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+ - VHDL or Verilog? 3

Submitted by FlyByPC
FlyByPC (841016) writes "We're in the first stages of designing a course in programmable devices at the university where I work. The course will most likely be centered around various small projects implemented on an FPGA dev board, using a Xilinx Spartan3-series FPGA. I have a bit of experience working with technologies from 7400-series chips (designing using schematics) to 8-bit microcontrollers to C/C++. FPGAs, though, are new to me (although they look very interesting.)

My question is, if you were an undergraduate student studying programmable devices (specifically, FPGAs), would you prefer the course be centered on VHDL, Verilog, a little of both, or something else entirely? (...or is this an eternal, undecidable holy-war question along the lines of ATI/nVidia, AMD/Intel, Coke/Pepsi, etc...?)

At this point, I've only seen a little of both languages, so I have no real preference. Any input, especially if you're using one or both in the field, would be very helpful. Thanks, and may all of your K-maps be glitch-free."

+ - The EIT / PE Exam mother lode

Submitted by
FlyByPC writes "Studying for the upcoming FE/EIT (Fundamentals of Engineering / Engineer-In-Training) exam, or the PE (Professional Engineer) exam in October? Check out Texas AMU's video review sessions!

30 hours of exam review, downloadable, for free, hosted on a system that seems to have a nice fat upload pipe.

Let the slashdotting begin!"

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