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Or turn around an swear/yell at it until it goes away ;)

10,000 years ago, while I was younger . . . I was at a place in Canada named Kananaskis. I got up early on a Sunday morning to enjoy a walk and a Cuban cigar. A deer just so happened to sit down next to me. It was kind of strange . . . I just wanted a bit of peace and quiet . . . and the deer seemed to have the same opinion of the situation.

The gag was that we left each other alone, without any problems. Of course, when the tourists got up with their cameras . . . the poor deer critter decided that it was time to go.

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Moose have terrible eye sight, if you're up wind of them they get curious as to what you are . . .

. . . and what tasty food that you were carrying with you . . . ? Was it well packed? The moose was not interested in you, but in the food that you were carrying!

the park ranger who scared it away

Did the park ranger at least give you a pamphlet on how to deal with wild animals?

Sorry to get all PETA about this, but the park is where the moose lives. If you don't know how to deal with wildlife . . . stay at home, and leave them alone!

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In international law all that is needed is presence.

Tell that to Putin and the folks in the Ukraine . . .

Did you even do a search on moose attacks? They happen year around.

. . . and what is the cause . . . ? Are these attacks the fault of the moose . . . or the tourists . . .!

A starving bear in the high arctic will not be scared off by a shotgun.

You don't "scare off" bears. If you feel that your life is in danger you need to shoot it . . . and kill it. Otherwise, you will be the bear's lunch.

There is plenty of food around Churchill.

Trash. Bears love it. It is their Atlantic City Casino free all you can eat buffet for senior citizens!

When the authorities catch a polar bear that has been pestering the neighborhoods in Churchill, they throw the poor critter in a prison cell, and give it water . . . but no food! The intent is that the bear learns that contact with humans is a rather unpleasant experience for it.

A tactical shotgun would freeze solid if carried around outdoors for a while.

Which is why folks up there just don't "go out for a walk" for a long time.

You know more than the Inuit who live in the high arctic how?

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So a moose is quite harmless but an Elk is not?

Elk taste yummy. Ask to moose and bear meat . . . ? Well, as a friend of mine quipped, "It's tastes OK, if you don't mind the taste of smelly gym socks."

Darwin has taught elk to stay away from people . . . because they taste yummy! If you think an elk is just going to trot up to you to say, "Hello!" . . . well then, ich glaube, es knuscht mich ein Elch"

If you bag a big elk . . . you had better have a good sized freezer . . . and you will have enough meet to last you until summer!

Is that your message?

No, that's your message. I didn't write anything like that. The first thing hunters learn, is to treat their firearms with respect. The second thing is, to treat wild animals with respect.

Take a trot out your front door and talk to some elk hunters, and ask, "Y'all been having problems with too many elk coming up to you . . . ?

Can recommend a "tactical shotgun"

But if was just me . . . and a bear . . . this is would I would like to have:

However, I would not recommend this for ordinary folks. This is a serious firearm.

Shooting a polar bear with with pellet ammunition sounds retarded to me.

You misspelled slug

. Try googling on "rat shot" or "bird shot", if those the varmints that you are hunting.

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Reading the article is completely superfluous on Slashdot. We're not here to read the news. We're here to read what other nerds think about the "Nudes for Nerds." Someone could post a story about Justin Bieber breaking his leg while falling into Kim Kardashian's ass crack, and I'm sure, some nerd would post a comment that would be rated +5, Funny. And some nerd would even post a comment that would get a +5, Insightful:

"I am currently working on a postdoc on celebrity ass crack spelunking . . ."

Rangers aren't there to fight another army.

The Rangers are there to convince Russia not to claim all the oil rights to the Arctic.

They use the rifle for protection from large animals like bears and moose, plus meat hunting.

What . . . ? Did a moose bite your sister, or something . . .? Bull moose are only dangerous for about two weeks during the rut . . . and only if you try to get near them . . . like Japanese tourists, who want to play "Bambi". Otherwise, a moose is just a big, dumb cow. You can walk up to one and kick it in the ass to get it off your front lawn, and it won't budge. Just like all those kids on my front lawn.

Polar bears . . . ? You don't want a rifle, but rather a tactical shotgun. Take a trot around the neighborhoods in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Every household has a tactical shotgun by the door.

Don't go out without it!

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I'm surprised that the Royal Canadian Mounted Geese aren't using these critters:

Rather than a traditional wooden or polymer rifle stock, the AW is based on an aluminium chassis which extends the entire length of the stock. This chassis system is marketed as the Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) and can be used for all Accuracy International rifles. All other components, including the receiver, are bolted directly to this chassis. Two hollow polymer "half thumb-hole stock panels", usually coloured green, dark earth or black, are in turn bolted to the chassis, creating a rugged, yet for its sturdiness comparatively light, weapon. The Accuracy International receiver is bolted with 4 screws and permanently bonded with epoxy material to the aluminium chassis, and was designed for ruggedness, simplicity and ease of operation. To this end the heavy-walled, flat-bottomed, flat-sided receiver is a stressed part, machined in-house by AI from a solid piece of forged carbon steel. AW rifles are supplied in two action lengths—standard AW (short) and long SM (magnum). The six bolt lugs, arranged in two rows of three, engage a heat-treated steel locking ring insert pinned inside the front bridge of the action. The ring can be removed and replaced to refresh headspace control on older actions. The AW system cast steel bolt has a 0.75-inch (19 mm) diameter combined with gas relief holes in a 0.785 in (19.9 mm) diameter bolt body and front action bridge allowing high-pressure gases a channel of escape in the event of a cartridge-case head failure. Against penetrating water or dirt the bolt has milled slots, which also prevent freezing or similar disturbances. Unlike conventional bolt-action rifles, the bolt handle is bent to the rear, which eases the repeating procedure for the operator and reduces the contour of the weapon. The action cocks on opening with a short, 60 degree bolt throw and has a non-rotating (fixed) external extractor and an internal ejector. Firing pin travel is 0.26 in (6.6 mm) to keep lock times to a minimum. Finally, an 11 mm (0.43 in) integral dovetail rail located above the receiver is designed to accommodate different types of optical or electro-optical sights. As an option a MIL-STD-1913 rail (Picatinny rail) can be permanently pinned, bonded and bolted to the action, providing a standard interface for many optical systems.

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Yes, but by the time anyone reads your post, that number will be up to six cases.

And by the time anyone reads this post, that number will be up to seven cases.

So if the White House is building a rocket in Area 57 to take mine shaft gap folks into outer space, to, um, "re-spawn" civilization . . . maybe they know something about Ebola that we don't . . . ?

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by PolygamousRanchKid (#48163053) Attached to: Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales

Mess with the Big Three.

Big Three used to mean the Big Three American auto companies. But Chrysler is owned by Fiat now. It's an Italian company.

So when bailout time comes around again in a few years . . . Italy will bail out Chrysler, right . . . ?

The positive side of Chrysler being Italian, is maybe politicians will be a bit hesitant to take bribes from a foreign country . . . you know, like treason . . . ?

+ - Obama acknowledged that even foolproof plans don't work->

Submitted by PolygamousRanchKid
PolygamousRanchKid (1290638) writes "President Barack Obama said Wednesday his administration will respond to new Ebola cases "in a much more aggressive way," taking charge of the issue after a second Texas health care worker was diagnosed with the disease.

Aggressive? What's he going to do? Throw some gang signs at it, and yell, "You think you bad, mutha fuckah?"

Obama scrapped plans to attend Democratic fund-raisers in New Jersey and Connecticut on Wednesday afternoon so that he could huddle with Cabinet members and officials who are leading the administration's Ebola response. Afterward, the President sought to tamp down fears of of an outbreak of the disease within the United States — saying that he shook hands with, hugged and kissed nurses who'd treated an American doctor who contracted Ebola in Africa, and felt safe.

"Welcome to your new promotion, Mr. President Biden!"

Obama acknowledged that even foolproof plans don't work when local health care providers don't know how to carry them out — and said his administration will make sure "certain local hospitals that may not have that experience are walked through that process as carefully as possible."


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will have "SWAT teams" ready to send to hospitals where future cases are discovered, he said.

I think we need "Whack-a-Mole" teams, at the rate this seems to be spreading . . . "

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+ - Ebola Test Is Positive in Second Texas Health Worker->

Submitted by mdsolar
mdsolar (1045926) writes "The authorities in Texas reported on Wednesday that a second health care worker involved in the treatment of a patient who died of the Ebola virus had tested positive for the disease after developing a fever.

The worker, who was not identified by name, had been “among those who took care of Thomas Eric Duncan after he was diagnosed with Ebola,” a statement from the Texas Department of State Health Services said."

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+ - Smart battery tells you when it's about to explode->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "Material scientists have found a clever way to alert users of damaged batteries before any hazard occurs. A typical lithium-ion cell consists of a lithium oxide cathode and a graphite anode, separated by a thin, porous polymer sheet that allows ions to travel between the electrodes. When the cell is overcharged, microscopic chains of lithium, called “dendrites,” sprout from the anode and pierce through the polymer separator until they touch the cathode. An electrical current passing through the dendrites to the cathode can short-circuit the cell, which causes overheating and, in some cases, fire. Attempts to stop dendrite formation have met with limited success, so the researchers tried something different. They built a “smart” separator by sandwiching a 50-nanometer thin copper layer between two polymer sheets and connecting the copper layer to a third electrode for voltage measurement. When the dendrites reach the separator, the voltage between the anode and the copper layer drops to zero, alerting users that they should change the damaged battery while it is still operating safely—disaster averted."
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