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Comment HAHAHAHAHA (Score 1) 289


Whew. That was a good one. Man you had me going there, Slashdot.

Now for an encore I'm going to build a pocketwatch. Well...I'm not actually going to build one, I'm just going to talk about what one does. Then I'll outsource all the gears and springs to experts, then throw them in a pillowcase and shake the thing until i get a watch. The watch should happen as a by product.

Comment I disagree with this statement: (Score 1) 193

But the modelers argue that this really wasn't a failure, because their predictions served as worst-case scenarios that mobilized international efforts.

Sure, this worked this time in everyone's favor. But what about the next epidemic? Let's say the modeling is better next time (which it should be) and it predicts another disaster. What then? People will look to the modeling on Ebola and say "it's not going to be that bad" and regard the next warning more lightly. This does nobody any good.

A good example of this is Hurricane Katrina. The Weather Channel makes every weather event look like the apocalypse because it's the Weather channel and they really only have one story they can run. They have to keep eyes on their channel to sell advertising time. So they exaggerate everything. And people become numb to the warnings - and look what that got us with Katrina.

No, it's always better to call things for what they are. I think they would be better off to say the modeling was off, call a failure a failure, and keep people's trust intact.

Comment Re:Evolution is an interesting thing to watch (Score 2) 307

Seriously, I just asked for a quote from a MS certified reseller. They want $100 for a single license of Windows Embedded Standard 7. Not the CE based version (which is what I think you're thinking of), the version that's like Windows 7 but embedded. This is directly from the quote:

7WT-00049 Win Emb Std E 7 EMB ESD OEI (WS7E) Runtime
$100 each Qty 1-99
$93 each Qty 100 Annual Commitment

Comment Evolution is an interesting thing to watch (Score 5, Insightful) 307

It is. It's interesting watching Microsoft thrash around and try to cope with things like this. The Raspberry Pi is the exact antithesis of what Microsoft stands for. Right now Windows Embedded 7 licenses are selling for right around $100 a pop. This entire system costs $35. The margins (if anyone were to try to make an industrial device out of this thing) aren't anywhere near what could make it worth their while, and all because that word "embedded" means something new now.

And yet, they have to try. This gizmo is seriously widening the Linux base, and they gotta do something. You know they're panicked. "You can already join the program and be amongst the first to receive product information and beta software releases." They don't even have a beta available yet, and they're already trying to get market share.

And just imagine how good those tools are going to be when you do get them. They'll be done in a huge hurry because this is a market driven decision. They know they have to get *something* out there super quick because they're losing market share. And the worst part is that they are trying to appeal to the engineer/programmer audience, and we're a pretty discerning audience. It has to be fast because this thing is launching, but it also has to be good because of the audience they are trying to target. And Microsoft is pretty notorious for releasing software when it isn't ready (Vista for example) simply to meet a release date. My guess is that these betas are going to be absolute crap released to make some bean counter's Gantt chart happy, and they'll fall back on the "but it's in beta" excuse when they crash and burn. Microsoft loves having the community do it's QA for them. It'll be a bumpy ride.

And I can't wait to see what bizarre arrangement they try to do when they try to monetize this Windows 10 release for a $35 computer. Because they will. The EULA for this thing is going to be a dadaist work of art.

Comment Hilarious! (Score 1) 342

Stoned drivers have become an increasing concern since Washington voters legalized recreational use of marijuana

Right! Because that was the day people started smoking and driving! Nobody ever did it before legalization!

Oh man where do they find these people? Too damn funny.

Comment I disagree (Score 1) 594

Every body up there gets us closer to the day when we regard space travel as normal and natural. We're not going to make it off this planet and out into space by sitting here and waiting for another cold war. Nor should we.

I think it's short sighted and dismissive to look at the Virgin crash as a death for tourism's sake. It is another death by another brave pioneer in the quest to reach the stars. I don't care who is footing the bill and what their reasons are.

Comment The Titanic is UNSINKABLE. (Score 5, Insightful) 358

Ah, hubris! One of my favorite old-timey sins.

You are of course correct. The signal must become analog at some point to make it into your head, and we have had the capability to capture analog signals since the dawn of the television age. You can crack open LCD panels and intercept signals for a more modern high tech version of this concept, of course.

But you are forgetting the other side of the equation. When when someone makes that statement - "THIS CANNOT EVER BE PIRATED" - you are throwing down the gauntlet. And invariably some bored teenager will say "oh really is that so?" and make them eat their words. Usually by the following Saturday. Yes you can do an analog capture but by the time you warm up your soldering gun some kid in the Netherlands will have already got the torrent up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch a Blu-Ray movie on my Linux box.

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