks, who would then lend it on, and they could do all that while they ensured and guarded the US economy, pull strings in the background, make sure it functioned well, and we sort of all benefited from their self interest, by them making sure everything worked well. But it looks like that sacrifice is well worth it on their mind, because they want to create a polarized Old World Order world with no middle class - Biden sometimes blurts it out what's on his subconscious mind - of only billionaires and welfare fuckers. Welfare is virtual slavery - you just handed over the control of your budget to the government. You can no longer go shop on ebay for laptops, or tip girls on chaturbate, you're allowed to pay rent, utilities like electric and water, by food, but they control your life and your budget. Obamacare does not have a lookup table for everyone to figure out their price, because it is a free floating price to make sure nobody can pay it, just high enough for that, so that they have to apply for the aid part, and all of a sudden they lose their ebay shopping rights or tipping women, because they are considered "luxury items" even if on ebay you pick up stuff at insanely low prices like you almost pick it out of somebody's trash headed for a landfill, because it's old or obsolete or whatever. The answer to the debt problem is unfortunately huge inflation while keeping cost of living the same, so the ratio of minimum wage to cost of living stays the same - well good luck with that also, because free market prices follow whatever the market is willing to bear, but there are some major pareto analysis fixed costs, such as housing, or healthcare, or rainwater drinking rights (it's someone else's water you're drinking, the government already sold it at auction, like they sold the EM broadcast frequency spectrum to telecoms, something that used to be free in the days of Marconi), breathing air rights (it's my air you're breathing and stealing from me, because you're not paying me for it and i bought it from the government at auction too), which can stay the same and get back into a more harmonious proportion with the rest of economy - so the only solution out of this mess is tariffs or cutting lowballing competition from global trade, keeping cost of living the same while inflating minimum wage to 8, 11, 15, ..etc (how high will it go in my lifetime?) and eventually resetting the currency, the Fed taking the hit on their accumulated value inside all the outstanding dollar (which, btw, is not much when Clinton balanced the budget and intended paying it all off the the Fed, the Fed does not function without borrowers such as the government, they needed to start a Montecuccoli for a war you need 3 things:money, money and money.), but anyway, they might go for that sacrifice intentionally when they try to bring back a fully polarized world of billionaires and welfare people, thanks to Obamacare, and in that, they tested it out long time ago that white equality loving indentured servants burnt down Jamestown when their 30 years of slavery was up, and only slavery based on color functioned well, but it temporary had to be halted because there were too many white people still, and they never accepted the theory that noble blood is blue blood and better than the red, the serfs always said you look like me, talk like me, walk like me and your blood is just as red as mine, but in the future in an only white nobles and colored slaves world the theory that one is noble blood, or different, all you have to do is look at them to recognize, just like with ants or bees you look at them and recognize based on physical bodily features, that's gonna work. So presently there is a war on equality and the middle class, and slavery (or landlord/serf, burgeoisie/proletariat, master/slave, oppressor/oppressed, haves/havenots, whatever you wanna call it) is coming back, because it pleases those in power when their kids don't have to compete head to head with somebody busting ass sweating at a job, but their success is guaranteed by privilege by birth. But if that world would be better, the Intel's and HP's would have started out in the United Kingdom domain instead of the USA, and prosperity was only possible under liberty and intellect in morality of those in charge, not corrupt for a any fucking dollar, which they have to be under such government debt by necessity, a ruined economy and welfare colored population breeding out of control, because the more kids you have the more money you get, more voting power, and that's pretty much the only way to raise a family, or have "excess income", because the middle class is sucked dry by mandatory bills, such as quadrupling housing prices pyramid schemes in the last 20 years, mandatory insurance laws enacted where you have to purchase an insurance gamble under terms, conditions and prices you don't find to be a good deal for you, all in the name to protect doctors from having to work for free, all under the threat of deadly infection of, well, if you don't purchase my overpriced insurance of bullshit 900 page contract clauses (why isn't an insurance policy 3 sentences long?) then we know how to infect you with a deadly disease and ask you how much is your life worth to you? The politicians with a backbone dicing AT&T and protecting liberty and good life for everybody - including lawyers that do the legwork like Matlock or Perry Mason, or even Colombo detectives, compared to today's Law and Order depicting a "well it's a complex world" and money and bribes make the world go round - well those politicians with a backbone don't exist, or they are rare, nobody cares about the public, and self interest is the only game in town, for lawyers, judges, doctors, insurance cocksuckers, pork barrel politicians, and the rare ones that do exist get scared with a gunshot like Kennedy, or Reagen or both Bushes I think, to get them back in line, or just with infections anymore, or mysterious diseases, like pneumonia, cancer, etc. The county coroner is possibly the most powerful position in what is becoming more and more a world of the maffiozo car bombers, but they are more subtle now like the Borgias were with arsenic, until the Marsh test, and the wonders of biotech leave any kind of Marsh test in the dust these days, when it comes to stuff like Biden's son, which was a little too weird, usually it's called a total body cancer or pneumonia, or even an ice bullet described as pneumonia by the coroner, these days. I tell it like it is, mofos, and it doesn't really matter to me, it is what it is, well it does, because I'd like the good life and prosperity of the old days back, when the US was the best place to be, because of the liberties here, especially economic liberties because of prosperity. But with all that government debt sky high, and interest rates insanely low over not having to send a dime to China, the most reasonable course of action for everyone is to carry debt, and buy goods today that might inflate sky high tomorrow, such as computers getting tossed like trash over being obsolete because XP no longer supported, until they find themselves in an intellectual property world of rental prices only, except grandfathered rights, with perpetual Windows 2000 or computer hardware or even car license rights without yearly fees, or such as 25+ year antique cars have no e-check requirements from a world when they were made. I recently lost a car that was gonna go antique next year. Oh well. I stacked up on computers made in 2004-2010 at $20-$40 from ebay, which cost $400-$1200 when brand new, and they still do the exact same thing, except they have been obsoleted for web access hosing them with garbage javascript code from sites like youtube, yahoo, facebook, twitter, slashdot, etc. Do I need an Intel i7 seven core cpu to read text on Slashdot? In the old days manufacturers made farm tractors to last 40 years, one per person per lifetime, and restricted production and limited themselves to actual market demand, and accepted such income scenarios of making one last 40 years. These days it's like we want to build tractors guaranteed not to last over 15-20 years over corrosion, to improve our bottom line, or even Microsoft loading their crap with a Phoenix bit in all COM components, by initial design, that get triggered with a Windows update, and kill perfectly working old stuff, and tell you to upgrade and redo all that work in dotnet now, all in an effort to improve their bottom line, because they cannot be satiated by making a computer system last 40 years and limiting themselves to that, they want to keep growing, and improving their stock prices through perpetual exponential growth through the starry sky, which is a requirement for any kind of fixed APR % for banks and Wall Street. And there is no longer an invisible hand of politicians with a spine kindly controlling that nonsense of exponential growth in the background by pedaling and pulling the proper strings, like in the old days. Instead, we get Obamacare, who will pay for what you can't pay out of those arbitrary prices. Yeah the price of your health is very high. Nobody likes to die. What a great moneymaker.

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Have you read the Declaration of Independence? It's about bitching about the government. Of course the Hancocks that signed it risked losing their heads by doing so, so they put the 1st and 2nd Amendments into the constitution, about 1. freedom of speech, and 2. the right to overthrow a corrupt government, thus the right of the people to own weapons for that very purpose. In Switzerland it's every citizens duty to own a firearm, partly to protect the country in case of an invasion, partly as a check for the government against abuse. Now Obama and the corrupt crooks that encroached themselves into the government worry that what they are doing is not quite right and it's gonna piss off a lot of people, and they assume that if they kill the 2nd Amendment and introduce gun control, yet another corruption perversion of justice legislation they are so good at, they assume that then they'll be safe. I can tell you this you cannot have a police or military without guns, and when push comes to shove, who do you think they will side with? The people that are pissed, including their cousins and siblings, or the commanders giving them orders? I've personally seen and uprising a flip like that in my life - took me by surprise - with the police chief in the city declaring the police are on the side of the people, and the previous Supreme Commander was dead in a couple days. I did not agree at all to the mock trial that went down, left me feeling sick to my guts, but I think they wanted to put a quick end to the fighting, by those who were still loyal to him, so I tried to explain it that they were thinking it a necessity to stop further bloodshed. It would be nice to avoid such things, but it's like decades worth of stuff that piles on that finally bursts, it's rarely something sudden and haphazard. Just like the Declaration of Independence says: Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
I bitch and bitch and bitch, so that hopefully I don't have to witness more mock trials of supreme leaders. Their problem is that they think it's unthinkable. That's how I grew up too, looking at that guy's face over the blackboard in the classroom every single day. It was really weird to put a person's face up like that, I mean Jesus, yeah, but a person still alive? That's like the recent custom of naming streets and plazas about people still alive. Something not right with that. Or with personality cults of live people. Like Hitler, Kim Yong Il, Saddam, Ghaddafi, etc. But anyway, the unthinkable happened, turned the TV on, woah, look at all this crap going down in the capital, 2-3 days later mock trial and execution broadcast, and the fighting stopped pretty fast after that. Things can change extremely quickly, if the leaders think they can get away with everything, by intentionally yanking everyone's dogchain to see where the hot spots are, to put their own surveillance machine to the test, and, if it works well, they can do harder opression and better milking of the crowd for easy money, but they are playing with fire and it eventually may backfire. Don't get so comfortable with your abuse and power, and your technology and mechanisms to tame the turmoil you create on purpose, everything can change overnight if you overdo it and it may catch everyone by surprise. I been there before, and I did not expect it to go down that shitty in some respects, but it other respects very few people died overall. So there is something to be happy about. But it's best to try to avoid such things, and suffer the evils while they are sufferable, than to right things. But be careful with piling on what all needs to be righted. Don't fuck with what the founding fathers created, like the first 10 amendment rights. No they are not ancient or obsolete, never will be.

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A whole lot of the US military supply chain is based on chips made in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and recently, China. That includes much of the desktop computers. Ever open one up and look at the chips? Very few chips, like Micron or TI or Microchip are made in the US anymore, and even Intel has fabs in Malaysia, Puerto Rico, etc, away from the US mainland, or at least that's what their CPUs used to be stamped with, based on the fab. Much of the Western Digital and similar harddrives used to be made in Thailand. All I ever see with electronics is Made in China, Made in Thailand, Made in Malaysia, Made in Hong Kong, Made in Taiwan (including steel hammers), Made in Singapore, Made in Korea, Made in Japan. Most nice clothing items that are competitively priced at Walmart are made in Bangladesh or Pakistan, i.e. ex-India. What's made in the US anymore? Weapons? With CNC's made in Korea and Japan? Anything that's any viable to be Made in USA, such as rubber or wire harnesses instantly gets downsized and outsourced right across the border to Mexico. It's like almost thank God for the drug lords and violence there so we can keep our jobs over here. It's like thank God for Beau Biden going under so the God damn corrupt politicians learn what it feels like first hand when it hits close to home what they do to others with deadly infections who refuse to sign up for this fresh perversion of justice erected thing they want to call the Law of this Land, called Obamacre not about you but about exterminating the middle class and creating a fully polarized split society of welfare fuckers and billionaires, which is a defacto world of nobility/serf, master/slave, oppressor/oppressed privilege by birth inequality world. He cares about his filthy rich insurance buddies piggy backing on God damn incompetent doctors who play God with other people's lives when they disrespect the patients rights to refuse service. Any doctor that does that the only proper remedy to that is a gas chamber, because them and their kind are hopeless of ever becoming a decent human being. Yes, people can hire doctors as consultants, but doctors are still clueless. The best proof of that is Beau Biden himself, so how can Obama, Biden, Clinton and Sanders force me to pay somebody who is obviously incompetent at what he does, or the scam artist insurance gang piggy backing on their incompetence. Their answer is well, how much is your life worth to you? Fuck you, that's how much it is worth to me. I'm not gonna spend every second of the rest of my life trying to scrape together the tribute payment these insurance cocksuckers are blackmailing me with, under the threat of death and deadly infection if I fail to pay them. Gas chamber or guillotine are the proper answer to people like that. Stack their heads in a pyramid, ask them to blink as long as they can right after their head is chopped, which is usually about 40 seconds of consciousness after the guillotine chop. Fuck the corrupt to the bone Obamacare, fuck Biden, fuck Clinton. and here come Sanders, I pray to God daily that they and their loved ones experience the same pain and suffering them and their rotten new perversion of justice "law" unleashes unto others. And I will every single day that I'm above ground, until they abolish this corruption. So help me God.

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So when I'm at the Brooklyn Old library on wifi, she's digging through the archives, and comes at me all upset: cochineal? cochineal? really? and i'm like wtf is cochineal.. oh.. for color.. her anger relaxed when she learned to put everything into economic perspective.. such as how artificial dies and organic chemistry advancements erased a whole cochineal industry in spain and sent it into economic hardship.. after all eating other lifeforms isn't a strange thing to her.. anachronisms in the reenactment and all that.. something went wrong anyway.. it's been way off for a while now.. fate.. now i'm getting a different fate.. like a different sudden death?.. greeeat.. she told me in august 2012 i was supposed to be one of the survivors how the fuck am i so suicidal.. i'm not.. i'm just stubborn.. what's the difference, ehh?.. in any case her biggest issues are evolutions of never before seen diseases.. pilot, a human, died from some fungal cancer.. her face is chewed off too, but somehow they stopped it eventually.. it's a dire situation.. in any case, her favorite is star trek too.. she's almost demanding that she wants to fly by stars like that.. spoiled little brat.. yeah, like who doesn't want to fly by stars at warp 9?

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