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Submission + - Massive Layoffs Hit University of Copenhagen

jones_supa writes: University of Copenhagen is cutting deep into its staff to cut operation costs. Even though a great deal of the savings are aimed at administration and service, they are expected to affect the quality of education and research many years ahead. More than 500 teachers, researchers and employees in service and administrative jobs will be leaving. This corresponds to 7% of all staff. 209 employees can anticipate being laid off, while 323 jobs are either discontinued or terminated via voluntary redundancy. In addition to this, the university will have to reduce its PhD intake by 10% in the coming years. This is the outcome of the government's 2016 budget which imposes huge savings on research and education. As you might remember, we just heard about a similar situation in University of Helsinki in Finland.

Submission + - Listen to a Hawking lecture on Black Holes! (

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC has now put the second of Stephen Hawking's Reith Lectures up on their web site, with accompanying illustrations. It's not 'All you ever wanted to know about Black Holes', but it's an easy introduction to some of the latest thinking on them... refers...

Comment They should have used Schrodinger's cat . . . (Score 2) 634

Then both Bernie and Hillary could both claim to have won . . . and lost . . . at the same time. Now looking over at the Republican corner . . . I think that the folks who have lost, are the American citizens.

Wouldn't it be cool, if some guy managed to crawl out of the Washington political poop, and declare himself as "socially liberal, fiscally conservative", and get people emotionally enthused about this election? The way I see it now, folks are just looking for the "least worse candidate".

Submission + - Candidate's legal name change puts 'none of the above' on ballot in Canada (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: The ballot to fill a legislative seat in Canada next month includes none of the above—and it’s a real person. Sheldon Bergson, 46, had his name legally changed to Above Znoneofthe and is now a candidate for the Ontario legislature, the CBC reports. The election is Feb. 11. The ballot lists candidates in alphabetical order by surname so his name will be the 10th of the 10 candidates as Znoneofthe Above, according to CBC.

One of his opponents is running on the line of the None of The Above Party.

Maybe the American folks can learn from their cousins up north . . . ?

Comment Re:Private e-mail servers are obsolete? (Score 0) 242

I work for a large international IT services provider. At the beginning of each year, we are required to take an IT security course. One of the topics, is "no private email servers!". I'll take a wild guess, and think that US government employees need to do the same thing. But I'll further guess, that Hilliary thinks that she is too important, for these rules apply to her, and she let one of her underlings take the course for her.

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 2) 571

Except... turns out she lied.

No . . . really . . . she's always been a resident of New York . . . even though she never lived there . . . until the prominent Democrat Senator Patrick Moynihan retired, and there was a Democrat seat open in the Senate.

In New York, you could run a house plant on the election platform . . . and it would get elected.

Well, let's see how the US general electorate decides . . . but with Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump on the ballot . . . of course . . . America loses . . .

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1305

"news for nerds"

I think this site needs more porn . . . "Nudes for Nerds!" . . .

All joking aside, this site has incredible value. I don't come here to read the news; I can do that elsewhere. I come here to read what other nerds think about the news. You could post a story about Kim Kardashian's butt . . . one Slashdotter will post that he is working on his Ph.D. on celebrity posterior geometry. Another seismic expert will compare Kim's crack to the San Andreas fault.

The real value here, is from all these folks, who take their time to post their wisdom. When I buy anything . . . the first thing that I do, is to google through Slashdot. Slashdotters have bought everything, tried everything, and are not afraid to say, "This is cool!" or "This sucks!"

I wish you the best of luck with your new endeavor, and hope that the Slashdot community will continue to produce valuable information on the Internet!

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