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+ - Intel Putting 3D Scanners in Consumer Tablets Next Year, Phones to Follow-> 1

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "Intel has been working on a 3D scanner small enough to fit in the bezel of even the thinnest tablets. The company aims to have the technology in tablets from 2015, with CEO Brian Krzanich telling the crowd at MakerCon in New York on Thursday that he hopes to put the technology in phones as well."
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+ - A New Font Editor has reached 1.0->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Alexandre Prokoudine writes in Libregraphicsworld about tools open source tools for creating fonts.

Is FontForge all there is to type design on Linux? Not quite. Johan Mattsson released BirdFont 1.0, a new(er) free type design program for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

BirdFont is a new tool for anyone who wants to create a new typeface, digitize handwriting, add missing characters to a font or just improve website design with a new icon font."
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+ - SPAM: Top Nairobi National Park Day Trip - One (1) Day Trips from Nairobi

Submitted by chidwiss
chidwiss (3829319) writes "Nairobi National Park Day Trip is a one day trip tour to Nairobi Park from Nairobi hotel. The day trip to Nairobi national park starts very early from Nairobi and gets there by 7.00am. Nairobi day trip includes a 5hr game drive, guide services, park fee and pick up and drop off at your Nairobi hotel."
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+ - Man 3D Prints His Own Cancer Tumors-> 1

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey (3766427) writes "A man named Mark, which has asked to remain semi-anonymous has taken PET/CT scans from his radiologist and then turned them into 3D printed replicas of his Hodgkin's Lymphoma tumor. Mark printed out both his pre and post-chemotherapy tumors, to show how much it had shrunk in size. The tumor was originally located around his heart, and it measured 14cm in diameter at its largest point. It took a whopping 10 hours to print out the entire pre-chemo tumor. As for Mark, he's doing great, as his cancer is now in remission."
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+ - Man Loses Half His Skull, Surgeons Repair it to Look Normal with 3D Printed Mesh->

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey (3766427) writes "Surgeons in China have performed surgery this morning on a man who had suffered a severe head injury 10 months ago. After the accident, he was left with a huge portion of his skull and brain missing. Unable to go into public because of people calling him names such as "Half Headman", and after losing his ability to speak and write, something had to be done. Thanks to a donation by a company called Stryker, in the US, surgeons were able to take a scan of the mans head, and 3D print a titanium mesh that has been inserted between the his scalp and brain. Doctors expect the man to return to normal, in both appearance and brain function because of this new technology."
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+ - World's First 3D Printed Castle is Now Complete - On to Printing a House Next->

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey (3766427) writes "A Minnesota man, named Andrey Rudenko has officially finished 3D printing a castle in Minnesota. It is constructed using a 3d printer that extrudes a concrete mixture in 10mm high layers. The project took a couple months to complete, and the results turned out quite incredible. The castle's turrets were printed separately, and it took 7 adult men to lift them and put them on top. With his method now proven, Rudenko now plans to 3D print an entire 2-story home, in one piece, including the roof."
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+ - FarmBot: An Open Source Automated Farming Machine Aims to Create Food For All->

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey (3766427) writes "Farming has been stuck in a bit of a rut, when compared to other industries. Businesses across the globe have been innovating for decades, while farming has been using techniques that have been handed down from centuries ago. The FarmBot Foundation is creating a machine, similar to that of a CNC mill and/or 3d printer which is capable of being run by sophisticated software and equipped with any tools you can imagine, including seed injectors, plows, burners, robotic arms (for harvesting), cutters, shredders, tillers, discers, watering nozzles, sensors and more. The goal? To bring food to the world's hungry."
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+ - Beijing Doctors Implant World's First 3D-Printed Vertebra into 12 Year-Old Boy->

Submitted by concertina226
concertina226 (2447056) writes "Doctors from the Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH) in Beijing, China, have become the first in the world to use 3D-printing in complex spinal cord surgery, after replacing a section of cancerous vertebra in a boy's neck with a piece created on a 3D printer.

The procedure to remove this form of cancer is so complex that only five hospitals in China are equipped to perform the surgery. The tumour affects the top of the spinal cord in the neck, but also the internal and external carotid arteries, and the patient's windpipe."

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+ - Man is 3D Printing a Real Castle->

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey (3766427) writes "We've have all heard of the Chinese company that is 3D printing houses, as fast as ten per 24-hour period. A Minnesota man plans to 3D print his own home, but is starting out by 3D printing a small castle. The castle, which is large enough for an adult to walk around inside, is just about complete, and well, it looks just like a real castle. Andrey Rudenko, the man that is taking on this huge challenge, has been working for years to design this huge 3D printer which he believes will create a much better final product than the Chinese printers can."
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+ - Boy Hugs Mom For The First Time, Thanks to First Ever 3D Printed Myoelectric Arm->

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey (3766427) writes "With the advent of 3D printing, we have seen tremendous progress made in the creation of affordable 3D printed hands and arms. Thanks to open sourcing of 3D printable designs, the technology has been able to evolve very quickly. Just yesterday, a man named Albert Manero gave the first 3D printed myoelectric prosthetic arm to a little boy named Alex. Alex's most exciting moment came when he was able to give his mother a 2-armed hug for the first time in his life. Manero plans to upload the design files and instructions so that anyone can 3D print their own prosthetic arms at home."
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+ - Congressman Mistakes U.S. Officials For Indian Ones->

Submitted by PolygamousRanchKid
PolygamousRanchKid (1290638) writes "Rep. Curt Clawson, a freshman Republican congressman from Florida, mistook two senior U.S. officials for representatives of the Indian government during a House hearing on Friday.

“I am familiar with your country, I love your country,” Clawson said to Nisha Biswal and Arun Kumar, addressing fellow U.S. citizens who hold high-ranking positions in the State Department and Commerce Department, respectively.

After a lingering silence, Clawson smiles slowly. Kumar appears to grin, while Biswal echoes Clawson’s sentiment, informing him it should probably be directed to the Indian government. It’s unclear whether Clawson realized his error."

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+ - The Army Is 3D Printing Warheads

Submitted by Jason Koebler
Jason Koebler (3528235) writes "In its latest bid to kill more people, more efficiently, and at less cost, the army is planning to print warhead components, according to the latest issue of Army Technology.
“3D printing of warheads will allow us to have better design control and utilize geometries and patterns that previously could not be produced or manufactured,” James Zunino, a researcher at the Armament Research, Engineering and Design Center said."

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