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Comment: Re:Any materialized predictions? (Re:Sudden?) (Score 1) 223

...antarctic sea ice is at or near a record high... [Jane Q. Public, 2015-05-22]

I've repeatedly told you this is consistent with Manabe et al. 1991 page 811: "... sea surface temperature hardly changes and sea ice slightly increases near the Antarctic Continent in response to the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide."

... it's a bit of a mystery to me how they can claim that ice is melting due to unusual ocean warming, when we know that ocean surface ice has been at record levels. [Jane Q. Public, 2015-05-22]

I've explained that Manabe et al. attributed the slight Antarctic sea ice increase to increased precipitation in the area. This freshens the frigid surface water and reduces mixing with the warmer water below. Other possibilities include stronger winds which spread out the ice and expose more surface water to be frozen.

Correction: arctic ice is below 1 standard deviation from 1981-2010 average, but within 2 std. deviations. Still, remember that 1981 is a (dare I say deliberately chosen?) high point from which to start measurements, so going by the 1981-2010 average is probably a bit misleading. And the total global ocean ice is still well above normal, because of the record high Antarctic ice right now. [Jane Q. Public, 2015-05-22]

I've told Jane and economart that Fig. 2(a) from Polyak et al. 2010 shows that the reconstructed Arctic sea ice extent in the 1930s was comparable to that in 1979, and the modern decline is quite clear.

I've also repeatedly explained that Jane's accusations of deliberately misleading cherry-picking are completely backwards. As usual.

Comment: Re:There are quite a few haters on this thread but (Score 1) 213

Further, if this was in existence a few decades ago, perhaps we would have nipped Scientology in the bud before it landed in the UK.

If it were in existence ~1400 years ago, perhaps we would have nipped Islam in the bud.

If it were in existence ~2000 years ago, perhaps we would have nipped Christianity in the bud.

And I wonder how many readers agreed with my first line, then threw a shit-fit when they got to my second line.


Comment: Re:How could you protect against this? (Score 2) 144

The European Right to be Forgotten is designed to force companies operating in the EU to really delete accounts, and this illustrates why it is needed.

I think you're confusing two different things here. The "right to be forgotten", as much discussed recently with regard to Google and the like, is primarily about search engines digging up old information that would otherwise naturally fade into obscurity, and in particular the danger of finding old information that looks plausible but may in fact be misleading without context or now incorrect/outdated.

Sadly, most of us even in Europe still have rather limited rights to compel businesses not to store personal data about us or to delete that data on demand, if the data is correct, they register the fact that they are doing it with the appropriate national privacy regulator, and they can come up with some vaguely plausible argument for why they want to have the data.

I guess a few million people are about to find out the hard way why some of us have been arguing for a long time that we should have stronger privacy safeguards in the Internet/big data/data mining age. I wish they didn't have to find out this way, though.

Comment: Re:Android. The "PC" of mobile devices (Score 1) 89

If that were the case, you'd be safe. I don't know of a manufacturer that consistently provides bug-free devices and support for them for, say, 2 years back.

I don't know of any manufacturer, Apple included, that consistently provides bug-free devices. But if 2 years of updates is your benchmark, Samsung meets it. They have Android Lollipop (5.0.1) running on their Galaxy S4 (released April 29, 2013, so it's just over 2 years old). Granted, 5.1.1 is the true latest and greatest Android version, but it was only released on April 21, 2015, so it's a unrealistic to expect Samsung to push that out to a 2 year old device so quickly.

Comment: Re:And most don't care (Score 3, Insightful) 85

by hairyfeet (#49750383) Attached to: NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones

I have to LMAO when you see those "black lives matter" and screams about "racism" when the #1 cause of death of black males is other black males beating the next four causes of death combined. Sure black lives matter....only when they are killed by white people as that supports the permanent victim class political narrative, but when black men like David Carroll and Tommy Sotomayor point out the biggest threat to the lives of black males is other black males? The black community attacks them as "coons" and "Uncle Toms"....I guess supporting an end to thugs preying on their own neighborhoods means they aren't "keepin it real".

Oh and just a little food for thought......if the plight of the American black was racism, why is it a black man from Africa, fresh off the boat, is something like 300% more likely to become middle class in 1 generation, and something like 3000% more likely to become middle class in 2 generations than an American black, despite the language and culture handicaps from not being a native? I'd say the answer is obvious, its nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture and in the USA the black culture has become toxic, glorifying violence, abusing women and not being fathers to their children, while actively condemning education as "acting white".

As for TFA this kind of shit DOES affect Americans heavily even if they do not know it, as it gets them used to living in a police state where laws protecting against the ever watching eye only apply to the wealthy and the rule of law is whatever they say it is this week.

Comment: Re:can't wait to see the game (Score 2) 51

by hairyfeet (#49750091) Attached to: YouTube Live Streams Now Support HTML5 Playback and 60fps Video

I can't wait to hear even more people bitching about YouTube being "broken" because HTML V5 is still buggy as fuck and on Chrome/Chromium bas when something goes wrong? You get ZERO useful information that you can use to troubleshoot the issue, just a vague "encountered a problem, please try again later" which makes Windows number code errors look like fountains of information by comparison.

Is it REALLY so impossible to give the USER the choice of whether they want HTML V5 or Flash? is it really so damned hard for a company the size of Google to give meaningful error messages? All this rollout, along with the previous playback rollout has done is strengthen my belief that HTML V5 is a classic "we have to do SOMETHING" approach where you take the first alternative without bothering to ask "is this really better than what we had before, or just different?" as HTML V5 still supports less than half the features that Flash supports and what features it DOES have? It uses more memory and CPU and often works worse than what it was supposed to be the cure of!

Comment: Re:Intellectual Monopolies violate property rights (Score 1) 219

There are plenty of ways to make money creating content without monopoly.

Sure there are. The trouble is, every single one you listed has serious drawbacks compared to the current model.

Just like before recordings actors and singers earned money from live performances.

Yes, they did. Plenty still do, though for most of them it's beer money rather than a career.

But before recordings you didn't need a sound engineer in a studio with a mixing desk and a lot of expensive equipment. Who pays the sound engineer in your world? Or the composer of the symphony? Or all those people whose names come after the actors when the film credits roll? Your model might work for the latest production of Hamlet. It isn't going to produce Fast and Furious 8.

if you want to make movies you have to keep them under your control in a theater

That damages the experience for the majority of viewers, who no longer have the option to enjoy the movie in the comfort of their own home.

insert ads or product placements

Because an ad-funded internet is so good that people invented ad-blockers, and blatant product placement doesn't in any way reduce the enjoyment of TV shows.

fund through crowd sourcing

This is one of the more promising ideas on your list. However, right now, even the most successful projects on Kickstarter and the like are still coming in with an order of magnitude or two less funding than comparable projects generate through a copyright-based system. When GTA VI comes along, do you think it's going to be supported by a successful crowdfunding campaign?

or try to come up with digital distribution easy enough that people will pay instead of copying

People like stuff for free. I'd agree that some people rip content illegally just because of the convenience factor -- films out in theatres before you can buy physical media or stream a legal download, DRM, and so on. But the idea that the only reason people don't pay for stuff they can download illegally for free is because it's inconvenient is implausible.

Do you know what does work, very reliably, by your arguments about violating property rights? Locking down the Internet and limiting devices you can legally buy/sell/own in the first place to those that play nicely with your closed ecosystem.

The trouble is, the "information wants to be free" crowd think this is a joke and can never happen, and that cute sound-bites like "censorship is damage and the Internet routes around it" will overcome the will of the billion-dollar infrastructure companies that actually produce a lot of popular content and the governments with laws and police and jails. They will not, and all you're doing is pushing those powerful organisations towards systems where -- as, ironically, you suggested -- content providers will keep everything under their control. The only way to enjoy any content will be to rent it and access it via limited mechanisms.

+ - NSA Planned to Hijack Google App Store to Hack Smartphones->

Submitted by Advocatus Diaboli
Advocatus Diaboli writes: "The National Security Agency and its closest allies planned to hijack data links to Google and Samsung app stores to infect smartphones with spyware, a top-secret document reveals. The surveillance project was launched by a joint electronic eavesdropping unit called the Network Tradecraft Advancement Team, which includes spies from each of the countries in the “Five Eyes” alliance — the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia."

"The newly published document shows how the agencies wanted to “exploit” app store servers – using them to launch so-called “man-in-the-middle” attacks to infect phones with the implants. A man-in-the-middle attack is a technique in which hackers place themselves between computers as they are communicating with each other; it is a tactic sometimes used by criminal hackers to defraud people. In this instance, the method would have allowed the surveillance agencies to modify the content of data packets passing between targeted smartphones and the app servers while an app was being downloaded or updated, inserting spyware that would be covertly sent to the phones."

Link to Original Source

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