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Comment To steering wheel, no way. (Score 1) 142

I use a car mostly for going on the road, but sometimes, it needs to drive other places. I go to events where we park in the grass. I go down driveways that are a mile long. I have experienced emergencies where I have to go backwards down the highway. I just don't understand how completely driverless cars will work in these cases. I have driven a car with adaptive cruise control and emergency breaking. It was fantastic. Please continue down this road and make these features required.

Comment Phased in over 3 years.. (Score 1) 500

And this started only 6 months ago. Let's look again when salaries are actually the 70k figure... Of course, higher salaries do make sense for successful tech companies... It's only when the employ manufacturing and other labor work that this would be really hard. I'm curious if they outsource things like cleaning the toilets, etc.

Comment Starbucks stole my gift card... (Score 1) 124

There are many reports of starbucks taking back gift cards.. I had bought a few gift cards online, and combined them into one in the app. Then, starbucks canceled the whole value. They said one of the cards payment method couldn't be verified. .. So, they wiped out my entire balance ($200) .. Never using starbucks cards or the app again. Please just switch to apple pay.

Comment Google ad sales.. (Score 1) 271

Last year google sold around $49 billion is ads, vs Facebooks $11.5. Will facebook continue to grow at 65%? no. How long will it take them to catch google? At current rates, 5 years, but not if facebook growth slows. Google doesn't actually break down search ads vs the rest of their properties, they only report overall ad sales for Google Properties, including Youtube and Gmail.

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