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Comment: Re:Big data, spying? (Score 1) 45

by ADRA (#46773873) Attached to: Steam's Most Popular Games

This is from Ars Technica, which used sampled statistics from every user's public profile page (it threw out non-public pages as a sample for obvious reasons).
You can bet Valve does know with a lot more accuracy your play habbits. The points is SO WHAT? Where's the Evil part? I know they used countless kill / death spots in TF2 maps years ago in order to help balance the play on those maps and that helped to improve the balance and play. Riot games (League of Legends) has a lot of jobs for Big Data engineers, and you can bet they (and all other multiplayer vendors) are devoting serious effort inot making their games as appealing as possible to the masses.

Comment: E = (T2-T1) / T1 (Score 2) 68

by Animats (#46773857) Attached to: 'Thermoelectrics' Could One Day Power Cars

E = (T2-T1) / T1

Everyone with an engineering degree knows this. Trying to extract much energy from low-grade heat at the output end of an engine is inefficient. This was figured out a long time ago. Here it is in The Manual of the Steam Engine. It's possible to increase steam engine efficiency by compounding, where the exhaust from each cylinder feeds a larger, lower pressure cylinder. This is cost-effective up to about 3 cylinders ("triple expansion"). Engines up to quintuple-expansion have been built, but the additional power from the last two cylinders in the chain isn't worth the trouble.

Comment: Re:When will they gentrify the Tenderloin? (Score 1) 326

by Animats (#46773391) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

In 2005, this appeared in SF Weekly, about the gentrification of the Polk St. area of the Tenderloin:

Gay Shame calls the Lower Polk Neighbors Association a "brutal gentrification squad" of wealthy business owners, slumlords and bureaucrats.

"They are trying to transform Polk Street from the city's last remaining gathering place for marginalized queers and street culture into a hip destination for wealthy suburbanites," Mary said. "We want a safe place for marginalized people, and Polk Street has historically been that space.

"The neighborhood may soon be known more for green-apple mojitos and stretch Hummers than trannies and tweakers (methamphetamine users)."

That was back in 2005. Gentrification won.

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by fermion (#46773387) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago
This was not really an innovative product for the time. The Apple Newton had full network capability, for instance. I know I had it connected to the internet and think I had a basic web browser. When the internet was pushed to the public, there were a number of dedicated machines, or internet appliances, that were introduced to the market, most few have heard of because they were failures. WebTV was a big one, I only know how it worked because I had to visit a dealer to fix a bug on a website I was working on. there were others during the 2000 time frame, but mostly the technology was not there.

Comment: Won't everyone be a millionaire? (Score 1) 279

by swillden (#46773349) Attached to: Survey: 56 Percent of US Developers Expect To Become Millionaires

At least, won't everyone who's paid a middle to upper middle class wage, buys a house and saves for retirement eventually be a millionaire?

If you want to retire at 65 and have enough money to live a decent life for 30 years after that, you need pretty close to a million dollars plus a paid-off house. And, frankly, it's not that hard to accumulate a million dollars of net worth over a ~40-year career, assuming reasonable returns on your retirement account and modest appreciation on your home. I'm actually targeting net assets of two million for retirement, given that it's still 20 years away and I expect that inflation will roughly halve the value of the dollar between now and then.

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by ADRA (#46773171) Attached to: Survey: 56 Percent of US Developers Expect To Become Millionaires

There are roughly 9.6 million millionares in the US presently (NOT INCLUDING HOUSES). That works out to roughly 3% of the population, so not a ton.

Given that I think most dev's probably fall into the top 1/3rd earners in society and that the 'millionaire' mark errodes yearly with inflation, its very likely that a large number of software developers will in fact be millionaires by the time they retire. The real question is in 30 years, what will a million bucks be in buying power, and will the next big number be 10 millionare, etc. instead.

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by swillden (#46773097) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained
Regardless of the number of exclamation points you use, Mountain View and SF housing do affect one another. I know several people who have lived in both areas and who have opted for one over the other based on questions of price and convenience. Said (insane, IMO) prefer to live in SF, but some choose MTV because SF is too expensive. Lowering the cost of housing in MTV further -- and making it more convenient to the Google campus -- would induce some more to leave SF.

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I apparently didn't have time to troll someone TWO HUNDRED TIMES in a single day, whereas you OBVIOUSLY had time to do so, because you DID in fact do just that.

You must be weak in the head if you think that is not patently obvious to anyone observing these proceedings.

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You're apparently the only person visiting this site who can't see that the TrollingForHostFiles account was created specifically in your honour, AFTER you started trolling me and crapflooding any and all threads I posted to.

And I've made absolutely no secret of TFHF's origins, which kind of deflates your sockpuppet conspiracy theories.

Oddly enough, the TFHF account already has positive karma, which means somebody's been modding up its posts in spite of the fact that it's an acknowledged alter ego. And I'm extraordinarily pleased to say that I (Zontar) have not had mod points since the TFHF account was created, so those upmods are not coming from me.

Comment: Thank You, APK! (Score 1) 513

Apparently you've figured out that I don't want or need to post AC in response to your trolls, APK.

I've been having a field day finding your slimy little trails all over the Internet and exposing you for the lifelong spammer, bully, troll, crapflooder, and liar that you are.

Why should I not want to receive credit for unearthing all these wonderful facts about yourself that you've been leaving lying about for the last decade or more?

Besides, it's been giving me something to take my mind off cigarettes--I decided to quit on Monday after being a smoker for 30+ years.

This is working out really well for me, too--every time a I get a craving for a smoke, I just hit the Google again and find something new to smoke you with, instead. :D

Or maybe next time I'll switch to Bing and see what they've got on you, as well.

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