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Comment Re:What should happen but won't (Score -1, Troll) 476

Obama is not going to nominate anyone, since that would be a road to nowhere.

Instead, he is just going to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice with an Executive Order.

Just skip all that Senate approval shenanigans . . . it just devolves into counting pubes on cans of Coke anyway. That's the Senate's version of a Godwin: counting pubes on cans of Coke.

Comment Re:Think different (Score 1) 195

Like, really! Most despots just shoot folks who have fallen out of favor with them. Kim Jong-un kills them with mortar and anti-aircraft fire.

This is one endorsement that I doubt Apple will pick up on:

"Apple: Our technology helped bring North Korean ICBMs and H-Bombs to your front door in America!"

Submission + - IBM Bequeaths the Express Framework to the Node.js Foundation (

campuscodi writes: The Node.js Foundation has taken the Express Node.js framework under its wing. Express will be a new incubation project for the Foundation. IBM, which purchased Express maintainer StrongLoop last September, is contributing the code. Part of the reason for allowing the foundation to oversee Express is to build a diverse contributor base, which is important given the framework’s popularity.

Comment Re:This is a bad idea. (Score 4, Insightful) 203

The name is a hoot and a half: "Trust and Safety Council". This sounds like something I would expect to see in a dictatorship, like North Korea, the former East Germany, Soviet Russia or a fistful of Middle East Sheikdoms.

Let's just call it what it really is: "Board of Censorship".

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