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Comment: Re:DirectX is obsolete (Score 1) 131

by PopeRatzo (#48916319) Attached to: DirectX 12 Lies Dormant Within Microsoft's Recent Windows 10 Update

OK, I see what you're saying. That there's really little reason for the operating system on a home computer to look and work exactly like the one at work.

I agree. I think as computer users, we're mature enough not to need this level of familiarity. This is one reason that at some point down the road, I hope to be able to use both Windows for my digital audio workstation in my home studio, and some form of "SteamOS" for playing games. Of course, with companies like EA/Origin and Ubisoft using their own game store platforms, I don't see all PC games being compatible with a SteamOS for some time to come.

Comment: Re: Anti 1984 sign (Score 1) 233

by mrchaotica (#48914861) Attached to: EFF Unveils Plan For Ending Mass Surveillance

Here's the thing: although you're entitled to your opinion, that doesn't change the fact that it's both wrong and un-American. In fact, the United States wouldn't exist without anonymous public comment!

So, if you hate freedom that much -- and make no mistake, freedom requires anonymity, so if you hate anonymity then you hate freedom -- then by all means continue to think that way. But please do the rest of us a favor and GTFO of the USA!

Comment: Re:grandmother reference (Score 1) 363

For that to work, the vast majority of the game has to exist on the client (i.e., it has to be single-player or capable of LAN play or something). Hackers are not going to be coding up an offline server for an MMO. Maybe they'd be stealing the server-side code and adapting that, but not coding it up from scratch.

Comment: Re:Who eats doughnuts with the doughnut men? (Score 1) 394

by plover (#48913523) Attached to: Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

I was recently doing 29 and a mobile trap claimed I was doing 35. Fortunately I have video camera evidence from the car to prove that I wasn't, but it means I have to go to court and argue it.

You might want to check your camera before heading into court. I have a gray market cam from that under-reports speed by a wide margin (it displays about 60MPH when my speedometer shows 70); when I use the viewing app they provided, it shows the GPS-plotted path on Google maps, and it shows my true speed.

You want to be sure it's accurate because there is no benefit to you in angering a judge by presenting incorrect evidence.

Comment: Re:Something is wrong with the poll results! (Score 1) 421

by mjwx (#48911199) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

B5 had epic music, epic storyline and 3 crappy actors.

Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas were phenomenal, Stephen Furst was really good and most of the others were good enough.

B5 just demonstrates that star power is overrated.

A really good story could easily overcome wooden/over acting and mediocre scripting.

B5 had a feeling of grand scale to it and was on the forefront of using CGI. Other prominent sci-fi shows at the time were still primarily using models.

Comment: Re:But does it matter any more? (Score 2) 138

by PopeRatzo (#48911119) Attached to: Windows 10 IE With Spartan Engine Performance Vs. Chrome and Firefox

Only if the DoJ continues to look the other way in the face of continuing flagrant Sherman act violations

If you're a fan of any current computing tech, either mobile or on the desktop, you really don't want to be bringing up Sherman Act violations.

I can't think of a single major manufacturer of PCs, mobiles, or commercial operating systems for PCs or mobiles that isn't guilty of anti-trust violations.

Comment: Re:Remember the good old days? (Score 1) 349

by jc42 (#48910387) Attached to: Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

Remember when news organizations didn't so blatantly try to push agendas?

I can't remember that far back. It must've been well before the sinking of the USS Maine.

It must have been before recorded history. We have documented examples of such behavior for as long as we have documents.

Comment: Re:No it is a combo of 2 factors (Score 1) 349

by jc42 (#48910371) Attached to: Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

Precisely. The study asked a question that results in an expected answer 80% of the time. So why would such a study be conducted in the first place?

Well, duh, they did it to verify that the people did give the "expected" answer most of the time. There are lots of scientific studies showing that something the "everyone knows" isn't actually true, so such beliefs are often worth actually testing. In this case, a number for what fraction of the people haven't a clue about DNA is interesting and potentially useful. It does put a lot of other such surveys in an "interesting" light.

Comment: Re:They need help (Score 1) 39

by mjwx (#48910163) Attached to: Inside Ford's New Silicon Valley Lab

Ford's voice recognition in the MyFord Touch sucks more than a porn star.

Hey, take it easy.

Up until this year, Ford's flagship coupe still ran a live rear axle. They've only just put independent rear suspension (on a rear wheel drive car) this year. If it's taken them decades to get multi-link suspension on one of their best selling cars, expecting them to develop software that works in just a few years is a bit rich.

Comment: Re:Then there was War Plan Red (Score 1) 272

Hitler tried very hard to ally with the US (against GB and France) prior to the onset of WW2. Later on he tried to play everyone against each other to gain some time.

This sort of thing happens all of the time.

Hitler was trying very hard to forge an alliance with all the western powers prior to the onset of WW2.

Hitler's eyes were firmly set to the east, the plans to invade Russia in 1941 were set in place long before September 1939. The Nazis had spent a huge amount of resources trying to foster good relations, not just with the governments of Great Brittan and the United States, but the people too (I.E. the German-American Bund). The German leadership tried hard to ally themselves with England because they felt that the English people had a lot on common with the German people. However they underestimated the resolve of the British government, Chamberlain and his ministers drew a line at Poland and declared war on Germany when they crossed it.

Comment: Re:Urban legend? (Score 1) 272

Don't get me wrong, the United States could probably still do it, but it wouldn't be a simple walk in the park either.

You're joking eh?

Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan... Did you forget the lessons taught here (well obviously, if you remembered what happened in Vietnam, Iraq would never have happened).

When a population is committed to opposing an invading force the invasion will never been finished. The Troubles didn't end through the martial might of the British, it ended because the cause of the conflict was resolved. For 48 years the British tried to use force to solve the issue, in the end it was diplomacy that bought the conflict to an end. When a population has cause to fight, they will continue to fight, Sun Tzu called this "the moral law", whichever of the sides the people believed to be more right was imbued with the moral law.

The reason the US has been able to hold onto states like the Dominican Republic and Grenada is the fact the majority of the people accepted that the US was the better side in the conflict. Vietnam and Iraq on the other hand, the US was seen as the worse side, supporting corrupt governments and ideals.

If Canada was resolved to fight a US invasion dont kid yourself, you'll never hold Canada.

Comment: Re:Yankee? (Score 1) 109

by mjwx (#48909687) Attached to: Bomb Threats Via Twitter Partly Shut Down Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport

A "Yankee" means anybody from a place north of the Mason-Dixon Line and south of Canada (or sometimes, to ignorant foreigners, it's a slang term for "American").

Yes, foreigners use the term "Yank", not "Yankee" as it has born such rhyming slang terms as "sherman" derived from Sherman Tank and "seppo" which is a shortened version of "septic" as derived from septic tank (tank rhymes with yank, in case you didn't get it). Its also rhymes with the word "wank" which seems to be what you're doing here.

I have certainly enjoyed the irony that you've called foreigners ignorant, yet have demonstrated greater ignorance foreigners yourself.

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