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Comment: Re:Last straw? (Score 1) 520

Ask the people of Vietnam who won.

Oh, that's easy! The people who won are the ones who emigrated to the US and opened a chain of restaurants named "What the Pho . . . ?"

Slightly off topic, but Pho tastes absolutely delicious. An Asian shop nearby sells soup-base for Pho in jars. One teaspoon of that in boiling water and anything tastes great!

I actually speculated that my own, sweaty tennis shoes, would taste good when cooked in that stuff!

Back on topic, maybe if those ISIS folks sat down, with the rest of their enemies, for a communal meal of PolygamousRanchKid tennis shoes Pho . . . maybe they could hammer out a peace plan . . . ?

Comment: Re:The worst part is the polished turd that is Ube (Score 2) 193

They are sociopathic libertarian company devoted to "disruption", which is generally code for "we break the law if it gets in the way of us making money and we think we can get away with it".

The funny thing about that, is that pretty much describes every big company I know.

Comment: Re:Where are all the "moderate" Muslims? (Score 1) 241

Speaking as a muslim, I do always condemn them.

*Yawn* . . . but in your next sentence, you will claim that it is all the fault of the liberal western nations.

,I live in North America

Well, do the world a favor . . . and go home! To your Muslim world.

these people are killing muslims in their own countries.

Muslims hate everyone. When they aren't killing innocent foreigners, they are killing each other. They hate everyone. Even themselves. See the Shiite Sunni divide to see what I mean.

There is an an old Arabic saying . . . I fight against my brother . . . but my brother and I fight against other kids in my neighborhood. We fight with kids in our neighborhood against other kids in other neighborhoods. Etc, etc, etc.

Those children that died when Taliban carried an attach on Peshawar school were all muslim's.

See above, to see why Muslims will just kill anyone, just for fun, because it says so in the Koran.

So its idiotic to think that these extremist will listen to me, who lives in Canada, shops in these malls and hell, condemn them every opportunity I get.

Well, you are living in a liberal democracy that is tolerant for everyone. I guess you missed the attacks by Muslim in Ottawa

I have a 9-5 job

So your employer should be charged with aiding and abetting Muslim terrorists.

kids to look after.

Have you fitted your kids with suicide belts yet?

When was the last time you went to a street to protest, I never have, likely won't either. Those who understand this, I appreciate them, those who won't, I don't care.

Which is why we should tell Muslims, like Nazis to go home!

Comment: Re:Where are all the "moderate" Muslims? (Score 1) 241

Your basically rubbing shit on them in their eyes, since that's your wiping hand.

Listen, because Muslims don't have the intelligence to use toilet paper is not my problem. That is theirs. Muslim countries are stuck in the Middle Ages.

It's rude in their culture.

Well, sorry for them, but I can't write with my right hand. So your Mohammed can kiss my fucking hairy ass. Or I cannot go to your Islam countries, to try to help out with their abysmal cultures.

I doubt you would be killed..

Tell that to the folks shopping at a mall in America.

Comment: Re:Where are all the "moderate" Muslims? (Score 1) 241

Oh, and by the way, I am left handed. Google your own religion to see what they think about that. When visiting Egypt on a business trip, I was told not to use my left hand . . . otherwise, I would probably be killed.

Who is doing the killing here? Am I standing in an airport security line because of Muslims? Or Methodists in Ohio . . . ?

Comment: Re:Where are all the "moderate" Muslims? (Score 1) 241

Do christians listen to other christians who condemn?

Well, Christians don't let other extremist terrorists hang out in their houses of worship. If the creeps from the Westboro Baptist Church showed up at any Christian church that I know showed up, they would be politely ask by the pastor to "take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut". In contrast, Muslim Mosques actively encourage extremists and terrorists to make themselves at home.

Have you been to a mall lately? Remember your Muslim Pledge of Allegiance . . . that is your "get out of jail free" card. Anyone else will be slaughtered.

Look at the history of slavery in the south.

Yes, that's gone now, isn't it? Let's look at the slavery in the Islamic State. Twelve year old girls sold as sex slaves, because that's the what's written in the Koran, and what the Prophet [sic] wants.

Did it end because the menonites and some catholics told the other christians it was wrong?

No, it ended because a lot of folks, regardless of their religions agreed that slavery was evil, and was worth fighting for to end.

Look at Muslims today. They couldn't even muster themselves to lift a finger against the Islamic State . . . until Obama twisted their arm.

Muslims would like to live in the prosperous land of a liberal democracy. But they want the government of a Medieval Caliphate.

It's not going to work with Muslims living with non-Muslims.

Comment: Re:Umm... Lulz.... (Score 1) 253

Greece, as my high school history teacher would put it, is a basket case. It survives only on the handouts from the EU.

I worked on an EU funded research project, where Greeks were involved, the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Athens Technology Center (ATC). Although some of those folks had PhDs, none of them were even close to being productive as a US high school student.

Whine, moan, bitch and complain, someone else was responsible for their failure. I couldn't even hear it any more.

Yeah, great, a funky new currency . . . but Greece needs some more radical reform . . . and not some leftist bullshit.

Comment: Where are all the "moderate" Muslims? (Score 2) 241

I hear that such folks exist, but they seem to be as rare as a transsexual US Navy SEAL riding a unicorn at the front of a 4th of July parade. Muslims will not listen to goddamned Methodists from Ohio. They will only listen to other Muslims.

Unless other Muslims take to the streets and condemn these threats and actions from the Islamic State . . . ain't nothing gonna happen!

So, if you are Muslim, will you tolerate these extremists in you Mosque . . . ? As long as that problem isn't solved, the rest of us will live in fear of you.

Comment: Re:Better Than His Usual Slop (Score 1) 125

by PolygamousRanchKid (#49086035) Attached to: Jamie Oliver's Website Serving Malware

all an English chef could cook was oxtail and the like

Actually, before Jamie Oliver meddled in, the English chefs at schools could serve up a wonderful meal of Turkey Twizzlers, Heinz baked beans, fresh, right out of the can, and chips (UK), French Fries for the rest of the world. "French" Fries were actually invented in Belgium, which any Belgian will tell you, again and again. And then one more time, again. Eating fries in Belgium is quite a treat, because they offer different sauces that you can have on top. Not just the mundane ketchup or mayonnaise, but something like a Tex-Mex salsa . . . with mango!

Well, anyway . . . Jamie Oliver fueled an anti Turkey Twizzlers campaign, an they are gone now. And instead, the children in the UK get fed boiled Brussels sprouts and spinach.

"Mopsy! Flopsy! Cottontail! . . . your dinner is ready!"

So I could imagine that some angry UK school kids were the culprits behind this hacking. They wanted Turkey Twizzlers . . . but they got Jamie Oliver cattle feed instead!

Comment: Re:The model doesn't describe the system. (Score 1) 249

by PolygamousRanchKid (#49072693) Attached to: Game Theory Calls Cooperation Into Question

Perhaps the EU should just do the same as when anyone else goes bankrupt: seize their assets.

Perhaps the EU should just do the same as when anyone else goes bankrupt: seize their asshats.

Any liquid Greek assets are sitting in Switzerland by now. The Germans need to swallow a bitter pill: That money that they loaned to Greece is gone. Ain't no never gonna be paid back. On the positive side for the Germans, Greece will be out of the Eurozone, and probably the EU as well. One less "leech".

For Greece, bankruptcy means that all those debts are gone. They can start with a clean slate, with their own Drachma currency. The government can then print as many needed to keep their people internally happy.

Of course, the New Drachma would be worthless on international currency markets. So wave bye-bye to things like TVs, computers, cars, etc. Greece will become "The Cuba of Europe", but what the hey . . . as long as the folks there are happy!

Comment: Re:The model doesn't describe the system. (Score 1) 249

by PolygamousRanchKid (#49072521) Attached to: Game Theory Calls Cooperation Into Question

exploitation of the cooperators is the fast track to success.

But what happens when the cooperators figure out together what the exploiter is up to? I am thinking concretely here about Greece and the Eurozone. Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister, a Marxist economist and Valve consultant, and a Game Theory expert, as well, is trying to extort the other Eurozone countries for money. If Greece doesn't get what it wants, money, with no strings tied, it will go bankrupt and be forced to leave the Eurozone. This will of course disrupt the international financial markets.

However, the problem with extortion, is that it never ends. The extortionist will demand payments, again and again.

So what the Eurozone must decide what the short term costs are, of giving Greece the boot, and dealing with short term market turmoil. But what would be the long term costs be, of being extorted for the rest of eternity by Greece? In other words, Greece will demand "protection" money from the Eurozone for not going bankrupt.

Forget any academic papers . . . you can watch this in real life on TV and Internet news!

Ya'll hear about the geometer who went to the beach to catch some rays and became a tangent ?