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Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 51

Senator Clinton voted for that fiasco?

All on her own?

I'm relatively confident she cast her vote in the Senate by herself. But then, you're one to go peddling conspiracy theories about this immaculate, longsuffering civil servant, aren't you? If Senator Clinton didn't cast her vote for the Iraq war, who did? Why is it even a question? Are we to believe that Dick "VooDoo Mastermind" Cheney, ensconced in the Cloak Room with his Foul Doll Collection, did exert eldritch influence on U.S. Senators to draw the country into a sandy Vietnam debacle? Is that what you think? That he turned up the gravity with his Wand of Don't Mess With Me on Senator Wellstone?

We still don't have all the information on the documents. Read the rest of the releases. These documents are now listed "classified" but it is not clear what their status was at the time.

Way too prosaic. We're going to have to work Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Feith in there to give this line of malarky some heft. I mean, one can envision someone hitting "Send" on a document after accidentally attaching the wrong file. I'll give you twice, because I'm generous. But are you not supposed to report matters when people screw up, precisely so that, when the investigation rolls through, you've shown due diligence?
Oh, yeah. This is Her Majesty. She don't give a flying French fornication about the rules that the peasants live by.

Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 51


Name them. Name. One. Go ahead

You seem to have problems naming people.

Second, the bullshit that lead us into the war in Iraq.

For the record, am I supposed to un-remember that Senator Clinton voted for that fiasco? You know, the person with classified documents on her unauthorized personal email server? I guess she gets a pass, having admitted it was a mistake, and stuff.

Comment Re:Holy Fuck (Score 1, Funny) 210

How long has the earth been around?
6,000 years.

How long have we had satellites watching or even just regular and reliable weather records.
Sheeple. We don't have satellites and never made it to the moon.

Now tell me what "we've never seen before" means. And no,this would not be " the evidence you are looking for".
It means that since God created Man and the Earth 6,000 years ago we have not seen this type of weather. It's a lie though, we had it all the time but never took the time to document it.

Seriously, you people dismiss the lack of hurricanes and just weather or even blame it on Global Warming and now you want to blame 3 at once on Global Warming.
Global warming is indeed a hoax perpetrated by Satan.

I have a theory. Everything that happens or doesn't happen in this world is because of my farts. Under the "science" of Climate change, it's irrefutable.
Satan is in your anus if that is true.

Comment Buy an island (Score 1, Insightful) 635

I'd buy an island and make a nation out of it. I would live there with the family and my army of 1000 topless female slave-warriors. The island would have a private airstrip and a private jet, piloted by a topless female slave-warrior, that would whisk us around the globe. People would become jealous of my topless female slave-warriors because Grub Island would be the only place on the planet with them.

I would have a lottery with $1,000,000 ticket prices. The prize would be one week on my island with 10 topless female slave-warriors to be at the winner's beck and call. After the winner departed Grub Island, the other topless female slave-warriors would destroy the lottery winner's 10 because they would then be soiled and not worthy of me.

Comment Re:sweden (Score 1) 248

Actually, the statute of limitations on some of the charges has expired. There are other more serious charges who's statute of limitations hasn't yet run out.

Indeed. "Pissing off the United States Government" is a charge that will only expire when he does. Perhaps not even then if he has any children.

Comment Re:science fiction (Score 1) 34

To Dani's comment, I'll just add that, the day that an asteroid assay is done and proves that the thing is actually more than 1% platinum, or any other of the many proposed ways to make space economically interesting proves out, the land rush will be on.

There is no mineral or resource valuable enough that you wouldn't got broke bringing it back to Earth - even if it were stacked in neat little ingots so you wouldn't have to refine it, just open the hatch and shovel it in. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

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