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+ - A Huge 3D Printed Home & Estate are Being Built in New York->

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey writes: This past week at 3D Print Week NY, D-Shape Enterprises unveiled details for a large estate that will be 3D printed in New York. CEO James Wolff and President Adam Kushner unveiled photo renderings of what the estate will look like. Using in situ resources, the home, swimming pool, car port and pool house will all be entirely 3D printed. The project has begun and 3D printing will commence this spring.
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+ - Researchers Try and Prove that the Mayan Civilization Flew Airplanes->

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey writes: The Mayan's have been known to be quite the advanced civilization, whether it be their pyramids or their elaborate calendar. However, some believe that gold pendants of what appear to be airplanes, which were unearthed years ago within the Mayan ruins, provide evidence that they actually were well more advanced than we have originally thought. Researchers at the Tongji University College of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics have undertaken a unique project. They have recreated these unique pendants, and then scaled them up into radio controlled aircraft, to test if they could have actually been replicas of full-sized Mayan aircraft. The results will make goosebumps run down your spine.
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+ - New Company Promises to Turn Your 2D Printer into a Functional 3D Printer

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey writes: A new company promises to turn your normal 2D printer into a functional 3D printer using special cartridges. Printder claims to be able to print 3D objects using any one of several common 2D printers. You simply load your printer with their special paper and ink cartridges and your machine is ready to start 3D printing.

+ - Hyundai To Release 'Semi-Autonomous' Car This Year->

Submitted by jfruh
jfruh writes: While self-driving cars from Google and others remain in the prototype stage, Korean carmaker Hyundai intends to release a premium sedan called the Equus this year that includes self-driving features. While a car's ability to navigate complex urban enviornments on its own is still a ways off, the Equus will allow the driver to take their hands off the wheel and feet off the brakes during highway driving.
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+ - Watch your 'Likes': Police emails show few restrictions on who & why they wa->

Submitted by v3rgEz
v3rgEz writes: Love to show off your love of guns on Facebook? So do millions of other people ... but it's enough to spark monitoring of your account page by local police, even if you're two hundred miles from their city. That's what newly released emails from Austin's Regional Intelligence Center show, as details of how one man's feed was monitored came to life — and how little of a policy covered potential privacy concerns.
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+ - Carly Fiorina Calls Apple's Tim Cook a 'Hypocrite' on Gay Rights

Submitted by HughPickens.com
HughPickens.com writes: David Knowles reports at Bloomberg that former Hewlett-Packard CEO and potential 2016 presidential candidate Carly Fiorina called out Apple CEO Tim Cook as a hypocrite for criticizing Indiana and Arkansas over their Religious Freedom Restoration Acts while at the same time doing business in countries where gay rights are non-existent. “When Tim Cook is upset about all the places that he does business because of the way they treat gays and women, he needs to withdraw from 90% of the markets that he’s in, including China and Saudi Arabia,” Fiorina said. “But I don’t hear him being upset about that.”

In similar criticism of Hillary Clinton on the Fox News program Hannity, Fiorina argued that Clinton's advocacy on behalf of women was tarnished by donations made to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments where women's rights are not on par with those in America. ""I must say as a woman, I find it offensive that Hillary Clinton travels the Silicon Valley, a place where I worked for a long time, and lectures Silicon Valley companies on women's rights in technology, and yet sees nothing wrong with taking money from the Algerian government, which really denies women the most basic human rights. This is called, Sean, hypocrisy." While Hillary Clinton hasn't directly addressed Fiorina's criticisms, her husband has. “You’ve got to decide, when you do this work, whether it will do more good than harm if someone helps you from another country,” former president Bill Clinton said in March. “And I believe we have done a lot more good than harm. And I believe this is a good thing.”

+ - US NAVY Sonar/Lidar Editing Software Released to the World-> 1

Submitted by PFMABE
PFMABE writes: The Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO) has spent 16 years developing the Pure File Magic Area Based Editor (PFMABE) software suite to edit the huge volumes of lidar and sonar data they collect every year. In accordance with 17 USC 105, copyright protection is not available to any work of the US government. Originally developed to run on RedHat OS with network distributed storage, it has been migrated to Windows 7. This software, and accompanying source code (Win & Linux), has been released to the public domain at pfmabe.software, free for download with registration.
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+ - German Man Creates the World's First Working 3D Printed Solar Powered Engine

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey writes: An engineer in Germany has 3D printed what is believed to be the first working solar powered engine. It runs entirely off of the sun's heat, and can be fabricated on virtually any desktop 3D printer. It is designed after the concept of the Stirling engine, and he says that it could be scaled up to actually function as a working engine for a vehicle.

+ - Inventor of Contour Crafting Says that 3D Printed High Rises are Coming Soon

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey writes: Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, the inventor of contour crafting says that giant 3D printers will be available starting at around $200,000 within a couple of years. These printers are now capable of printing concrete walls, insulation and even drywall. Widespread usage will take place within the construction industry by 2020, and 3d printed high-rises will be seen by 2025. He says that the US is well ahead of China in terms of progress for 3d printing buildings.

+ - Short circuit in LHC could delay restart by weeks->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec writes: On March 21 CERN detected an intermittent short circuit to ground in one of the LHC's magnet circuits that could delay the restart by anywhere between a few days to several weeks. CERN revealed that the short circuit has affected one of LHC's powerful electromagnets thereby delaying preparations in sector 4-5 of the machine. The European research organisation confirmed that seven of the machine’s eight sectors have successfully been commissioned to 6.5 TeV per beam, but it won't be circulating beam in the LHC this week. Though the short circuit issue is a well understood one, engineers will take time to resolve it since it is in a cold section of the machine and repair may therefore require warming up and re-cooling after repair.
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+ - Australian Company Creates Ultra Fast 3D Printer - One-ups Carbon3D

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey writes: One of the major reasons why 3d printing hasn't really caught on all that well is because it is an incredibly slow process. Just last week a company called Carbon3D unveiled a super fast new 3D printing process that utilizes oxygen and light. Now another company — Gizmo 3D — has unveiled an even faster 3d printing process which is even more reliable than the process presented by Carbon3D. It can print 30mm in height at a 50 micron resolution in just 6 minutes flat.

+ - $1B TSA Behavioral Screening Program Slammed as Ineffective "Junk Science"->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 writes: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been accused of spending a billion dollars on a passenger-screening program that’s based on junk science.

The claim arose in a lawsuit (pdf) filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which has tried unsuccessfully to get the TSA to release documents on its SPOT (Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques) [pdf]) program through the Freedom of Information Act.

SPOT, whose techniques were first used in 2003 and formalized in 2007, uses “highly questionable” screening techniques, according to the ACLU complaint, while being “discriminatory, ineffective, pseudo-scientific, and wasteful of taxpayer money.” TSA has spent at least $1 billion on SPOT.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported in 2010 that “TSA deployed SPOT nationwide before first determining whether there was a scientifically valid basis for using behavior detection and appearance indicators as a means for reliably identifying passengers as potential threats in airports,” according to the ACLU. And in 2013, GAO recommended that the agency spend less money on the program, which uses 3,000 “behavior detection officers” whose jobs is to identify terrorists before they board jetliners.

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+ - Full-Duplex Radio Integrated Circuit Could Double Radio Frequency Data Capacity->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula writes: Full-duplex radio communication usually involves transmitters and receivers operating at different frequencies. Simultaneous transmission and reception on the same frequency is the Holy Grail for researchers, but has proved difficult to achieve. Those that have been built have proven complex and bulky, but to be commercially useful in the ever-shrinking world of communications technology, miniaturization is key. To this end, engineers at Columbia University (CU) claim to have created a world-first, full-duplex radio transceiver, all on one miniature integrated circuit.
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