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+ - 80's Person Computing Behind the Iron Curtain: Western Clones plus Black Market-> 2

Submitted by szczys
szczys (3402149) writes "Obviously the person computer revolution was world-wide, but the Eastern Bloc countries had a story of PC evolution all their own. Martin Malý tells first hand of his experiences seeing Black Market imports, locally build clones of popular western machines, and all kinds of home-built equipment.

How do you build a 1980's computer around if 68000, 8080, and Z80 are all embargoed?"

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+ - SatNOGS wins the 2014 Hackaday Prize for Satellite Networked Open Ground Station->

Submitted by szczys
szczys (3402149) writes "SatNOGS have won the 2014 Hackaday Prize. The team of developers designed a satellite ground station which can be built with available tools, commodity parts, and modest skills. Data from each station can be shared via a networked protocol to benefit a much wider swath of humanity than one station could otherwise accomplish.

They have the option of a trip into space or $196.418"

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+ - Open Source Offline Password Keeper Campaign Goes Live->

Submitted by themarmotte
themarmotte (3900555) writes "A little less than a year ago Slashdot featured the start of a world-wide collaboration around an open source offline password keeper, the Mooltipass. The device enumerates as a keyboard and uses a PIN-locked smartcard to read the AES-256 key required to decrypt its credentials database. All password accessing operations need to be approved on its physical user interface to prevent impersonation.
As its beta testing phase is over, the Mooltipass crowdfunding campaign is now live and already achieved 15% of its $100k goal in less than two days."

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+ - Open Design. It is The Way.->

Submitted by szczys
szczys (3402149) writes "Can you answer why we should push hardware companies to use Open Design? I can, and I think it's time we really start pushing for this as it benefits all end users and arguably benefits the engineers developing the hardware. I hope this philosophical rant with real world examples will win you over if you're skeptical."
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+ - Net Neutrality: The Comcast/Netflix mess one method of teaching the FCC a lesson->

Submitted by szczys
szczys (3402149) writes "Rick Osgood did a really good job of explaining the finer points of throttling accusations between Comcast and Netflix. It's not hard to understand, but this actually gives details for tech savvy readers instead of the lowest common denominator.

The article closes by talking about a script written by Kyledrake. It detects FCC IP addresses and throttles them down to 28.8kbps speeds. Hi idea is that if enough websites were doing this it would send a message of throttling==bad to the people making the laws about net neutrality."

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+ - Interview: Inventing the Linux 'sudo' command->

Submitted by szczys
szczys (3402149) writes "We had a drink-up in San Mateo during Bay Are Maker Faire. Turns out one of the two inventors of the 'sudo' command turned up. Be careful what you mention in casual conversation because once we heard a tease of the story, we wanted to hear more. Robert Coggeshall shared the tale of why he and Cliff Spencer developed the now ubiquitous tool, and lets us know why he pronounces it differently than you do."
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+ - Alternate Reality Game running at Hack a Day 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Now that Hack a Day has posted three weeks worth of puzzles I'm sure they're presenting a ARG (alternate reality game). The first two weeks were a fun chase, with last week's puzzle hiding a number station in a video. That lead to a telnet server which steganographic keys used to decode an image to a message. I thought that one was hard but this week's puzzle is a no starter. Anyone know how to get started on this? It's just a set of images:

If you want to see the previous clues this link was in the comments over there:

+ - Heroes of Hardware Revolution: Bob Widlar->

Submitted by szczys
szczys (3402149) writes "Aleksandar Bradic just wrote an epic post about Bob Widlar and his role in the early days of the modern IC industry. It includes a bit about the 1-finger salute which was so common with the early analog wizards, and covers his nearly mythological behavior when on the job.

If you're involved in electronics in any way this should be on the top of the week's reading list."

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+ - Loot Worth Winning: Hackaday Sci-Fi Contest

Submitted by szczys
szczys (3402149) writes "Are you and your crew awesome at designing and building electronics? Do you like Sci-Fi? Can you Combine the two? Now's your chance to be awesome and get rewarded for it. Produce the best Open Hardware tech inspired by your favorite Sci-Fi and get some of our booty. Win oscilloscopes, solder stations, dev boards, and Sci-Fi paraphernalia from the Hackaday Sci-Fi Contest:


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